Top Rated Toaster Oven Reviews in 2023

Here are the top-rated toaster ovens of consumers' choice revealed after testing, experimenting & reviewing the products available in the market. Just click.

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Love for food is in our instinct. We need food; we love eating. Therefore, we prefer those appliances that get us well-cooked food easily and quickly.

A toaster oven is one of those kitchen appliances. Its functions are no longer limited to toast or bake rather have been expanded to many features that there are no people who don’t want to own one.

Considering the ongoing demand, we have created a list of top-rated toaster ovens. Our dedicated experts have analyzed the products available in the market, conducted thorough research, checked reviews, pros & cons. Our finalized evaluation has been described here in this article for your convenience.

Without further delay, let’s dig in.

People Who Need a Toaster Oven

We all are busy in our own way. The amount of time we can afford for our family and us is relatively less. If we can have appliances that save our expenditure and time, we should go for it.

Despite that fact, people’s priorities are different. If we cut the chase, not all people will require a toaster oven. Some people badly need this appliance. We have categorized those who will have their time saved and work organized using a toaster oven.

  1. Eatery Chefs dealing with a lot of customers
  2. Busy Moms who are to handles a lot at a time
  3. Working Women with having inadequate time
  4. Bachelors wanting to avoid cooking complications
  5. Students who cannot cook
  6. People who want to relax to have some time saved

Types of Toaster Ovens

A survey reported that, in the U.S., about 75 million people make toast every day. That means a portion of those surveyed people are relying on toaster ovens and it can not be ruled out.

As our research involves direct users, so we know what type of toaster ovens they mostly prefer. According to users’ choice, we have classified toaster ovens into 3 types. Those are-

Toaster Ovens: Comes with variation in type and design. Suitable for heating, broiling, baking, toasting, and cooking foods.

Convection Toaster Ovens: Has a convection feature, having a fan inside to create more heat so that the food gets even heat and fast cooking.

Commercial Toaster Ovens: Made for commercial use, so the in-built structures are different from the home-used ones. Suitable for cooking large amounts of food.

Top 10 Toaster Oven in 2023 – Comparison & Review

1. BLACK+DECKER 4-Slice Toaster Oven – Editor’s choice

Latest Price On

Black+Decker is a U.S. based manufacturer. In 1910, S. Duncan Black and Alonzo G. Decker founded a small shop. In the course of time, now Black and Decker is a renowned subsidiary company.

Apart from the home appliances, products the company manufactures are categorized into power tools, Lawn and garden, home cleaning, Batteries and accessories, and some more.

We are going to review about one of their home appliance products, that is BLACK+DECKER 4-Slice Toaster Oven.

Black+Decker Toaster Oven with Natural Convection is made in Indonesia and China according to the manufacturer’s parameters.

Build & Mechanism: This toaster oven is made of stainless steel. At the top of the right corner, there is a power indicator button.

Below this button, there are 3 knobs.

Temperature: The Top Knob one is for setting temperature. You can set the temperature from warm up to 450 degrees to broil and toast.

Function: This toaster oven allows you to do 4 types of cooking which can be chosen from the middle knob. Those are- warm, broil, bake and toast and ensure natural cooking taste. It has a stay-on function if you need to cook longer.

Timer/ Toast: The bottom knob is for the timer which can be set for up to 30 minute.

Interior Functionality: The unit comes with a baking pan made of aluminum and a rack. The baking pan doesn’t have any coating. There is a removable crumb tray which makes it easier to clean.

The interior of this oven is zinc coated. It contributes in distributing IR energy and heat.

The convection system manages airflow inside based on the thermodynamics principle and prepares the meal fast with a delicious taste. During operation, the outer side becomes hot, so it is suggested to use a potholder or oven mitt.


  • Easy to use
  • Works fast
  • Compact in size
  • Ensures palatability
  • Suitable for any size kitchen
  • Affordable and efficient


  • No on/off button
  • Some users reported facing technical problems

2. Cuisinart TOA-60 Convection Toaster Oven – Most Versatile

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Cuisinart, headquartered in the USA, is a universally acknowledged brand for home appliances. From the love for French food, Carl Sontheimer founded this company in 1971. However, it was introduced as a brand in 1973. From 1989, Conair Corporation acquired the proprietorship of this company.

The brand was formed with the food processor as the main product. Now, its products have been extended to Bakeware, Flatware, Cutlery, Tools and Gadgets, Outdoor Grilling, Parts and Accessories

Its home appliance product ‘Cuisinart TOA-60 Convection Toaster Oven’ has placed its position in our top choice list. Let’s know about that.

Build and Mechanism: The exterior of the toaster oven is made of stainless steel. Top of the left side, there is a power button. When you cook anything, it stays on.

To the right side, there is a light button. Pressing it will illuminate the inside of the toaster oven only when the oven door remains closed.

Beside the power button, there are 4 dials-

On/Timer: It works for all functions except toasting and can be set up to 60 minutes.

Temperature: It starts with warming. You can heat up to 450 degrees to toast/broil.

Function: It helps you decide your task by these 7 functions- warm, broil, convection broil, toast, bake, convection bake, air fry.

On/Toast Function: It is a designated toast knob. To make it work, you can choose from Light, Medium, or Dark shades.

Interior Functionality: The unit comes with a rack, fryer basket, baking pan, and at the bottom, there is a removable crumb tray. The rack and the fryer basket are made of stainless steel.

It has a number of heating elements- 4 on the top and 2 on the bottom.

The inner functionality includes a high-speed fan to circulate heat around the foods evenly.

The most beneficial part of this toaster oven is that it includes all the conventional features of any toaster oven with a newly added air fryer function.


  • Many in one solution
  • Limited oil usage
  • Ensure taste of deep fries
  • Has a leaflet to guide users


  • May cause temperature problem after long uses

3. Oster 6-Slice Toaster Oven – Best Value

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The John Oster Manufacturing Company, as known as Oster, is one of the home appliances manufacturers. John Oster founded this company in 1924 at Racine, Wisconsin of the U.S. In 1960, Sunbeam Corporation acquired the proprietorship of this company.

Oster starts its business with handheld hair clippers for women. Now it has expanded its business to a lot of products including Blenders & Juicers, Countertop Ovens, Toasters, Cooking, beverage,s and so on.

The Oven has proven its functionality as one of the best toaster ovens and ranked itself in our poll. How? Here it goes.

Build & Mechanism: This black color oven is made of Stainless Steel as well. It gives an old school vibe with upgraded features added. It comes with a manual for the users.

It has a display of all the functions giving the users complete digital control on the right side.

Function: There are separate buttons for users to choose from toast, bake, convection back, broil, warm, defrost and pizza.

Time & Temperature: These 2 are placed right below the functions side by side. You can set your timer up to 90 minutes. Once your set time is up, it shuts off.

Clock and Light: These 2 stay right below time and temperature.

Stop/cancel & Start: At the very end, you can see these 2 buttons for you to take action.

Interior Functionality: This toaster oven comes with a rack, a durable baking pan and an external crumb tray. It has a large interior allowing the users to have the convenience to use.

It has an interior light. The convection capability cooks the food perfectly. This countertop toaster oven has almost everything that a top-quality one should have.


  • Digital control
  • Easy instruction
  • Even temperature
  • Dual rack position
  • Guess-free cooking
  • Auto shuts off feature
  • Perfect for large families


  • Big in size
  • External parts get hot
  • The clock may malfunction after times

4. COMFEE’ 4-Slice Toaster Oven – Top Pick

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Comfee is one of the widely known popular brands of home appliances. Midea Group, a Fortune 500 company, is the owner of this brand. The group was established in 1968 in China. Aside from Comfee, Midea is the owner of a diverse range of recognized brands like Eureka, Little Swan,

Comfee’s products can be categorized as Refrigerators, Residential AC, Small Appliances, and Laundry Appliances.

Products Description: COMFEE’ Toaster Oven Countertop, Black (CFO-BB101) is one of our top picks for its serviceability. Let’s know in detail.

Build & Mechanism: The surface of the outside of this toaster oven is painted finish type. It is available in 3 different colors- white, black and silver. On the right side, it has all functions. For smooth use, it has only 2 dials.

Dial 1: Temperature/ Mode: Users can set the temperature from 150°F up to 450°F.

Among the functionality, it allows users to toast, bake and broil. By rotating this knob clockwise, users can choose what they want to do.

Dial 2: Time: It has a 30-minute built-in timer. There are light, med and dark options to choose for users to choose a shade.

A ‘stay on option is there as well for a longer time cook, and that can be optimized by rotating the dial counterclockwise.

Last but not least, an ‘Off’ function is there as well.

Interior Functionality: This unit comes with a baking pan and a baking rack. The inside of it is non-stick. And there are 2 heating elements that are placed on top and bottom of the toaster oven.

The interior materials are made of stainless steel, and there are 2 rack positions. It also has comfortable stretch and articulated knees to ensure a comfortable user experience.


  • Saves space
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Light-weighted
  • Compact size product
  • Less probability of electric shocking



  • The only temperature range for baking is 400 – 425

5. Panasonic 4 Slice Toaster Oven – Most Efficient

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Panasonic was a well-known brand of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. In 1918, Kōnosuke Matsushita established the company, which is considered a global leader for electrical products. Later in 2008, the company changed its name to Panasonic Corporation and started global operations.

Panasonic Corporation is now a multinational electronics company. It offers a wide range of products, including consumer electronics, batteries, industrial systems, automotive and avionic systems, home renovation and appliances, etc.

Products Description: One of their home appliance products Panasonic (NB-G110P-K) FlashXpress Compact Toaster Oven is on our list. Want to know more?

Build & Mechanism: This small size looking toaster oven comes with a manual. It is made of stainless steel. It has some other colors available in the market as well.

It has a see-through glass door. There is no knob for function; rather, some manual touch buttons are system below that glass door.

Top of the panel

  • Functions – This toaster oven allows you to perform from these preset menus- toast, quick reheat, frozen pizza, frozen waffles, frozen hash browns, and reheat rolls.
  • Shade Control – you can choose what shade you want from light, medium, and dark.
  • Light – It will help you to see the food inside.

Bottom of the panel

  • Temperature Control – It has a precise temperature control button for you to choose from both Fahrenheit (250 to 500 degrees) and Celsius ( 120 to 260 degrees).
  • Timer – It has limited timer functionality.
  • Power Off/On – At the very end, this button lies.

The backside of the toaster oven is very simple and covered.

Interior Functionality: It comes with a baking tray, a rack that is hooked inside but removable, and a crumb tray.

It includes double infrared heaters that are positioned in the front and on the back. It is neither a convection toaster oven nor a regular toaster oven. It works with infrared heaters and works fast.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Toast food evenly
  • Doesn’t need preheat
  • Food doesn’t get burned
  • Don’t make noise while in operation


  • The top surface may get hot
  • The light inside is bright
  • The timer can be set for maximum of 25 minutes

6. Toshiba 6-Slice Toaster Oven – Versatile

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Toshiba is a multinational conglomerate based in Japan. The company, Tokyo Shibaura Electric Company, Ltd. was founded in 1939 and later merged with Shibaura Engineering Works, Ltd., and Tokyo Electric Company, Ltd.; it became Toshiba in 1978.

Its various products range from infrastructure systems, electronic components, batteries, lighting, IT solutions, consumer electronics, home appliances, and so on.

Products Description: One of their home appliances Toshiba AC25CEW-BS Digital Toaster Oven has placed itself in our top toaster oven review list. Here are the details.

Build & Mechanism: This unit is furnished with a black stainless steel finish.

On the right side, it has a digital menu display for users to monitor the function progress, time, and temperature.

Below the digital display, there are 4 knobs.

  • Function
    It has 10 cooking presets for users to choose from. Those are- toast, bake, broil, pizza, cookies, defrost, reheat, rotisserie, warm, and convection.
  • Stop/ Start
    It is positioned right beside the function knob to instruct the oven to start working.
  • Temperature
    This oven has an adjustable temperature from 150 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 2 hours.
  • Time
    Set your required time.

Interior Functionality: This compact convection toaster oven comes with 6 accessories. Those are – A rack clamp, a baking pan, a baking rack, rotisserie kit and lifter, and a removable crumb tray.

There are dual rack positions inside and it has a non-stick interior. There is a lot of space inside.

It has heating elements on the top and the bottom of this toaster oven. Moreover, having a convection fan. The hot air is circulated by the fan which ensures consistent heat and helps it to cook even evenly.


  • Easy to clean
  • Heats up fast
  • Display is bright
  • High-End Controls
  • No need to preheat


  • Exterior gets hot, physical touch is risky.

7. Breville BOV900BSSUSC Smart Toaster Oven – Durable

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Breville is a global brand for manufacturing kitchen appliances. After being established in 1932 in Australia, now the company is delivering its products in over 70 countries.

It has diverse products, including Espresso machines, Coffee Grinders, Cookers, Kettles and Tea Makers, Bluicers, Mixtures, Microwave, Ice Cream Makers, Waffle Makers, Wine Products, and many more.

Products Description: Our research included one of its toaster ovens. That is Breville BOV900BSSUSC, The Smart Toaster Oven. Here are the details.

Build & Mechanism: The material that is used to make this toaster oven is brushed stainless steel. For users to have a clear understanding of rack position, the glass door has functions suggested when users are going to cook certain types of foods.

This oven has an LCD display to access the smart functions this oven offers on the right side. There are 13 smart cooking functions- toast, bagel, broil, bake, roast, warm, pizza, proof, air-fry, reheat, cookies, slow cook, and dehydrate.

Below that, there are several knobs and a press-down button.

  • Select Confirm
  • Start/Stop
  • Temperature (Darkness)
  • Time (Slices)
  • Light
  • Super convection
  • Phase cook
  • Frozen food
  • Temperature conversion

Interior Functionality: A 13-inch pizza pan, 2 oven racks, a broil rack, an Enamel Roasting Pan, and a mesh basket for air frying and dehydrating- all these accessories come with this toaster oven.

The inside wall of this oven has a non-stick coating. There is an oven light for users to see inside. It automatically lights up.

It has Element IQ – 6 Independent quartz heating elements that are placed above and below the toaster oven to ensure the even cooking. Also, the oven uses 2 speed convection fans that ensure even heat to the food and fast cooking with perfection.


  • Fast preheat
  • Precise cooking
  • Changeable temperature
  • Extended cooking capacity
  • Uniform and quick function


  • May take more wattage than the regular one

8. Hamilton Beach 6-Slice Countertop Toaster Oven – User’s Choice

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Hamilton Beach is one of the leading distributors of kitchen appliances based in America. In 1910, the company was formed. Until 1980, it marketed its product under the name ‘Hamilton Beach Scovil’. Later in 1990, it merged with Proctor Silex.

With products like Toaster Ovens, Ice Cream Makers, Air Fryers, Coffee Makers, Drink Mixers, Multi-Cookers & Pressure, Bread Makers, Pasta makers, and so many, the company has a yearly selling of more than 34 million appliances.

Their Hamilton Beach Toaster Oven 31127D toaster oven is our one of the top choices. Let’s know in detail.

Build & Mechanism: This unit is made of stainless steel, which is durable. The see-through roll up door opens above the oven when you need to get your cooked food out of the oven.

On the right side, there are 3 contoured knobs for easy grip. Those are-

  • Temperature

It can be set from 150 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit for broil/ toast.

  • Function

It allows users to bake, broil and toast their foods.

  • Toast Timer

It has a 30-minute timer.

Interior Functionality: This unit includes a baking pan, a baking rack, and a crumb tray. Inside the toaster oven, there are 2 rack positions.

Though it looks compact from the outside, it is spacious inside; and can accommodate relatively a quality amount of foods.


  • Easy to clean
  • Auto shuts off
  • Light-weighted
  • Has stay-on option
  • Easy access to food
  • Easy maintenance


  • Not a convection toaster oven

Essential tips to buying toaster oven

A toaster oven is no less important than any other appliances we use for our daily life, right? Hence, it is wise not to be hasty while buying such an appliance. The more knowledge you can gather, the more advantage you will get.

Check out some considerable matters before spending a reasonable sum in a toaster oven.


The price range of a toaster oven varies depending on its use, parts, features, capacity, convection settings. However, your budget plays a vital role here. The ranges can be approximated to $20- $1000.


Toaster ovens come with an array of settings intended to help users cooking different foods. The more your toaster oven has those, the more diverse your cooking skill will be. You can get toaster ovens having-

  • air fryer and humidifier
  • extra racks and baking pans
  • a timer that digitally shuts off
  • racks that automatically comes out
  • convection that helps quick cooking
  • a door that automatically stays further when it is hot
  • rotisserie setting that helps to add appetizing texture and smell to the food


A costly toaster oven comes with many high-tech settings; convection is one of those. This system ensures that food is cooked fast and tasted delicious. The only problem is the noise it may create in operation as it uses a fan instead of electricity and gas.


For any home appliances, durability is a significant consideration. Check out toaster oven reviews to know the actual buyers’ opinion of your preferable brand. By that, you should have some solid ideas.


Let’s say, you bought a toaster oven without any measurement. 2 matters can occur-

  • that can’t load much food to prepare,
  • you don’t have enough space to place a countertop or cabinet.

Now what? To avoid such situations, consider these matters well.

Easy Cleaning

Your toaster oven is bound to be a mess every once in a while. On top of that, it should not drain your energy to clean. Having a nonstick interior will make it easier and faster to clean; a drip/crumb tray is easy to remove.


Measuring cooking time and ensuring the accurate temperature is so vital when you are using toaster ovens. So, this part needs to be fine-tuned. Under the following 2 ways, you can control toaster ovens-

  • electronic/ digital control
  • dial/ manual control

Energy and Power

Toaster ovens are known as an energy-saving option compared to microwave ovens. For more clarification, check the star rating of the model you are choosing. You will have a vivid idea of it.

As for the power, typically, a toaster oven in operation uses +/- 1500 watts of power. With this, you can understand how high the temperature can be and the time to cook. This is a great matter of thought while considering your purposes.

Safety Measures for Using Toaster Ovens

  • Place your toaster oven far from the wall, curtain, and water. Allow adequate space for it to circulate heat.
  • Never try to clean a toaster oven when it is hot or in operation. Cool it down at first. Soak a piece of cotton cloth in a mixture of vinegar and water or glass cleaner. Then start cleaning.
  • Do not use a dishwasher or any other cleanser without knowing whether they are safe to use or not. Make sure to read the owner’s manual.
  • Always keep your toaster oven unplugged when it is not in use.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What are toaster ovens used for?

Toaster ovens are suitable for reheating, warming, defrosting, reheating, toasting, baking, roasting, and even for cooking.

How hot does a toaster oven can get?

Generally, toaster ovens get as high as 500° Fahrenheit/ 260° C.

How long does a toaster oven last?

The average lifespan/ durability of a toaster oven is +/- 5 years.

How much does a toaster oven cost?

The price of a toaster oven depends on the number of features it includes. Even so, the price ranges from $20 to $1000.

Where can I buy toaster ovens?

You can buy a toaster oven from the showroom of your preferred brands. You can either use e-commerce stores like Amazon to have one.

What are the best-rated toaster ovens?

According to our research, the 8 brands mentioned above are the best-rated toaster ovens.

What’s the difference between a toaster oven and a microwave?

With a toaster oven, you can cook, reheat, broil, bake, defrost, toast whatnot. On the other hand, microwave ovens are good for defrosting, reheating, etc.


Did you find what you were looking for? Hope our suggestions of top-rated toaster ovens will assist you to decide the one you find handy for you to try your versatile cooking skills! Cook and serve. Bon Appetit!!

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