Bathroom Corner Cabinet Ideas: 9 Best Corner Bathroom Cabinet in 2023

A corner cabinet can save you from clutter and keep your bathroom looking neat and tidy. Read ahead to find out and get bathroom corner cabinet ideas.

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We spend a considerable amount of time in bathrooms taking showers, soaking after a long day, or simply browsing our phones while answering nature’s call. That’s why we need to keep our bathrooms neat and clutter-free.

Storage space is usually the primary limitation when it comes to giving your bathroom a neat and tidy appearance, but there are several ways to circumvent the issue. A small bathroom corner cabinet ideas is an excellent choice to save space and keep your toiletries sorted.

Combining function with aesthetics, the small corner cabinets in our list are all designed to help you keep your bathroom accessories organized and take the least amount of space. Here’s everything you need to know about them before you start shopping.

Best Bathroom Corner Cabinet Ideas: Top Trendy in 2023

When you’re buying a cabinet for your bathroom, you need to keep in mind that it’ll most likely be the thing that draws your attention the most when you’re in there.

So, you typically want to go with one that suits the size and theme of your bathroom. Here are our top picks for bathroom corner cabinet ideas in the market.

1. Bathroom corner storage cabinet 3 adjustable shelves

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First up on our list is the Prepac bathroom corner storage cabinet, an extremely versatile bathroom organizer. Built out of engineered wood material, this white color cabinet will add a sense of freshness to your bathroom. These wood panels were specifically designed to be durable and easy to clean.

If you’re struggling to find enough space to store all your cleaning supplies, you can rest assured that you’ll be utilizing your area to the max with the cabinet’s lean 18.75″D x 29.25″W x 72″H dimensions.

The tall storage cabinet comes with a 1 fixed and 3 adjustable shelves compartments that give you extra storage.

It also comes with an anti-tip kit that keeps the cabinet from falling over in case of an accident. The knobs are of metal and plated in chrome so you can easily access the shelves. The assembly process is straightforward, making this an overall great narrow corner cabinet for the bathroom.


  • Simple assembly process
  • Made out of durable material
  • Easy to clean with just a wet cloth
  • Plenty of bathroom storage with a little footprint


  • Might be prone to scratches easily

2. Tall corner bathroom cabinet with two doors

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Next up on our list is the tall corner bathroom cabinet with two doors from Spirich. Known for its sturdy shelves, the slim bathroom storage cabinet comes with Adjustable Shelf.

You can find the Spirich bathroom corner cabinet in either the white color or their unique dark espresso color that will add a unique flair to your bathroom.

It comes with glass doors that keep your toiletries out of sight and add a majestic touch to the bathroom storage. The three fixed shelves, along with the adjustable interior shelf, give you ample bathroom storage for your cleaning supply.

Moreover, the hardware is specially designed to allow quick assembly. The Spirich cabinet is the top rated bathroom corner storage cabinet that perfectly coincides with the corner position.


  • Glider Drawer for easier access
  • Decorative doors add a unique aesthetic
  • Specially designed hardware for simple assembly
  • Two fixed shelves and one interior shelf for extra storage


  • The instructions can be confusing for some

3. Corner hutch cabinet with shutter doors

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The LOKO corner storage cabinet is an excellent option if you want a unique bathroom storage cabinet that incorporates wood with shutter doors. It comes in white color and has dimensions of 11″D x 23.5″ W x 68″H that fit in even the most compact of bathrooms.

The top section of the cabinet comes with shutter doors along with an adjustable shelf, while the bottom section comes with a shutter compartment.

Moreover, the bottom also includes a storage area that is divided in two, so you can sort all your cleaning supplies. Made out of engineered wood, you can expect this corner storage cabinet for a bathroom to be very durable.


  • Glass and wood design for a stylish look
  • Solid/composite wood that will last years
  • Maximum functionality with separate shelves
  • 3 separate sections to store all your bathroom accessories


  • The packaging it comes with isn’t very durable

4. Traditional shutter door design corner cabinet

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RiverRidge has been a common name in the bathroom storage cabinet market. The Ellsworth tall corner cabinet is their attempt to utilize your bathroom’s corner space for extra storage.

This cabinet features a traditional shutter door design for the bottom half. It comes with one interior shelf for storing toiletries and cleaning supplies that gives your bathroom a neat appearance.

The upper half comes with three shelves that you can use to display any decorations you might want to. It also comes with a wall anchor for extra stability. Available in both white and espresso colors, these cabinets are of durable MDF material that ensures your shelves’ lifetime.


  • Durable MDF material for longevity
  • The upper half includes 3 shelves for extra storage
  • Wall anchor adds stability to the bathroom corner cabinet
  • Shutter door design for storing cleaning supplies and toiletries out of sight


  • Might be prone to damage during assembly

5. Free standing corner hutch cabinet with countertop

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Our next pick is free standing corner hutch cabinet with countertop which was designed mainly for use in the small bathroom. Unlike other cabinets, this one was built specifically to store toiletries and cleaning supplies.

You can find it in white color, and it comes with a countertop on top as well as a cabinet for extra free place. Made out of engineered wood, these shelves are waterproof, moisture-proof, non-toxic, and perfect for your bathroom.

The bottom part has three compartments so that you can keep your cleaning supplies separate from the toiletries. The top compartment is also perfect for storing your cell phone when you’re in the bathroom.

This small white corner cabinet for the bathroom is an excellent choice if you’re shopping for an affordable cabinet for a bit of extra storage.


  • It comes with a toilet paper storage holder
  • 2 compartments for storing all your bathroom accessories
  • Relatively affordable compared to other wooden shelves
  • Made out of PVC foam board that’s waterproof and eco-friendly


  • Only comes with the most basic functions

6. Tall corner cabinet with horizontal grooves

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The RiverRidge tall corner cabinet with horizontal grooves is another one of our picks for a tall and slim bathroom storage cabinet for the bathroom. It’s made out of engineered wood and decorative paneling along with the white color lacquered finish that gives it a stylish look while being just as durable.

It comes with step-by-step instructions that make assembly a piece of cake, so you don’t have to fidget around with the parts.

The top part has 3 shelves for extra storage that you can use for decorations or bathroom accessories. The bottom part has another 2 compartments hidden behind a door to conceal all your cleaning supplies and toiletries. It also comes with a tip-over device for stability and high-quality hinges.


  • Laminated MDF panels that are durable
  • Separate storage for cleaning supplies and toiletries
  • Simple assembly with labeled parts and clear instructions
  • It comes with an anti-tip function and high-quality hinges


  • It might have a chemical smell at first

7. Slim storage cabinet for half bathroom

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These narrow storage cabinet is a great option whether you’re going for modern or traditional decor. It’s made out of engineered wood and is mildew-resistant. The solid MDF material is easy to clean and is also very durable in nature.

It comes with toilet brush and roll holder set that you can use to store your bathroom accessories.

The assembly process is simple and takes very little time. If you’re shopping for cabinets that are practical for small places, the AOJEZOR is a great bathroom corner linen cabinet for storage.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Shutter doors for keeping toiletries out of sight
  • Both internal and open shelves for extra storage
  • Built out of solid MDF material that will last ages


  • The drawer can fall out sometimes when pulling

8. Free standing bathroom cabinet organizer

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The Spirich tall corner cabinet comes in an elegant white color that is perfect for most bathrooms. It’s built out of durable engineered wood that looks great because of very distinctive lines. It comes with a lot of extra storage for all your toiletries and supplies with multiple open and interior shelves.

The top section has 3 shelves, while the bottom compartment has adjustable ones behind double doors. The design was made specifically with small spaces in mind, so the overall 23.6″ W x 12.4″ D x 63.77″ H dimensions are perfect for any bathroom regardless of space. It’s one of the best small corner wall cabinets for a bathroom out there.


  • It can fit into any small space
  • Multiple shelves for extra storage
  • Engineered wood with clean lines that go with anything
  • Store your bathroom accessories behind two doors to conceal them


  • It might be too small

9. TuoxinEM Corner Shower Shelf

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Last up on our list is the TuoxinEM corner shower shelf. These corner cabinets for bathroom storage are made out of a combination of wood and plastic. Available in espresso color, they can be used anywhere because it is easy to install them on your wall.

The cabinets also come with 3 separate compartments that you can use to store your items. Since the PVC material is waterproof, it’s perfect for use in the bathroom. Moreover, it comes with instructions out of the box for quick assembly.


  • Small size perfect for a compact space
  • 3 separate compartments to store items
  • Cabinets come with proper instructions for quick assembly
  • Made out of material that is perfect for use in the bathroom


  • It might feel cheaper than other wooden cabinets

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Where to position a bathroom organizer?

The best place to position any bathroom organizer is above the basin. However, if that isn’t possible, try to place it somewhere that’s not going to be in direct contact with water.

What is the best material for bathroom cabinets?

When it comes to materials, it mostly depends on personal preference. Generally, durable and water-resistant material is best suitable for bathroom organizers such as Aluminium, Stainless-steel, MDF, and PVC panels.

What items do you need to install a cabinet?

For the installation process, you might need the following items. Drill Screws Measuring Tape Wall Plugs Stud Finder Spirit Level Depending on what bathroom organizer you choose, you might need other items.

What bathroom accessories can you store in a cabinet?

You can store all sorts of bathroom accessories in organizers. Typically, toiletries and cleaning supplies are among the most common bathroom accessories stored, but you can also store any electrical appliances or cosmetic items in them.

Freestanding or wall-mounted?

Freestanding is more suitable if you’ve got more room. Wall-mounted is better for saving space.

Final Words

A small corner cabinet for bathroom can do wonders to clear up clutter and store all your bathroom accessories and items in one place. Our comprehensive list will help you with shopping for the right corner cabinet in no time.

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