Best Kraus Kitchen Sink Reviews 2023 – Tested, Compared and Recommended

How are sinks any different? Aren’t they all the same - just sinks? Yes, only if you purchase those. The best Kraus sinks are anything but ordinary. Learn why.

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Sinks aren’t the most interesting thing in the world. Do you know what is even less interesting? Having to do your dishes and finding out your sink broke down or just isn’t performing as it should.

Well, luckily, we are here to tell you which one is the best Kraus sink for you. We rounded up 10 top Kraus sinks and reviewed them so you can pick the one that suits your needs.

At the end of the day, you will walk away knowing which sink to get and also what you need to look for when shopping for one. What you’re looking for is good sink durability, the right size, types of Kitchen sink, and also ease of use.

Plus, if you can integrated-ledge, TRU16 or T304 steel construction, and quiet operation, that’s something you should definitely go for. That’s why you should read our reviews right here.

Top 10 Best Kraus Sink Reviews & Ultimate Guide

Kraus started its journey in 2007 and, within a short number of years, has managed to become one of the best kitchen sink manufacturers with a lot of products in their lineup.

That many products can make it difficult to choose one. So, here is top 10 Kraus sink reviews for your kitchen.

1. KRAUS KWU110 model kitchen sink

Latest Price On

This is perhaps the top rated Kraus sink you will find right now and rightfully. What makes it so special then? Well, apart from the cool under-mount kitchen sink design ideas, there are a couple of things.

Integrated Ledge: One of the things we love about this one is the integrated ledge. It allows you to install different kinds of accessories so you can work smarter. As we always say, why work harder when you can work smarter.

There are a lot of accessories you can choose from — for example, a dish drying rack, bamboo cutting board, strainer, and more. This will help you free up some space on your countertop which is great if you have limited space.

TRU16 Steel Construction: No point in having a super versatile sink if it won’t last long. Thankfully, durability isn’t a concern with this kitchen sink, thanks to its TRU16 steel construction.

This heavy-duty steel is super tough and resists dents and corrosion. Plus, you also don’t have to worry about rust. One thing is for sure, if you take proper care of it, the Kraus KWU110 will last you a long time.

Easy to Drain and Clean: Another cool feature we love about this one is how easy it’s to drain. The off-set drain gently slopes which guide the water smoothly to the drain. You won’t have to deal with water accumulating in it when you don’t want it to.

Want more convenience? How does a sink that is easy to clean and maintain sound? The stainless steel is super easy to clean after use. Which means you can keep your brand-new sink looking pristine for longer.

This is one of the top choice Kraus stainless steel farmhouse sinks you can find right now.


  • Looks stylish
  • Sloped design is easy to drain
  • Supports different mounted accessories
  • Solid construction thanks to T304 steel
  • Undermount sinks makes cleaning countertops easy


  • Prone to scratching a bit

2. KRAUS KHU100 model stainless steel kitchen sink

Latest Price On

If the last one was a bit too big for you, this one deserves a closer look.

Quiet Operation: Nothing is quite as annoying as a noisy sink. When you’re washing the dishes or preparing vegetables, you don’t want the vibrations to disturb you. With Kraus’ NoiseDefend technology, noise isn’t a problem anymore.

It boasts superior soundproofing technology with a Sound Guard coating. This coating is non-toxic for those of you who are wondering. So, it’s perfectly safe.

T304 Steel Build: If Kraus is known for one thing, it has to be their design, functionality, and also durability. Made with T304 stainless steel, this sink has the durability aspect nailed down.

It’s robust and is corrosion and rust-resistant. Sinks go through a lot when under operation. You want one that can withstand the elements. And this one is certainly up for the job. We also love how well it matches other appliances.

The finish blends in nicely with almost all kitchen décor and will spruce up your kitchen’s aesthetics. This Kraus 30-inch undermount sink you can buy for your kitchen if you want a durable one.

Maintenance is a Breeze: Not to be outdone by the previous one, this sink is also easy to clean and maintain. The finish lends itself nicely when it comes to just washing away any food particles that might be stuck.

Your kitchen is where you prepare food (duh). So, that is one area you definitely want to keep as hygienic as possible.


  • Good minimal design
  • Free accessories included
  • Matches almost all appliances
  • T304 steel gives you solid build quality
  • Quiet operation because of Noise Defend technology


  • Sound Guard undercoating covers 80% of the sink

3. Kraus Quarza KGD-433B Model Granite Kitchen Sink

Latest Price On

If looks are one of your main priorities, the Quarza KGD-433B is a top rated Kraus sink that has a granite finish and is a double-bowl one too.

Double-Bowl: All of the sinks we have seen so far have been single-bowl. While single bowls have their place in the world, double bowl sinks are also pretty solid. You have two distinct bowls to work with.

This means, if you’re using one, the other is free at all times. You can get smart with it and use each bowl for different things. If you’re a competent multitasker, you will get more done. Finishing up your work as fast as possible? Now, that is an option worth having.

Solid Stone-Like Construction: This one uses a stone-like material for its build. It not only gives you leading durability but also is quite the looker as well. We love the stealthy black look, and in the right kitchen, this sink will really come to its own.

Those of you who are looking for a high-end kitchen sink with a dark aesthetic for a high-end home needs to check this one out.

Even if you don’t want it for a high-end home, you will still love the modern and classy design. Plus, it isn’t just beauty either. It’s super durable and is resistant to thermal shocks and impacts.

Naturally Hygienic: Enriched with silver ions, this sink will naturally repel germs which makes your job cleaning it much easier. It’s a low-maintenance sink that looks good – that’s a win-win situation right there.

Don’t get us wrong though. You still need to clean it from time to time, but its germ repelling properties are still nice to have.


  • Looks very premium
  • Heat resistant up to 650 F
  • Thick stone gives you durability
  • Naturally hygienic so it’s easy to clean
  • Stone absorbs vibrations and gives you quite an operation


  • Double bowl sinks aren’t as spacious

4. KRAUS KWU110 Model 32 Inch Kitchen Sink

Latest Price On

Take our review of the KHU100 30-inch and just make the sink 2 inches bigger. You will have this KHU100 32-inch. It shares all the features that make the other sink so great but adds more space.

Large Bowl Size: Families with lots of people will love the larger bowl. It will easily fit more dishes. The larger size means you get a deep basin. This will make fitting larger pots easy as well.

Although we must say before you pull the trigger on this one, make sure you check to see if it will fit in your kitchen or not. That is a major consideration. Speaking of considerations, we also have a complete buyer’s guide coming up. So, keep on reading.

Thick Steel Build: This sink is made from 1.5mm thick stainless steel that is super durable and also has other features. What other features? Well, everything you would expect from a Kraus kitchen sink is here.

It’s rust and corrosion-resistant. The finish is just one of the best we have seen so far in the market, and you won’t be disappointed getting it. Again, the finish also lends itself to make this a very quiet sink too. Noise and vibrations are kept minimal.

It features the same thick pads that cover 80% of the sink to battle those annoying vibrations.

Easy to Clean: A big family can make a big mess. Fortunately, this is one of the easier sinks to clean. Food particles aren’t as hard to remove. Water draining is easy too. The sloped gradient removes all standing water quickly and without any hassle.


  • Fits larger pots
  • Easy to clean satin finish
  • Sloped bottom for easy draining
  • Large basin gives you more room to work with
  • Durable build quality from the stainless-steel construction


  • Large size might not fit all kitchens

5. KRAUS KWU103 Model 32 Inch Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

Latest Price On

This is a bit of a unique one. It’s a double bowl but the bowls aren’t the same size. Which if you think about it is quite a genius move.

Double Bowl with a Twist: The bowls aren’t the same size. One is bigger than the other, which means you can use the bigger one for washing dishes while the other can be free for everything else.

Depending on what you’re doing, pick which bowl to use, and you then need to clean up that one only. The possibilities are endless. We sometimes complain that double-bowl sinks aren’t as spacious as single-bowl ones.

With this one, you sort of are getting the best of both worlds.

Durable T304 Steel Construction: Apart from the clever functionality the unique bowl design provides, this sink is made to be very strong and robust as well. It’s made from the tried and tested T304 stainless steel and is one of the most durable sinks you will find in the market with this design.

Dent resistant and also sound-absorbing too. Low noise and long-lasting. Now that is what we call striking the perfect balance.

Tight Radius Makes It Easy to Clean and Drain: Draining and cleaning are also super easy with this one. The corners have a tight radius which makes wiping it down (or giving it a deep clean) super easy. If your old sink had an issue with draining, you will love this one.

The drain opening is off-set. Plus, the channeled grooves effortlessly guide the water to the drain. Standing water is a non-issue with this one. The KHU103 is a superb choice for a Kraus undermount kitchen sink. But we wouldn’t completely disregard the first sink either if you want an undermount option.


  • Easy to drain off-set design
  • Radial corners are easy to clean
  • Clever 60/40 double bowl design
  • Solid T304 stainless steel construction
  • Undermount design will make your countertop look very sleek


  • Non-traditional double bowl design might put some people off

6. KRAUS Forteza KGD-50BLACK Model Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

Latest Price On

So, you love the idea of having a double bowl sink with different basin sizes but don’t quite like the steel finish. We hear you over here, and that’s why we included this one — a mighty good-looking granite sink with a 60/40 double bowl design.

Granite Build: Few things shout premium, like a granite sink. It looks very stylish with an all-black finish and is durable as well. Kraus uses a proprietary manufacturing process to achieve their legendary durability.

Thermal shocks or impacts are something you don’t have to worry about with this one. That isn’t the only impressive thing about it. The finish will even prevent scratches, chipping, and cracking.

Poorly made sinks might buckle under heat. Say you keep a hot pot in it, the finish can wear out. Not this one though. Its composite material is designed to withstand up to 650 F.

Sinks are an investment. It makes sense to get one that will last you a long time. And this one with its solid durability looks like the one to get.

Stylish Design: We can’t help ourselves but talk about how good this sink looks. It’s a dual mount sink, by the way. You can install it over your countertop and also under it. But boy does it look good either way!

Furthermore, the sleek, stealthy black aesthetic will add ambiance to any kitchen. The upper side of one of the bowls is curved, which also adds another element to the overall design. One look at this sink, and it’s pretty easy to say that this is a high-end product.

Easy to Clean and Drain: Your high-end and gorgeous sink will keep looking pristine since it’s very clean, and standing water isn’t a problem either. That is thanks to the fantastic drainage system.

The surface of the sink is non-porous and repels stains from food and liquids. You don’t need to use harsh and potentially harmful chemicals to clean it.


  • Gorgeous design
  • Dual mount design
  • Easy to clean finish
  • Durable granite build
  • 60/40 double bowl design
  • Off-set drain eliminates standing water problem


  • Needs to be installed carefully when going the undermount route

7. Kraus KBU21 Model 30 Inch Double Bowl Sink

Latest Price On

Double bowl sink that checks all the major boxes. That is how we would describe this one. When you buy a Kraus sink, there isn’t a lot of room left to nitpick. This one is the perfect example of that.

Non-Porous Surface: One of the first reasons why we think this one checks all the boxes of a good sink is the surface. It’s non-porous. Which if you have read our previous review, you will know that means it’s very easy to clean.

Washing the dishes every day is enough of a chore. You certainly don’t need a difficult sink that’s hard to clean. Thankfully, that isn’t an issue with this one. Did we mention it’s stain-resistant as well? Because it is.

Durable T304 Steel Construction: Made from T304 grade stainless steel, you get a good-looking and very durable build-quality. We love how it’s corrosion-resistant and will keep its shine for longer.

One thing is for sure, you won’t be needing to replace your sink anytime soon if you go with this one. A lot of other sinks in the market are prone to scratching — not this one from Kraus.

The guys over there made sure the surface is scratch-resistant. Sure, you can scratch it if you really want to. But with normal use, it will hold up better compared to other low-end sinks.

Noise Dampening: Thick rubber pads provide excellent sound insulation, so you can use the sink without any disturbance. Vibrations and sounds are all taken care of.


  • Robust T304 steel build
  • Sound insulation reduces noise and vibrations
  • Effortless to drain with large drain holes and off-set design
  • Easy to clean thanks to non-porous and stain-resistant surface


  • Prone to water spots

8. Kraus KGU-413B Model Undermount Kitchen Sink

Latest Price On

Okay, let’s state the obvious here. You are going to see a lot of granite sinks in this latter part of the review. We can’t help it. They are just so good. But the unique thing about this one is it’s rectangular.

Extra Deep Basin: Have large pots that need to be washed? The extra-deep basin of this sink is perfect for that. Having a deep basin is also good when it comes to avoiding water backsplash.

Durable Construction: This is no surprise by now that granite sinks are very durable. It’s the same affair with this one. The durable granite constructions not only look absolutely fantastic but will also hold up wear and tear better during normal use. It’s scratch and stain-resistant.

Easy to Clean: The corners are rounded, and a non-porous surface makes this sink a joy to clean. You don’t have to waste too much elbow grease wiping this thing clean. Food particles don’t stick to it easily, and if some do, you can easily wash it off.

This means the cool design and shine are here to stay. A sink that is easy to maintain is one of those things in life you don’t know you missed until you have one. Trust us, once you get used to this sink, it will be hard to go back.

Great Sound Dampening: What good is an easy-to-maintain sink if it sounds like a fighter jet when you use it? Okay, we may be going a little overboard with that but some sinks really do make lots of vibrations and noise.

Moreover, the sound dampening on the KGU-413B however is top class. The thick rubber pads give you ample noise insulation.


  • Very cool design
  • Deep basin with lots of room
  • Solid granite gives you durability
  • Thick dampening pads provide good noise insulation
  • Non-porous and satin finish is easy to maintain and clean


  • Irregular shape might put some people off

9. Kraus KGD-410B Model Dual Mount Kitchen Sink

Latest Price On

If you want a granite sink that is a single bowl from Kraus, the perfect option for you is the KGD-410B.

Easy to Clean and Naturally Hygienic: This is a nice perk of granite sinks. They are naturally hygienic. You can clean it easily, and crumbs don’t stick to the sink too much either. Granite sinks are known to look super cool too.

And those looks are easy to preserve when you have a sink that’s as low maintenance as this one. The surface is very resistant to grime and dirt, and you can just wipe it clean.

Seamless Undermount Design: As far as getting a Kraus undermount kitchen sink goes, this is perhaps one of the more premium options. What you get is a seamless transition from the sink to the countertop.

That leaves the sink area looking very premium and classy. Those who are keen on aesthetics will appreciate this one. The design and the mounting process are sure to spruce up any kitchen.

Its design is very minimal and classy. You won’t have any problem pairing it up with all sorts of kitchen décor.

Great List of Included Accessories: Do you know what is better than getting a great sink? Getting a great sink that comes with lots of included accessories. That is exactly what you get with this one. It includes a basket strainer, kitchen towel, mounting hardware, and more.

You should be pretty set right from the get-go. And that is something no one can complain about. This is a 24-inch sink, though. So, it might be too small for some.


  • Minimal and classy design
  • Durable granite construction
  • Full-featured set with accessories
  • Quiet operation since the stone eliminated vibrations and noise
  • Undermount installation creates a seamless look for your kitchen
  • Naturally hygienic and silver ions enriched which makes it easy to clean


  • A 24-inch sink might be too small for some people

10. Kraus KBU14 Model Undermount Kitchen Sink

Latest Price On

Minimal, unassuming, but packed with features. This is a great Kraus 32-inch undermount sink. It isn’t exactly 32 inches, though. It’s 31.5 inches, but the sheer quality of this sink is phenomenal and is an easy recommendation from Quality product reviews site.

T304 Steel Build: Undermount sinks need to be robust and very tough. That is why Kraus has decided to use T304 stainless steel for this. The material is very strong and has rust and corrosion-resisting properties.

The 1.5mm thick steel will ensure your sink will last long and work just like day one for years to come. Undermount sinks look very cool. But if those looks aren’t matched with longevity, there isn’t much of a point, is there? A durable sink like this one will make sure your investment is worth it.

Quiet Operation: The sound is taken care of by the thick rubber padding. It covers 80% of the body, so you aren’t bothered by disturbing vibrations while you’re using the sink.

On top of that, there is a non-toxic undercoating to dampen noise even further. All these together make for a pleasurable experience using it.

Included Accessories: Who doesn’t love free stuff? The KBU14 comes with lots of free accessories. They aren’t just your run-of-the-mill ones either. You get useful items like premium basket strainers, mounting hardware, kitchen towel, and more. That makes this already great value sink into an even better one.


  • Tough T304 construction
  • Comes with free accessories
  • Satin finish is effortless to clean
  • Noise dampening is superb thanks to the thick dampening pads


  • Silver steel finish won’t work for you if you want a granite dark coating

How to choose the right kitchen sink? Expert guide

Here is the deal. It’s easy choosing one from our Kraus kitchen sink review because they are all great. But if you need to be extra sure in picking the perfect sink for yourself, there are some things you need to look out for. That way, you will end up making a more informed decision with your hard-earned money.

Kitchen sink size

This is a big one. Not all sinks will fit perfectly in all kitchens. You need to make sure that you buy the one that is the right size for your kitchen.

Some sinks are larger, and some are smaller. Depending on what you need (and can fit) your purchase decision might vary. The size doesn’t only dictate whether it will fit inside your kitchen or not but will also affect your use case.

If you have a large family, you might want a slightly larger sink. That will make washing all those dishes after a family dinner easier. Then you have deep basins. Deep basins are very convenient. But they also come at a cost.

Deeper sinks might make you sacrifice some storage space underneath the sink. So, that is something to think about. It’s a balancing act really. You want a sink that will fit in your kitchen, but also one that isn’t obnoxiously too large or small.

Double bowl or single bowl sink

This will come down to personal preference. There is no right or wrong choice here. Both double and single bowl kitchen sinks have their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Single bowl sinks give you more wiggle room. You have a large single bowl that can be used easily without much fumbling. Plus, we think single bowl sinks are easier to clean.

Double bowls are cool in the sense that you can have one bowl free and work on the other. Then if you need to use both, you can. This way you use each sink for different purposes.

However, they are just a bit more cumbersome to clean but not by much. Then there is also individual bowl size. If you go with a double bowl, you can have both be the same size.

Alternatively, you can opt for one that has a smaller bowl and a larger bowl. It will depend on your use case and what type of sink you want.

Mount Style

When it comes to kitchen sinks, you basically have two options. You can either go the undermount route or the top mount route. Both are good and have pros and cons.

Undermount sinks definitely look cooler, but they are also more expensive. However, they will last longer when properly installed.

Top-mounted sinks are cheaper to install, but they don’t look as cool.

If you want more counter space, then the seamless installation of an undermount sink will be perfect for that. These types of sinks also win when it comes to resale value.

Drop-in sinks or top-mounted sinks won’t fetch you the same price when you’re going to sell them in the second-hand market either.

As you can see, both have their own pros and cons. Before you choose a sink, make sure what type of sink mounting you want.


Then you have the durability to think about. This is, of course, pretty important as well. The last thing you want is to pay hundreds of dollars to have your sink installed, and then after a couple of months, it breaks or dents.

Making sure you get one that is durable and resistant to rust, corrosion and dents is crucial. While dent-resistant might not be as important as the other two, it’s still a bonus to have.

Look for solid materials like stainless steel or granite. These will help your sink last longer. A satin finish on the sink will also go a long way in keeping it looking shiny.

Easy cleaning and draining

Another thing you should look out for is easy cleaning and draining. This will make your daily life much easier. When you’re done with cleaning the dishes, you don’t want a difficult-to-clean sink to deal after.

And good draining helps mitigate standing water. The water will smoothly run down the drain, and that’s what you’re looking for.

Consider price and brand

When it comes to price, settle for one that satisfies the criteria we mentioned and fits your budget. And when you have the basics covered, then you can go for the one that your budget will allow — no need to spend extra on unnecessary fluff.

As for the brand, all the ones in this review are from Kraus. They are a top-quality brand that has a reputation for making solid products that are both durable and functional.

Where are Kraus sinks made?

Ans: Kraus is an American brand that manufactures its sinks in China and India. They make sure each sink is up to their standard and quality.

When to replace the kitchen sink?

Ans: There are some telltale signs you can look out for to know when you should replace your kitchen sink. The most obvious one is visible wear and tear. If your sink is chipped or broken on the sides or just isn’t functioning as it should, it might be time for a replacement.

Also, if your sinks keep continuously breaking down and you’re having to repair them all the time, it might be just better to get a new sink. This might also end up saving you money in the long run. And of course, if your sink is outdated and old, you can replace it then too.

Do kitchen sinks come with drains?

Ans: Kitchen sinks will almost come with drains. Draining is a very important aspect of any sink; you will probably say manufacturers even advertise how well the sink drains.

Does the kitchen sink drain to the septic tank?

Ans: Yes, all drains in your home will go to a single point. It is usually the septic tank. So, it’s a good idea to be mindful of what you drain down your sink.

What are the standard kitchen sink sizes?

Ans: The standard kitchen sink size is between 30 to 33 inches. But depending on your needs, you can go above or below this.

What size sink fits in a 24-inch cabinet?

Ans: A 24-inch cabinet will easily fit a 22″x30″ sink.

What kitchen sink material is best?

Ans: Ideally, you would want to go with stainless steel or granite for durability and longevity. Granite sinks also look really stylish.

Which type of kitchen sink is best?

Ans: This will depend on what your preference is. You can either go with an undermount sink or a drop-in sink. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Final Words

Now, you should have a pretty clear idea of which kraus sink is suitable for your kitchen. But more importantly, you know which one is right for you. Materials and ease of cleaning are important.

But also take into consideration the size of your cabinet and also your use case. Do you want a single bowl or a double bowl sink? We love the Kraus KWU110 for its overall value. It checks all the boxes for design, durability, and also the functionality.

The Kraus KGD-410B is great if you want to get a smaller one and also maybe save some money in the process. But for the best-looking one, we can’t help but go with the Quarza KGD-433B.

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