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All vanities aren't equal- quality, material, and price vary. So, where to buy bathroom vanity? Click and know more about types, brands, and buying guide-all in one.

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Are you one of those who are searching and wondering where to buy a bathroom vanity? If you think ‘anything will do’- quit that thought. It’s a lot more than that.

They say the bathroom and kitchen tell a lot about your family. How much homie vibe your house offers- depends mostly on these 2 essential parts of a home. This is why you need to pay extra attention there.

Let’s save the kitchen talk for another day. Today, we will focus on the bathroom- a place for refreshment and relaxation. It should not be a congested place where you would feel the urge to get out as soon as you enter. Rather, you better take your time- freshen up, relax, and when you come out of there, you feel the new version of yourself. That’s what is important – to create an atmosphere there.

A bathroom vanity unit is considered one of the essential pieces of bathroom furniture. The services you get from this are incredible. Many of us think it needs to be luxurious, aesthetic looking- no need! There are variations, and it’s not always about luxury- it’s about being comfy.

Want to know more about it? Let’s go.

What is Bathroom Vanity?

A bathroom vanity or a vanity unit is considered a piece of furniture set in the bathroom. Generally, it integrates a basin and storage; however, depending on factors, it may include some other more, for example-

  • A basin/sink
  • A cupboard/ cabinet
  • Mirror

The main purpose is to hide the plumbing equipment, provide space, and keep bathroom accessories, products, and cleaning materials.

Types of Bathroom Vanity Unit

Users have different preferences when choosing a vanity unit. From luxurious to artistic, from widely used to customized one-bathroom vanities sure do have variations.

Generally, a bathroom vanity combines a sink, countertop, storage for placing materials, and a mirror. There are variations, but following these are the most chosen ones.

Free Standing: A rectangular or square-type vanity that does not remain attached to the floor but instead stays standing. It can have no more than 2 sinks. The sink is set on the top of a cabinet or a shelf.

This is the most common type of vanity and is compatible with smaller bathrooms. And Wooden or Ceramic types of free-standing vanities are the most chosen ones.

Floating: Floating vanities are also known as wall-mounted sink vanities, a modern style vanity unit. Such vanities are mounted with the wall and look like it is floating. Space underneath remains free as there is no connection between the floor and the vanities.

Some crucial positive sides of these vanities are they do not take up much space and are very much suitable for any type of bathroom. Additionally, having this vanity will depict an airy and clean atmosphere.

Different Shaped: There are vanities that are designed with shapes like square, rectangular, and round. Round-shaped vanity is an excellent choice considering the minimal design of the bathroom. When you have a scarcity of space but you require storage, square vanities are a life-saver.

On the other hand, a rectangular-shaped vanity is very suitable for the primary bathroom attached to the master bedroom.

Corner: Do the above-mentioned vanities seem large for your bathroom? Or those won’t fit in your bathroom because of its uneven wall? No worries! There are corner vanities available for you.

Corner vanities are another popular unit quite convenient for powder rooms. Such vanities are designed to fit in a corner. It is a smart choice for bathrooms that are not spacious enough.

Under-Mounted: One of the aesthetic choices is known as under-mounted or recessed. It has been named according to the sink installation process where the sink is installed underneath the countertop.

This allows users to get more space on the top but limits the storage space inside. Even so, this vanity is a widely popular preference as this provides a modern look to the bathroom.

Vessel: Vessel vanities are also called above-counter sink vanities. In many resorts, restaurants- vessel vanities are installed to add an artistic and appealing look.

A bowl is placed straight above the vanity, which is connected with a tap. The convenient part is that the storage of such vanities can be fully used as there is much space saved due to the sink installed above.

Who Makes the Best Bathroom Vanities? – Top-Rated Brands in the USA

Given the circumstances that such vanities facilitate users, there are a number of brands that sell bathroom vanities- if you look for them. Even so, some brands are best for a number of reasons. Take a look at this short description of top brands according to our research.

Eclife – A Name of Style, Elegance, & Affordability

Eclife is one of the bathroom vanity companies that combines modern features with trends in its style. If you look for vanities that feature maximum functional efficiency, this brand shall be your perfect pick. With variation in minimal design, it offers some combo sets that come with a mirror, a sink and a faucet, a drain, and a cabinet.

Virtu USA – Offers Products of Unparalleled Quality

Founded in 2007, the company Virtu USA is one leading home improvement companies and serves at one of the forefronts of the bathroom vanity industry. With magnificent design and quality, the company is determined to provide second-to-none quality products and customer services.

Fine Fixtures – A Brand of Sophisticated Design

Fine Fixtures was established in 2005- a brand offering chick bathroom fixtures at affordable cost. It has constantly been innovating new designs. Long-lasting quality, high-end styles, and up-to-the-minute inventory- the company has been creating and delivering elegant products and services to the customers’ doorsteps.

Bosconi – Widely Known for Cool and Polished Design

Bosconi is the brand that manufactures, imports, and wholesale bathroom vanities. It has a positive business tracking record as a member of the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA). Bosconi’s products are not only of elegant and exquisite looks but also of durable quality- which has gained universal users’ recognition.

Design Element – Products with Exquisite Colors & Design

Design Element is a top-tier supplier of bathroom vanities, which started its operation in 2007 across North America. It offers top quality and properly finished products. Bathroom renovating or remodeling is a complete bathroom vanity solution (specifically, from ordering to installation) in a single spot.

The Best Place to Buy a Bathroom Vanity Online?

There are numerous spots to mention where you may find and purchase bathroom vanities of your preference, probably one of your local store’s deals with bathroom vanities. But it’s not the same for all.

Hence, considering factors like availability, convenience for buying, variations to choose from, and the shipping/delivery process, we have figured out that these 5 spots should be the best place to buy bathroom vanity without any hassle.

Amazon: Yes, Amazon ranks first- not only for bathroom vanity; but for any other product. Along with expanding its network, Amazon handles customers’ requests from any part of the world. So, if you are searching for bathroom vanity, Amazon is undoubtedly best- for variation as well as quick delivery.

Home Depot: Home Depot is a complete solution for your home remodeling. The brand continues to hold its top position, ensuring that customers’ demands are being prioritized. In addition, it has optimized every ordering process so that customers get the best shopping experience both online and in physical stores.

Lowe’s: Lowe’s is a great choice for home improvement products. It has been connecting a large number of homeowners with different brands and service professionals. You hope to get the bathroom vanity of your choice within your budget and have good customer service from Lowe’s.

Ikea: Ikea is the name of a brand that satisfies customers with affordability. It is another thumbs-up choice for vanity. It’s apparent from the product in stores that Ikea aims to adorn clients’ homes. The products Ikea sells cost comparatively less than its competitor.

Wayfair: Wayfair is known as one of the biggest home retailers. Bathroom vanities from Wayfair are another convincing choice as a wide range of products, options, features, and prices are available. Also, Wayfair is well-reputed for its product guarantee and delivery services.

1. Bathroom Vanities at Amazon.com






Modway Bathroom Vanity


LUCA Bathroom Vanity


Mahayla Bathroom Vanity


American multinational e-commerce-based company Amazon is the first choice for any of the necessary products, not only bathroom vanities. As the largest online retailer globally, it has been serving consumers of many commodities across the globe.

The number of people who visit Amazon’s site and order products is huge. So, this is the first go-to spot for not only online sellers and merchants but also consumers looking for particular products.

Why Do We Recommend Amazon for Bathroom Vanities?

  • Offers Best prices
  • A reliable spot for all in one
  • Convenient delivery process
  • A platform for a lot of retailers
  • Product availability assurance
  • Users find varieties of products

2. Bathroom Vanities at Homedepot.com






Sonoma Bathroom Vanity


Brescia Bathroom Vanity


Ravenna Bathroom Vanity


Home Depot is the largest home improvement retailer in the US. It is more like a brand for professionals. Even so, their DIY shopping concept has drawn the attention of millennials. Home Depot has made its online ordering and shopping experience more accessible by creating an omnichannel strategy to serve customers worldwide.

It is one of the fast-growing home improvement suppliers and focuses on serving customers the best and achieving its goal. Aiming to deliver clients’ choices, Home Depot is working to integrate store and online shopping experiences.

Why Do We Recommend Home Depot for Bathroom Vanities?

  • Free shipping service
  • Convenient contacting policy
  • Available application on the phone
  • Affordable pricing along with discount

3. Bathroom Vanities at Lowes.com






allen + roth Stanton Bathroom Vanity


Style Selections Bathroom Vanity


allen + roth Stanton 24-in Bathroom Vanity


Lowe’s is the name of another US-based retail giant specializing in home improvement products. It is reputed for its professionalism and good customer service. A particularly visible reason for choosing Lowe’s is its distinctive type of product. Those will be pricier, top-quality materials and require professionals to install them.

Apart from products, Lowe’s offers installation services as well. If you want to set up your bathroom vanities, they will do the preparation work and deal with the required activities. So, it can be your all-in-one spot for fulfilling home improvement necessities.

Why Do We Recommend Lowe’s for Bathroom Vanities?

  • On-time delivery
  • High-quality products
  • Wide range of products
  • Simple ordering process

4. Bathroom Vanities at Ikea.com






HEMNES Bathroom Vanity


GODMORGON Bathroom Vanity


LILLÅNGEN Bathroom Vanity


Ikea, the global home furnishing brand, is an affordable, comfortable, and modern brand for bathroom vanities. With the vision to create a better daily life for a maximum number of people, the brand is serving its duty by providing convenience in shopping for consumers all over the globe.

Ikea stores products of high-quality, well-designed, and easy for users to maneuver. And products like bathroom vanities are well-fitted for the interior, and you will find them at a reasonable price.

Why Do We Recommend Ikea for Bathroom Vanities?

  • Products portability
  • High-quality products
  • There is versatility in designs
  • Well-organized customer service
  • Excellent choice for long-term use

5. Bathroom Vanities at Wayfair.com






Orrstown Bathroom Vanity


Murry Bathroom Vanity


Aleta Bathroom Vanity


Wayfair is another US-based global giant home retailer for 18 million homeware and furniture items of different categories. The online furniture platform is serving ongoing demand across the globe through its digital channels, and clients are admiring it.

For your bathroom vanity search, Wayfair is the 2nd best option. It has brought numerous home decor and improvement product suppliers under one platform with variations, designs, and prices, providing you with a smooth and convenient shopping journey.

Why Do We Recommend Wayfair for Bathroom Vanities?

  • Offers quality product
  • Great customer service
  • Convenient shopping experience
  • Product delivery to the doorstep

What Should I Look For When Buying a Bathroom Vanity?

Everyone has their preference for bathroom vanities. Probably you have already mapped out where and how you are going to install and make your vanity fit. But before jumping into buying one, it’s wise to consider some factors to avoid any chance of mismatch.

As vanity will cost you some pennies, taking precautions will save you from having a second thoughts at the last moment. Have a look at some of the considerable factors-


Measure your bathroom to know what type of vanity will suit your space. Obviously, you would want to have maximum space inside the vanity; therefore, it is mandatory to know your space adequacy.

Size (Height and Width)

Determining the bathroom vanity size is another crucial point. You may not have enough space in the bathroom, but if a double basin vanity is your choice of interest, then what would you do? Again, having size measurements will help you reach a rational decision.


There are several types/styles of bathroom vanities we have discussed above. Which style will be best? It can be anything from a standing wall, simple to a corner one. Being creative is appreciated as long as it doesn’t cause any mismatch.


By calculating your available space, and required storage, and getting your bathroom vanity size, you need to decide what type of sink should suit. As per the space, you can install 1-2 sinks of any type.


Choosing a faucet also counts. Make sure your water line is compatible with your faucet. While buying it, take note of your water supply line, shutoff valves, and sink design.


Installing a bathroom vanity will require you to hire a plumber unless you know this work. If you are doing it yourself, make sure your vanity isn’t something that tires you out. Also, avoid complicated installations if you are not going to remodel your bathroom.


Don’t compromise with price. The average price may vary, but it is not wise to consider the drastically reduced-price product- you don’t know whether it will work well or not. Hence, the quality and capacity would determine the price.

What are bathroom vanities made of?

Bathroom vanities or cabinets are made of wood, plywood, MDF, PVC, particleboard, etc.

How tall/ high can bathroom vanities be?

Nowadays, height has become a trend for vanities. Modern vanities range from up to 36 inches from the floor. However, the standard height is around 32 inches.

How deep can bathroom vanities be?

18 to 21 inches bathroom vanities are mostly sought after.

What are the standard sizes of bathroom vanity?

Standard vanities have widths of 24 to 72 inches. Along with that, around 32 inches high and 20 inches depth should work fine.

What is the best size 2 sink bathroom vanity?

For installing a 2-sink bathroom vanity, 60 inches is a good fit.

Do bathroom vanities need to match your home furniture?

No, it is not necessary. Rather, focus on what you prefer.

How much space should I leave between a shower and a vanity?

NKBA designers suggest leaving a 30 inches gap between the vanity and any other fixture.

Are vanity units expensive?

In most cases, bathroom vanities seem expensive for their material; but it’s rational as this piece has to face water, moisture, and humidity regularly.

What color bathroom vanity suits the best?

Colors like black, white, gray, ivory, ebony, beige, and taupe are the most popular colors that go well.

How do I choose a vanity top?

As for your vanity top, you should pick up something that is easy to clean, humidity won’t affect it, and will last long.


Being an integral part of a bathroom, a vanity surely plays a vital role in preventing your bathroom from being messy. However, before buying one, make sure to do your research. Hopefully, our information will help you get a good lead.

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