Best Top Mount Kitchen Sinks 2023 – Tested, Compared, and Reviewed

Shopping for a top-mount kitchen sink but are confused? Look no further, here are the 7 best top-mount kitchen sinks review along with a detailed buyer’s guide!

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When you’re talking about the best top-mount kitchen sinks, obviously, you’ll want something that has got T-305 grade coating in it. How about a pure stainless steel body? Not to mention the pre-drilled holes that will give you better drainage.

You want all these, but you don’t want to break the bank. We get it. To make sure you can get the top-quality mount kitchen sink and that too at an affordable price, we’re here with our top 7 picks.

Decent size, amazing durability, soundproof feature, you name it, we’ll get everything down here. So, why wait? Let’s get to the reviews:

Best Top Mount Kitchen Sinks – Comparison & Reviews 2023

In a sea full of options for kitchen sinks, I dug down deep and found the veteran types of kitchen sink category. Here, I have listed all the top-notch kitchen sinks so that you can compare and pick the best one for you. So, let’s head right into the reviews.

1. Ruvati Topmount 16 Gauge Kitchen Sink – Editor’s choice

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The very first top-mount sink that I have for you is from Ruvati. In the industry of kitchen sinks, Ruvati established its name a long time ago. Let’s get to know why Ruvati is loved and accepted by all.

It’s Rated Commercial Grade

This sink is so heavy-duty that it can be easily used in a commercial setting. It has an artisan-grade brushed finish all over, which does a better job against scratches. Also, this sink is 1.5 mm thick. That will prevent it from bending even when you throw any dirty dishes.

Yes, it has a thick steel body, but can that handle this much water exposure? Of course! The Ruvati sink has a STAINLESS steel body. Not just any stainless steel coating, it has a premium T-304 grade coating, which is a combination of chromium and nickel, and other durable metals. No rust can ever ruin your beautiful sink.

It’s of a Good Size

The size of this sink is 33 inches (wide) x 22 inches (front-to-back). That means a thickness of 1.5 mm will leave you with an interior width of 31 inches and a front-to-back length is about 18 inches or so. How deep is the bowl? Well, it’s about 10 inches, which is quite a lot for regular household usage.

A 3.5-inch drain opening is there so that you don’t have to struggle with clogging very often. Also, there are four pre-drilled holes throughout the sink. If you don’t throw a whole chicken in there, I don’t see how this baby is going to give you a hard time.

Get a Lot More Within the Package

You won’t just get a sink in this already amazing price point. You will also get a bottom rinse grid, mounting clips, a cutout template, an installation guide, and so much more. All of the attachments are also made out of stainless steel.

The Z-edge, or in simple terms zero radium straight corners, give this sink an irresistibly fantastic look. I am personally a fan of Z-edges.


  • Size of the sink is perfect for average usage
  • Pre-drilled holes for better draining
  • Made of T-304 premium grade stainless steel
  • Amazing attachments are included in the package
  • 1.5mm thick body
  • Rubber padding underneath to minimize noise


  • Flat bottom

2. Kraus Topmount 18 gauge Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink – Most Versatile

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Here, I have one from Kraus. It’s a double-sided sink, so you have a lot of space and separate areas to work with ease.


This sink is known to be the quietest of all. It has a stone guard coating, which has the superior ability to reduce condensation as well as dampen the sound when anything is thrown into the sink. Sometimes the sound of even water feels like too much with a standard sink, but with Kraus, that will never be the case.

There are also dampening pads which are made out of thick rubber. So, your late-night snacking and cleaning just got to a whole other level with this sink. Your mom will never hear a thing!


This sink is so durable. It can handle any heavy dishes without breaking a sweat. Also, this double bowl top mount sink is dent-proof. It’s an 18-gauge sink, meaning; it has a thick body all over.


What about scratches? Kraus has a solution for that as well. There will be no scratch marks or stains left behind after using this sink, as it is scratch and stain-proof. It has a satin finish which is obviously of premium grade.

Besides all the good things I have already mentioned, this baby comes with premium-grade hardware; also, all the attachments are of top-notch quality.


  • T-304 premium grade stainless steel coating
  • Amazing soundproofing abilities
  • Double sink to get more usage out of one
  • Premium grade attachments
  • Scratch- and stain-proof


  • Installation might be a bit difficult due to some design flaws

3. Ruvati Tight Radius Topmount Kitchen Sink – Best Value

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Another one from Ruvati. Did I not already tell you that Ruvati is famous and they are well deserved for their fame? This is another proof of it. Well, what’s different in this Ruvati model? Let’s get to know this sink a little better, shall we?

Amazing Build

This sink is built like a monster, like a fighter who is ready to take on the world. First of all, the premium grade T-304 stainless steel coating is present. You don’t ever have to worry about your sink rusting. Also, it is 37% thicker than any traditional kitchen sink.

The brushed finish of this baby is what makes it scratch-resistant. It also looks aesthetically pleasing. If you want a very modern look in your kitchen, this is the sink for you. Not all good-looking kitchen appliances are durable but lucky for you, this one is.


Being a soundproof kitchen sink is a massive flex these days because it gives us the option to do the dishes at night or without disturbing anyone else. I don’t know what it is with sinks making a ton of noise; for some reason, it is very annoying to me, and Ruvati just made my life a lot easier.

There is heavy-duty undercoating of thick rubber pads, which minimizes the sound to a great extent.

Capacity and Drainage

The problem with the aforementioned Ruvati sink is fixed in this model. This one no longer has a flat bottom that was in the way of water draining; instead, it has a sloped bottom which encourages better draining.

You get a 28″ (wide) x 22″ (front-to-back) measurement with this sink. And the interior is 26 inches in width, 18 inches front-to-back, and the bowl is 10 inches deep. That’s a pretty good size if you ask me. There is a pretty standard draining hole of 3.5 inches; also, the pre-drilled holes are present to make your life a bit easier.


  • Fantastic soundproofing
  • Pre-drilled holes for better draining
  • Included gadget with the package
  • Stainless steel and 37% thicker body than other ones in the market
  • Easy cleaning and modern look


  • Quite expensive

4. Houzer Topmount Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink – Top pick

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This one is a top-mount single-bowl kitchen sink from Houzer. It’s a one-of-a-kind sink, I tell you. This one has been on the top for quite a while and is a favorite in smaller households.

Thickness and Built-Quality

The sink itself is thick; how thick? 20 Gauge, to be exact. So, you see, it can handle a lot of weight, and even if you throw a gallon of water in there, I doubt you will barely make a dent.

Don’t forget the T-304 grade stainless steel coating. A combination of nickel and chromium is deadly against rust. So, you are in luck with this bad boy. The rim of this sink is carefully polished; it’s a Houzer special. Are you worried about a bland and gloomy look in your kitchen? Worry no more!

If you still have doubts about its durability, then know that it’s certified by the UPC. They did all the testing for you and made sure this one is as durable as it claims to be.

Won’t Make a Ton of Noises

This single bowl top mount sink has a stone guard coating underneath, which makes it soundproof. Not just a stone guard coating, it also has a super silencer pad in between the sink and the stone guard coating. That’s double protection to make sure your midnight snacking sessions will never be discovered from now on.

Better Draining Abilities

There are three dedicated holes to provide you with a better draining experience. Also, the main draining hole is 3-1/2 inches wide, which makes it an ideal draining hole for a sink of this size. If you have comparatively little space to spare for your sink, then this one from Houzer is the ideal top-mount sink for you.


  • Soundproof and scratch-resistant
  • Premium grade T-304 corrosion-resistant coating
  • The size of it is pretty standard
  • Pocket-friendly price point
  • Amazingly built and is very durable


  • Installation might not be very easy

5. Friho Topmount Kitchen Sink – Durable

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At number 5, we have a top-mounted sink from Friho. This one is one of the best-rated top-mount kitchen sinks on the market, and that’s for all the good reasons as well. But is it worth your time? Let’s find out.

Premium Quality

This one is actually built differently than the ones mentioned in this list. It has an 18G SUS304 stainless steel body which is extra thick and can handle a lot of weight. Don’t worry about scratching up the surface because it is also scratch-proof. The R10° corners or, in simple words, round corners give you leverage while cleaning.

Rustproofing, scratch proofing, and easy cleaning, all in one package. How cool is that!

Complimentary Accessories

Who doesn’t love free stuff, right? On top of this amazing sink, you also get some amazing attachments with this package for the utmost convenience. There is a dish grid for you to safely dry your dishes after washing. Also, a basket strainer so that no food can get into the drain and clog the whole sink.

A Good-Sized Sink

If you ask me, I’d have to admit that the size of this baby is pretty damn sweet. The interior dimension of this sink is 31″(L) x 18″(W) x 10″(H), which is the industry standard. I personally think it’s the ideal size for a regular household.

I would suggest you measure your kitchen sink space before you make a purchase. Because in my research, I have seen so many people struggle with this quite a lot.


On top of all these amazing features, this is soundproof too. Stone guards and thick rubber pads are used to make this perform like an all-rounder. You have the luxury to work quietly with all this undercoating.


  • Free attachments to make the sink more usable
  • Premium grade stainless steel coating
  • Thick material made body for longevity
  • Soundproof and scratch-resistant
  • Easy to clean and amazing draining system installed


  • There is a gap along the edges, making water seep through under there quite easy

6. Sarlai Topmount Single Bowl Kitchen Sink – Versatile

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This one is love at first sight for me. It is a stainless steel top mount sink which has made a lot of admirers finally fall in love with its charming looks. The features are also irresistible.


It’s virtually indestructible because it’s so well-built. You get TRU16 real and T-304 stainless steel coating over this baby. As I have already explained, that is a premium-grade stainless steel coating of the industry.

A 16-gauge thick body is more than enough to carry heavy loads of dishes. Also, if you don’t use a hammer to intentionally make a dent, I doubt you can make any dents throughout your regular usage period.

Saves Workstation Space

You are usually used to cutting your veggies and resting your washed fruits over the countertop. Not anymore; with the additional cutting board that comes in the package and a stainless steel colander, you can save a ton of countertop space. That is, of course, space-saving, plus cleaning up afterward will be so much easier.

Suppose there are guests arriving and you have dirty dishes in your sink, fret not, just cover this sink with the rolled-up drying dish rack and the cutting board, and boom! No more dirty dishes on display.

It’s a Decent Size

The width of this baby is 25 inches, front-to-back is 22 inches, and a 10-inch depth is its measurement. There is also a slope directed to the drain hole, which makes draining the sink a lot faster.


  • A lot of useful additional attachments like cutting board
  • Premium-grade stainless steel made
  • Thick 16-gauge body for longevity
  • Decent sizing to fit a standard kitchen space
  • Saves a ton of workstation space


  • The cutting board isn’t up to the mark

7. VALISY Topmount Single Bowl Kitchen Sink – Best value

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In a world full of wonderful top-mount stainless steel kitchen sinks, Valisy is the one that I chose to list as the very last product of my review. With all the research that I have done, this one is well-deserving of a spot in this article. Here’s why.

High Quality

All the amazing quality stuff has been used while making this beautiful sink. An undercoating of a non-toxic sound guard has been used with this sink. It makes little to no sound while you put it into use. Also, this has a stainless steel coating which is always a good bargain.

The 3mm extra thick edge is what makes it so durable in the long run. Also, the round corners let you clean up with ease after you are done doing the dishes. Scratch or corrosion, nothing can harm the Valisy sink.

Extra attachments

You get to have a basket strainer and a dish grid, all within the package. Now, that’s a steal. The main draining hole comes with two attachments. One prioritizes water draining, and the other has a colander pattern. The colander-patterned one will prevent food from getting into your sink.


  • A lot of useful attachments
  • T-304 grade stainless steel made
  • Soundproof and scratch-resistant
  • Decently sized sink with a thick border


  • A bit expensive for the size

What to Look for Before Buying Top Mount Kitchen Sinks?

Before you commit, make sure you have checked all the right boxes. Otherwise, you can experience a lot of misery as I did with my old kitchen sink. There are a ton of good brands out there, but it’s the features you should prioritize before the brand name.

Build Quality

If the sink isn’t built to lift weights, then don’t even look back. Listen carefully, even if you are in denial right now; I know for a fact there will be times when you’ll pile up dirty dishes or fill up the sink with water. In those cases, if your sink isn’t built to carry the weight, you will be in big trouble. So, choose one that can carry the weight well.

Stainless Steel Made

The body should have at least a stainless steel coating. In a sink, you are constantly dealing with water. If the sink isn’t corrosion-resistant, then what’s the point? Also, make sure the stainless steel coating is of top-notch quality.


Your chosen sink must have a soundproof coating. Otherwise, it can make an unpleasant sound which isn’t desirable to anyone. For a beautiful house to remain appealing, all the appliances must be as quiet as possible. Personally, I despise a lot of noise in my household.

Measure First

Do not forget to measure your sink space before you commit. This is a rather common mistake made by a lot of people. I cannot stress enough how important it is for your new sink to fit your space. A wrong-sized one can make the installation process hellish.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Why top-mount kitchen sinks?

An extra boundary around the edge is what makes the top-mount kitchen sink so desirable. In simple words, this feature will save your countertop from splashing water.

Are top-mount sinks better than under-mount sinks?

Do you value looks over features or features overlooks? The overhang that sits on top of the counters is what makes a top mount sink hold its position better and save the counter from splashing. At the same time, the under-mounted one lacks such features but looks very sleek. So, it’s up to you to decide which is better for you.

What size top-mount kitchen sinks do I need?

The sizing totally depends on how much space you have in your kitchen. I have listed a variety of sizes in my review, so choose any of those. They are all worth the hype.

Is it a wise decision to buy top-mount kitchen sinks?

Obviously! In my opinion, it is so worth it. A top-mount kitchen sink will provide you with longevity; also, it can hold more weight. The extra hang on the edges is what makes this type a whole lot more durable. I have enlisted some best-rated top-mount kitchen sinks in here. So, you already have a list ready in your hand.

What are the best top-mount kitchen sinks?

I cannot tell you which is the best one, because that is quite relative and varies from person to person. But Ruvati and Kraus are the names that come to my mind when I think of good brands. So, you can give them a try.

Final Words

That was pretty much everything on the best top-mount kitchen sinks. Now, you might be confused about which one to buy. Well, the choice is yours. But if you ask me, I’ll go for the Topmount Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink from Ruvati. This one is our best overall when it comes to features, price, and durability.

Also, you can get your hands on the KTM33 from Kraus if you want a soundproof attribute in the kitchen sink.

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