Where Can I Find a Drill Bit Holder in Australia?

If you are having difficulties keeping all your drill bits organised in one place while working, then you need to get a drill bit holder. It is the key to keeping your bits organised and accessible for any project. You…

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If you are having difficulties keeping all your drill bits organised in one place while working, then you need to get a drill bit holder. It is the key to keeping your bits organised and accessible for any project. You not only get to keep them sorted, but you also get the option to keep them close to you by attaching them to your tool belt. 

However, finding quality drill bit holders can be difficult, as they are not easily available. In this guide, we talk about the top 5 places where you can buy drill bit holders in Australia. 

So, this is the best place if you are an Aussie professional who desperately needs help keeping your drill bits organised. Let’s get started.  

What is a Drill Bit Holder Called?

A drill bit holder is a practical tool for storing and organising drill bits. These holders come in various designs and sizes, all designed to enhance drilling efficiency by keeping bits readily available. Drill bit holders are also sometimes called bit organisers or bit sets. 

There are two main types: a simple holder that stores your bits and a bit holder that you can attach to a drill or driver. Here, we mostly discuss the simple holders, which are only meant to keep the drill bits organised. 

5 Places to Find a Drill Bit Holder in Australia

1. Bit Buddy

BitBuddy drill bit holder seller

BitBuddy is an Australian favourite brand for professional tools and accessories. They specialise in a wide range of tools that cater to the needs of many professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Even though their journey started in 2023, they have experienced rapid growth within a short period. 

While they feature other products, their drill bit holders have become a talk amongst professionals. Here are some factors how they convince you to choose them over others –

Why choose BitBuddy?

  • They provide a wide range of product choices for everyone. 
  • Most of the products ensure quality that you can trust for years. 
  • The exclusive pricing range makes the products worth every penny 
  • Efficient and quick shipping methods 
  • Seamless shopping experience with dedicated customer service. 

2. Etsy

Etsy drill bit holder in australia

Etsy is already a popular online store for handcrafted items worldwide. You can easily rely on this brand to get some high-quality drill bit holders for your use. From personalised options to creative designs, you might find a holder that complements your workshop aesthetic.

There are no specific choices from Etsy; it’s an open world, and you just look for the drill bit holders you like. Here’s why you should consider Etsy as your drill bit holder vendor –

Why choose Etsy?

  • Get products that are unique and artistic 
  • Help the Australian artisans instead of corporate lords. 
  • Comes with several personalised options 
  • A wide pool of sellers waiting to sell 
  • Hardly disappoints with quality ever. 

3. Total Tools

Total tools bit holders power tools accessories

Total Tools provides a comprehensive selection of drill bit holders from leading brands for serious drill users. Here, you’ll find everything from standard holders for everyday use to specialty holders designed for specific drill bit types, like SDS bits used with SDS hammer drills. This makes them ideal for serious drill users who require high-performance tools and accessories.

Their primary focus has always been to supply professionals with top-notch tools and equipment for the best possible performance. Here’s how they became so trustworthy –

Why choose Total Tools?

  • Offers a wide range of tools for almost any kind of job. 
  • Provides top-notch products for both professionals and DIYers. 
  • Great reliability of the company that always delivers. 
  • Highly knowledgeable staff is always there to help. 
  • Comes with reasonable prices for most tools 

4. Mitre 10

Mitre 10 perfect hardware store

Mitre 10 is the perfect hardware store that makes your DIY desires real. You can get plenty of different drill bit holders at very reasonable pricing here. If you have a set budget and you want a reliable source to buy your drill bit holder in Australia, then this is the store for you. 

While they attempt to ensure all the DIYers can get every essential from them, they don’t lack stuff for the professionals either. Here’s why you choose them –

Why Choose Mitre 10?

  • One-stop solution for all DIY needs. 
  • Excellent value for money in most products. 
  • Plenty of physical stores across Australia. 
  • Features high-quality products 
  • Reliable for durability and performance. 

5. Trade Master

Trademaster ph2 drill bit holder 2pcs

If you are a DIYer but trying to take projects more seriously, you should check out Trader Master. It’s the perfect stop for both professionals and DIYers. You’ll find standard holders, specialty options, and even bulk sets for those who like to be well-prepared for any drilling project. 

Most professionals and DIYers have always put their faith in the brand because of how they offer their products. These are the reasons that make them a worthy choice. 

Why choose Trade Master?

  • Suitable for both professionals and DIYers. 
  • The perfect option for fulfilling bulk requirements.
  • Features rare products like specialty holders.
  • Prices are affordable for the most part. 
  • Never disappoints in terms of reliability and quality.

Best Drill Bit Holder in Australia

While project requirements and preferences vary, the BitBuddy 7 Piece Bit Holder stands out for its versatility and functionality. Here’s why it might be the ideal choice:

1. BitBuddy 7 Piece Bit Holder

BitBuddy 7 piece bit holder

The BitBuddy 7-piece bit holder is the perfect bit holder option for beginners. It has several unique features that make it a perfect choice for DIYers. But it’s not just limited to that; factors like quality, durability, and functionality also make it suitable for professionals. 

Key features 

  • Easily organise and store up to seven drill bits, keeping them readily accessible.
  • Made from high-quality anodised aluminium for added durability in rough working conditions. 
  • Conveniently attach the holder with a carabiner to your tool belt for easy portability.
  • Keep all the right bits for specific tasks without wandering around with a carrying case. 

2. 2x Pack BitBuddy 7 Piece Bit Holder

Bitbuddy 2x pack 7 piece bit holder

Get all the features of the BitBuddy 7 Piece Bit Holder, but at a discounted price and double the number of slots. With the 2x Pack, you can store up to 14 drill bits while getting the same features as the standard 7-piece holder. 

3. 3x Pack BitBuddy 7 Piece Bit Holder

Bitbuddy 3x pack 7 piece bit holder

If the 2x pack discount wasn’t enough, and you need to organise many of your drill bits, there is also a 3X pack for you. Check it out if you want all your 21 drill bits right on the toolbelt to your waist.

Best Drill Bit Bundle in Australia

Accurate measurements can be crucial to job success as a professional. A mechanical pencil and a proper drill machine can help you achieve exceptional results. Below, we have the perfect combination of these in a bundle. 

Precision & Efficiency Bundle

Precision and efficiency bundle

With the precision and efficiency bundle, you get a BitBuddy mechanical pencil and the classic BitBuddy 7-piece bit holder. This amazing bundle from BitBuddy offers the perfect combination of precision and organisation. 


By now, you should know where to find a drill bit holder in Australia. While plenty of places provide drill bit holders, the choices we listed here never disappoint.

If you are still confused, checking out BitBuddy might be a perfect starting point.

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