Best Black Wall Cabinet for Bathroom in 2023 – Reviews and Guide

Are you looking for the finest black wall cabinet for bathroom? Click here and check out the 8 best bathroom vanities that are waiting for you.

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Do you know why people love the color black so much? Because this one color somehow goes with almost anything, especially when it comes to furniture. Probably that’s the reason why the demand for the best black wall cabinet for bathroom has been growing unbelievably lately. But this is where the problem begins.

When something starts getting popular with multiple options, picking up the right one becomes a tough nut to crack. Well, this is where we thought of coming up with the idea of putting the right bathroom vanity on your turf.

So, after a ton of research, we made a list of the finest 8 bathroom vanities that can be the perfect piece to give your washroom a new look with incredible design, and versatility, and will last long enough that you might lose track of time. So, let’s see which one of them is going to be your next vanity, then.

8 Best Black Wall Cabinets for Bathroom 2023 – Comparison & Reviews

Here are the top 8 wall cabinets you can ask for to give your bathroom a new and better look.

1. Zenna Home Drop Door Bathroom Spacesaver – Editor’s Choice

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It has never been easy to put elegance and efficiency on the same page when it comes to the restroom vanity. But with the Drop Door Bathroom Spacesaver, team Zenna Home has made that look like a piece of cake.

If you’re in love with the concept of wooden cabinets in your washroom, then you’re going to love this Espresso-colored wooden space saver as well.

Besides, its brushed finish has made this vanity look like nothing but a lucrative piece with neutral tones where the frosted glass over the doors and brushed nickel hardware added some extra points to that.

Without giving you the chance of wasting any space in your washroom, the makers have given this wall-mounted bathroom cabinet 30.70″ clearance from the ground. So, slipping it over your toilet is going to be easy as pie.

And don’t worry about installation, not only because this vanity comes with all the detailed instructions and hardware, but it doesn’t take more than 30 minutes to get assembled.

By the way, as you expect from the best black wall bathroom cabinet, this furniture has both open and concealed shelves with total adjustability. And in case you’ve got a taller toilet, the leg extensions can add the additional height of up to 4.5″ easily.


  • Leg extensions can add extra height
  • It comes with shelves that can be adjusted
  • The installation process takes just 30 minutes
  • Has perfect ground clearance for regular toilets


  • The snap caps are plastic-made

2. RiverRidge Ellsworth Collection Wall Cabinet – Most Versatile

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When you’re asking for the ideal small bathroom vanity to keep things organized, Ellsworth Collection Wall Cabinet from RiverRidge works out as a perfect solution.

As the size is just 8.86″D x 23.82″ W x 25″ H, you won’t have to sacrifice too much space on the wall with this vanity.

But the size it comes with has enough capacity to hold all your required stuff for sure. Besides, it’s got two fixed shelves along with a towel bar to do that job.

And installation? That’s not going to take too much time as it’s too easy. Even in the race of durability, this vanity is ahead of tons of its competitors with its MDF construction.

This Espresso-colored furniture comes with the traditional shutter doors where you’ll see polished and stylish chrome knobs to give your restroom a better look.


  • Towel rod to hold bathroom towel
  • The shutter door gives a classical vibe
  • It comes with durable MDF construction
  • Sufficiently wide shelves for regular stuff


  • The shelves are not adjustable

3. IWELL Black Bathroom Wall Cabinet – Top Pick

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If you’re waiting to have something durable but lucrative at the same time, then probably you’re looking for something like the Black Bathroom Wall Cabinet from IWELL.

The super solid vanity is made of premium quality MDF material which is also highly durable. But that would’ve been useless without the right size, and this one got the perfect number there – 23.6″ L x 7.9″ D x 27.6″ H.

It comes with three spacious shelves. So, along with the required stuff, this black vanity can accommodate all other accessories as well. Plus, you can adjust the shelves if you like. And yes, this furniture got magnetic door holders too for keeping the doors at their place all the time.

But what we think was most impressive was the lacquered surface. It doesn’t matter if you’re spilling water over it; the surface can easily sustain that. On top of that, this vanity is made to last long and resist erosion. Moreover, the Metal knobs have added some additional classiness to the equation.


  • Capable of resisting erosion
  • Made out of high-quality MDF
  • It comes with a water-resistant finish
  • Adjustable shelves with enough space


  • Has no drawer

4. Elegant Home Fashions Freestanding Cabinet – Best Value

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In case you’re asking for the total vanity vibe, the Freestanding Cabinet from Elegant Home Fashions will be the perfect piece for you.

The engineered wood has given its construction all the required durability it needs, whereas the Dark Espresso color knows how to create a classic furniture vibe like the ones with neutral tones.

And if we say about the doorknobs, the Chrome oval-shaped ones look like the perfect vanity stuff. Besides, every door comes with door magnets to keep them in place whenever you shut them.

One of the interior shelves is adjustable in case you need a taller space. This vanity comes with all the hardware you need, which has made the installation easier.

Unlike traditional bathroom vanities, it can be used anywhere in the house if you don’t feel like you need it in the washroom.


  • It comes with a versatile design
  • Durable material makes it last long
  • Has a convenient installation process
  • Door magnet eliminates the need for additional lock


  • It comes with no extra towel bar

5. Winsome Wood Alps Tall Cabinet – Versatile

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The Wood Alps Tall Cabinet from Winsome is nothing but a big bowl of elegance and convenience, and once you look at the design, you’ll understand why we’re saying so.

From your restroom to the powder room, this wooden furniture with solid construction knows how to store everything you want without falling apart. The doored compartments can easily accommodate tons of smaller stuff like bottles, towels, etc.

Even the bottom it comes with has two sections that deliver sufficient room for more items. This black vanity also has a decently big drawer so that you don’t face a problem in storing up the other accessories that you want close to your hand. Plus, this vanity is nothing hard to clean and maintain either.


  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Solid wooden construction lasts long
  • Compatible design to fit into any room
  • Open and concealed shelves for all accessories


  • The weight is a bit high

6. IWELL Black Bathroom Floor Storage Cabinet – Efficient

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We don’t know how but team IWELL perfectly knows how to turn black wall bathroom cabinet ideas into reality, and their Black Floor Storage Cabinet is the proof.

Every vanity of IWELL made out of high-quality MDF material has always been at the peak of durability, and this one is nothing different. But what they’ve amazed us with is the lacquered surface which is too tough to harm, and not even water can do any damage to that. And yes, it’s easy to clean as well.

But does this piece of furniture give a touch of elegance and create enough room for your stuff? Yup, to the fullest with its 2 big shelves with adjustability options.
And installation of this vanity? Maybe only a jigsaw puzzle is more complicated than this. Besides, with the 26.4LB weight, it’s easy as pie to shift it from one place to another.


  • Adjustable shelves give plenty of space
  • The lighter weight makes it more portable
  • Lacquered surface delivers extra protection
  • Durable material is immune to water spillage


  • The chemical smell is strong

7. Zenna Home E8858CH Classic Linen Cabinet – Best value for Money

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When you’re in the mood to see the same classiness and clean lines of your traditional furniture in your next bathroom vanity as well, then probably you’re looking for something like the E8858CH Classic Linen Cabinet from Zenna Home.

Its flawless Espresso Finish kind of looks like the neutral tones, even on the clean lines. But what made black bathroom vanity the perfect solution for any small bathroom is the larger capacity under the disguise of compact size.

It comes with storage that has a door with tempered glass and cool-looking chrome hardware to keep your things concealed. But that doesn’t mean it hasn’t got an open compartment to grab your towels.

We know there’s a chance of you putting taller items on the shelves. But you don’t have to worry about that as the shelves of this black bathroom vanity are adjustable.


  • Compact in size but with large capacity
  • Adjustable shelves to occupy taller items
  • Lucrative finish enhances the visual appeal
  • It comes with both open and concealed compartments


  • It has no locking mechanism

8. TuoxinEM Narrow Bathroom Cabinet – User’s Choice

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It’s time to wrap up with the last one on our list – the Narrow Bathroom Cabinet from TuoxinEM. The look and clean lines say most of it that why it’s here, but they’re not what you’re after only, right?

This vanity is so narrow that not only in a small bathroom, but it can fit in any corner of the house, including your powder room, and you’re not going to see this in a lot of bathroom vanities. It even comes with a setup that can eliminate your need for a toilet paper setup.

If you’re not into piling up too much junk in your bathroom, then this one is going to be the perfect vanity for you as it also comes with a concealed part covered with a door, but without compromising the ventilation.

So, even if you’re putting in wet items there, getting dried up won’t be a hard nut to crack for them.

But for making this vanity last long, you’re going to need it to be made of strong material as well, right? Don’t worry; there’s no chance of its PVC material falling apart any sooner.


  • Made out of durable PVC material
  • Has door with the ventilation system
  • Concise size fits anywhere in the house
  • It comes with a nice look and clean lines


  • Shelves are unadjustable

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is the problem with doorless bathroom vanities?

Compared to the doored ones, the doorless bathroom vanities are often less effective in keeping the items within free of dust and water.

What is the advantage of using wall-mounting vanities or cabinets over regular ones?

With the wall-mounted ones, you’ll get some free space on the ground and can also set the vanities over the toilet if you like, which is impossible in regular ones.

Which material is the best for making black bathroom cabinets?

Both solid wood and MDF are good for making black bathroom vanities or cabinets. But a vanity with solid wood often becomes heavier than one made of MDF. The good thing is they both are highly durable.

Why do wall-attachable bathroom vanities have to be made of lighter material?

Being made of heavier material increases the possibility of falling down if you store heavier items in there. To a certain extent, it depends on the installation as well.

Can bathroom vanities be used in a powder room too?

Yes, bathroom vanities can be used in any regular powder room as well. But you’ll have to make sure that your powder room is compatible enough to install the vanity there.

Final Words

Still confused about which black wall cabinet for bathroom you should put in your shopping cart? Well, then why don’t you grab your one from the pile of bathroom vanities based on your specific needs?

If you’re asking for one that’ll fit over regular toilets, then go for the Zenna Home Drop Door Bathroom Spacesaver. But if you’ve got a taller toilet that you want a vanity over, then we’d say RiverRidge Ellsworth Collection Wall Vanity is going to be a better choice.

In case you want nothing but conciseness, then you better think of something like the TuoxinEM Narrow Bathroom Vanity. So, which one of the bathroom vanities are you planning to go with for your small bathroom?

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