Best Single Bowl Kitchen Sink 2023 – Reviews & Guide

If you want to get the best single bowl kitchen sink, this article is going to be your knight in shining armor! Once upon a time, we had only one or two types of kitchen sink to pick. But those…

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If you want to get the best single bowl kitchen sink, this article is going to be your knight in shining armor!

Once upon a time, we had only one or two types of kitchen sink to pick. But those days are gone as we’ve plenty of options now!

To make our kitchen fully functional, we need a sink that’s exceptionally sturdy, deep enough to soak our pots, and damage-resistant. Moreover, it has to be aesthetically pleasing!

After thorough testing, we will be reviewing the top-rated products with the most excellent qualities. So to make the most confident purchase, follow us to the end!

Best Single Bowl Kitchen Sinks in 2023 –  Comparison and Reviews

While decorating a kitchen, we spend on the smartest refrigerator, fanciest stove, and sparking countertop. Despite being an essential thing, kitchen sinks are always underappreciated!

But this guide showcases the most excellent sinks you can get with your hard-earned money. So without wasting much time, let’s get into that part right now!

1. Kraus Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

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The first product on our list is the top-rated single bowl kitchen sink by Kraus. If you want to enjoy the benefits of a fully functional kitchen, you should take a look at this one for a delightful experience.

Functionality: First of all, the KWU110-30 Kore is not just a regular sink but a complete workstation. It comes with a 5-piece chef’s kit that includes a roll-up dish, drying rack, cutting board, dish grid, strainer, and a drain cover.
Therefore, you can prep your ingredients right over the sink. So if you don’t have much space in your kitchen, you can invest in this sink for a comfortable experience.

Build: As it is built with 16-gauge stainless steel, you can expect remarkable longevity from this basin. Thanks to this sink’s heavy-duty construction, you can use this in a professional kitchen if you want.

Moreover, it is entirely corrosion and dent resistant and pretty easy to clean. However, if you want to maintain this product’s top-notch condition, do not use any abrasive material to scrub it.

Design: This professional sink is designed to provide a premium-grade service. It comes with the most innovative plan to provide you with a hassle-free kitchen experience.

For easy draining, this under-mount sink has a gently sloped bottom and channel grooves. And it has a noise-canceling technology; hence, there will be no sound while cleaning dishes.
Moreover, the spacious single bowl allows you to clean the largest cookware without any trouble.

Dimension: It is a 30-inch sink which is a pretty standard size for any kitchen. But if you want something bigger or smaller, you can get it within the same model, which is pretty impressive. And this sink is also available in different patterns; hence you have the liberty of choosing the most favorable one for yourself.


  • Easy to maintain
  • Damage-resistant
  • Comes with a convenient design
  • Heavy-duty and highly durable build
  • Equipped with Noise-Defend soundproofing


  • It’s pricey

2. Zuhne Modena Single Bowl Undermount Sink

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The Modena undermount kitchen sink by ZUHNE is designed to provide top-notch service to its user. It has tons of user-friendly features and makes your kitchen look lovely.

Functionality: This is a professional-grade sink set that will eliminate clutter in your kitchen. It comes with an extra-deep basin that allows you to soak your utensils. Even if you have oversize pots and pans, you can put them on the sink without any struggle.

You will get two Colander sets, a Sponge caddy, Scratch protector grate, and a drain strainer to improve the workstation functionality. And the Colanders are made with food-grade material, so you don’t have to worry about any health issues.

Build: It’s constructed with industrial-grade T304 stainless steel. Therefore, it is exceptionally sturdy and highly durable. And you can throw your heavy skillets and pots without damaging the basin.

Moreover, this whole structure is rust-proof; hence you don’t have to waste much time maintaining it. And it also has thermal insulation so it won’t be damaged by frozen foods or ice.

Design: This sink is designed to be the quietest one worldwide. It will cancel all the noise and vibration, so your family won’t be disturbed when you are doing the dishes. And the structure is entirely lead-free, so thus, it’s safe to use.

Additionally, the R10 tight radius curved corners give this basin an aesthetically pleasing outlook. So it will fit into any modern kitchen perfectly, and it will be easier to clean.

Dimension: The 32-inch single bowl sink comes with a 32x19x10-inch dimension, and the minimum cabinet is 36-inch. It is a pretty standard size so that you won’t have any trouble during installation.

As this basin is available in different sizes, you can get the one most suitable for your kitchen. And all of them have an extra deep bowl; hence you will never have any problem with washing dishes anymore.


  • Rust-resistant
  • Easy to maintain
  • Available in different sizes
  • Comes with a modern outlook
  • Made with industrial-grade stainless steel


  • Tends to get water spots

3. Ruvati Curved Single Bowl Undermount Sink

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The Ruvati RVM4200 is a versatile sink that comes with excellent functionality. If you have a small kitchen, but you don’t want to settle for a tiny sink, you can consider getting this one.

Functionality: As this sink comes with a built-in workstation, you will have maximum serviceability from it. It includes a hardwood cutting boat that will fit perfectly in the sink’s ledge.

So if you have limited counter space, your workflow won’t be bothered at all.

Moreover, you will get a colander that will also fit into the ledge, and you can slide it from one side to another. The sink set also comes with a foldable drying rack and a basket strainer to increase this workstation’s efficiency.

Build: It has a commercial-grade brushed finish, and the 16-gauge stainless steel construction makes it remarkably hard-wearing. And this basin isn’t vulnerable to rust, stain, and damages; thus, you can expect an exceptionally long-lasting service.

Design: To ensure a flawless drainage system, this undermount sink has a sloped bottom and drainage grooves. Therefore, there will be no water pool once you are done washing dishes.

There is a thick undercoating at the bottom to reduce noise and vibration while working. Additionally, it has a silky smooth surface that is easy to clean. So you don’t have to go through any extra activities to keep this sink pristine.

Dimension: The 32-inch sink comes with a dimension of 32x18x10 inches. It is also available in many different sizes to help you with the perfect purchase.


  • Easy to clean
  • Rust and stain-resistant
  • Ensures flawless draining
  • Offers excellent efficiency
  • Has a heavy-duty construction


  • The grooves are only angled in the center

4. Ruvati Drop-in Topmount Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

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If you are into top-mount basins, you can go for this Ruvati RVH8001. It has a robust construction and is considered the best-rated single-bowl kitchen sink for superior durability.

Functionality: As a top-mount sink, its rim will be slightly higher than the countertop. Therefore, the installation will be easy, and you can modify it just like you want.

It includes a basket drainer that will catch all the food waste, and you can just dump them in the trash. Moreover, this set comes with a stainless steel bottom sink grid that you can use to drain the dishes, and it will protect the bottom from scratches.

This basin is spacious, and it is deep enough to hold your large cookware. So for increased proficiency, you can go for this kitchen sink.

Build: The premium-grade T304 stainless steel construction makes it exceptionally robust. Therefore, you can use this basin for heavy-duty usage without any worry. And it’s not prone to chipping or dent; it will look like a new one for decades!

Moreover, this 16 gauge kitchen sink is not vulnerable to rust and water spots, making it pretty low maintenance.

Design: The SoundGuard padding design at the bottom makes the basin noise-proof. As it can absorb the vibrations successfully, you don’t have to worry about annoying your neighbors!

Moreover, it comes with thermal insulation. Thus it won’t be damaged by extreme cold. And this sink pre-drilled with 4-holes for the faucet and soap dispenser to make your installation procedure plain as water!
In addition to all, it has a 3.5-inch drain opening that will fit any garbage disposal unit.

Dimension: The 33-inch drop-in sink comes with a 33x22x10 inch dimension that will be perfect for any standard cutouts. And the minimum base cabinet size is 36-inch, so you have to keep that in mind during installation.

However, it’s available in different sizes; hence you can choose whatever you prefer to have.


  • Soundproof
  • Rust and stain resistant
  • Spacious and deep design
  • Has a heavy-duty construction
  • Comes with a flawless draining system


  • The corners are tricky to clean

5. Kraus Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

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This KHU101-23 is an undermount kitchen sink in our list that has earned its place. It comes with plenty of ergonomic features to give you a blissful experience.

Functionality: As this high-end sink comes with an oversized bowl, you can toss all your cookware for cleaning at once. From large sheet pans to cast iron skillet, you can soak anything you want.

To make it more efficient, this sink comes with a multi-functional stainless steel dish grid. It will help you drain your utensils, and your basin bottom is protected from accidental falls.

You will also get three basket strainers to wash your food items, and they will catch all the waste. Therefore, you can complete prepping your food in a short amount of time.

Build: Kraus Sinks are famous for their robust and durable construction. And this product is not an exception!

It is made with industrial-grade T304 stainless steel to ensure a heavy-duty quality. Even after using it for a long time, it won’t rust or chip, which is very impressive.

Design: As it comes with a gently rounded corner, the sink will be pretty easy to clean. Thus, you will have a little time for relaxation! Also, the basin has thick padding to absorb the noise and vibration, so your kitchen time will be quiet and peaceful.

Moreover, this SoundGuard undercoating is totally non-toxic so that you won’t have any health issues. And the sloped bottom and channel groove will prevent the water from staying in the middle. Therefore, the basin will be immediately emptied without any interruption.

Dimension: The 23-inch sink is pretty compact, and it is perfect for a small kitchen. But the bowl is spacious and deep; hence, you won’t have any problem using it.

The cabinet size of this sink is 27-inch, so remember that. It is also available in different dimensions and patterns to ensure more excellent value for the money.


  • Damage-resistant
  • Ensures flawless draining
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Comes with noise-defending padding


  • You may need to use water spray to clean the waste

6. Ruvati 16 Gauge Undermount Kitchen Sink

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The Ruvati RVH7250 is another single–bowl kitchen sink on our list that offers top-grade service. As it comes with the ideal thickness and commercial grade, people adore this product.

Functionality: It is designed with 10-inch deep that allows you to soak all your cookware. And this sink set comes with plenty of accessories to make your experience more delightful.

The package includes a bottom dish grid and basket strainer. Therefore, you don’t have to buy any extra accessories, and you do all the prep by the sink.

Build: Just like any other Ruvati sinks, it’s made with top-tier stainless steel. Thus, it’s exceptionally durable and has a hard-wearing structure. Moreover, the brushed finish hides the scratches, which is fantastic, to be honest.

It comes with 16-gauge thickness, so it will be amazingly durable all the time. Once you get this one, you don’t have to go for another basin in a long time!

Design: This sink is smartly designed with curved corners and a sloped bottom to make it low maintenance and ensure seamless draining.

Moreover, the channel grooves are there to ensure no puddle when you are done with the cleaning. And it has a modern outlook to it; it will fit nicely with any kitchen decoration.

Dimension: The 28-inch size is pretty standard. If you don’t have much space in your kitchen, you can install this one. The minimum base cabinet size is 30 inches, so remember that while mounting the basin.

This model is also accessible in different sizes to provide you the ease of choice. All of them are conveniently made, so you won’t have complications if you get them for your household.


  • Easy to clean
  • Highly durable
  • Comes with a satin finish
  • Ensures seamless draining
  • Smartly designed to be user-friendly


  • Tend to get rust spots if not maintained properly

7. Lordear Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

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This undermount basin by Lordear is one of the finest products in the market right now. It is built with superior quality and user-friendly features to serve you for a long time.

Functionality: This heavy-duty kitchen sink will make your kitchen clutter-free. As it has a deep bottom, you can clean all your dishes without any hassle. Moreover, you will get plenty of accessories such as stainless steel bottom grid and kitchen apron to increase the kitchen’s efficiency.

Build: The T304 stainless steel construction provides the utmost durability to this sink. It comes with a 16-gauge thick panel that won’t be damaged even after professional use.

Moreover, the basin’s surface is non-stick, so it will be easier for you to clean it. And it is made to withstand high heat and cold, so you don’t have to think about replacing it shortly.

Design: This sink is famous for its unique and ergonomic design. To ensure a seamless draining system, the bowl comes with an X-shaped diversion design and has a gently sloped bottom. Therefore, there is no chance for water to stay on the sink, which is impressive.

Additionally, you will have different color options, so your kitchen will look better than ever!

Dimension: The 27-inch sink comes with a dimension of 27″x19″10,” and the minimum cabinet size is 31-inch. However, you can go for different sizes if you want.


  • Easy to maintain
  • Durable and heavy-duty
  • Comes with a unique design
  • Offers excellent drainage system
  • Doesn’t get damaged with heat and cold


  • Not 100% scratch-resistant

8. Kraus Pintura 16 Gauge Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

Latest Price On

If you are looking for a lightweight and aesthetically pleasing sink for your kitchen, this Kraus KEU-14 is the one for you. It is a huge capacity basin that will make your dish-cleaning sessions more blissful than ever.

Functionality: This spacious sink is perfectly suitable for soaking your largest utensils. So if you just hosted a dinner party, your kitchen will still be pristine, thanks to this sink.

Build: It’s constructed with top-grade TRU16 real 16 gauge stainless steel. Hence, the basin has a superiorly robust appearance which ensures its remarkable durability.

Additionally, this kitchen sink comes with an ultra-durable enameled finish. And to be honest, you don’t get to see this quality every day.

This non-porous enameled finish is silky smooth, and resistant to chipping and staining. Furthermore, it’s not vulnerable to scratches.

Design: As it is an undermount basin, it will have a seamless transition with the countertop. So, it will make your kitchen look sleek and modern. Moreover, you can directly wipe the water to the sink, which is pretty amazing!

In addition, the basin comes with a thick rubber padding to cancel all the noise and vibration. And the gently sloped bottom ensures complete drainage. The corners are flawlessly curved for the ease of cleaning, which also gives it a lustrous outlook.

Capacity: It is a high-capacity sink with a dimension of 31 ½ in L x18 3/8 in W x 10 in D, and the minimum cabinet size is 36 inches. Also, it is obtainable in different colors, so you have the liberty to choose whatever you prefer.


  • Easy to install
  • Has noise-defending quality
  • Resistant to stain and chipping
  • Designed with perfect draining system
  • Comes with a top-notch enameled finish


  • Not available in different sizes

9. TORVA Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

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The TORVA 14×18 inch sink is a budget-friendly option for your small kitchen. As it is designed with practicality, you will be pleased by its service.

Functionality: This undermount sink is not a high-end one, but it offers excellent functionality to its user. It comes with a durable bottom sink grid to trap your fragile dishes and prevent them from breakage. Furthermore, this grid will protect the basin surface from damages.

It also has a 3.5-inch drain opening that you can use for any garbage disposal unit.

Build: To ensure maximum durability, it is built with professional-grade T304 stainless steel. Moreover, it has a 16-gauge thickness, so it will not get damaged even after heavy-duty usage for years.

Design: The undermount design provides some extra counter space. Moreover, it has zero radius corners which make the sink look aesthetically pleasing.

This basin has a sloped bottom with drain grooves. So the water will drain entirely without any struggle. And the bottom is soundproof, so you can have a peaceful kitchen experience.

Dimension: The 14×18 sink has an 8.5-inch deep bottom which is perfect for soaking the dishes. However, this site is not suitable for washing larger dishes.

But if you are looking for more giant sink bowls, you can try other sizes of this model offered by the manufacturer.


  • Affordable
  • Damage-resistant
  • Compact and durable
  • Heavy-duty and user-friendly
  • Comes with sound-dampening technology


  • Corners are hard to clean

10. BOCCHI Classico Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

Latest Price On

The BOCCHI 1138-001-0120 is a high-end option for your fancy kitchen. It is a 30-inch sink that will add a dash of elegance to your household.

Functionality: This great basin comes with a bottom grid to protect your dishes from breaking. And the apron front protects you from the eater splash; hence you can work in a hurry without ruining your outfit.

It has a big bowl which allows you to soak your larger pots and pans. So if you have a more prominent family, this sink will offer excellent serviceability.

Build: It is made with top-tier fire clay and comes with a silky smooth, non-porous finish. This sink can hold onto its shine for decades as it is not vulnerable to staining.

Moreover, the surface will not get damaged as it is resistant to chipping and rusting. All you need is to wipe it after use to maintain its top-notch condition.

On top of everything, it can withstand up to 2000-degree Fahrenheit; hence you can directly drain any boiling water into the sink.

Design: This innovative sink comes with an apron front design to protect you from water splashes. Furthermore, the water will be drained as soon as your work is done.

Dimension: The outside basin dimension is 30″Lx18″ Wx10″ Wx8½”H., and it fits a 33-inch cabin perfectly.


  • Easy to clean
  • Damage-resistant
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Heavy-duty and durable
  • Top-grade fireclay construction


  • It’s pricey

Pros and Cons of Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of getting a single bowl kitchen.


Spacious: Many people choose single bowl basins because they are spacious. And they can hold larger utensils such as stockpots and baking sheets.

Stylish: They come with a plain and sleek outlook that gives you a modern vibe.

Affordable: These sinks are more cost-effective than the double bowl sink.


Limited Section: A single bowl sink comes with only a functional section. Therefore, you may need some other bowls or pots to do rinsing and drying.

How to choose single bowl kitchen sinks? Things to consider before buy

A single bowl kitchen sink is a popular choice among users. But is it the most suitable one for you? Let us tell you everything about this sink, which will help in making the ideal decision.

Design Options

Single bowl sinks come in different shapes, sizes, materials, and styles. You can either get a topmount or undermount whatever feels right to you.

Here is a list of materials used in making a single bowl basin.

  • Fireclay
  • Cast iron
  • Stainless steel
  • Granite composite

However, a stainless steel kitchen sink is the most popular option among the mass.


Sometimes sinks come with accessories to make them more functional. So if the package includes racks and caddies, your kitchen experience will be more delightful and efficient too!


These sinks are available within different budgets. You can get them for 100-1000 bucks depending on your budget. If you want to get a stainless steel basin, you will get something within 100 bucks. And when it’s about fireclay, you need to go higher than 500USD.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Why should I buy a single bowl sink?

Here are the reasons why you should buy a single bowl sink. They are spacious enough for cleaning larger utensils. They fit better in small counter space. They are budget-friendly.

Is it wise to buy a single bowl sink?

Yes, if you have to wash tons of dishes every day, you should get a single bowl sink for better efficiency. Moreover, they are easy to install and affordable, which makes them more convenient.

Is a single bowl or double bowl sink better?

Both of these basins come with their advantages and disadvantages. A single bowl sink has one single compartment, unlike the double bowl ones. On the other hand, you may feel some difficulties while soaking large dishes in a double bowl basin. So the sense of a better sink depends on your preference. In a way, all of them are amazing!

Can you replace a double bowl sink with a single bowl?

Yes, you can replace a double bowl sink with a single bowl if you get the correct dimension for your present countertop cutout.

What is the most common size for a single bowl kitchen sink?

Most customers go for a 30-inch kitchen sink as it is considered a standard measurement.

What is the easiest kitchen sink to keep clean?

Stainless steel sinks are pretty easy to clean and maintain. They come with a non-porous surface, so they don’t hold onto any food debris and not vulnerable to stain.

Which single bowl sink is the best?

The best sink varies from person to person. As long as you pick one according to your preference, you will end up with the most excellent one.

Final Words

If you are looking for the best single bowl kitchen sink, you will get some fantastic ideas from here. But some of you may still feel a little confused while choosing from this list. So let us make things easier for you!

The best overall product is the Kraus KWU110-30 Kore Workstation Sink. And for an affordable option, you can go for the TORVA 14 x 18 Inch Undermount Kitchen Sink if you want.

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