New Age Garage Cabinets Review – Maximize Your Garage Space with Innovative New Age Cabinets

Do you need the best quality garage cabinet? We have come to you with an in-depth NewAge Cabinet review to suggest the best top five garage cabinets here.

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If you are running your business with a garage and making money, then reasonably you are looking to develop your garage. Because every tool and equipment in your garage is valuable for you and worth a lot of care & concern. So everything out there needs to be spruced, cleaned, and set up orderly.

To make you do that easily, we have brought to you a new-age garage cabinet review that lists the top five best new-age cabinets.

You can choose any of these cabinets. We also tried to mention all the things you should look at before buying and answering the probable questions.

We suggested top five garage cabinets from NewAge brand, a cabinet maker that is reputed for its strong build quality production. Out of so many NewAge garage cabinets, our expert team found everything okay with these five cabinets.

Durability and outlook are two major things where we prioritize finding these cabinets to suggest to you. All these five cabinets are built of steel, have a stylish outlook, and offer almost every facility you may need.

Here are all the amazing and disappointing things about these cabinets we are going to share with you.

Top Rated New Age Garage Cabinet in 2023 – Reviews and Guide

Garages are often neglected spaces in our homes, but they play an important role in keeping our vehicles and tools safe and secure. With the right storage solutions, however, garages can also be transformed into well-organized and functional spaces. That’s where New Age Garage Cabinets come in.

These cabinets are designed with the latest technology and innovative features to make organizing your garage a breeze.

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at what makes New Age Garage Cabinets stand out and how they can help you transform your garage into a tidy and functional space.

1. NewAge products 52200 pro series wall cabinet

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NewAge Products Pro Series Red Wall Cabinet is a rectangular-shaped easy, secure cabinet that offers a weight capacity of 200 lbs and a shelf weight capacity of 100 lbs. This stylish-looking wall cabinet has an adjustable shelf that allows you to customize it for all types of items.

Fully-welded 18-Gauge steel frames and double-walled doors have made a perfect composition to store your accessories and goods.

You will be so happy with its soft-close hinges and its fully lockable doors that can keep your gears protected.

It has Easy-to-grab handles that make it easy to access your items. Powder coat paint finish protects from scratches. Cabinet Includes a mountable light valance for discreetly hiding optional LED lighting and unsightly cables (LED lighting is sold separately).

With this top-rated new age, you can take advantage of every square inch of your garage. It creates additional spaces, and the design allows comfortable positioning so that you can work beneath the cabinets. An attachable valance provides a stylish cover for mounting under the cabinet.


  • Stylish outlook
  • Lockable doors
  • Adjustable shelf
  • Easy-to-grab handles & soft-close hinges


  • Expensive

2. NewAge bold series 12 piece garage cabinet

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NewAge Products Bold Series Red 12 Piece set is almost a beast of storage! If your garage is so big and tons of tools & materials are out there, then the NewAge 50611 Bold Series can be a perfect deal for you. It offers huge weight capacities of a total of 2100 lbs.!

Multi-use lockers can store 800 lbs., wall cabinets 100 lbs., and rolling tool cabinets 600 lbs. And base cabinets 600 lbs. Height-adjustable steel shelves accommodate different-sized items.

It has a full-length integrated handle which is convenient to shut and open the door. It also has open display shelves and wall-mounted steel shelves.

It is built with 24-gauge steel frames and doors, with powder-coat paint finish doors that protect the cabinet from scratches.

These doors are fully lockable and have full-length aluminum handles. The stainless steel work surface is stain-resistant enough and easy to keep clean.

All fixed cabinets are designed to be secured. Two rolling tool cabinets come with 4 extension drawers with anti-tip locking casters so that you can easily move them anywhere. The rest of the cabinets also have adjustable leveling legs, which is a very helpful feature.


  • Lockable doors
  • High storage capacity
  • Anti-tip locking casters
  • Adjustable leveling legs


  • Expensive

3. NewAge Products 3.0 series garage cabinets

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The 50001 Bold 3.0 Series Corner Wall Cabinet has a total weight capacity of 100 lbs. This wall cabinet allows using the corners of a room/garage. So it is a choice if you are struggling with short space in our garage.

The cabinet includes a 24-gauge welded steel frame with powder-coat paint finish doors that protect the cabinet from scratches. It is painted with industrial-grade Sandtex that protects the cabinet from the abusive conditions of any garage.

The corner wall cabinet is ideal for storing small items and bottles like adhesives, cleaners, and paper towels.

Its steel shelves are easy to adjust and fit with any sized item. The cabinet includes a closet rod for lockers that provides plenty of hanging storage space.

The fully lockable door will keep your tools secure and protected. Full-length aluminum handles that are easy to grab come with a keyed lock to keep valuables safeguarded. The cabinet allows you to store heavy objects off your garage floor, protecting them from dust.

It is easy to install into wall studs, concrete, and masonry. You can also use the optional Slatwall mounting bracket to position the 90-degree cabinet onto any area of Slatwall quickly.


  • Lockable doors
  • Powder-coat paint finish
  • Industrial-grade sandtex paint
  • Includes hanging storage space


  • Low Storage

4. NewAge garage tall wall cabinets

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NewAge 520 garage cabinet is another top-rated garage cabinet that has a total weight capacity of 300 lbs, including the shelf. Full-length shelves are adjustable and offer 100 lbs of weight capacity. By utilizing the added storage of the tall wall cabinet, you can use the wall space even more efficiently.

The extra vertical space of the cabinet offers a double-stacked shelf that can easily store tall bottles, crates & boxes. The cabinet weight capacity allows you to pack full of tools and hardware.

The steel shelves can be adjusted for customizing your storage to the height of your gear. You can also remove that for tall or bulky items.

It also offers easy-grab integrated aluminum handles and soft-close hinges so the doors can close gently. Doors are fully lockable so keep your gears secure.

A light valance provides a clean look, and under-cabinet LED lighting looks so amazing that it can illuminate your workspace.

The cabinet can be installed easily with the wall studs. It looks great and stylish as it comes with the Industrial Sandtex paint finish.

So it is capable of adapting to any condition and environment. Overall, the Pro Series tall wall cabinet gives you a modern solution for maximizing your wall storage space.


  • Lockable doors
  • Adjustable shelf

  • Under-cabinet LED lighting

  • Industrial Sandtex paint finish

  • Easy-to-grab handles & soft-close hinges


  • Expensive

5. NewAge pro series 10 piece garage cabinet

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NewAge 54235 Pro Series is 10 pieces of the cabinet set that offers you a huge weight capacity of 12000 lbs. If your garage is big and craving big storage, then it can be a good choice for you.

This pro series cabinet has 4x Wall Cabinets, 1x Two-Door Base Cabinet, 2x Multi-Use Lockers, 1x Tool Drawer Cabinet, 2x 56″ Bamboo Worktops, 2x 56″ Backsplash Kits, 2x 2x4ft Pro Shelves. All the Lockers and floor cabinets can store up to 1000 lbs.

It has double-walled doors and full-extension drawers, which are fully lockable to keep your tools and gears secure.

Adjustable leveling legs are very helpful, and versatile steel shelving will provide you with more additional space. The versatile Pro Series Wall Mounted steel shelf offers you additional 600 lbs. weight capacity,

It also offers integrated full-length handles and lockable doors & drawers that are easy to grab and offers soft-close hinges.

All these facilities give you easy access to store and access your tools and gear. The cabinet also offers a stainless steel work surface which is very useful.

Heavy-duty steel Slatwall is so useful that it will make you happy. All the sets of the cabinet are easy to install. After the installation process, the full setup looks so premium.


  • Looks so premium
  • Versatile steel shelving
  • Adjustable leveling legs
  • Stainless steel work surface
  • Fully lockable door and drawer


  • Expensive

What to Look for Before Buying NewAge cabinet?

As you are going to invest a lot of money to buy a top-class garage cabinet and it is going to be a permanent asset of your cherished business, you should obviously pay attention to many things before buying a NewAge garage cabinet.

Otherwise, that would not be a good deal to buy any of the abovementioned cabinets. We want you to get the highest benefit with the deal. That’s why we highly recommend you be careful about these few things:

Estimate the capacity

This is really very important to estimate the capacity that you need for your garage. So try to estimate the capacity as accurately as possible by considering how many tools and hardware you have in your garage. Then choose the best one out of the suggested NewAge garage cabinet.

You shouldn’t go for an unnecessarily big cabinet. That would not help you get the highest benefit. Rather you may get into trouble.

Consider the space of the garage

Secondly, you need to consider the free space in your garage. Make sure that the cabinet you chose to buy will accommodate pleasantly in your garage. And that will not hamper any other sector of your business. If your garage doesn’t have enough free space, you should choose wall-mounted cabinets.

Imagine your garage with the chosen cabinet

Before you buy or order the cabinet that you have chosen, try to imagine your garage with it! Yes, this is how you can take the highest benefit from the deal. You have to choose great-looking cabinets for your garage. So watch image cabinets seriously and try to utilize your aesthetic preferences.

Important Questions About New Age Garage Cabinets (FAQ’s)

Are NewAge cabinets good?

NewAge is well-reputed and one of the best garage cabinet manufacturers. NewAge cabinet offers strong build quality and a stylish outlook. They also provide a limited lifetime warranty. Furthermore, NewAge has goodwill as a garage cabinet seller.

Where are NewAge garage cabinets made?

According to the NewAge website, all of their products, including garage cabinets, are designed in Canada and manufactured as well as fully assembled at the factory in China, Turkey, Malaysia, Vietnam, Greece, and Canada.

What are the cheapest garage cabinets?

As we tried to suggest the best quality and top-rated NewAge garage cabinet, all five of them are made of steel. So these cabinets are expensive. But NewAge Products Bold 3.0 Series are comparatively cheaper than other NewAge cabinets.

What are the best garage cabinets?

Our team of experts examined so many garage cabinets to find out the top best five. We have already mentioned the best five NewAge garage cabinets. Those are: NewAge Products 52200 Pro Series Garage Cabinet, NewAge Products 50611 Bold Series Garage Cabinets, NewAge Products 50001 Wall Cabinet, NewAge Products 52015 Garage Cabinet, NewAge Products 54235 Pro Series Garage Cabinets


We tried to cover every aspect to present the NewAge cabinet review. Good quality and stylish cabinets can boost your workflow, and enthusiasm and also can easily attract your customers so that there is a chance to earn business goodwill. So make the perfect decision and choose the best NewAge cabinet and maximize the space of your garage.

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