Best High Pressure Handheld Shower Heads 2023 – Reviews & Guide

Showering can become exhilarating if you get the right showerhead. And we are here to introduce the best handheld shower head for high water pressure.

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Showering can get a bit frustrating if there is not an adequate amount of water pressure and the spray of water is not that much soothing. But do you know that both of the problems can be solved by one single thing? Yes, we are talking about high-pressure handheld shower head.

They will not only make the showering experience exhilarating, but some will also come with many other features that will make showering hassle-free and more refreshing.

Now, you might be wondering how you will get one of the best high pressure handheld shower head in the market. Well, you just came to the right place for that. We are not only going to introduce them to you, but we will also provide you a buying guide that will allow you to scrutinize the units efficiently.

Top 10 Best Handheld Shower Head for High Water Pressure- Reviews & Guide

Even though we are going to provide you an in-depth review of the high pressure shower head below, here is a at a glance table that will let you know about the products and what makes them stand out from the other ones that we are going to include in our review:

There is an overabundance of high pressure shower head in the market. But not all of them will be worthy of your money and time that you are going to spend on them. For that reason, we went through the most popular ones and picked only the ones that are recommendation worthy. Have a look at the list that we have compiled exclusively for you:

1. AquaDance Handheld Shower Head – Most Value

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Among all the available designs in the market, the best high-pressure shower head with handheld functionality are the most convenient ones. And this one from AquaDance is one of them.

Let us talk about the feature that makes this one stand out the most. It comes with six spray settings. You will have full control over the spray and the flow of water. There is a high-power lever dial that will enable you to switch between the settings smoothly.

Apart from the spray settings, you will also be able to adjust the overhead bracket. It will allow you to point the head where you want to. The hose is also extremely flexible. It will also let you get a hands-free operation at the exact angle that you want it to face.

As it is of stainless steel, you can expect it to last for an extended amount of time. You will not have to worry about the installation process too. It does not require any sort of tool, nor will you have to rely on a plumber for setting it up in your bathroom.

The ergonomic handle that it comes with will make using it feel like handling butter. There are Rub-Clean jets that will enable you to clean the lime and calcium build-ups that might occur over time. Also, there are three different color options that you can choose from.


  • Easy to install
  • Six different spray settings
  • The overhead bracket is adjustable
  • Three different color options available
  • Comes with a durable stainless steel hose


  • Doesn’t come with all the required O-rings
  • Tends to leak a bit when the water pressure rises suddenly

2. Hydroluxe 1433 Handheld Showerhead – Versatile

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The dual handheld shower heads are the most versatile units that are available in the market. However, not all of them will be able to perform adequately. This one that is from Hydroluxe is the one that can.

To begin with, it comes with an overhead shower and a hand showerhead. Each of the heads has five individual settings. You can use them both at the same time or separately.

Apart from that, each of them also comes with an oversized chrome face and a three-zone click lever dial. This dial will make switching between each of the water flow patterns a breeze. On that note, there are 24 combined and full patterns that you can choose from.

Other than that, the heads come with the Rub-Clean jets that most of the units are including nowadays. These jets will make it much easier for you to carry out maintenance tasks. It will enable you to quickly and easily clean off any sort of calcium or lime build-ups.

The stainless steel hose that comes along is quite durable too. It is extremely flexible, which makes maneuvering the head around easier. Also, it comes with conical hose nuts that will let you tighten and install the head in it easily. You will not require any tools for the installation process.

On the note of installation, you will receive all the washers that are required for the process. Alongside that, you will also get plumbers’ tape.


  • Extremely versatile
  • The hose is exceptionally flexible
  • Boasts an easy installation process
  • Features a durable stainless steel hose
  • Comes with all the necessary installation hardware


  • Adjustable ring gets stiffer over time
  • The water pressure that it pushes out is not that praiseworthy

3. AquaDance 7″ Handheld Shower Head – Plumbers Choice

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The manufacturer AquaDance seems to have an extensive lineup of shower heads. And this one that we are going to look at is, in fact, one of the best-rated handheld high-pressure showers heads out on the market.

First of all, it features a double-head design. So, you are basically getting the best of both worlds here. Each of the heads has a six-setting water flow setting. This setting will allow you to change the pressure of the water flow accordingly.

And to make the switching process hassle-free for you, it comes with a high-power Click Lever dial. Because of the dial, switching between the settings will feel like driving a hot knife into butter.

Apart from that, the unit also comes with the Rub-Clean Jets that most shower heads are implementing nowadays. With those, the maintenance process will look like a piece of cake. You will not require any sort of chemical or solution for removing lime and calcium build-ups.

Other than just the maintenance process is easy, the installation process is relatively easy too. The process will not require any tool, nor will you have to call a plumber. It comes with all the hardware needed in the package.

It also has the adjustable bracket that AquaDance is well-known for. This overhead bracket will let you achieve hands-free operation while showering. The stainless steel hose that it comes with is extremely flexible, which also adds up to the ease of use factor of the unit.


  • Easy to maintain
  • Features a dual-head design
  • The installation process is easy
  • Comes with an adjustable overhead bracket
  • Each of the heads has six different water flow settings


  • Water pressure is relatively low for the small head

4. AquaStorm Handheld Showerhead – Most Durable

Latest Price On

Are you tired of seeing all five or six water flow settings units in our handheld high-pressure shower head reviews? Want something that comes with more? Well, AquaStorm has got the right one for you!

To start with, it features a dual-head design. Each of the heads has six different water flow settings, and you can make five different combinations with the settings. That means the total amount of water flow settings that you are going to get from this unit is thirty.

Other than the storming settings, AquaStorm has implemented an adjustable angle mechanism in both of them. That mechanism will enable you to set the head up to any angle that you prefer. You can even have a full hands-free showering experience with these.

Just like some of the units, this one also utilizes the High-power clicking lever. This lever makes switching between each of the flow combinations feel like a breeze. And as both of them has a four inches face, they will be able to disperse quite an amount of water.

These even come with the Rub-Clean jets that most of the manufacturers are implementing in their shower head. Because of that, the maintenance process will feel like taking a walk in the park.

Also, the installation process is relatively straightforward too. You are not going to have to go out looking for a plumber, neither will you have to get any specific tools. The process is so easy that it can be installed within a couple of minutes.


  • Easy to install
  • Features a dual-head design
  • Boasts an adjustable angle mechanism
  • The maintenance process is straightforward
  • Has a total of thirty different water flow settings


  • Comes with a relatively short hose

5. WASSA High Pressure Handheld Shower Head – Editor’s Choice

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If you were in the lookout for the high pressure handheld shower head, then we might have the right one for you! Yes, we are talking about a high-pressure showerhead. And it is from WASSA.

Unlike some of the units that are out there, this one comes with nine different water flow modes. It will allow you to choose between different water pressure settings.

There is a high-pressure mode and a pause mode, which will save a bit of water while showering. The maximum flow rate is 2.5 gallons per minute, which is comparatively higher than most of the units.

Apart from being powerful, the unit is quite easy to install too. It does not require any sort of specific tools, nor will it require any extra hardware. The process will not even take that much time.

Also, the maintenance process is hassle-free. The forty-one jets are closely grouped. Because of such a design, the probability of calcium and lime build-up drops significantly. Even if the build-up does occur, making the water flow at the highest setting and rubbing them with your fingers will make the surface squeaky clean.

Other than that, it comes with a durable stainless steel hose. The hose is relatively large too. It is sixty inches in length, which is more than enough for maneuvering the head around in the shower.

The package also comes with an adjustable mount. That mount will let you have a hands-free showering experience.


  • Easy to install
  • Comes with a durable steel hose
  • Boasts nine different flow settings
  • Equipped with an adjustable mount


  • Has a few cheap plastic parts
  • The head adjustments are a bit stiff out of the box

6. Lokby High Pressure Handheld Shower Head – Best By Spray

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Even though the market is full of shower heads, there are hardly a few water-saving handheld shower heads that are worthy of recommending. This one that is from Lokby is one of them.

First of all, the unit comes with six different spray functions. Five of them are designated for different spray patterns and different pressure. One of them is for the pause mode, which will conserve water. That feature makes this one a water-saving showerhead.

Other than that, the water pressure that you are going to get on the highest setting is comparatively higher than most of the units. Even if you do a lower water pressure delivery, the unit will compensate by gradually increasing the velocity.

Besides that, the installation process is exceptionally straightforward. It will neither need any professional plumbing skills, nor will it require any special tool. The process is so easy that you will be able to set it up in just a matter of minutes.

Also, the easy factor persists in the maintenance process too. It comes with closely packed Anti-Clog Silicone jets that will lower the chances of any calcium or lime build-up. And if they do build-up, you can make the surface squeaky clean by spraying and touching the jets with hand.

The overall construction of the unit is of sturdy ABS material. Even though it is not steel, the unit is exceptionally durable. The plus point is that you won’t have to worry about rusts.


  • Easy to install
  • Exceptionally durable
  • Effortless maintenance process
  • Sports six different flow modes
  • Comes with a pause mode to save water


  • Comes with a vaguely written instruction manual

7. Delta Faucet Handheld Shower Head – Best By Water Follow

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The kitchen sink faucets that Delta is offering are quite popular for the performance that they can deliver.

Unlike some of the units that are out there, this one comes in two different versions. You can choose from the 2 gallons per minute one or the 2.5 gallons per minute one. With this, they are offering a choice in between the water pressure, and you will be able to choose one according to your preference.

Apart from that, the unit also comes with seven different spray modes. Each of them is designated for a different type of showering task. There is one for drenching, one for full-body spray, and many other modes. Among them, there is a pause mode that will allow you to save some water during showering.

There is one water flow setting that makes this one stand out the most, which is the massaging mode. It will spray water in such a manner that the water can relieve soreness and release tired muscles. You are going to have a redefined showering experience with this.

The installation procedure for the unit is quite straightforward too. And the same story goes for the maintenance process. It comes with the Touch-Clean technology that Delta is well-known for. This will let you clean the jets by just touching and rubbing them with your fingers.

Also, the hose that it comes along is flexible, and it can stretch up to 72 inches.


  • Boasts a massaging mode
  • Equipped with a flexible hose
  • Comes in two different versions
  • Easy to install and effortless to maintain
  • Features seven different water flow modes


  • Hose can be a bit stiff in the beginning

8. Moen 26100EP Handheld Showerhead – Best by Price

Latest Price On

While there are a plethora of shower heads in the market, not all of them will be able to match up with the versatility that this detachable showerhead is offering.

To start with, it comes with a magnetic dock. This dock will allow you to easily detach the head from the base. You will not have to worry about putting it back in the slot, nor will you have to worry about it falling from the slot. The magnets that the dock has will strongly hold onto the head.

Apart from that, the unit comes in two different colors. It is available in chrome or spot resistant brushed nickel coating. The color that makes it versatile is the chrome one. It has a highly reflective coating, which will make it blend with any of the bathroom decors that are out there.

Keeping the tabs up with the other heads that are in the market, this one also has different water flow settings. The dial that it comes along will allow you to switch between the different settings smoothly. It will give you a high amount of flexibility in the case of customizing the showering experience.

The materials that it utilizes for the body are of high-quality. You can expect it to last for an extended amount of time without showing any signs of damage or performance degradation.


  • Extremely durable
  • Exceptionally versatile
  • Comes in two different colors
  • Has a magnetic docking mechanism
  • Features different water flow modes


  • The hose is relatively short in length

9. Waterpik TRS 553 Hand Held Shower Head – Plumber’s Choice

Latest Price On

There are a plethora of high-pressure shower heads in the market. But you will hardly find a few that can make the water pressure as high as this one from Waterpik can.

To begin with, it comes packed with OptiFlow technology. This advanced technology will allow the head to reach a substantially high water pressure.

Even if the pressure from the source is not that high, it will be able to compensate by increasing the water velocity gradually. So, you are guaranteed to have a high-pressure showering experience.

With that being said, there are five different water flow settings, just like most of the units that are out there. These settings will allow you to switch between different patterns and various water pressure modes.

It also features an ergonomic design. For that reason, holding it while showering will not feel like a tedious task. And as the mounting bracket is adjustable, you will also be able to experience a hands-free showering experience with it.

The hose that it comes with is quite durable as well. It is of stainless steel, and the overall length is five feet. That means you will have no trouble at all in the case of maneuvering it around.

Lastly, it comes packed with RubClean technology. This feature will allow you to easily clean and maintain the head when necessary. The anti-clog nozzles will also reduce the chances of lime and calcium build-ups.


  • Easy maintenance
  • Adjustable mounting bracket
  • Comes with a long five feet hose
  • Boasts five different water flow settings
  • Packs an advanced OptiFlow technology


  • Does not come with all the necessary installation hardware

10. Speakman VS-3010 Handheld Shower Head – Compact Design

Latest Price On

We are going to wrap up our review section with this unit that Speakman is offering. If you were in the lookout for a 2.5 GPM shower head, then you should definitely keep this one in your consideration list.

One feature that makes this one stand out the most is the Anystream technology that it comes packed with. This technology enables it to seamlessly rotate to a full 360 degrees. That means you will be able to enjoy a hassle-free and hands-free showering experience with this.

Apart from that, the design that it features is a combination of modern and traditional. It comes with a circular head that will allow it to blend in most of the bathrooms easily. The hard edges that it sports make it look premium and elegant.

As we mentioned above, the water flow rate for this unit is 2.5 gallons per minute. And because of the unique shower head design, it will be able to disperse the water efficiently and at high pressure. It will even be able to accelerate the low pressure of a water source substantially.

Besides that, the maintenance procedure for the unit is quite straightforward. As it implements a removable shower head, you will be able to take the head off and clean any of the residues that might build-up over time. It also has a self-cleaning mechanism that will reduce the possibility of calcium and lime build-ups.


  • Easy to maintain
  • Can accelerate low water pressure
  • Features a modern and elegant design
  • Comes packed with Anystream technology
  • Sports a unique design to eliminate calcium and lime build-ups


  • The hose that it comes along is not that durable

Things to Consider Before Buying Handheld Shower Head

You probably already have a general idea after going through all the handheld shower heads reviews. To solidify that even further and to scrutinize the units efficiently, you will have to keep some factors in mind. They are:

Build Quality

The first thing that you will have to consider before spending your precious money on a unit is the build quality. As the head is going to be exposed to water all the time, you would want something that is of high-quality material.

If you happen to get one that is of average grade or low-quality material, you will not get a prolonged use out of it.

For that reason, we would recommend you to opt for the ones that come with the durable overall construction. Most of them will be of plastic, but there are many that are of high-quality plastics too. Those even sometimes will last longer than the ones that are entirely of metal.

Water Pressure

The delivery pressure is an important factor when it comes to shower heads. If you opt for one that can not offer an optimal amount of water pressure, the showering experience that you are going to get off them will not be that pleasant.

Even if the pressure of your water source is not adequate, there are many that can increase the incoming pressure.

Water Flow Settings

Now, even though having different water flow settings is a common thing for shower heads, not all of them will come with a functional combination of settings. For example, some with come with a massaging mode, which will make them extremely versatile.

Apart from that, there are many that will come with a pause mode. That mode will allow you to conserve huge quantities of water. Besides that, many will also come with water pressure settings that will allow you to increase and decrease the pressure accordingly.


Another important factor for the shower heads is the mount. The thing that you would want to shoot for in this regard is the adjustability. Even though not all of them will come with an adjustable mount but having them will let you conveniently carry out your showering task.

There are even some that will let you enjoy a hands-free showering experience. Those will make showering hassle-free and more refreshing.

The Hose

Last but not least, you would want to factor in the hose that the unit is coming with. If the hose is not long enough, you will face trouble in the case of maneuvering it around. Alongside that, if the hose is of cheap materials, you will face leakage problems. Also, a flimsy hose will not last for an extended amount of time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How often should you change your shower head?

Most of the shower heads are durable enough that they will last for a long amount of time. However, if you want to avoid bacteria build-ups, it is recommended to replace the shower head every 6 months or every 8 months.

Which type of shower is best?

Usually, the versatile showers are the most convenient ones that are in the market. With that being said, it can be stated that the ones that come with dual shower heads are one of the best shower heads that are out there.

Does a shower head fit all showers?

In general, all the shower heads will come with the same fitting. The threading that they will utilize is the ½ inches NPT. So, it can be said that a shower head will fit all showers.

Do I need a handheld shower head?

A handheld shower head makes showering and cleaning tasks easier. It also offers a plethora of other benefits as well. So, we would recommend you to go for a handheld shower head.

What is the best handheld shower head?

In our opinion, the AquaDance High-Pressure 6-Setting. It has many things to offer for the price tag that it has, and it also sports a comfortable design. With all of that taken into consideration, it can be crowned as the top pick.

Final Words

We hope that it is now easier for you to choose one of the best high-pressure handheld shower head for yourself. With that being said, we would like to conclude here by wishing you good luck and hoping that you can get a redefined showering experience with the one that you decide to buy.

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