Best Tall Linen Cabinet for Bathroom – Top 10 Trendy Linen Cabinet Ideas in 2023

Ever thought of the best way to beautify your bathroom, giving it that priceless and colorful look you’ve always wanted it to have? Sure you have, especially if you have a small bathroom space and you’re thinking of giving it…

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Ever thought of the best way to beautify your bathroom, giving it that priceless and colorful look you’ve always wanted it to have? Sure you have, especially if you have a small bathroom space and you’re thinking of giving it a type of look without cramping your style.

So, while you might have started remodeling your bathroom’s look and feel and want to introduce a linen cabinet, you have two options for the cabinet style.

For starters, you can choose to blend the design with the overall bathroom cabinet with a design that stands out. Whatever your choice is, just remember to keep it classy and stylish, and we’ve got a couple of linen cabinet ideas for you.

Top 10 Best Tall Corner Linen Cabinet Ideas for Bathroom in 2023

Sometimes, while shopping for a linen cabinet, you can start to feel like you’ve seen it all. As a result, you might be tempted to quit the dream of cabinet hunting and ask a carpenter to create a unique design for you, which might be expensive.

Before you tow that route, we’d like to indulge you in our list of designs for tall, exquisite cabinets for linen storage that’ll transform your bathroom from dull to gorgeous in no time. And, of course, it won’t make your small bathroom space seem like it’s all choked up. What are you waiting for? Buckle your seat belt as we dive in.

1. VASAGLE Freestanding Linen Cabinet – Editor’s Choice

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When in doubt of what color to use, opt for white. That color has a way of brightening any room or wall you plaster it on. For example, this tall, white cabinet instantly brightens your bathroom the moment you station it in. With its open shelving style, it gives your bathroom that classy and minimalist touch, mandating you to organize the items you place on it cleanly. This feature makes it one of the best linen cabinets for minimalists.

If your apartment or bathroom space is small, you can make the most of the small space with this cabinet in the bathroom. It introduces storage spaces for your otherwise tiny bathroom. When it comes to its style, aside from the fact that it is a minimalist cabinet, it also gives off this country-style vibe. So if minimalism and country-style are what you want, you should opt for this cabinet.


  • The cabinet is sturdy.
  • Come with extra hardware.
  • You’ll find it easy to assemble this cabinet.
  • This cabinet encourages you to be organized with its minimalist design.
  • It is perfect for those with small bathroom spaces as it won’t cramp your space or style.
  • It comes with more than enough storage spaces; feel free to utilize the open shelve and the cabinet.


  • The instructions are a bit confusing and can, thus, prolong the time you should dedicate to assembling it.

2. Elegant Home Fashions Freestanding Cabinet – Best Value

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This cabinet is another tall cabinet that comes with a high-quality build. It is a free-standing tall linen cabinet for bathrooms with a flexible storage function where you can adjust the shelves to meet your needs. For instance, if you notice that while arranging your cabinet, there’s no way to store a particular item without wasting extra space in the cabinet, you can rearrange the inner structure of the cabinet to utilize the storage space better.

Another thing we love about this linen cabinet is the louvered doors that it comes with. The doors give the cabinet a stylish appearance that gives your bathroom a classy appearance. With the chrome-finished knob, the cabinet becomes easy to open. Of course, we can’t forget the glider drawers that make opening and closing this cabinet a breeze. The best part is that it comes with assembly hardware that is easy to arrange. Generally, the cabinet is sturdy.


  • The leg of this cabinet comes with protective plastic.
  • Chrome finished knob makes the cabinet easy to open.
  • The glider drawer further makes it easy to access the cabinet.
  • It is built to be sturdy, thanks to the wood used to construct it.
  • This cabinet has enough for your needs when it comes to storage space, and it is flexible.


  • The top door of this cabinet doesn’t seem to align properly.
  • You’d most likely spend time setting up this cabinet because the instruction isn’t detailed enough.

3. Spirich Free Standing Tall Slim Cabinet – Classic

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Spirich invested a lot into creating this cabinet. For starters, they made use of engineered wood when carving it. Specifically, they made use of laminated MDF and decorative beadboard paneling to construct this tall cabinet. They also ensured that the design followed the modern style thanks to the construction and the white finish. They all combine to give the cabinet a modern appearance. It would help if you considered this cabinet a multi-purpose cabinet as you don’t necessarily need to use it in the bathroom.

It has a three-tier shelf on top and a cabinet below. You can choose to give your bathroom a spa look by displaying your towel on the shelf. Your scented candles can also sit on the shelves. Or you could keep your various materials and towel in the cabinet. Thankfully, two of the shelves are adjustable. So, you can adjust it to fit whatever item you want to place on it. This cabinet is safety conscious with the tip over restraint device that is deployed.


  • It is easy to assemble, thanks to the easy-to-read direction.
  • The cabinet easily opens, thanks to the chrome-finished knobs.
  • Has reversible door hinges and two adjustable shelves for your convenience.


  • Adjustable bottom shelves make it heavy.

4. Ameriwood Rustic Wide Storage Linen Cabinet – Top Pick

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The first thing you should know about this cabinet is that it comes in four colors. These colors include Rustic, Rustic Grey, Ivory Pine, and Black Oak. You can opt for the rustic linen cabinet for that classic style. This cabinet comes with a door that hides the four shelves it’s been designed with. Two of the four shelves are adjustable for the sake of functionality. In style, this cabinet looks a lot like an old weathered cabinet that you inherited from your grandparents.

Nevertheless, when it comes to strength, it is as sturdy as it can be. So, please don’t confuse its looks for how strong it is. Ameriwood deployed material like laminated particleboard and MDF to create this magic that you see. The best part about this cabinet is that it is multi-functional. If somehow you already have a linen cabinet, but this cabinet strikes your fancy, you can still purchase it and use it in your office or kitchen to store your non-perishable foods. More so, you won’t encounter problems arranging this cabinet as the instructions in the manual are precise and direct.


  • It is functional and can be used in any part of the house.
  • You’ll enjoy using this cabinet, thanks to its adjustable shelf.
  • The material used to create this cabinet makes it sturdy and stylish.


  • If you don’t put the middle door hinges well, you can’t simply adjust it. You’ll have to take down the whole cabinet to correct it.

5. Winsome Black Linen Cabinet – Sophisticate

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This cabinet has a classy and fancy touch to it. Created with black composite wood, the manufacturer deployed a black finish. The top part of this cabinet has a glass door that allows you to see what’s in it. One of the shelves in the top cabinet is also adjustable.

However, the lower cabinet is built in contrast to the top cabinet. As opposed to a glass door, it deploys a solid door to allow you an amount of privacy. But that’s not all there is to the construction of this cabinet. The manufacturer added a middle piece that contains a drawer.

If you choose to use it in your bathroom, it would be nice to nest your face towels and perfume in the middle drawer. Although it is black, this cabinet is truly beautiful, and it utilizes any narrow space in the house to prevent it from looking bland and boring. When unpacking, you have to be careful, so you don’t litter the Styrofoam all over the house.


  • The setup is easy.
  • You can utilize the glass door top cabinet to display nice items.
  • It is a beautiful cabinet that’ll add an aesthetic feel to the space you use it to fill.


  • Its height might require you to anchor it to a wall.

6. Haotian White Linen Cabinet – Elegant

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The Haotian tall white linen cabinet comes with a host of fantastic features. First, it deploys lacquered finishing to the engineered wood for longevity. If you’re familiar with a lacquer finish, they reduce wear and tear on any material they sit on.

Aside from the longevity, this cabinet helps you manage space around the house. With its narrow, rectangular shape, it doesn’t take up too much space in the house.

Nevertheless, it still offers you ample space to keep your towels and other things. With one adjustable shelf, you can store almost anything inside this slim shelf. You’ll also find this cabinet easy to clean as it is mildew-resistant. This mildew-resistant feature also prevents the cabinet from possible damage from insects and moisture. So, durability is certain. Like every typical cabinet, you’ll have to assemble it yourself. But of course, every single piece of hardware you need to set it up has been provided for you in the package.


  • It is easy to clean
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • Mildew resistance encourages longevity.
  • Although this cabinet is slim and can fit into small spaces, the interior is spacious enough to house your things.


  • Slats look uneven.
  • Setting up this cabinet can be time-consuming.

7. VASAGLE Pure White Wooden Linen Cabinet – Versatile

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Here’s another cabinet for a small bathroom from Vasagle that won’t make your bathroom seem choked. Designed to fit perfectly into small spaces, this cabinet is slim and quite compact. It can help you tidy up your bathroom by arranging all your toilet supplies and toiletries in it. The creators aimed for stability with this cabinet as they carved it with premium P2 grade engineered wood.

Hence, you can dump anything on the cabinet without fear that it might fall or cave in someday. More so, you don’t need to panic when your kids seem to rough-handle it with their energy. With the anti-tip feature, Vasagle has made it difficult for your kids to tip it over. With three open shelves and 2 drawers down below, you can decide which item you want to display on the open shelf and which item you want to hide in the drawer for safety in the cabinet.


  • It’s easy to assemble.
  • The anti-tip feature prevents your kids from knocking it down.
  • This cabinet is stable thanks to the engineered wood used to create it.
  • This cabinet is a great way to keep your small bathroom looking tidy and clean instead of choked.


  • If you’re used to big drawers, you might consider the drawers small.

8. HOMCOM Freestanding White Linen Tower Cabinet – Modern

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You’ll enjoy using this HOMCOM free-standing tall cabinet for as long as you want to, and it’s all thanks to its durability. It was created from P2 grade MDF material to ensure longevity. You can finally utilize those narrow spaces in your bathroom and toilet with this tower cabinet, as it is tall and slim. The shelves are adjustable, and it comes with 6 grids that maximize the storage space.

As a result, you can keep any item in this cabinet without worrying if it would fit in. The bottom cabinet has a shutter door for privacy. More so, the shutter door encourages breathability to prevent the bottom cabinet from giving off bad odors. In addition to all the cool features of this narrow linen cabinet, HOMCOM adds a toppling prevention device to this cabinet for maximum stability. The finish on this cabinet is the same soft white finish that you’ll find on major modern linen cabinet designs.


  • Perfect for utilizing narrow spaces in your home.
  • Height-adjustable shelves to fit any type of item.
  • P2 grade MDF encourages durability and longevity.
  • It comes with a toppling prevention device for improved stability
  • It looks natural and is perfect for your decor if you want to give your bathroom a bit of nature’s touch.


  • Storage space capacity might be small if you’re used to large storage.

9. Elegant Antique Linen Cabinet – Decorative

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If you’re looking to add a classic, antique touch to your bathroom space, then you should opt for this Cabinet from Elegant Home Fashion. It was forged with a combination of three materials, including Metal, Glass, and Engineered Wood. Observing the construction of this cabinet, you’ll notice that it has a crown molded top that gives the cabinet a touch of traditional style. Then, the door handle is quite antique and made from brass. The metal material comes in the glider drawer.

Of course, metal glider drawers aid easy opening and closing of the cabinet drawer without a stiff in between. This brand Utilized tempered glass in creating the door for the bottom cabinet. With the tempered glass in place, it enhances the safety of the shelf. This glass door linen cabinet exposes the content in the cabinet. In addition, the shelves are adjustable to fit any sized product you choose to store in it.


  • Tempered glass enhances cabinet safety.
  • Molded crown and adjustable shelves maximize storage space.
  • Metal glider drawer eliminates the possibility of the drawer getting stuck or the stiffness that makes it difficult to open.


  • Some of the screw holes do not line properly.

10. Lakeside Corner Linen Cabinet – Economical

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Need to fill up the narrowest spaces in your bathroom in a minimalist way? Call on this lakeside corner linen cabinet, and it would come to the rescue. Although you could consider this cabinet as ultra-thin, it does help with decluttering your bathroom space and making it look organized.

With two open shelves, you can arrange your toiletries in the available spaces. Its storage space is not a lot, but it is enough to hold certain bathroom supplies. Made with engineered wood, it has some form of stability. So, it’ll stand firmly wherever you place it. In essence, this cabinet is perfect if you’re looking for a way to make the best of small storage spaces.


  • It is lightweight.
  • Perfect for utilizing cramped spaces.
  • Putting this shelf together is an easy endeavor.


  • When it’s empty, it might wobble a bit.

What Is the Standard Size of Linen Cabinet?

So, you’ve decided to design a linen cabinet for yourself, and you’re curious about the standard size. This section would help you determine that. But for starters, it would help that you know there’s no specific linen closet size for your cabinet. You only have to look out for certain dimensions that ensure you design a linen cabinet that’s enough to contain your supplies.

Standard Linen Cabinet Height

Generally, linen cabinet height is usually as tall as the ceiling. When you try to cut the height, you’ll most likely not like what you’ll get in terms of storage. Just ensure that the height is adjustable. That way, you’ll easily fit any object into it. A cabinet with a fixed shelf makes it difficult to store some bathroom supplies.

However, if you strictly want to hold extra towels or bulky towels, you could opt for an 18 inches height linen cabinet. If you want to store folded sheets, you could include a 10 inches shelf.

Standard Linen Cabinet Widths

When it comes to the width of linen cabinets, the sizes usually range from 30 to 36 inches wide. This width has to be complemented with a depth of about 15 to 24 inches.

Standard Linen Cabinet Depth

The ideal depth of a linen cabinet depends on the type of cabinet it is. The minimum should range from 22 to 32 inches. But for a bathroom linen closet, you should opt for 24 inches depth.


Q: What is a linen cabinet?

Ans: Regardless of the size, a linen cabinet is a closet to store your things like towels, bedding, tablecloths, and other household textiles. You can store your duvet, blankets, beach towel, pet products, hampers, laundry baskets, toiletries, cleaning supplies, etc. Cabinets also come with drawers.

Q: Closet vs. Cabinet – What’s the difference?

Ans: There are quite a few differences between a cabinet and a closet. The first is that a closet is usually part of a building. It is built into a building and usually runs from the ceiling to the floor. On the other hand, a cabinet is a piece of furniture, and it comes in various sizes. Most times, it’s not full height. More so, closets always come with hanging rods for clothes. Cabinets do not come with hanging rods, but they have drawers.

Q: How tall is a Standard linen cabinet?

Ans: The standard height of a linen cabinet ranges from 18 to 20 inches. The reason is that it allows room for huge storage space. You can have close to five cabinets in a cabinet that’s about 18 to 24 inches tall.

Q: Where to buy a linen cabinet?

Ans: Since the world has become digitized, you can buy Linen cabinets from any online store like Amazon, Best Buy, etc. If you’ve got enough time on your hands, you could visit a brick-and-mortar store.

Q: How much storage space will a linen cabinet add?

Ans: The storage space that a linen cabinet would give you depends on the size of the cabinet. A large linen cabinet affords you a lot of storage space, while a tall, slender cabinet would give you just about enough space to house your supplies.

Q: What colors are good for linen cabinets?

Ans: There are no specific colors for a cabinet. Simply opt for colors that fit your personality or blend with your interior decor.

Q: Is it a good idea to have a color coordination strategy for sorting things?

Ans: Yes, color coordination strategy for sorting things. It’s a very basic strategy that can help you get started with sorting your things.

Q: Can you install one yourself, or do you have to get someone to do it?

Ans: Most cabinets come with instruction manuals to help you set them up. However, not all the instructions are very detailed, and some might be confusing. You could easily reach out to someone for help if you’re not getting the hang of how to set up your cabinet.

Final Verdict

Tall cabinets come in handy for cramped spaces. You do not need to have a large bathroom to enjoy the benefit of having a cabinet in your bathroom. Besides, cabinets come in handy for storing your toilet supplies. It makes your toilet supplies readily available and accessible. With our list of linen cabinets for the bathroom, you’ll have a head start for the best tall cabinet that helps you tidy your cabinet. It also helps you arrange your towel.

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