Modern Living Room Curtain Ideas – Top 15 Best Curtains for Living Room in 2023

Do you want to get the best modern curtains for your living room? If so, you'll find all the top options in this article.

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Choosing the perfect curtains is pretty hectic, don’t you think? Well, if you make the wrong purchase, your whole interior will be a mess, and you’ll end up compromising the privacy of your home. And you don’t want that, trust me!

Don’t worry; I’m here to help. You don’t have to go through tons of home decor professional and websites anymore to pick the most amazing modern curtains for living room!

Here I’ve gathered all the curtains that come with UV protection, blackout feature, have thermal insulation, and are easy to maintain. Isn’t that dream come true?

I know you’re dying to learn more! So, without wasting much time, let’s get started!

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Top 15 Modern Curtains Ideas for Living Room in 2023

So here are my fifteen ultimate curtain choices for you that will take your décor to a whole new level. Once you pick one from this list, any professional interior designer will praise your sense of beauty; that’s a promise!

1. Classical design: transform your living room into a thermal insulated curtains

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Some of us are always looking for a simple set of curtains that offers elegance to enhance our interior. And when you take a look at this curtain by Sun Zero, you will know this is the right one for your house!

As these curtains are crafted with high-quality polyester, you can use them every day without any issues. Furthermore, if it gets dirty, you can easily wash it to keep your surroundings pristine.

From the living room to the bedroom, these curtains will be perfect for any place. Thanks to its room-darkening technology, you can block intense sunlight from irritating you, which is pretty impressive!

One of the most incredible things about these blinds is that they are suitable for weather conditions. As it is made with thermal properties, your home will have an optimal temperature during summer and winter. Isn’t that amazing?

Last but not least, it comes with pre-made rod pockets with a 1.5-inch diameter. Therefore, you won’t have to spend any more time on the sewing machine.

This one is the most incredible thing you can get for the money when it comes to high-quality living room curtains. So, for satisfactory service, you can get this one without any hesitation!


  • Made with polyester for easy maintenance
  • It comes with pre-made rod pockets for convenience
  • Blocks noise and sunlight to ensure the utmost comfort
  • Thermal properties ensure the optimal temperature of any room


  • The light-blocking quality may depend on the drape’s color

2. Minimalistic beauty: Transform your living room into a haven with blackout curtains

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When looking for modern curtains ideas for the living room to achieve a minimalist outlook, this product by Amazon Basics will be the most amazing choice; there’s no doubt about that.

Thanks to the polyester fabrication, you can expect higher durability from these drapes. And you don’t have to worry about maintenance at all, which is just the cherry on top!

These lovely curtains are made with thermal technology to maintain an optimum temperature. Therefore, you won’t have to face any energy loss, and there will be no sudden rise or fall in the room temperature.

For excellent light-blocking, there is no match to this curtain’s triple weave fabric. Hence, if you love to keep your room dark from time to time, these blinds will be the perfect addition to your interior.

Besides being available in different sizes and patterns, you can get any style that goes amazingly with your furniture. Thus, if you want simple yet elegant curtains for the living room, you can hang these curtains on your windows without any hesitation.


  • Machine washable
  • The rod pockets will fit any standard rods
  • Maintains an optimal temperature and prevents energy loss
  • It comes with triple weave fabric construction for exceptional light blocking


  • It picks up wrinkles pretty easily

3. Sheer elegance: Add a touch of rustic look to your living room with sheer curtains

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I know a lot of you have been waiting for luxury curtains for your living room. And so, here I come with the review of these remarkable linen curtains.

When it comes to poise, linen drapes are always the top choice of any interior decorator. And this one is available in many colors and styles, so picking the most suitable one won’t be an issue.

The package arrives with two sheer panels, and you can choose the size according to your wall measurement. From doors to windows, these drapes will look good in any place; that’s the beauty of it.

It offers decent noise and light blocking throughout the day. Therefore, when it comes to comfort, you don’t have to worry about any annoyance.

In addition to all this, you can wash these drapes on the washing machine, which is pretty convenient. And when they get wrinkly, you can lightly iron them as well.

These luxury linen curtains are made to enhance the outlook of every household. So if you want to impress people with your gorgeous interior design, don’t forget to take a look at this option.


  • It goes perfectly with any formal or informal place
  • Available in tons of colors and styles for convenience
  • Made with luscious linen material to add modishness
  • For better maintenance, it can be machine washed and ironed


  • These semi-sheer panels are not great for blocking lights

4. Minimalistic beauty: give your living room a luxurious look with grommet curtains

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It is another set of luxury curtains for the living room that is the dream of any interior decorator out there. These curtains for the living room are outstandingly functional yet aesthetically pleasing, making them suitable for any humble home.

As the whole thing is made of high-quality polyester fabric, you can use them for a long time without any damage. And these blinds are super easy to maintain and can be ironed when wrinkled, which is pretty remarkable!

You will get different sizes to match the drapes with your walls and any space. And there are tons of color options and patterns; hence you can get the perfect match for your green or blue living room!

One of the most remarkable facts about this curtain set is that they come with UV protection features. In this way, you can ensure maximum blackout for your home and keep yourself safe from the harmful effects of sunlight.

These ready-made curtains are eligible for any standard windows and enhance the outlook to a great extent. Hence, if you are looking for gorgeous living room curtains ideas, you can pick these sheer panels with confidence.


  • Designed to fit any standard window size
  • Suitable for both outdoor and indoor areas
  • It comes with UV protection to keep you safe
  • Available in many sizes and styles for convenience


  • It cannot be washed in machines

5. Solid pattern: Add a modern touch to your living room with Solid pattern curtain

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These triple-weave polyester curtains will provide privacy and make your décor look more modish than ever. Well, there is more to this set of living room curtains, so here it goes!

Firstly, let’s talk about its fantastic polyester blend construction. The triple-weave fabric is super soft, which makes your room feel cozy all the time. And you can easily wash them in the machine, so top marks for convenience.

These curtains are made to be extra wide. Hence, if any area in your room requires considerable area coverage, such as your patio glass door, this set will be perfect for that space or room.

The most remarkable fact about this curtain is that it comes with a thermal insulated design. Therefore, you will not feel cold during winter, and your home won’t be scorching hot in summer. Isn’t that the best of both worlds?

In addition, it can protect you from UV rays and successfully keep your room dark all the time. In this way, you can prevent an ample amount of energy loss.

On top of everything, these drapes also offer you some noise-dampening facilities, which is just the icing on the cake!

From low maintenance to a low price tag, this curtain offers you all types of ease you can expect. Thus, if you want to see your money well-invested, why don’t you think about getting this one?


  • It can be washed in a machine and doesn’t get wrinkled
  • Designed to be extra wide to offer a large area coverage
  • Provides UV protection to keep you safe from harmful sunlight
  • Comes with triple-weave polyester fabric for high-quality service


  • It doesn’t offer total blackout

6. Victorian home styles: Add a unique touch to your living room with victorian styles curtains

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When you plan to get luxury curtains for your precious interior, you should definitely consider this Yakamok one for a better experience. From any professional interior designer to a passionate homeowner, everybody will love these drapes for their ergonomics.

This aesthetically pleasing curtain is made with top-grade polyester to offer higher durability and ease of maintenance. And thanks to the triple-weave construction, you will get 80%-90% light blocking, which is mind-blowing at this price range.

Though it is not a total blackout curtain, you will get 100% UV protection in any condition. So, if you want to ensure better health for your household, get these drapes for a better experience.

These thermal insulated curtains are super soft and enhance the modishness of your room. From stylish design to functionality, you are getting a whole package with this one.

From vintage to modern furniture, you will get plenty of patterns and style that goes with the décor. Therefore, to make your home look humble yet chic, you can keep these curtains on your wishlist.


  • Available in many colors and sizes for convenience
  • The triple-weave fabric ensures optimal light blocking
  • It comes with noise dampening quality to offer comfort
  • The thermal insulated design maintains a perfect temperature inside the rooms


  • It doesn’t darken your room completely

7. Contemporary style: Refresh the look of your living room with contemporary style curtains

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Do you want to get super inexpensive curtains for the living room that will look lustrous while providing privacy? If so, you should definitely take a look at this creation by the Curtainworks.

These curtains come in two color and fabric combinations. The upper portion is made of 100% polyester, and the lower part is made of top-quality gabardine. In this way, you can enjoy enhanced durability without any hectic maintenance.

From the living room to the dining room, you can use these screens in any room you want. It will go perfectly with any décor, which is one of the most commendable facts about it.

When you hang them in your rooms, you will get decent light blockage and warmth. But if you are looking for something to keep your place completely dark, you may need to look at some other options.


  • Suitable for any interior decoration
  • Offers adequate light blockage for comfort
  • Made with low-maintenance fabric for ease
  • It comes with a wide design to provide decent coverage


  • The top stitches can use some improvements

8. Geometric style: A great addition to your room decor with geometric style curtains

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Suppose you have sleek furniture in your modern living room and looking for the most suitable curtain for that. In that case, you can take a peek at this one for the most amazing experience.

These drapes are designed with a super stylish metallic accent that will make your interior look sleeker than ever. Moreover, this brand also offers matching bedding, and that’s just adding a feather to your crown.

When you want your room to become completely dark, you can hang this curtain on your windows. These microfiber drapes come with foamback lining; hence, your rooms will be completely dark. Furthermore, it also blocks noise, which is really impressive.

These curtains for the living room are made with pre-made rod pockets. Therefore, you can hang them on your window as soon as you get the package. Isn’t that fantastic?


  • Has pre-made rod pockets for convenience
  • Provides an adequate amount of noise blockage
  • Designed with metallic accents to enhance the interior
  • It comes with a foamback lining to make your room completely dark


  • It doesn’t go well with vintage décor

9. Flower pattern: Excellent way to decor your living room with flower pattern curtains

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When you plan to get cute window treatments for your living room, this one by Lush Décor will be the most suitable choice. And they are affordable too, which makes them more user-friendly than they already are.

These polyester drapes are available in different floral patterns that will enhance the aesthetics of any place. Furthermore, it is available in many sizes so that you can get the perfect one according to your wall size.

One of the most fantastic facts about these screens is that they come with a block light feature. In this way, you won’t have to face any harsh lighting in your house, and there will be no increased heat in your household.

These luxurious curtains are easy to maintain, which makes them super convenient. Hence, if you don’t have much time for maintenance and still want to keep your surroundings top-notch, you should hang this curtain in your window without any trouble.


  • Has room darkening feature to create a cozy room
  • It can be used in the washing machine for convenience
  • Designed with cute floral patterns to enhance your décor
  • Available in many sizes so you will find a suitable fitting for any window frame


  • You need to get multiple sets to achieve fullness

10. Traditional style : Give your living room a soft touch with traditional style curtains

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Some of us are always trying to get solid-colored drapes to make the living room sleek. And you will get multiple color options; hence, you can get a set that matches your wallpaper like a dream.

These luxury curtains are made with top-grade polyester and make your window look prettier than ever. And the fabric is thick enough to make your room dark, which is always on the top of our priority list.

One of the most fantastic things about these drapes is that it is suitable for any interior design. From modern to traditional apartments to farmhouses, these screens will look good in any place without causing much trouble.

The thermal insulation design keeps your room warm on winter days. The environment will not heat up during summer. In this way, you can save energy bills, and that’s a bonus!


  • Suitable for any interior design
  • Thick polyester fabric offers excellent blackout
  • It can be washed in the machine and is easy to take care
  • Thermal insulation helps to upkeep the perfect temperature


  • Only available in solid colors

11. Rod pocket perfection: Upgrade your living room with rod pocket curtains

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Nothing screams more luxury than silk curtains, so here I am with that option. Well, technically, these curtains are made with faux silk, but they will still make your décor look gorgeous; that’s no secret.

These curtains are designed with some posh patterns. Therefore, you can hang them in any formal and informal places. Moreover, the silk-like fabric adds sparkle to your décor, which is really praiseworthy.

Though the fabric is quite sheen, you will get an adequate light blockage during the daytime. It has a protective lining, which keeps your room dark so you can relax whenever you want.

These living room curtains are made with back tabs so they can be hung effortlessly. And you can clean them in a washing machine, which will reduce your workload to a great extent.


  • It offers a decent amount of light blocking
  • Crafted with faux silk fabric for modishness
  • Washing machine friendly design makes it easy to care
  • Available in a different color to enhance your decoration


  • It doesn’t make your room dark completely

12. Shimmery design: Add dramatic effect for any room

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It is hard to get luxury curtains within an inexpensive price range. So, if you don’t have a high-end budget but still need the most excellent curtains for the living room, you can take a look at this one.

These screens are made with faux silk to provide superior sophistication. It makes your interior look gorgeous, and they are easy to care for; what else do we need?

Every drape comes with 3-inch rod pockets on top and the bottom portion. As a result, you can reverse the hanging position whenever you want. Isn’t that remarkable?


  • It can be washed in the machine
  • Made with faux silk to offer modishness
  • Come with reversible rod pockets for convenience
  • Available in different sizes to ensure perfect fitting


  • You will need several panels to make the window look full

13. Valance visions: Give your living room a soft touch with valance curtains

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When you are not into a minimalist outlook, and just want your living room to look like a royal place, you can go for these Elegant Comfort drapes. They come with an aesthetically pleasing design that will match perfectly with any traditional and vintage interior design.

These drapes are 54 inches wide and 84 inches long, and each set comes with two panels. And they have built-in rod pockets so that the installation will be effortless without any doubt.

Though these screens look high-maintenance, you can easily wash them in the machine. However, to maintain their top-notch condition, you should wash them with your hands.

To find luxurious curtains for the living room, you will have to spend a bulky check, but that’s nothing new. But this one is available within an affordable price range and comes with tons of color choices, which is all you need to make your home look chic.


  • Has built-in rod pockets for the ease of installation
  • It goes perfectly with any traditional and vintage décor
  • Washing machine-friendly construction to offer convenience
  • Designed with an aesthetically pleasing outlook to make your room gorgeous


  • Not suitable for formal places

14. Sheer Tulle Overlay: Add stylish look to your room, makes you feel cheerful and delighted

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If you are willing to get the best window treatments, these curtain panels by BHUSB will be the most amazing thing you can purchase. Let me tell you why.

It comes with an aesthetically pleasing gradient design with stars to turn any decoration into a dreamy one. Therefore, from interior designers to homeowners, anyone would love to have these screens in their homes.

From your lavish bedroom to the stunning living room, these sheer drapes will look gorgeous; that’s no secret. And they also keep your room dark enough, which is just the icing on the cake.

You don’t have to worry about their maintenance as you can easily wash them in the machine. However, these panels tend to get wrinkly, but you can always iron them to look top-notch.

Despite being made with an exclusive design, these curtains for the living room are totally affordable. Hence, to get a greater value for the money, you can pick this product without any second thought.


  • Easy to wash and install
  • Suitable for any place and decoration
  • It offers a decent amount of light blockage
  • Super elegant outlook to enhance your interior


  • It tends to get excessively wrinkly after washing

15. Shabby chic style: Add a rich and warm touch to your living room with shabby chic style curtains

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Well, who doesn’t love ruffled living room curtains? That’s why I wanted to finish my list with these outstanding drape panels by Lush Décor.

Though these curtains are made of polyester, you will never have trouble with their look. It will go with any modern décor and will make the interior dazzling without much trying.

You will find different color options and sizes to pick the one according to your preference. Furthermore, these are soft-textured drapes; hence, you will always feel cozy in your room.

These luxury curtains for the living room don’t have any additional lining. Thus, you’ll get to enjoy minimum darkening. And it comes with ribbons instead of curtain rod pockets, so you will have to tie the ribbons to hang them on the window.

As I told you before, these screens are quite delicate. Therefore, you need to dry-wash them only, which can be a bit hectic for you


  • Perfect for any interior
  • Attractive ruffled design
  • It offers a passable amount of light blockage
  • Designed with tie-up ribbons for ease of installation


  • These drapes are high-maintenance

How to Choose Curtains for Living Room

Yes, I have told you about all the amazing curtains that will make your living room livelier than ever. But if you want to see your money well-invested, take a look at this buying guide so you can make a confident purchase all the time!

Pick the Ideal Fabric

While getting curtains for your living room, you will see plenty of fabric options. From linen to wool, there’ll be all kinds of fabric in any store.

But when you are about to make the ultimate choice, just consider two things. Firstly, the amount of sunlight you want in your room. Secondly, the decoration of your room.

If you don’t want total blackout, you can go for the sheer panels, ensuring a commendable amount of light blockage. Otherwise, go for heavy-duty blackout curtains.

Moreover, if you have a modern décor, go for sleek and simple living room curtains. And when your house is a traditional one, go for the heavy materials.

Choose the Ideal Color

If you pick the wrong color, your room will be a mess. So, select a drape color that suits the shades of your wallpaper, furniture, and painting if you have any. In this way, you will feel comfy in your living room.


To get the perfect length, you need to measure your walls. The distance from the top of the curtain rod to the floor tells you the length of curtains you need.
If you want a dramatic effect, go for screens that are a few inches longer than the actual measurement. Otherwise, take a measuring tape and figure out which length will work best for you.


The correct width depends on the measurement of your windowpane or door. To get the ideal width, assess the frame and multiply the number by a factor of 2/2. In this way, there will be some extra curtains that will make the window look full.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Should I get lined or unlined curtains for my living room?

If you want a moderate amount of lighting, you can go with the unlined screen. But for better protection and darkening, you should choose lined curtains.

What are the low-maintenance fabrics for curtains?

If you want low-maintenance curtains, you can go for cotton or polyester ones. They are easy to clean and provide long-lasting service.

How do I clean my silk drapes?

To maintain the top-notch condition of your silk drapes, you need to clean them by hand or dry-wash them only.

What curtains match a blue living room?

You can get silvery or grayish curtains to enhance the beauty of your blue-themed interior.

The Bottom Line

You don’t have to hire a professional interior designer to choose the most excellent modern curtains for the living room. All you need is to look with a creative eye, and you will end up with a dazzling décor without much effort.

For an overall experience, you can go with the Sun Zero Barrow Curtain Panel. It comes with advanced light-blocking quality, thermal insulation, and an aesthetically pleasing outlook. And it is super affordable, so it’s a pretty sweet deal!

Moreover, the Amazon Basics Room Darkening Blackout Curtains are also top-grade. No matter what you choose from this list, you’ll be in good hands!

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