Best Fuel Water Separator for Air Compressor – Reviews & Ultimate Guide

Are you looking the best inline air water separator for air compressor? We have reviewed on top rated tools on the market. Please check it out!!!

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An air compressor is a device that converts electric power or gas to kinetic energy by pressurizing and compressing air.

Nowadays, the usage of this equipment has expanded to versatile sectors, from home to different industries. Considering its vast activity in those sectors, the damage is the least expected thing.

The compressed air usually accommodates some water and other contaminants like water vapor, particles, oil, oil vapor mingled in it. In that case, there is a fair chance of it getting specks of dirt blended with oil, water, and having rust.

To make the tool function well, you need to ensure getting rid of those contaminants. That’s why an air-water separator is compulsory, which will keep your air compressor in working condition and prevent the excessive charge.

But, among the variations, how do you find the best fuel water separator for air compressor that suitable one to fulfill your needs? No worries! We are going to introduce you to the best air-water separators for air compressors through an extensive guideline.

Fuel Water Separator Reviews – Best Water Separator for air Compressor in 2023

Selecting an air water separator for an air compressor is a strenuous task. It requires scrutinized observation to confirm the promised task and find convenience for extended use.

However, conducting thorough research among different products, we have concluded that these are the best 7 air-water separators you can choose from and further rely on.

1. Neiko 30252A Water and Oil Separator

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Let’s get our review started with Neiko 30252A Water and Oil Separator for air lines. This particular separator has exceeded expectations with its Midas’ touch.

Neiko 30252-A Water and Oil Separator has a universal 1/4-inch NPT inlet and outlet design.

The aluminum-based filter prevents rust and brass fittings ensure durability.

The transparent polycarbonate housing allows you to check its condition so that you can throw out the piled up debris in the tube on time. There is an easily disposable release valve attached to the air tool. By simply pressing the release valve all the wastage can be cleansed.

A pair of conventional filters eliminate air, dust, oil, and other particles from air lines that accumulate in the air compressor.

Also, the separator blocks moistures and air particles that penetrate the filter and protects pneumatic tools.

Moreover, this air tools compatible device has a maximum air pressure of 90 psi.

By attaching it directly to the spray gun, it disposes water vapor from spray guns, preserves its life, and provides a cleaner paint job.


  • Long-lasting
  • Easy installation
  • Light-weighted and portative


  • Prone to leakage

2. LE LEMATEC Air Compressor Water Separator

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Being an integral part of the air tool, the Air Compressor Filter performs beyond expectations.

LE LEMATEC Air Compressor Filter Oil Water Separator is one of the most sophisticated filters. It is made of aluminum and circular in shape and is manufactured to function for both personal and professional usage.

Having both standard male and female 1/4” air inlets, it fits most air tools.

It has an operating capacity of 150 PSI and an operating pressure of 90 PSI; however, it works efficiently under any pressure.

It is well-engineered, and it combines dirt, oil, and water filters in a single unit that altogether ensures an exemplary performance.

The drain valve removes by-products and garnered particles off the air compressor and allows clear air to permeate.

The built-in push button drain valve is used for easy and quick cleaning. The filter element can be taken out to cleanse it.

To point out the air flow direction, it has a flow direction indicator which works splendidly.


  • Indicates air flow
  • Three (oil, water, dirt) cleanser in one filter
  • Works efficiently with any pressure settings
  • Have endurability in different temperatures


  • Impedes draining water below 40PSI

3. THB 1/2″ Particulate Filter Water Trap Separator

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Among many suitable options in the market, it is one of the budget-friendly air separators. This particular one is really effective for removing moisture in the air compressor.

It is made of metal and polymer and has a 50z polycarbonate bowl with a metal bowl guard, which is connected with a semi-automatic drain.

If you apply pressure on the bowl, the drain will hold moisture, plus it can be disposed of manually. On the other hand, if there is no pressure applied, the liquid will be automatically discharged.

Apart from separating water, it removes debris and water vapor, dirt, dust, oil as well. Having a filter of 5 macrons helps it eradicate debris up to 95%.

This unit has a flow rate low rate of 106 CFM and maximum output pressure 145 PSI and input pressure 175 PSI.


  • Relatively lightweight
  • Best for painting and other tasks


  • Sometimes float value sticks

4. LE LEMATEC Air Compressor Water Separator

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LE LEMATEC (ZN312) water separator air compressor is one of those few which has really shown tremendous success in its function. It is a convenient solution and a cost-effective tool and is compatible with any air compressors and air tools.

It is made of zinc material featuring 1/4 inch “female” and 1/4 “”male” air inlet and operates at standard 90 PSI and handles a maximum of 150 PSI.

It is connected with a steel push-button drain valve. When the button is pressed; and air residue is removed, it discards debris without disassembling.

This water separator allows compressed air to travel while trapping the moisture in the reservoir and releasing it through a small valve in the tank.

It blocks oil, water, and debris from passing through air tools and prevents hydraulic damages that occur during compressed air activity of the tool.

This separator can be installed regardless of the complicated system and layout.


  • Works with any compressor and air tools
  • An economical alternative for air drying system
  • Effective for air tools like a sandblaster, spray gun, plasma cutter, nail gun


  • Water removal is required frequently

5. PneumaticPlus Air Particulate Filter

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Pneumaticplus is also in the race of popularity with its ppf series modular filters.

PneumaticPlus PPF2-N02B Miniature Compressed Air Particulate Filter removes detrimental contaminants and pollutants amassed in air tools.

This filter has a thread size of 1/4″ NPT flow rate 50 SCFM.

It also contains a particulate filter of 5 macron and is equipped with a manual drain system. It functions under a maximum of 250 PSI supply pressure and 140 PSI operating pressure.

There is a mounting bracket in the filter and poly bowl with the guard. In the case of pressurization of more than 150 PSI or the presence of detrimental solvents, metal bowls can be used.


  • Protect compressed air system from corrosive damage
  • Equipped with a high-efficient baffling system for dirt removal


  • Air tool may drip or spray water

6. Campbell Hausfeld Air Filter Trap Separator

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Campbell Hausfeld Air Filter provides an effective solution to filter out both solid and liquid contaminants like- debris, dust, pipe scale, rust to protect tools, equipment, etc.

There is a sintered brass filter element that traps contaminants as little as 5macrons. It includes a desiccant system to remove water vapor.

Furthermore, it has an outlet screen that stops desiccant that intrudes the airstream.

There is a quick-release bowl which is shielded by a metal guard and attached to the dryer/ cleaner system, through which fluid level can be seen.

The filter uses a quarter-turn drain for making maintenance easier.

So, it helps extend the air tool’s life and protect it. This filter contains 3/8-inch female NPT ports and flows at 57 SCFM rates at about 90 PSI.


  • The oil-removal filter removes 99.9% of oil aerosol
  • Changes color when it needs to be changed or recharged


  • Sometimes drain valve may create problems

7. THB 1″ Inline Water Moisture Filter Trap Separator

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Dust, dirt, debris, water vapor are really detrimental to air tools or air equipment, though the more concerning thing is, when those are linked with oil, a sticky substance grows inside valves or motors and causes harm. Therefore, having a compressed air filter protects your equipment from this mess.

On that note, our last one of the top 7 the best air water Separator suggestions includes 1″ Inline Water Moisture Filter Trap Separator.

This is a high flow compressed air line filter separator/ particulate filter which removes liquid, debris, and dirt accumulated in the air line and helps the tool and other accessories extend their longevity.

The filter includes a wall mounting bracket. A sight glass is wrapped around the metal bowl which allows you to check moisture level and auto drain.

It has a flow rate of 185 CFM and 1″ FPT air inlet and outlet port. Moreover, with a 5 macron filter element, it has 300ml drain capacity and 350 ml oil capacity. This tool can uphold a maximum of 250 PSI input pressure.


  • Filter elements are replaceable
  • Automatically drains when the moisture reaches a certain level


  • Filter smaller than other filter

What to Look Before Buying Air Water Separator?

There is no denying the fact that the water separator for air compressors and air tools are vital pieces of equipment. As a result, choosing the best air compressor water separator is a must.

It is not as easy as picking a colorful attire from a showroom; rather, it is about making sure that the device is completing the task it is assigned to, functioning properly, and as well as fulfilling its purpose.

Many companies bring out an efficacious oil water separator for air compressors with various features. Therefore, you might have a mixed-up thought of which one to buy. Exactly that’s why, as a potential buyer, you have to research it before purchasing one.

Check these points below to ensure if the device fills your bill.

Airflow rate calculation

Selecting the best water separator for an air compressor depends on its maximum capacity of airflow rate, which is generally calculated in 100 PSI CFM.

However, a single-stage air compressor moisture separator has a maximum of 130 PSI, and a 2-stage air compressor has a maximum of 175 PSI of air pressure.

The bowl

An air-water separator for an air compressor contains a poly bowl to store contaminants like excess water, oil, and other malicious stuff. If it happens to be low quality, it won’t last that long. Moreover, getting replacement bowls is troublesome.

So, make a thorough check to ensure that the bowl is made of polycarbonate or metal.

Filter beads

Some air-water separators offer filter beads, through which you can get an indication for changing the bowl as those beads turn to pink from blue.

Transparent glass

Purchasing an air compressor water separator with transparent glass is really advantageous. You can easily check moisture level and jammed contents inside and evacuate it.

Metal guard

The transparent glass needed to be protected with a metal guard otherwise, it can get wrecked. Scrutinize this part well.


Make it certain to examine that the product is made of high-quality material, and it will be long-lasting. If the product is made of aluminum, you can rest assured.

Pressure loading capacity and input-output port

An air compressor water separator must tussle with the air compressor because such devices undergo from minimum to maximum operating pressure.

Check out the pressure loading capacity of the air-water separator along with the output and input port to ascertain that the equipment is efficiently fitting your product.

Quality of drain

The draining system is the most crucial part of a water separator; it helps pneumatic tools function longer by removing accumulated water.

Typically, air-water separators offer to take your pick from 3 different types of drain-

  • Manual drain- You can check the moisture level and remove those by hand.
  • Automatic drain- It cleans moisture mechanically thus, it helps reduce the workload.
  • Semi-automatic drain- It closes when airflow passes and excretes automatically when there is no pressure.

So, which one system do you need?

Ambient temperature

Decide the maximum and minimum operating ambient temperature of the air. Ambient temperatures of over 100 degrees Fahrenheit may exceed the maximum inlet temperature of the tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does an air-water separator work?

Air-water separator generally works with providing high pressure which causes moisture to become thicker. Later, as it forms and emerges as water droplets, the separator drains them out and thus purifies the air by releasing the pressure.

Does my air compressor need a water separator?

It is natural for air compressors to contain moisture as natural water is mingled with vaporized water and later converts into liquid form. Most people are ignorant of the danger of that accumulated liquid in the air compressor or air tool. If there is a similar chance of having moisture in your tool, we advise you to take precautions by having an air-water separator for greater efficiency and long-term workability.

Where do you put the water separator on an air compressor?

Keep a moderate distance, for example, 20 feet, between your air-water separator and air compressor. Having that distance allows the air to get time to cool down. Therefore the moisture will drop, and it will be easier for condensation to be filtered from the tunnel.

How often do I need to change the filter?

Frequent changing of the filter is not required, however, it completely depends on how much you use it and the humidity of the surrounding. Then again, filters can be changed due to any kind of distortion or breakage problem.

How to remove water from air compressor tanks?

First, turn the tool off and unplug it. Second, lower the pressure below 10 PSI. [Make sure you wear safety gear]. Third, open the drain valve which is placed underneath the tank, and drain the moisture out.

How does pH affect the separation of oil and water?

Acidity or alkalinity of water is defined by pH measurement. Generally, pH is measured from 0 to 14 units on a scale. Having pH factor 7 counts neutral, where less than 7 is acidic, and more than 7 is alkaline. If this factor exceeds pH level 8.5, wastewater containing oil will be chemical. If that happens, the water separator will not function properly as a consequence. Thus, to make the tool work appropriately, the pH level needs to be kept down, about 6.8pH.


Though there are lots of brands, not every tool is worthy of money because there are few significant facts to consider. For example, your first thought while buying an air-water separator should be its practicality and longevity.

Keeping that in mind, we conclude that the above-mentioned 7 products have something to satisfy people’s needs. We hope you have found the best one suitable for your work on our list.

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