The Ultimate Guide to Pantry Door Organization: Get Inspired with These Clever Ideas

We've got the solution for you! With our Over the Pantry Door Organizer Ideas, we will help you create an organized space with easy access to all of your items! Get our simple instructions and ideas!

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Some of the best pantry door organizers are the ones that don’t look like it! That’s right, this is one product where you cannot justify quality with appearance.

However, the list that we have compiled contains a multitude of options for every consumer. Whether you want visual aesthetics, multifunctionality, simplicity, or a mix of all, this contains all of those pantry door organizers!

Organized in Mind: Top 14 Over the Pantry Door Organizer Ideas for Small Spaces

Here are the top 14 best pantry door organizers, which we’ve concluded after a detailed study. You can stay assured that picking any of these choices will not disappoint.

1. Adjustable 8-Tier Pantry Organizer Rack

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ClosetMaid’s 1233 rack is known best for its multi-functional capabilities. The Adjustable 8-Tier Wall and Door Rack comes with everything you need to manage your space. It comes with all of the necessary hardware for quick and easy construction. All you need is a location to put it and the tools indicated below.

Each bundle contains eight baskets. The baskets are 17″ wide and 4.5″ deep. Four of these baskets have a height of 3″ and four of these baskets have a height of 2″. There are four additional single-wire support brackets that may be installed above the conventional baskets to effectively make them all capable of carrying goods that are even thicker than 2 or 3 inches.

The Wall and Door Rack are simple to construct simply following the installation instructions included in the package. To get started with your organization project, no extra hardware is required. Plus, you can attach it to the door or on the wall if you need to.

2. 6 -Tier Over Door Pantry Organizer

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This pantry door organizer is well suited for simplicity. It contains 6 large pockets with a size of 12.5” x 4” x 15.5” each.

The product is fabric-based, making it light and portable. But don’t let that make you underestimate its quality! The entire product is 52″ x 13″ x 4.5″ and can carry weights that are quite heavy. Though not mentioned officially, it is estimated that the organizer can hold almost 25 pounds!

Setting up this product is extremely simple. Just install the hangers on the door, and you’re good to go.

3. Three-Tier Spice Rack Organizer

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This is a straightforward rack in terms of construction. There are 3 tiers for each rack, with a total of 2 racks in the package. It is made entirely of metal.

With a dimension of 15.75” x 3” x 12.5” per rack, you’ll safely be able to organize spice jars, jelly jars, toiletries, or nail polish bottles. Each tier has a height space of 4” which is enough to store most accessories.

Both of the racks in the package are separate, so you can install them however you like. There are two holes that need to be drilled for each rack. Thus, it can be installed on the door, on the wall, or anywhere you like. Mounting hardware is included.

4. Over Door 5-tier Pantry Organizer

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Another over-the-door organizer on the list, this rack by Comelyjewel, boasts a lot of functionalities. This 5-tier back door basket shelf is simple to assemble and has a huge storage capacity.

There are 3 small baskets and 2 large baskets. The entire rack has a weight capacity of 10.3 kgs, with the small basket having a weight capacity of 1.9 kgs and the large basket having a weight capacity of 2.3 kgs. It is sized 6.3″ x 17.7″ x 53.1″ and can hang over a door of 1.5” – 1.7” width.

Attach it to the inner pantry door to keep packaged food, packed munchies, bottled sauces, and spices handy. Alternatively, you can hang it on an inside toilet or linen door to keep styling products and cleaning supplies close at hand.

The hanging hook does contain holes if you wish to drill into it for added sturdiness. This organizer is ideal for a range of functions.

5. Smart Design 6-Tier Over The Door Pantry Organizer

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This over-the-door pantry rack requires no installation! You hang it over a door and voila, your organizer is ready.

The total dimensions of this rack are 7.25 x 18.5 x 63.2 inches. There are a total of 6 racks. It is made from a steel alloy that is rustproof.

Having the option of adjustable tiers, you can configure it to be a 5-tier rack, 2-tier rack, or any number of tiers that you like! Such a pantry organizer rack is great for garage, laundry, arts & crafts, and of course, pantry items.

6. Five-Tier Metal Mesh Full Cover Design

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This spice rack organizer by 3S does what it says. It’s quite handy for storing spices or bottles of slightly larger dimensions. The shelves are big enough to hold large bottles like jelly jars, oil bottles, and taller spice jars without difficulty.

There are 5 racks in this organizer and it is made entirely from steel wire. It can be screwed onto a wall or a door, and all mounting screws are provided.

The total dimension of the rack is 15.74” x 3.74” x 26.77”. Each shelf can store roughly 6-7 medium-sized spice bottles.

7. Three-Tier Wall Mount Spice Rack

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Another double-pack rack in the list, 6D’s pantry contains all the basic organizer elements with an added flair.

There are 3 tiers in each rack, making it a total of 6 for both. It is constructed with steel wire and the rods are stylized sweetly and elegantly. You can attach the rack to a wall, or door, or place it on a surface. However, it’s best to mount it onto a wall for added sturdiness, even if you place it on a countertop.

The total dimension of each rack is 15.74” x 3.54” x 14.17”.

8. Five Tier adjustable Hanging Shelf Storage with 5 Hooks

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Welcome the master of ultimate customizability! G-TING’s rack features the most customizability any rack in this list can offer.

You can hang it as a single 5-tier rack or two completely separate racks. Additionally, the rack has adjustable heights for each tier, which is beneficial when you need to place a taller bottle that doesn’t usually fit.

This wall-mount spice rack organizer is made of solid metal and has a black stove varnish finish. It is rust-proof and water-proof with rounded edges for safety.

Its total dimensions are 4.8″ x 16.5″ x 32.7″, with 3 small tiers and 2 large tiers.

9. Six-Tier Basket Over-The-Door Organizer

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This one is for people who’d like to store a lot of things together. A 6-tier organizer with total dimensions of 57” x 19.25” x 6.25” is huge for all kinds of purposes.

Starting from pantry items, craft supplies, toiletries, and clothing – it can store it all. Additionally, it also features a drill-less over-the-door system for quick installation. Each basket (tier) is equally spaced and has enough depth to securely hold all kinds of objects.

10. Eight Shelves Hanging Wall Pantry Shelves

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8 tiers in total! Can you imagine that? This rack by Home-Complete is large indeed!

All of the 8 shelves are completely adjustable in regards to height. Additionally, you can break each rack into 2 parts, making it a 4-tier rack each.

The entire rack is made of metal and has dimensions of 74”x 17.7” x 5.1”. The package also contains 3 stoppers for you to securely insert taller items with zero risk of falling.

As a result, it’s ideal for every room or location in the house, whether for the bathroom, bedroom, garage, or linen closet.

11. Dual-Use Seasoning Holder Rack

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X-cosrack’s items have a premium vibe about them. It has a smooth black finish, and this vibe isn’t limited only to its looks.

It can be completely adjusted according to the height of the objects stored in it. The rack can also be used singularly as one 5-tier rack or dually as two separate racks.

The dimensions of the entire rack are 16.6” x 4.6” x 32.3”. They provide all mounting hardware, with 5 bonus steel hooks to hang more things! (cups, spatulas, pans, funnels, etc.)

12. Six Shelves Kitchen Storage Organizer

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This rack by Miles Kimball looks the most minimalistic any rack can appear. The rack features 6 shelves, each 16” wide and 4.5” deep. Each tier easily holds items up to 11” in height.

The dimension of the entire rack is 17.9” x 12.3” x 6.6” and can hold a weight of up to 22 pounds. It easily hangs over the door with a built-in hook. Such a rack is suitable for relatively lighter objects like books, cans, mailboxes, etc.

13. Three Tier Wall Mounted Rack Organizer

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Another one by X-cosrack, this rack features a complete iron construction. The entire rack has 4 tiers, which can also be split independently and used as 4 separate racks!
The organizer has 12 attachable hooks, which you can use to hang plenty of accessories in the kitchen or elsewhere. It has a total dimension of ‎16.61” x 10.2” x 6.85”.

The rack can be installed as either a wall mount or an over-the-door hanging rack.

14. Six Basket Over The Door Organizer

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The final rack in our list, HomeBuddy’s pantry door organizer, is stylish, spacious, and multifunctional.

It comes with 3 sets of hooks for 3 sizes of doors (1¾, 1⅜, and 2¼ inch). If you wish, you can skip the hanging method and mount it directly with screws as well! The total dimensions are 60” x 18.5” x 7.25” and are completely non-scratch from head to toe. Each basket can hold 11 pounds, making 66 pounds the total allowable weight!

Hooks, screws, and mounting instructions are all provided in the package.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What size is a pantry door?

Pantry doors don’t have specific sizes, but the minimum height is usually 80 inches, with an average width of 30 inches.

What type of organizer is used for a pantry door?

All of the racks and organizers mentioned in this list can be used for a pantry door.

How much weight can the over-the-door hooks support?

The hooks usually support a lot of weight but it is dependent on the door and the construction of the entire rack. 60 pounds are usually the maximum amount for larger racks. For smaller racks or thinner doors, the amount would decrease.

How many racks are adjustable for a pantry door organizer?

It depends on the product. Most racks can be height-adjusted, as given in this list. However, not all pantry door organizers have adjustable capabilities.

Where do I buy a pantry door organizer?

A pantry door organizer can be bought from Amazon or your local hardware shops.

How do I install a pantry door organizer?

Installation is quite simple. You either drill it onto a door/wall or hang it over the door if it features a hanging system.

How do I organize a pantry?

Keeping objects according to sizes and categories is a good idea. For example, you should keep all spice jars on one rack, boxes in another, cans on another, and so on. Organizing a pantry is a tedious task, but you will get better with practice.


You can now make a fine choice to organize your kitchen, bathroom, and other storage spaces freely. Some of the best pantry door organizers are featured in this list, and if this review has truly helped you, don’t forget to share!

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