9 Best Bathroom Towel Storage Cabinet Ideas You Can’t Miss in 2023

Towel storage has never been so easier. These bathroom closet storage cabinet ideas offers you certain options for towel storage.

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Nothing makes your house more functional than a well-organized bathroom. If you keep your toiletries here and there, you’ll always be late while getting ready!

Therefore, to keep everything in one place, you need an ergonomic bathroom towel cabinet. And that’s what this article is all about!

Here I have discussed top 9 bathroom towel cabinet ideas with a durable build, ample storage space, compact design, and adjustable shelves.

Moreover, these compartments are super affordable! Once you pick one from here, you’ll surprise everyone with your bathroom aesthetics. So, if you want to find out more, keep scrolling!

Pretty and Practical: Top 9 Bathroom Towel Cabinet Ideas

Here are top quality towel cabinets that you can get to solve your storage issues. All of these cabinets are made to provide a satisfactory service. So, without wasting much time, let’s get started!

1. RiverRidge wall cabinets for bathroom towels

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When your bathroom accessories are a mess, you can get this towel cabinet to keep things organized. It has enough space to hold all your toiletries, which is good news!

This two-door cabinet looks aesthetically pleasing and is made of solid wood to offer higher durability. And it is coated with protective paint, which prevents damages to a great extent.

In addition, RiverRidge wall cabinets for bathroom towels also comes with enough shelves and a towel bar for extra storage, which is just the cherry on the top.

This surface-mount bathroom cabinet is an excellent thing if you want some extra storage in your lavatory. It’s easy to maintain and reasonably priced, so you’re getting a pretty sweet deal here!


  • Protective coating prevents damages
  • Made with engineered wood for higher durability
  • The convenient two-door design makes it easy to use
  • It comes with enough shelves and a towel bar for extra storage


  • Only available in two colors

2. VASAGLE free standing bathroom towel cabinet

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If you don’t want anything compact and looking for a free standing bath towel cabinet for your bathroom, you can consider getting this VASAGLE cabinet. It can hold all your cleaning supplies and toiletries, which is pretty impressive.

Thanks to the engineered wood MDF construction, you can enjoy a long-lasting service without any trouble. It is not only beautiful but also amazingly functional.

As it is easy to clean, people who don’t have much time at home will fall in love with this storage space. All you need is to wipe it with a wet cloth, and you’re good to go!

This tall cupboard comes with a single shutter door; hence, you can open and close it effortlessly. It is made with a drawer and two cabinets, so I must say it isn’t a space-saving design!

While installing tall cabinets in the bathroom, we always fear tripping it over. But this thing is designed with the anti-tip kit, which will prevent any accident. Isn’t that amazing?

If you want vast storage space for your accessories and supplies, you should definitely look at this one. And the price tag is also affordable; what else do we need?


  • It comes with an anti-tip kit to prevent accidents
  • The MDF construction guarantees higher durability
  • Offers ample space for your cleaning supplies and accessories
  • Designed with elegance and functionality to ensure convenience


  • It doesn’t come with a space-saving design

3. IWELL bathroom wall cabinet with towel bar

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Sometimes we need ample storage space to keep all our accessories, but we don’t have a big bathroom for that! In that case, this IWELL bathroom wall cabinet with towel bar will be the perfect addition to your lavatory.

It is brilliantly made to solve your storage issues with multiple shelves. And you can adjust their height according to the sizes of your accessories. Moreover, you can hang your bath or hand towels on the bar, so top marks for ergonomics!

The MDF construction makes the cabinet highly durable. Thus, you can use it for years without a single hint of damage.

Thanks to the lacquered finish, this bathroom storage cabinet is entirely waterproof and corrosion-resistant. Hence, you can keep this one in your bathroom for years; there’s no doubt about that.

It comes with a simple yet elegant design that will make your look bathroom lavish without even trying. Therefore, you can get this cabinet to keep your lavatory well-organized all the time.


  • MDF construction ensures enhanced durability
  • The compact design is suitable for any bathroom
  • The lacquered finish makes the cabinet waterproof
  • It offers enough space to keep your accessories organized


  • It doesn’t offer any color options

4. Elite hot bathroom towel cabinet floor

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This high-flying towel cabinet will be the most thoughtful addition to your bathroom. It allows you to enhance the aesthetics of your lavatory and offers convenience, which is all we need.

The goal of this storage space is to keep your towels warm. In this way, you don’t have to wipe your body with cold towels when you are just done with your shower.

This bathroom towel cabinet floor will maintain an optimal temperature of 150-160 Fahrenheit. It also has racks so you can keep your towels without any trouble. Moreover, the drip tray will hold all the moisture particles, so you won’t have to worry about dripping at all.

However, this hot towel compartment isn’t made for large bath towels. But if you want to keep your face towels, you can keep several of them.

To enjoy a spa-like experience, you can get this cabinet without any hesitation. Well, it won’t offer any extra storage space for your bathroom accessories or cleaning supplies, which is a bummer!


  • The drip tray will hold all the moisture
  • It comes with towel racks for convenience
  • Made with a compact design to save space
  • Provides consistent heating for your face towel



  • You can’t store any other supplies

5. Zenna bathroom cabinet with towel bar

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To achieve a minimalist outlook, you might need a simple yet highly functional cabinet for your bathroom accessories. If so, you can go for this compact thing by Zenna without any hesitation.

This surface-mount cabinet is easy to install, and anyone can do that without any prior experience. Furthermore, the convenient shutter doors are easy to open and close; hence, using this daily won’t be an issue.

It is also designed with wall mounted bathroom cabinet with towel bar
to offer maximum ease. Therefore, you can keep your hand towels to make your bathroom more functional.

There are two concealed shelves and one open shelf that you can use as extra storage for your decorative pieces. Moreover, the solid wood construction offers amazing longevity, so you can use it for years even if you don’t have any time for maintenance.

On top of everything, the cabinet comes at an affordable price. And that’s just the icing on the cake.


  • It has a full-sized towel bar for convenience
  • Solid wood construction ensures higher durability
  • Compact design makes it suitable for any tight space
  • Made with ample storage space for your bathroom accessories


  • Shelves aren’t deep enough for some bulky cleaning supplies

6. Elegant Home Dawson Wall Cabinet

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While getting extra storage space for our bathroom accessories, we don’t have much choice for design. Most of them are simple, and we have to stay happy with that! Well, this cabinet is a bottle of fresh air, in that case.

This modish bathroom towel storage cabinet is made with engineered wood for enhanced durability. And the shutter doors have chrome knobs to offer amazing aesthetics. Hence, it will go with any bathroom décor; that’s no secret.

The interior shelves are totally adjustable. As a result, you can fix the height according to the sizes of your cleaning supplies and toiletries. Moreover, it comes with a compact design so that you won’t worry about space issues.

You can mount the cabinet all by yourself, which is a relief. And it is available in two different colors, so you can pick the one that goes with your décor the most.


  • Has adjustable shelves for convenience
  • Suitable for mounting in any bathroom space
  • The solid wood construction ensures better longevity
  • It comes with a beautiful glass panel to enhance your interior


  • It doesn’t have a towel bar

7. RiverRidge Single Door Wall Cabinet

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When you have a tight bathroom space, keeping your accessories organized is more hectic than ever. But if you get this super-compact cabinet by RiverRidge, you don’t have to worry about that again.

It has one large shelf inside the door, and you will also get an open shelf to keep your regular supplies such as makeup or toothpaste. However, a bathroom towel bar would have made this thing nicer, I believe.

The wooden construction is heavy-duty; there aren’t any fragile parts. Hence, you can open or close the door a hundred times; the cabinet won’t be damaged in a long time.

Though the design is pretty simple, it adds elegance to your bathroom, which is commendable. And it solves your storage issue flawlessly, and that’s our topmost priority.


  • Available in two different colors
  • Has enough space to hold your supplies
  • Compact design makes it easy to mount
  • Durable wooden construction offers better value


  • Only has one concealed shelf

8. 2L Lifestyle Holbrook-Towel-Cabinet

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This towel cabinet is a super stylish one; hence, if you plan to decorate a lavish bathroom, you should definitely consider getting this one.

It is a tall cabinet that comes with three compartments. And instead of traditional drawers, weaver baskets act as the storage space for your supplies.

The most amazing thing is, you can either keep it in the bathroom or your bedroom. It will perfectly go with the interior design, and that’s the real beauty of this cabinet.

As the whole structure is made of solid woods, you don’t have to worry about flimsy parts. It is made to provide a long-lasting experience, which is all we need!

It is not your traditional bathroom cabinet, and it takes a decent amount of space on the floor. So, if you want something out of the box, you can get this one without any second thought.


  • Easy to use
  • Adds beautiful aesthetics to your décor
  • Solid MDF construction offers enhanced longevity
  • Has enough space to hold your bath towels and accessories


  • The weaver baskets aren’t durable enough

9. Elegant Home Glancy Freestanding Cabinet

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Let’s end this review with a blast, shall we?

The final product in this list is a tall and free-standing towel cabinet that will take your bathroom décor to a whole new level. And there will be more than enough storage space, so you can keep all your bathroom accessories and cleaning supplies without any trouble.

As all the compartments are concealed, all your toiletries will stay protected. And the shutter doors are easy to open, so you won’t have any trouble when you’re in a hurry.

Though it can hold a lot of bathroom supplies, this cabinet won’t waste any floor space in your lavatory. Therefore, you can have extra storage for your things even if you have the smallest place.

Furthermore, it comes with a highly durable construction so that you can use it for a long time without any headache.

This tall cabinet is available in two different colors. So, modern or traditional, you can get the most suitable one for your interior without any hassle.


  • Adjustable shelves offer ease of use
  • Compact design makes it suitable for tight places
  • It comes with enough space to hold all your things


Good in small spaces

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Should I get a bathroom storage cabinet with a towel bar?

When the bathroom cabinet comes with a built-in towel bar, you can hang your face and hand towels there to find them easily when you need them. And if it doesn’t come with a bar, you can still keep your towels inside the cabinet.

Can I store makeup on the cabinet along with other bathroom accessories?

Well, the bathroom’s temperature is always changing depending on the water. But it would be best if you keep your makeup at a consistent temperature and dry place. And a bathroom cabinet is none of that!

Should I get a waterproof cabinet for my bathroom?

If you can get a waterproof cabinet for your bathroom, it will last longer than any other structure. As the cabinet will be protected from moisture buildup, you don’t have to worry about its durability.

How do you keep towels to save some extra storage space in cabinets?

To save space inside the compartment, you need to fold your towels lengthwise and roll them up. In this way, you can keep them in the smallest drawers without any issue.

The Bottom Line

Getting the perfect towel cabinet for bathroom seems like an easy task, but it isn’t! You have to consider the ergonomics, floor dimension, the number of bathroom accessories you want to store, and so on!

Though I’ve listed all the top products, here is a brief suggestion for you.

For an overall experience, you can get the RiverRidge 2-Door Wall Cabinet. It’s durable, compact, and offers tons of space for your supplies.

Moreover, the IWELL Wall Bathroom Cabinet is also an excellent option. It comes with waterproof construction and other user-friendly features. Well, no matter what you pick from this article, you’ll be satisfied, that’s guaranteed.

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