Mahle vs Fel Pro Gasket – Which Head Gasket is Best for Car Engine?

Can't decide between Mahle and Fel-Pro gasket? This Mahle vs Fel Pro comparison will cover everything you need to decide which brand comes on top and why!

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If you’re looking for aftermarket gaskets, I feel your pain. Most likely, your gaskets failed once or twice after buying without thinking!

Now that you’re here, you are thinking correctly. Mahle vs Fel Pro, so which one will it be? Go over this in-depth review between the two and decide for yourself.

The aftermarket solution can be a pain. But luckily, both Mahle and Fel-Pro are the forerunners in the aftermarket solution race. One outsmarts the other in different departments. So, it comes down to your need and purpose.

Overview of Mahle Gasket

You’d have to be very picky to say Mahle produces bad gaskets. Of course, there are some corners for improvement, but there are many positives regarding its design and construction.

Mahle gaskets show their durability in practice, and it’s always ready for all rough and tough situations.

There’s one point where it falls behind, and that’s the price department. Due to the company’s focus on race cars, the products are priced, targeting those of higher-performance cars. But again, that focus is also the reason for their durability.

Best Selection of Mahle Gasket



Gasket Set



MAHLE MS16124 Gasket

Contains gasket set 

MAHLE OS32241 Gasket


MAHLE MS16340 Gasket

Contains gasket set 

MAHLE VS50371 Gasket

Yes but grommets if necessary

MAHLE VS30003 Gasket

Yes but grommets if necessary.

Why do you get gasket from Mahle? Are Mahle gaskets good?

If someone asked to mention one reason for getting gaskets from Mahle, it’d be the durability in even the most extreme situations. So, instinctively it’ll last longer in normal driving conditions. Remember, Mahle is the one company that delivers to BMW. Yes, BMW’s OEM gaskets are mostly from Mahle.

If you want to get a huge aftermarket upgrade, there aren’t a lot of brands that come close.

Why do auto experts recommend Mahle gasket?

I hate to reiterate the same point again and again, but the reason that the race car drivers prefer Mahle is the same reason Auto Experts recommend Mahle gaskets.

It’s the metal construction and rubber padding that make it so durable in high-performance situations. Yes, they can be overkill for normal situations. Auto Experts looks for excellence, and Mahle provides it.

What are the best gaskets from Mahle?

I mentioned before that Mahle and Fel-Pro had outdone one another in different departments. Mahle focuses on three vehicle types: light vehicles, heavy-duty vehicles, and performance vehicles, i.e., race cars.

The performance series gaskets are the best out of the three. And in that series, Mahle gaskets are good at mainly two departments,

  • Exhaust manifold gaskets for their durability
  • Piston valve gaskets for their design and oil constraining

Overview of Fel-Pro Gasket

How is Fel-Pro Gasket?

Fel-Pro gaskets are good. Between you and me, they’re the best overall if we take all the departments into account.

There’s nothing over the top about them in terms of construction, design, or price. They might not be OEM gaskets for BMW; they are friendlier and accessible to most people.

If you look at the Fel-Pro gasket review from customers, you’ll find them to be a much better upgrade from their average OEM gaskets. And Fel-Pro achieves quality in more areas than its competitors. I’ll expand more on that later.

Best selection of the best Fel-Pro gasket



Fit Type



Fel-Pro MS98016T Intake Manifold Gasket Set

Vehicle specific

Fel-Pro MS 97083 Exhaust Manifold Gasket Set

Vehicle specific

Fel-Pro OS30622R Oil Pan Gasket Set

Vehicle specific

Fel-Pro 1205 Intake Manifold Gasket Set

Vehicle specific

Fel-Pro HS26170PT1 Head Gasket Set

Vehicle specific

Why Do You Get Gasket from Fel-Pro? Are Fel-Pro gasket good?

In short, you get Fel-Pro gaskets for their high value per dollar due to a combination of good design and build quality.

To expand on the above statement, let’s see how the Fel-Pro intake manifold gaskets are built. There are 4 things to look at,

Molded rubbers instead of natural rubbers; when you talk about contact with oil, molded rubbers fair better.

Steel carriers coated with aluminum and silicon alloy; can understand how sturdy they are compared to OEM plastic carriers. These are higher in coolant resistance and, of course, more durable.

The design of the torque limiters is self-centered. What does that mean? It means there’s no chance of messing up the installation.

Designed to prevent leaks. The sealed beads on the gasket work well to minimize leakage. Now, tell me, why wouldn’t you get gaskets from Fel-Pro?

Why do auto experts recommend Fel-pro gasket?

An excellent combination of affordability, durability, and ease of use makes it a top choice for not only consumers but also experts in the automobile industry. One important point that advances Fel-Pro’s position is the extra goodies in Fel-Pro gasket kits.

Every enthusiast loves to have some extra parts lying around because they experiment a lot. But for you, they increase the longevity of your gaskets when you change those parts.

What is the best gasket from Fel-Pro?

Fel-Pro is the competitor to beat when it comes to various types of gaskets. If you ask me to choose gaskets from Fel-Pro’s product line, then they are mainly three:

  • Oil gaskets
  • Head gaskets
  • Intake manifold gaskets

The exhaust manifold gaskets come close! They are a snug fit in your machines and perform better in preventing leakage.

Mahle vs Fel Pro Head Gaskets – Top Features Comparison

Among all types of gaskets, the most important gasket is the cylinder head gasket. Your engine’s coolant leakage and metal friction need the most care.

Both Mahle and Fel-Pro make great head gaskets. Let’s see how they fare when put up against each other.




Brand Logo

Brand Rating


Multi-layered steel, Composite core

Aluminized steel

Build quality

Equivalent to OEM quality. The design is closer to OEM gaskets.

Better than most OEM gaskets, and the design is quite different compared to OEM gaskets.

Leakage prevention

Molded rubber is used to prevent leakage

Molded rubber is used to prevent leakage

Extra parts

No extra parts come with it

O-rings are included in the kit


For performance vehicles such as race cars

Focused more on light and heavy vehicles




This is a comparison of the main features of the two head gaskets where they differ most. In other areas, they’re pretty similar.

Mahle Gasket vs Fel Pro – Which is the Best?

This is the part you were waiting for, and as you can see, it’s pretty clear that there’s no clear winner. It’s mostly a tie between them, but my preference is towards Fel-Pro.

It’s the pricing and target audience that made the difference, as well as the Fel-Pro head gasket. I talked about why head gaskets matter more than other types of gaskets.

Mahle outsmarts Fel-Pro when it comes to performance series vehicles. So, if that suits you, then the price shouldn’t matter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What are gaskets?

Gaskets are a type of mechanical seal for your vehicle’s internal parts, such as engines and other metal parts. You use it to fill the small gap when you join two metal parts. It’s an elastomeric component with steel construction to prevent leakage. They even act as cushions between two metal surfaces to reduce friction and corrosion.

Why do head gaskets blow?

Head gaskets mainly blow due to the extremely high temperature in the engine. When the coolant supply to the engine parts gets reduced, the engine temperature increases. Generally, it happens when coolant leaks or shortage of coolant in the radiator. Of course, the temperature limit defers in different gaskets and engines.

What causes blown head gaskets?

It’s the overheating of the engine parts. If you see your engine running at temperatures it wasn’t supposed to, you’re looking at gasket failure. And then the engine is in danger. The metal warps when it overheats, and it causes the gasket to blow.

How much does it cost to replace gaskets?

The cost to replace gaskets includes both charging for the repair process and the price of the gasket itself. It can cost you up to $1,500 or more.

How long do head gaskets last?

If you properly take care of your vehicle and put them to service every once in a while, it will take you through 200,000 miles. That mileage covers most cars’ lifetime.

How much do head gaskets cost?

If you get a blown head gasket in your engine, it can cost a lot more than you think. On average, it can cost you from $1,000 to $1,500.

It can increase up to $2,500. But it isn’t because of the price of gaskets per se. Because gaskets cost very little but taking the engine apart and replacing the gasket is a tough process.

What are the best gaskets for cars?

In short, both Fel-Pro and Mahle come on top if you take affordability and durability into consideration.

Final Words

As I conclude this little Mahle vs Fel Pro comparison and review, I would suggest you try the gaskets when you get them in hand first.

If you feel it doesn’t fit, return it. There can’t be any second-guessing when it comes to engine parts. And in terms of preference, you know where I stand.

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