Where to Buy RTIC Coolers – 5 Best Places to Get RTIC Cooler Online in 2022

Where to Buy RTIC Coolers – 5 Best Places to Get RTIC Cooler Online in 2022

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Thinking of going camping? Need to keep your drinks chilled for a long time? School-goers, Day-trippers, or regular picnickers may find it more enjoyable with a chilled beverage to get through the day. It may be difficult to know where to buy RTIC Coolers for first-timers.

Experienced people may also not be aware of the various options to purchase online and globally. Starting from small summer trips like a visit to your aunt’s beach house to a weeklong party in the woods, you will most likely need to purchase various kinds of coolers. Not to worry, as we have prepared this precisely detailed list of all the stores that sell RTIC coolers in the USA and globally!

Types of RTIC Coolers

Before discussing where to buy RTIC coolers, let’s understand the various types of RTIC coolers available. Understanding these types will help you make a better choice. But if you’re already aware of these types, you may just skip this section entirely!

RTIC coolers can be categorized into two types.- the soft coolers and the hard coolers. Within each category, there are slight variations.

Hard RTIC Coolers: Hard coolers are hyper-rugged containers which can keep anything cool for an extended period of mine. Food, beverages, ice creams – anything and everything you can think of!

These coolers are secure, robust while also being lightweight. Durability isn’t simply a concern with RTIC hard coolers, and if you’re buying smaller sizes – portability is a bonus. RTIC’s hard coolers come in six sizes, starting from a tiny 20 QT cooler to a chunky 145 QT cooler!

Soft RTIC Coolers: All RTIC soft coolers are designed for one purpose – portability. Even though smaller hard coolers are portable, they don’t offer the ease of travel as much as a soft cooler does. These coolers are also used for carrying mostly beverages, not food. There are 6 variations of these coolers, each having its own sizings. Each variation is designed for a specific purpose.

For example, the lunch bag cooler is designed for lunch trips, picnics, or school-goers where you need to carry just a few chilled items. The backpack cooler is designed to carry on your back hiking, travel, or trips You can certainly use each variation for a purpose other than the one they were meant for. However, it’s best to stick to their specific functionalities.

RTIC Soft Cooler vs Hard Cooler – Which one should you buy?


A lunch bag cooler may not sustain a day-long trip as well as a day cooler which is portable and stays chilled longer. A 20 QT Hard cooler may stay cooler for a long time but could be difficult to carry in comparison to a backpack cooler. Thus, whichever cooler you purchase, ensure that you know what you need it for. Each of their coolers provides varying functionalities, so you will certainly find one or many which suit all your needs.

The Best Place to Buy RTIC Coolers Onlines

Here is a comprehensive list of the stores from where you can purchase RTIC coolers. Each store has their own perks, that’s why we prepared a well-rounded list so that you have the freedom to choose whichever store that is most convenient for you.

  • Amazon.com – Best for global delivery
  • RTICoutdoors.com – Official site, best for direct warranties
  • Walmart.com – Best if you need to purchase other necessities in-store
  • eBay.com – Best for the lowest prices and used coolers in good condition
  • DiamondBackBranding.com – Best if you want your own brand logo, title, and quotes on the coolers

Now that you know where to buy RTIC coolers let’s learn why certain stores are better for these coolers over other stores.

RTIC Coolers at Amazon


RTIC 3 Inch Hard Cooler

RTIC Ultra Light Cooler

RTIC Soft Cooler



Amazon has a seamless online shopping experience with almost the entire world as its delivery region. Additionally, Amazon contains a wide variety of products related to coolers, camping equipment, or something completely unrelated. Anything and everything you can think of – Amazon sells it.

Why do we recommend Amazon for RTIC Coolers?

Where can you buy RTIC Coolers quickly in non-US regions? Amazon. Our main recommendations for purchasing an RTIC cooler from Amazon is for –

  • Global shipping options
  • Earning commission from their influencer or associate programs
  • Viewing alternative or relevant coolers and accessories without having to search for it
  • Checking a high amount of detailed reviews and videos on these coolers before purchase

RTIC Coolers at RTICoutdoors







Luckily, RTIC has its own website on which it sells its coolers. RTIC has been an industry leader in outdoor and camping products; thus, purchasing from its website is a reliable choice.

Why do we recommend RTICoutdoors for RTIC Coolers?

For non-US residents, RTICoutdoors.com will not be a good choice. You can just skip this section as it doesn’t ship outside the USA. Otherwise, RTICoutdoors.com is great for –

  • Getting custom printed logos from RTIC’s custom shop
  • Receiving direct warranties without the hassle of a secondary source
  • Getting direct customer support for understanding cooler guides or for queries
  • Purchasing other RTIC products like cooler accessories, bags, camp equipment, etc.
  • Registering for the RTIC Affiliate Program and/or Getting Military & First Responder Discounts

RTIC Coolers at Walmart


RTIC Soft Pack 40

RTIC Aqua Cooler

RTIC Day Cooler



Walmart is the world’s largest company by revenue, and for good reasons. It has the upper edge in many aspects that most other stores in this list don’t. Walmart is suitable just for US residents, as they don’t ship elsewhere.

Why do we recommend Walmart for RTIC Coolers?

Who sells RTIC coolers inside stores that you can check before purchasing? It’s Walmart. Walmart is fast, easy, and physical. To elaborate, Walmart is great for –

  • Getting same day or 2-day deliveries on coolers and all products
  • Touching, feeling, and checking every product before purchasing
  • Ordering and picking up the cooler from a nearby Walmart store instantly
  • Buying other RTIC, cooler, or household accessories with both online and in-store options

RTIC Coolers at eBay


RTIC Day Cooler Soft 

RTIC 52 QT Ultra-Light Cooler 

RTIC Soft Pack 30 



eBay has faced a lot of controversy in the distant past. However, it has developed a lot as the years passed by. Now, eBay is a multi-billion dollar e-commerce business. It also ships globally, which is great news for all you non-US readers!

Why do we recommend eBay for RTIC Coolers?

It has been the go-to place for finding ridiculously cheap deals with decent quality. Additionally, eBay is great for –

  • Getting significant discounts on bulk purchases
  • Global shipping options, even for used products
  • Getting the lowest prices on RTIC coolers and other cooler accessories
  • Purchasing coolers and other outdoor gear through sales and auctions
  • Purchasing used RTIC coolers and accessories in good condition with return policies

RTIC Coolers at DiamondBackBranding


RTIC SoftPak 20 Can Cooler

RTIC Cooler 45 Quart

RTIC Cooler 20 Quart



DiamondBackBranding is a unique store with a fresh concept. Before discussing that, we should mention that this store is also just for US residents.

Why do we recommend DiamondBackBranding for RTIC Coolers?

Its unique feat is that it provides custom logos and brand titles/taglines on every product. Even though RTIC’s official website provides custom branding, DiamondBackBranding provides a more lucrative price for the same service. Plus, DiamondBackBranding is great for –

  • Purchasing a wide variety of RTIC drinkware other than coolers
  • Purchasing other top-branded coolers and drinkware like YETI, Grizzly, Igloo, etc.
  • Getting your own logo, title, and/or quote printed in high-quality on every product.


Q: Who makes RTIC coolers?

Ans: An American outdoors cooling, cooking, and camping gear manufacturer called RTIC Outdoors LLC makes RTIC coolers.

Q: Who owns RTIC coolers?

Ans: RTIC Coolers are owned by RTIC Outdoors LLC.

Q: Where are RTIC coolers manufactured?

Ans: RTIC coolers are manufactured in the United States of America.

Q: Who sells RTIC Coolers?

Ans: Stores like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Diamondbackbranding.com, and RTICoutdoors.com all sell RTIC coolers.

Q: Are RTIC Coolers made in the USA?

Ans: Yes, RTIC Coolers are made in the United States of America.

Q: Where to buy RTIC soft coolers?

Ans: RTIC coolers can be bought from RTIC’s official website or through e-commerce sites like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and Diamondbackbranding.com.


Now that you know where to buy RTIC Coolers, along with some additional information, we hope you can make a wise purchase! Time for you to purchase the right cooler for your needs and finally chill (pun intended) in that summer heat.

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