Best Varathane Wood Stain Review – Tested, Compared and Reviewed

Looking to stain to revive your old wooden furniture? Go through our top selected varathane wood stain review and say hi to the long-lasting new wood color.

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Wood is a product of nature, and its natural state always offers breathtaking beauty. For this, you probably love wood furniture and mostly prefer wood for interior/exterior projects. If you want to change the tone of your aesthetically pleasing wooden furniture, obviously staining is the best idea!

We are going to tell you everything about wood staining with the Varathane wood staining review. Our team of experts has chosen the best Varathane wood stains to suggest to you with full details and everything you need to know before buying a stain.

We enlisted oil-based Varathane wood stains to the suggestion because the oil-based stain is more durable than water-based. Besides, this is best for outdoors, where the wood will be in direct exposure to sunlight, wind, and rain. So, you will be able to use these stains both outdoors and indoors.

Choose the best color out of the suggested list, and follow our instructions to get the highest benefit of wood stain.

Best Varathane Wood Stain Review – Comparison & Reviews

Before you look into the detailed reviews, we recommend taking a look at the quick comparison chart that we have made for you. This table will give you a general idea about why we chose to include these oil-based wood stains. With that being said, here is the table:

1. Varathane 269394 Premium Fast Dry Wood Stain – Editor’s Choice

Latest Price On

Varathane 269394 Premium is a fast dry oil-based wood stain that dries in just an hour, though it varies on temperature and humidity. If you have a short space of time to stain your furniture, 269394 Premium is going to be the best choice for you. This can be used on any interior wood projects like furniture, doors, cabinets.

Varathane 269394 Premium is enhanced with nano pigment particles. It can highlight natural wood grain to reveal wood’s beauty. Typically one-coat coverage is enough but actually depends on the natural color of the wood and the user’s preference. If you don’t get satisfied with a single coat, of course, you can recoat.

Varathane 269394 covers up to 275 square feet, and this is also very easy to use. You can use a brush or aerosol to apply and a soft piece of cloth to rub it.


  • Dry so fast
  • Easy to use
  • High coverage


  • Need several coats sometimes

2. Varathane 211727H Premium Wood Stain – Top Pick

Latest Price On

Varathane 211727H Premium is a superior soya oil-based wood stain. It offers deeper penetration and more accurate colors; among those, one of the gorgeous colors is American Walnut. This is a very posh & natural color for interior wood furniture, doors, cabinets, trim & paneling.

211727H Premium offers pigments that enhance wood grain detail with a long-lasting translucent stain. If you want to recoat, it will be best to wait for 3-4 hours.

You can use this on any wood projects like furniture, cabinets, doors trim, and paneling. This is easy to use. You can use a brush to use it. It covers up to 150 square feet and will take 7-8 hours to get thoroughly dried.


  • Easy to use
  • Low coverage
  • Gorgeous and natural color


  • Dries slowly

3. Varathane 307415 Premium Fast Dry Wood Stain – Best Value

Latest Price On

Varathane 307415 Premium is an oil-based top-rated varathane stain in the market. The amazing part of this wood stain is that it dries so faster than any other wood stain. Because this stain is specially formulated for fast-drying facilities.

You can use this on any wood project as furniture, cabinets, doors trim, and paneling. Varathane 307415 Premium is enhanced with nano pigment particles. It can highlight natural wood grain to reveal the wood’s beauty.

This is very easy to use, and typically one coat is enough, but you can recoat if you need to do so. By using a brush, you will be able to cover up to 70 square feet easily. It takes a maximum of one hour to dry. So this is going to be one of the best options if you need faster completion.


  • Dry so fast
  • Easy to use
  • Reveal wood’s beauty


  • Low coverage

4. Varathane 225246H One-Step Wood Stain – Most Efficient

Latest Price On

Varathane 225246H is the top-rated oil-based wood stain, including polyurethane technology. So this is more durable than any other wood stain. It is designed to provide deep, rich color with a renowned Varathane polyurethane finish in one easy application. It also offers a premium protective coating and a long-lasting smooth semi-gloss finish.

You can use this on all interior wood projects, including intricate moldings, wood furniture, trim, cabinets, doors, and paneling. You can also use this wood stain for exterior projects. You will get good protection both indoors & outdoors.

Traditional Cherry is the most popular color of Varathane wood stain. It is also easy to use. It takes 3 hours to dry. You can easily clean up this with soap and water. It will cover 100 square feet.


  • One easy application
  • Super gorgeous color
  • Polyurethane technology


  • High priced
  • Low coverage

5. Varathane 307413 Premium Fast Dry Wood Stain – Versatile

Latest Price On

Varathane 307413 Premium is an oil-based wood stain. This stain is specially formulated for fast-drying facilities and will dry within two hours maximum. So it is a good option for you if you do not have much time. Though Varathane says it is one-coat coverage, you may still need to recoat.

Varathane 307413 Premium is one of the high-performance stain systems in the market, enhanced with nano pigment particles. Coral is a very premium and popular color. And it can highlight natural wood grain to reveal the wood’s beauty.

You can use this on interior wood projects such as furniture, cabinets, doors trim, and paneling. And this is very easy to use. By using a brush, you will be able to cover up to 275 square feet easily.


  • Premium color
  • High coverage
  • Fast-drying formula


  • A little overpriced

What to Look for Before Buying Wood Stain

You need to look at and consider a lot of things before buying a wood stain; otherwise, your money can be wasted. Therefore, besides doing Varathane wood stain review, we want to make you aware of some issues that you need to keep in mind.

Staining and finishing are not the same

It is often seen that many people don’t even know the difference between a stain and a finish! They think a stain is the complete process of coloring, finishing, and protecting wood from moisture. While wood staining means just applying the color of natural wood. Finish means deepening the color of the wood and protecting it from moisture.

Choosing the appropriate color

There are a huge number of colors that you can choose for wood staining. We tried to mention most of the attractive and common colors, which are commonly used for interior wood projects. Choose the best one out of these items, which can bloom with an overall perfect combination. Otherwise, you will get into trouble.

Stain Coverage

Now we have come to the very important point that you must consider before buying wood stains. Before you order/buy wood stain, make sure that you are going to get the perfect size/amount of stain. To do this, you need to calculate how much stain is required for your wood. If you can’t do this, find help from experts.

Type of wood that you want to stain

Last but not least, you need to consider the type of wood that you are going to stain. Stain highlights the wood grain, so it is important to assume how a stain works and change the look of the wood. To do this, you need to understand the type of wood. It is recommended again to find help from experts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Is Varathane wood stain oil or water-based?

There are both oil and water-based Varathane stains you will find in the market. These two types are formulated for different environments and purposes.

Which is a better oil or water-based stain?

As both oil and water-based are formulated for different environments and purposes, it can’t be said which is the better stain. You need to understand the condition of the environment where you want to stain the wood. So which stain is better depends actually on the environment.

How long to let Stain dry before polyurethane?

The time that you should wait for the stain to dry before polyurethane depends on the type of stain used. Different stains require different amounts of time. But generally, for Varathane wood stains, you may need to wait for 8 hours maximum for a polyurethane finish.

How long does it take Varathane stain to dry?

It actually varies from one to another that Varathane stain takes to dry. Typically water-based stains dry earlier than oil-based stains. Water-based stains dry within 2-4 hours maximum. On the other hand, some fast-dry formulated oil-based stains also dry within 2-4 hours, but others can take 8 hours and even one or two days maximum.

How good is Varathane water-based wood stain?

Varathane water-based wood stains have so many good things. Firstly, water-based wood stains dry quickly and last for a long time. It also offers a richer hue of color. You can clean up easily with only soap and water. Moreover, it is not flammable and is extremely mildew and mold-resistant. Overall, Varathane water-based wood stain is good enough for interior projects.

Where to buy Varathane wood stain?

You can easily buy varathane wood stain from any nearby super shops, or you can also order it from Amazon by clicking on the product link.


We made our best effort to present to you a complete Varathane wood stain review. We also tried to answer all the questions in advance, so that you don’t have any confusion on anything. All of the suggested wood stains were examined by our expert team. You can rely on us and choose the perfect one for you without any hesitation.

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