Schlage vs Kwikset Smart Lock – Comparison & Guide

Schlage vs Kwikset SmartKey is a debate with a definitive answer; it’s Schlage. To understand how they fare against each other, read this comparison review.

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Home security wasn’t an issue back in the day. But now, as our homes hold more value, their protection also becomes more important. And smart locks have become the only option for optimum security.

But why are we debating Schlage Vs Kwikset SmartKey, when there are lots of other options available there? Well, firstly because, over the years, these two have proven their commitment to quality.

Both Schlage and Kwikset smart locks have integrated the networking ability of Wi-Fi and boast a huge improvement in build quality.

In this article, we’ll be going over their features and a short comparison between them to find out which one edges forward.

Overview of Schlage Smart Lock

How Is Schlage Smart Lock?

Schlage’s smart locks have acquired a good position in the market. In terms of what they have to offer, they have all the basic features and some extra benefits. Furthermore, their build quality is one of the best out of the bunch.

Talking about features, Schlage offers a range of them. One of them is network integration ability such as controlling through phone, and integration with Wi-Fi-enabled devices such as Alexa, and Google Assistant.

Then, you have both physical Key and Keyless options to opt for your smart lock. Having such an option is good because although access codes do the work, a physical key can be a blessing in dire circumstances. And you can enable multiple access codes for the lock as well as rekey it whenever you need extra security.

The built-in alarm of Schlage smart locks is a feature that you won’t find in many locks on the market. It has the upper hand in this regard.

Best Selection of Schlage Smart Lock 2023



Compatible Systems



Schlage Satin Nickel Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt

Ring, Key by Amazon, Schlage Home App

Schlage Matte Black Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt

Ring, Key by Amazon, Schlage Home App

Schlage Z-Wave Smart Lock

Most Z-Wave systems

Schlage BE469ZP CAM 716 Smart Deadbolt

Z Wave smart home system

Schlage FE595 CAM 626 Acc Camelot

Z-Wave Home Automation systems

Why Do You Get Smart Lock from Schlage?

You only buy a product if it meets your criteria and needs. For a product to be accepted as a good purchase, it needs to be durable, versatile, and easy to use. Thankfully, Schlage’s produced smart locks meet these criteria more often than not.

During the first few years, Schlage had complaints from customers about durability. Some parts were made of plastic, which can easily break. They overhauled the manufacturing process, and since then, durability has never been an issue.

As mentioned before, you’re getting many options to opt for among the variants of Schlage smart locks. Versatility isn’t an issue with so many models to choose from.

Schlage is pretty easy to use with simple but useful functions. But there were some hiccups with the Software UI. So far, it seems they have solved that issue. You can check with them before purchasing.

Why Do Locksmith Experts recommend Schlage Smart Lock?

Schlage has been one of the top products recommended by people who know what they’re doing. There’s no bias in play. Schlage tested their products in the BHMA residential security grades, and they graded the locks as ANSI Grade 1. This grade is reserved for high-traffic security purposes.

With commercial needs in mind, Schlage top locks easily get a place in the strongest grade category. But keep in mind that not all Schlage products achieve the same grade.

Overview of Kwikset Smart Lock

How Is Kwikset Smart Lock?

It’s one of the best locks you can get on the market right now, else we wouldn’t have been talking about it. But that’s superficial talk. What does it have to offer?

First of all, it’s a complete smart home lock with Wi-Fi integration. It connects with Google Assistant, Alexa, Z-wave, and other smart home accessories to make your experience as smooth as possible.

Apart from the simple Deadbolt smart lock, you also have locks that rely on touch completely. No key is needed.

You will be able to rekey the lock when you need to maintain extra security. With smart key technology, there is no need to take the lock apart for rekeying.

That being said, it doesn’t have any built-in alarm option like Schlage. That can be an issue for some people.

Best Selection of Kwikset Smart Lock 2023



Compatible Systems



Kwikset 99090-018 Signature Series Deadbolt

Compatible with Kwikset (KW1) keyway

Kwikset 99070-101 Powerbolt 2 Door Lock

Compatible with Kwikset (KW1) keyway

Kwikset 99130-002 Smart Lock

Compatible with Kwikset (KW1) keyway

Kwikset Single Cylinder Deadbolt

Compatible with Kwikset (KW1) keyway

Kwikset 99390-001 Halo Wi-Fi Smart Lock

Compatible with Kwikset (KW1) keyway

Why Do You Get Smart Lock from Kwikset?

How does Kwikset satisfy your needs? The answer to this question relies on the lock’s ability to last long, its durability, the versatility of options, and ease of use.

Kwikset’s smart locks have good build quality in both design and material. It’s not easy to break, and it doesn’t get jammed. The standard tests for locks have given Kwikset’s locks a Grade 2 rating, which is more than enough for residential purposes.

You have so many options to choose from. For aesthetic purposes as well as technological features, there are many different designs that Kwikset has to offer.

Why Do Locksmith Experts Recommend Kwikset Smart Lock?

With the standard tests in place, Kwikset has achieved many grading and rating from different organizations. The most known among them is BHMA residential security.

In their tests, Kwikset has performed well, and it’s been accepted as a top choice for residential needs. And it also bagged ANSI’s Grade 2 certification.

Schlage vs Kwikset Comparison – At a Glance




Brand Logo

Brand Rating


Compatibility with Google Assistant, Alexa, Z-wave, etc

Compatibility with Google Assistant, Alexa, Z-wave, Kwikset app etc

Built-in Alarm

All smart locks have a built-in alarm

Only a few models have this feature


ANSI Grade 1 certified, HBMA certified

ANSI Grade 2 certified, HBMA certified

Rekey Options

Can be hard to rekey

Kwikset smartkey is easy to rekey

Smart Phone Compatibility

Some models aren’t compatible with Android

All around compatibility

Ease of Use

It’s easy to install and use

The software and installation process are simple

We’ve gone over Schlage and Kwikset’s smart lock features in detail. Now, let’s put their main features head to head and see which one comes on top.

Before doing that, know that these two have more similarities than differences. We’ll put their differences here, so it becomes easy to determine for you.

Schlage or Kwikset Smart Lock – Which Is Best?

What do you think after our Schlage vs Kwikset comparison? Is Schlage better than Kwikset? We certainly found our favorite.

Schlage wins by many points, especially because of its built-in alarm and ANSI Grade 1 certification. There is no doubt that Kwikset has all the basic features and will satisfy most people’s needs, but Schlage is just better in performance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What type of door lock is most secure?

In today’s terms, the most secure type of door lock would be the latest smart locks. When you have technology at hand, you can keep yourself aware of all things that might happen to your door while you’re away.

And that alone makes it the top choice for security. Among them, retinal scans or fingerprint-enabled door locks would take the top spot. Then, you have the passcode-enabled door locks.

Are Schlage and Kwikset interchangeable?

In terms of pins, Schlage and Kwikset are not interchangeable. Because they have different pin depths and shapes, although their diameters are the same. But you can interchange both of their lock cylinders.

Are Schlage locks safe?

The features of Schlage, such as Smart Alarm, Electronic Deadbolt, Wi-Fi Control, etc., make it quite trustworthy. Even though it is not invincible, it has systems in place to prevent breaking in and sound alarms to alert the authorities.

Are Kwikset locks safe?

No door locks are 100% secure because they can be broken, although picking or hacking them has become nearly impossible. Kwikset smart locks have an advantage, and that’s their network connection. You can keep alert of everything from afar and prevent breaking in.

Which is better Schlage or Kwikset?

Smart lock or not, in terms of durability and protection, Schlage wins easily. They are harder to break and hack. And when coupled with smart technology, they’re even better.

What is the best door lock brand?

That would be Schlage, and there can be very little argument about this. They have a better manufacturing process and extra built-in features that make them arguably the top door lock brand. But not all of their locks are recommended.

Final Words

Schlage Vs Kwikset Smartkey, the comparison is over. And we have a clear winner. Of course, you won’t be losing with either option, but Schlage edges past Kwikset in quite a few points, so that’s your best bet, according to us. With better durability and overall features, you’re getting good value for the money.

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