6 Cube Organizer Ideas – Best 6 Cube Organizer Shelf To Buy in 2023

Getting confused while choosing a top-quality 6 cube storage organizer? Keep on reading to find out the best one that matches your décor and your overall needs!

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If I personally have to choose a single product that’s responsible for both storing necessary things and increasing the beauty of the residence, I’d love to pick up a 6 cube storage organizer.

The space it offers gives you the chance to highlight your newly-purchased showpieces. Besides, you can also turn it into your show-racks or a portable cabinet in terms of storing your daily clothes and meds.

Do you have issues with space? No worries, a 6-cube organizer gives you sufficient capacity, even without eating up too much space in your house. In this way, it becomes quite friendly with your small living room, bedroom, study room, office, etc.

So, to get the best one for your house/office, be sure to start reading till the end!

On the comprehensive list of the 6 cube organizer ideas, the ClosetMaid 8996 White 6 Cube Organizer Shelf deserves the front position due to its exquisite look, space-saving design, lightweight structure, and laminated wood construction.

Get Inspired: 6 Cube Organizer Ideas That Will Make Your Home Look Better Than Ever

After thoroughly checking 57+ products, reading countless product reviews, and analyzing the features deeply, I had to pick up nothing but these top trendy 6 cube organizer shelf made to suit your requirements.

From these 6 cube organizer ideas, any of them can be the right match with your décor and budget.

So, let’s move forward without more chit-chat:

1. Room essentials 6 cube organizer

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Having a cube organizer shelf of a “space-saving” design is needed if your living room/bedroom has a pretty small space. In that case, the Room essentials 6 cube organizer shelf can meet your tastes. The installation process is also more straightforward and out of hassles.

Talking about its weight capacity, each cube of this white-colored organizer has the ability to take 15lbs in total. Its top shelf gets 35 lbs capacity when you adjust it vertically. But if you set it up horizontally, the load capacity will turn 50bs easily.

Coming in a plastic board frame, it’s pretty sturdier compared to the other plastic models of same category. Thus, you can use it for an extended period even after keeping multiple things right there.

But the price is a bit higher, meaning you’ll need to pay some extra bucks while buying it. Still, it’s worthy and can be the best match for your sweet home, in my opinion!


  • Stylish with a space-saving design
  • Each shelf comes in a 35lbs load capacity

  • Quite sturdier despite being plastic board frame

  • Installation is pretty simple and free from hassle


  • Screws show off around the sides, making it a bit weird to look at!

2. ClosetMaid white color 6 cube organizer

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The very first choice from ClosetMaid gets a cubical shape combining one of my favorite colors “white,” maximizing the beauty of your home décor with its classy appearance.

Because of the plenty of room it offers, you’re allowed to store lots of things at once, making it one of the best if not the best cube storage organizer out there.

Manufactured with laminated wood, this 6-cube organizer shelf is known for its excellent build quality as well. And I personally loved its “space-saving” design, making sure you can keep it anywhere you want, this includes the living room, bedroom, dining room, and so on!


  • Each cube is able to hold 15lbs
  • Shows off an alluring appearance
  • Ideal for living room, bedroom, etc
  • Eats up a pretty little space for saving spaces
  • Laminated wood for both beauty and durability


  • The paperboard of the back is quite thinner!

3. SONGMICS black color 6 cube organizer

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Are you looking for an aesthetic wall-mountable storage organizer shelf? SONGMICS Black 6 Cube Organizer can definitely fill your needs, which can be placed in your bedroom, study room, bedroom, garage, etc.

Speaking of the build quality, this one right here is a perfect blend of top-notch fabric and sturdy metal, ensuring both beauty and rigidity.

And no need to mention, the way of assembling this storage organizer is nothing but a piece of cake. Feel free to make it either a 2 x 3 rectangular shelf or a display rack; it’s all up to you!

What about the load capacity? Not bad I guess as each shelf has the ability to hold no less than 17lbs. and needless to say, the total capacity is about 105 which is great.


  • Looks pretty classic
  • A total of 105lbs load capacity

  • Installation takes less time and effort

  • Perfect blend of fabric and iron frame

  • Manageable with both 2 x 3 rectangular and display rack


  • Fabric may tear by getting contact with sharp objects!

4. ClosetMaid 6 cube organizer wood

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Looking for a 6-cube organizer with a heavy-duty base? Then the ClosetMaid 1326 has got your back! The maker of this particular model has added wood honeycomb laminate, ensuring the maximum durability possible.

Alongside it, I’ve found the finishing quite smooth, which makes it look even more beautiful than your typical organizer shelves. This versatile shelf can be used to store numerous stuff at once, including your daily clothes, showpieces, books, etc.

But its extra-wide space is, unfortunately, going to eat up a bit more space in your house, which is why you need to store this organizer shelf in that which has extra space.


  • Smooth finishing and matches most décor
  • Pretty large storage capacity for regular usage

  • Designed to store clothes, showpieces, books, etc

  • Sturdy construction due to the wood honeycomb laminate


  • Quite bulky!
  • Eats up too much space!

5. OneSpace black wooden 6 cube cubby storage

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I’d highly suggest getting the OneSpace Black 6 Organizer Cubby Shelf if you specifically need to shelf for your office. Although it’s suitable for office, you can still be placed in your living room or bedroom to suit the modern décor and at the same time get extra capacity.

With a total capacity of up to 70.0 lbs, each shelf is able to hold no less than 60 pounds, for which you can keep store a variety of different things together like your favorite showpieces, books, clothes, and so forth!

Coming in an appealing glossy finish, the OneSpace has a cubical space known for eating up pretty small space in your office or home. And don’t worry about the construction as the manufacturer has added premium quality wood as the primary material.


  • 70.0lbs is the total loading capacity
  • Excellent finish with sturdy wood construction

  • Suitable for every décor, including home and office

  • Cubical-shaped organizer is known for taking less space


  • Smaller than the normal square holders

6. 6-Cube wire grid storage shelves

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Are you searching for a lightweight storage organizer? This compact-shaped shelf from Amazon Basics can meet your needs, giving you plenty of space to store numerous things, and that too without taking lots of space in your room.

The cubical-shaped shelf is made of high-quality steel wire with a combination of plastic connectors. And due to the modular design, it shows off, you’re going to get several stacking options.

Despite being only 15.9 lbs, each cube of this wire grid shelf can hold no less than 10 pounds, meaning the total capacity is up to 60 lbs for your convenience.


  • Quite lightweight and
  • Suitable for every home and office

  • Stainless steel build quality with plastic connectors

  • 60lbs is the total load capacity to store multiple things


  • Installation is a bit time-consuming!

7. FATORRI Rustic wooden 6 cube storage organizer

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Combining MDF wood board and premium metal frame, the FATORRI Rustic 6 Cube Storage Organizer confirms optimum durability and can easily last for an extended period. This versatile chef can be placed anywhere you want, from your living room to your study room and to your bedroom!

I’m in love with its top-grade material, making it capable of holding a massive amount of weight quite smoothly. Furthermore, you’ll find two support legs designed to maximize the stability of your organizer shelf, especially when you want to store lots of things together right there.

Speaking of the assembly, it’s not a tough job at all. You can get it done pretty easily, and that too within no more than 30 minutes. But unfortunately, FATORRI Rustic weighs a bit higher, making it a bit tough to transfer from one room to another!


  • Adds two support legs for better stability
  • Assembly takes pretty little time and effort
  • Top-class MDF wood and metal frame for durability
  • Each cube can take weights of 150 and 350lbs, respectively
  • Suitable for every décor; living room, bedroom, study room



  • Bulky structure!
  • Takes a pretty large space due to the rectangular-shaped design!

9. SONGMICS 6 cube closet organizers

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This cubical-shaped storage organizer from SONGMICS can definitely be your cup of tea if you want to decorate your living room/bedroom with a dark black plastic organizer. Due to its pleasing outlook, it can dramatically increase overall beauty instantly!

Combining pp plastic, ABS connectors, and metal frames, this modern storage organizer can be adjusted in multiple styles, meeting your needs in the way you really want.

With a total of 6 cubes, each is able to hold no less than 22 lbs; that’s enough to store your shoes, books, or other necessary things.

For ensuring the maximum safety possible, the maker has added an anti-tip kit. And thankfully, cleaning the 6 cube organizer is nothing but a snap because of the smooth finish it shows off.


  • Anti-tipping kit maximizes stability
  • Each cube comes with a 22lbs weight capacity
  • Modern looking storage organizer suits any décor
  • Interlocking system makes the assembly a breeze in different styles


  • Not the best for durability!

10. Better homes and gardens wooden 6-cube organizer

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Let it be your office, classroom, study room, or anywhere else; the cubical-shaped cube organizer from Better Homes gives you as much capacity as needed, allowing you to store lots of books, diaries, necessary files, and other such things.

But if you’re going to set it up in your house, feel free to show off your high-end showpieces by incorporating them right there.

When it comes down to the build quality, the maker has added premium-quality wood as a primary material, ensuring both a classic look and durability at the same time.

Besides that, the backless design makes it pretty unique to look at, enabling users to place it anywhere without ending up with space issues.

Does weight capacity matter? No worries as it can smoothly hold 100 lbs in total, meaning each shelf can bear a load of 30 lbs in total. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be enough to keep most of your necessary books and stuff stored.


  • 100lbs is the total weight capacity
  • Highly suitable for classroom, study room, and office

  • Doesn’t eat up a large space, making it ideal for small room

  • Excellent build quality because of the premium wood material


  • Shows off screws, which looks a bit annoying!

11. Mainstays black stipple 6 cube organizer

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By adding such a decorative organizer shelf from Mainstays, you aren’t only getting space to store your essential things but also getting the chance to improve the overall beauty of your living room, bedroom, and other halfway.

And thanks to the manufacturer for making it compact, allowing users to transfer the cube organizer anytime from one place to another.

For more convenience, its innovative build quality lets you give it a couple of different designs, meaning it is friendly with multiple styles to help you get it in the way you want.

The unique part? Mainstays have got both backed and open-backed cubes with a decent amount of weight capacity.

Although the finishing and coloring are quite appealing and eye-catching, the construction of this shelf organizer isn’t the best as it includes a fiberboard of medium density. Still, you can use it for a long period by taking better care of this product, hopefully!


  • The finishing is quite attractive
  • Can be adjusted in several designs

  • Compact and relatively lightweight

  • Both baked and open-backed cubes are available


  • Fiberboard seems too thinner!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What things do I need to look for when choosing a storage organizer shelf?

While choosing any organizer shelf, a number of things need to be considered. If not, there is a huge chance of ending up with the wrong purchase. In that case, make sure to look for the overall size, build quality, and the way of assembling your organizer shelf. Along with that, having a lightweight shelf is a plus as well, especially if you’re someone who needs to change the location by transferring it from room to room.

Is an organizer storage shelf pricey?

It depends on which shelf you want to get yourself. The current market has got thousands of different models with different ranges of price, from expensive to inexpensive. Luckily, my collection loads multiple organizer shelves designed to meet your budget.

On which shelf do I need to store bulky things?

According to experts, it’s a wise decision to always keep the heavy stuff on the bottom, preventing the cubes from tipping over. By doing so, you can minimize the possibility of damaging your organizer shelf as much as possible because the bottom part tends to be sturdier compared to the top shelf.

What’s the approximate weight capacity of a 6-cube storage organizer?

Depending on the individual storage shelf, I’d say 10 lbs should be the least capacity for each cube. It’ll definitely be a plus point if your product has more weight capacity. But you may need to spend a bit more to get an organizer of extended capacity, keep in mind!

Wrapping It Up!

Finding a top-notch 6 cube storage organizer isn’t a hectic job anymore as I’ve included the top 12 ultimate choices right here. Since my comprehensive collection has packed lots of models with different styles, designs, and specs, I hope it’ll be way simpler for you to get your desired one.

But never forget to consider the size, assembly technique, and build quality of your product in terms of getting the best one!

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