Where to Buy Kitchen Cabinets Online – Top Rated Brands & Stores 2023

Furniture beetles/ water damaged a cabinet? Want to change? Where to buy kitchen cabinets? Click to know the top 5 online platforms housing all renowned brands.

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A kitchen! 

Piled up dishes- scattered glassware. 

Spoons and forks- who knows where? 

Let’s end the mess here.

Solution? A kitchen cabinet. 

But the ones your neighbors use may not work for you. 

Why? Requirements and preferences vary!  

You need a priority check.  

But don’t worry much!

We, QP Review, welcome you to our brand new article to find the best cabinets online through-

  • Answers to FAQs
  • Tips for safe buying
  • Best 7 cabinet brands
  • Our reasons for choosing them
  • Top 5 home improvement e-commerce platforms

Let’s not keep you waiting.

Which Kitchen Cabinets are the Best? Top-Rated Brands in the USA

parriott wood kitchen cabinet

Modern kitchen cabinets from renowned brands are just not a cabinet; they are like a solution. That’s why finding the best cabinets isn’t an easy process at all. 

So, we rolled our sleeves to conduct market research for making a top list of best brands. During the process, many brands made their way to our shortlist, which was very confusing. We dug deeper into the process and narrowed those brands down under different criteria. Lastly, these 7 top-rated cabinet brands of the USA remain-

  • Prepac
  • Sauder
  • Vasagle
  • Hodedah
  • South Shore
  • Walker Edison
  • Bush Furniture

Let’s get to know these brands one by one.

Bush Furniture

bush furniture logo

Bush Industry, Inc. has been a leading furniture manufacturer in NY for more than 60 years. Bush Furniture is one of its operating businesses, which aims to deliver trendy and stylish products.

It is committed to fulfilling international clients’ demands with a fast and affordable solution. Under various categories, bush furniture has extended its products fitting for office and living spaces. And those are available on major e-commerce sites for eager clients to find easily.


vasagle furniture logo

Vasagle is one of the best-selling brands on Amazon. It intends to reinvigorate a home with versatile home decor products.

By following international quality standards, it is helping international clients to furnish their homes, paying heed to individual preferences.

Besides working towards improving customer experience, it is ensuring quality products. The furniture it offers them through different channels is individualized, durable, versatile, good quality, affordable, and flexible even for small spaces.


prepac furniture logo

Prepac was founded in 1979 as a home furnishing company. It is one of the largest RTA (ready-to-assemble) furniture manufacturers in North America (especially in Canada).

Decorating anywhere from home to office, Prepac has everything to complement a room whenever and wherever required. Moreover, those are always available for shipping.

Prepac offers furniture that is innovative and stylish. Prepac processes orders and delivers products to clients’ doorstep with a fast logistic system within the fastest possible time.

Walker Edison

walker edison furniture logo

Walker Edison is a leading partner of e-commerce and a renowned furniture supplier. In 2006, it started its commercial journey in Salt Lake City in the U.S.

With a wide range of products delivered in different parts of the world, it has gained ground from international buyers.

In addition, it desires to become a trendsetter of home decor products by assisting all types of clients. So, those who are searching for their required designed furniture, peek at Walker Edison for once.


sauder furniture logo

Sauder, a leading ready-to-assemble (RTA) furniture provider in North America, is mostly recognized for residential furniture.

It has been in this industry since 1934. Determination to serve the best products and ingenuity to work has helped the brand flourish faster.

The factory which produces over 40,000 pieces of furniture every day is technologically advanced. International clients seem to look to Sauder when they are to renew their home, as it backs the products with comprehensive coverage.


hodedah furniture logo

With a unique style and resolution to stay ahead of the trend, Hodedah was founded in 2005.

Since then, it has been steadily growing and serving clients through pairing up with many e-commerce sites.

It is trying to ensure customer experience as a brand of quality furniture. From modern, trendy to contemporary or classic to meet your needs- it offers a wide range of room furnishing furniture at an affordable price.

South Shore

south shore furniture logo

Canadian furniture manufacturer South Shore is our last pick. It has been a business for its quality furniture for ages.

In addition, it is equipped with highly technologized tools to ensure that the offered products have equal standard quality.

The company has been demonstrating its commitment that doesn’t end only after purchasing. With an in-house specialists team, it has been performing the task of offering quality products fine. Also, it’s been helping buyers to have the products and assemble those whenever they need them.

Where to Buy Kitchen Cabinets Online?

21st-century customers are proactive on the internet. As a result, e-shops have brought everything to their fingertips.

Our researchers have reviewed popular e-commerce sites and online stores, and these 5 sites have topped for selling kitchen cabinets online.

Kitchen Cabinets at Amazon






Home Styles Pantry

Home Styles

Hodedah Kitchen Cabinet


HOMCOM Pantry Cabinet


The online shopping giant Amazon is a successful e-commerce platform for any products. Being one of the most influential platforms, Amazon has accommodated different product brands from every corner of the world.

The best part of Amazon is, this easy-to-navigate site is an easy place for shopping. Searching, adding to a cart, ordering, delivering- all these activities are simple for anyone from almost any place. Online shoppers say to have a pleasant journey.

So, for your kitchen cabinet hunting, spend some time on Amazon. You will find those brands with an extensive array of cabinets, numerous designs, along with direct customer reviews.

Why Do We Recommend to Buy Kitchen Cabinets From Amazon?

  • Easy to order
  • Global shipping
  • Product’s availability
  • Best pricing options available
  • Access to renowned brands’ cabinets
  • Users’ review for accurate information
  • The biggest e-shopping platform for any products

Kitchen Cabinets at Home Depot






Design Kitchen Cabinet

Design House

Hampton Kitchen Cabinet

Hampton Bay

StyleWell Kitchen Pantry


Home Depot is the largest and most well-established home improvement retailer in the US. Respecting its marketability, it assists clients with service and knowledge, apart from products.

For remodeling your home/kitchen, It is the perfect one-stop place for all types of products. It ensures customers’ needs are answered. These helped it gain positive reviews from international buyers.

Home Depot proudly states it offers the right kitchen cabinet. Its kitchen cabinetries are of wide range, exquisite design, and good quality. The site is decorated with different features and categories, navigating it is pretty easy, and so is choosing cabinets.

Why Do We Recommend to Buy Kitchen Cabinets From Home Depot?

  • Quality products
  • Affordable pricing
  • A brand for professionals
  • Satisfactory client service
  • Best for home improvement products

Kitchen Cabinets at Lowes






Allen-Roth Stonewall Cabinet


Project Source Stock Cabinet

Project Source

Diamond NOW Stock Cabinet

Diamond NOW

Lowes is the 2nd largest home improvement retail company based in the USA. Ensuring quality, serving products worthy of a penny, and making clients happy, the brand delivers the right products to decorate a home.

If you are looking for a cabinet, Lowes should not skip your search list. As it offers almost every type of home improvement product with lots of design, the same goes for the cabinets. There are plenty of options to choose from.

On their site, you have the liberty to customize your preference from Type, Door Style, Price, Rating, Material, Dimension, Features, and so on. So if you have yet to look, just do it.

Why Do We Recommend to Buy Kitchen Cabinets From Lowes?

  • Easy to order
  • Timely delivery
  • Competitive price
  • Product quality and variations
  • Has both online and physical store

Kitchen Cabinets at IKEA






SEKTION Base Cabinet

IKEA Sekiton

SEKTION Base Cooktop

IKEA Sekiton

SEKTION Wall Cabinet

IKEA Sekiton

IKEA is a Sweden-based furniture retail company. With the vision of ‘creating a better everyday life, it has been offering well-designed and low pricing home furnishing products to people all around the globe.

It is another top-prioritized platform you can add to your search list of kitchen cabinets. It has eyes on trends and user-friendly features.

Ikea has stored cabinets including traditional, modern, and rustic. And these cabinets have durability. In some cases, cabinets come paired with sinks, faucets, and even appliances. The amazing fact is that all of the cabinets have a 25-year warranty.

Why Do We Recommend to Buy Kitchen Cabinets From IKEA?

  • Quality products
  • Affordable pricing
  • Good customer service
  • Wide range of cabinets
  • Modern design and variations

Kitchen Cabinets at Menards






Cardell Cooktop Base Cabinet


Klearvue Cabinetry Base Cabinet

Klearvue Cabinetry

Kitchen Kompact Wall Cabinet

Kitchen Kompact

Menards is the last one to rank on our top list. It is the 3rd largest home improvement retail company in the US. It is dedicated to and capable of providing quality products and services.

Many a brand has gathered here with tools, supplies, and materials, but those are comparatively low priced. So along with fulfilling customers’ needs, it is helping create economic growth.

You can pay a visit to Menards while you’re searching for kitchen cabinets. You will produce industrial-grade materials within your budget, not to mention the range of styles, designs, and prices.

Why Do We Recommend to Buy Kitchen Cabinets From Menards?

  • Elegant design
  • Product durability
  • Custom order option
  • Reputed customer service

Cabinet Buying Tips to Avoid Risk

Furniture like kitchen cabinets is normally used for a long time. So, take note of these buying factors to avoid any uncertain situation. These may help ensure that you have taken the right approach.

While choosing your online marketplace-

  • Delivery system
  • Ordering process
  • Check out reviews
  • Browse their galleries
  • After purchase service
  • Pick the reputed retailers

While choosing your cabinet –

  • Check the price.
  • Fixate your preference (design, cost).
  • Measure your kitchen for cabinet placement.
  • Check features (such as childproof, drawers, and shelves)
  • Compare different cabinets (Material, style, color, warranty).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Are kitchen cabinets made of solid wood?

It depends. Wood or wood-based materials like plywood, hardwood, and particle board are mainly used to make kitchen cabinets.

Will kitchen cabinets get stained?

Kitchen cabinets are painted so as not to get stained. However, years later, it’s natural for those to get stained or scratched due to continuous usage!

When should I replace the kitchen cabinets?

Damage, break, lamination peels, wood color change- if situations like these arise, you should consider replacing your cabinet.

Which Kitchen Cabinets are the Cheapest?

The cabinet price depends on the material. Pine is known as the cheapest material for cabinet wood. Whereas, Mahogany is the most expensive one.

How much does a kitchen cabinet cost?

Price varies. However, good quality and well-designed cabinet prices start from around $150.

What kind of paint should I use on the kitchen cabinets?

Acrylic latex paint is mainly used for coloring kitchen cabinets because it is easy to clean and lasts long.

What color do walls go well with gray kitchen cabinets?

White or any contrasting color will look good with your gray kitchen cabinet.

What color hardware suits white kitchen cabinets?

White is an elegant choice for a kitchen cabinet, so pick colors like white, wood, or black for your hardware to complement your kitchen.

What size of crown molding is suitable for kitchen cabinets?

Experts suggest following these sizes for kitchen crown molding- 1. Up to 8 feet (wall): 2-7 inches 2. 9-10 feet (wall): 3-7.5 inches 3. Above 10 feet (wall): 4-12 inches.


A well-sized and well-designed cabinetry plays a significant role in embellishing your kitchen. And renowned marketplaces have been updating their cabinetry products as per trends and clients’ demands.

Hope this article has helped you find an answer to sudden arisen confusion.

Don’t forget to check out our next articles to find more of your home decor solutions!

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