Where to Buy Bathroom Scales Online- Top Rated Brands & Stores 2022

Where to Buy Bathroom Scales Online- Top Rated Brands & Stores 2022

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“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.” – Joseph Pilates, an eminent German physician, said this to mean the importance of being physically fit to lead a happy life.

But the desire to be physically fit is not enough. You need to persist in maintaining your physical weight which is one of the most significant parameters that tells a lot about your physical condition. So, knowing the actual body weight is the first condition to step further to reach the goal of physical well-being.

For this, we’re about to discuss where to buy bathroom scales and name the best manufacturers who produce standard-quality bathroom scales. With these scales, you can easily measure your exact body weight and take the necessary actions to gain a healthier lifestyle.

Without further ado, let’s have a detailed idea of the best manufacturers and brands of bathroom scales at first.

Who Makes the Best Bathroom Scales? – Top Bathroom Scales Brand 2022

Bodyweight scales are called bathroom scales in the USA because people living there keep them in the bathroom. Most Americans track their body weights in the bathroom. So, body weight scales and bathroom scales are all the same thing.

Now here we come to the point. Who makes the best bathroom scales, or which are the best brands of body weight scales? You’ll surely find tons of companies who manufacture and bring this product to the market.

But we’re about to name the top five bathroom scales brands that deliver the best-quality product and offer the value for money that you pay. So let’s get started!


You may consider Etekcity as one of the best bodyweight scale brands in the market. Etekcity is a prominent brand of electric devices & tools. All kinds of Etekcity products are manufactured by Vesync Co., Ltd (the “Vesync Co.”), a USA-based company that produces small home appliances.

Etekcity products are sold in the online market in the United States. Etekcity has become a prominent brand, especially for its body weight scales. These body scales are hugely sold in the USA online market for the strong build quality, safety designs, and accuracy to measure the actual weight.

Most of the Etekcity weight scales offer so many useful features such as low battery and overload indication. Etekcity provides long-lasting batteries to its weight scales. Furthermore, it offers a 1-year warranty.

Health o meter

Health o meter is another most popular US brand of digital scale. Health o meter scales are manufactured by Pelstar, LLC. The company manufactures a lot of superb models of body weight scales.

Some smartest models of Health o meter bathroom scales allow you to track more than just bodyweight. This company makes digital scales that allow you to monitor body fat, hydration levels. Some models offer to calculate daily caloric intake and bone mass too.

The accuracy of weight measurement is also a strong selling point of Health o meter scales. Other readings of these machines are also displayed with full accuracy.


Renpho is another reputed brand that manufactures almost every kind of health and fitness device. The bathroom scale is one of the major devices that made this company popular. Renpho is the Amazon #1 Best Seller for smart scales.

So it’s easy to assume how reliable this company is for its great quality smart scales. Renpho has reached the milestone to sell over 10+ million customers who have purchased their health products. So its bathroom scales are absolutely superb in quality.

You can get the highest benefits from a bathroom scale which is made by Renpho. Its smart scales are enabled for most of the health tracking features. And all of their products offer a 1-year warranty.


FitTrack is another most noteworthy brand that makes bathroom scales. The company is so popular among athletes, physicians, and sportsmen. Because it offers athlete mode to them. And so many smart options are available into its smart scales for tracking the body condition.

FitTrack smart scales are made for all types of bodies. It can be used by so many people, and it keeps individual results private, which is a cool option. You can consider FitTrack smart scales as not only a simple bodyweight scale but also a complete health tracker.

In simple words, FitTrack makes smart scales for active users who always remain so busy tracking their physical condition. The readings of these smart devices always show accurate results.


Inevifit is another brand for manufacturing bathroom scales. The company was founded in 2015. From the beginning of its establishment, this company has been dedicated to manufacturing essential health products, including fitness equipment and weight monitoring products such as body weight scales.

Inevifit body weight scales are one of the top-selling fitness products in the USA. Its body scales come with the long-lasting build quality. Smart scales are also fraught with health tracking features with full accuracy.

The Best Place to Buy Bathroom Scales

Now it’s time to discuss if you want to purchase bathroom scales then would be the best option for you. Most of the prominent body scale manufacturers don’t set up their outlets and showroom. Mostly they sell their products through online-based eCommerce sites like Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, etc.

Now we’re going to talk about the best online markets one by one where you’ll find most of the aforementioned brand’s bathroom scales.


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All popular brands that manufacture high-quality bathroom scales are available on Amazon, one of the largest online markets in the world. Amazon is the best option for you to get the original product. Etekcity, Health o meter, Renpho, FitTrack, and Inevifit products are available on Amazon.

Why Do We Recommend Amazon for Bathroom Scales?

  • Delivery on time
  • Top branded bathroom scales are available there
  • Customer’s honest reviews and ratings are so helpful
  • Amazon is the best platform to get the authentic product
  • Easy query system/ Customer questions & answers section is so helpful


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Target is a prominent marketplace where you can easily buy bathroom scales. You can make online orders so easily on Target. All models of the best quality bathroom scales are available there at a genuine price offered by the merchants.

There’s no chance of offering copy/clone products on Target. So you can order your bathroom scale there without any hesitation.

Why Do We Recommend Target for Bathroom Scales?

  • Nice packaging
  • No delivery issues
  • Prices are somewhat lower
  • Great collection of branded bathroom scales
  • An easy and great online shopping experience


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Walmart is another trustworthy largest eCommerce giant where most of the bathroom scales are available. This is the most popular eCommerce site in the USA. Walmart would be the best option for you to buy bathroom scales online.

Why Do We Recommend Walmart for Bathroom Scales?

  • Prices are reasonable
  • Relevant search results are also good
  • Top graded bathroom scales are available
  • Customers comments are very helpful for making the purchase decision

Best Buy

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Best buy is a perfect online marketplace for health and fitness devices. You’ll easily find high-quality bathroom scales out there at real prices. This is another best-trusted option for you where you can buy authentic products. So you may purchase your bathroom scales from Best Buy.

Why Do We Recommend Best Buy for Bathroom Scales?

  • Good packaging
  • Excellent service & support
  • Tons of user’s reviews are displayed honestly
  • Great models of bathroom scales are available

The Home Depot

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The Home Depot is the largest household online marketplace in the US. All the prominent brand’s Bathroom scales are also available there. You’ll easily find the bathroom scale that you’re about to buy. All products are genuine, with no copy/clone. So you can make your order at The Home Depot without any hesitation.

Why Do We Recommend Best Buy for Bathroom Scales?

  • Delivery on time
  • Great packaging
  • Superb-quality service
  • No shortage of great quality branded items of bathroom scales


Which bathroom scales are most accurate?

Ans: Digital scales/smart scales are the most accurate bathroom scale compared to analog scales. Bodyweight, BMI, and body fat percentage readings of digital scales are almost fully accurate.

How accurate are bathroom scales?

Ans: Generally, digital bathroom scales are accurate in proving the result. But it depends on the product quality and which brand you are using. If you keep your digital scale on a hard and flat surface, you can expect to get an accurate result.

What are the best bathroom scales to buy?

Ans: Digital and smart scales are the best bathroom scales to buy. Because these scales show accurate results.

Who makes the best bathroom scales?

Ans: Prominent brands like Etekcity, Health o meter, Renpho, FitTrack, and Inevifit make the best quality bathroom scales.


We’ve discussed where to buy bathroom scales, which are the best manufacturers/ brands you can consider for buying. Lastly, I would say that typically good quality bathroom scales last for a long time.

So consider the brand before buying a bathroom scale. And make your order to any prominent eCommerce site to get the original product at the real price.