Top 15 Unique Kitchen Curtain Ideas Above the Sink to Transform Your Space!

Are you hunting for the best kitchen curtain ideas above the sinks? Here are the top 15 trendy kitchen window curtains for you. Choose the best one!

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Most homes have one thing in common: a window over the kitchen sink! Effective window treatments are essential if you want to create a soothing and lovely environment in your kitchen.

Thus, you will need the right kitchen sink curtain for the perfect window treatment. If you’re looking for this, you’ve come to the right place because we’ve compiled some of the curtains for kitchen window above sink and options for you.

QP experts have done a lot of studies and checked out tons of available kitchen window curtains on the market. And they have brought you the best options.

In this post, you are going to get the top trendy kitchen curtain ideas above sink. Before that, let’s have a clear idea of the type of curtains that you should choose for your kitchen sink window.

What type of curtain to put above the kitchen sink?

Installing a kitchen sink curtain is a vital step by which you can improve and enhance your kitchen efficiency. When it comes to sink curtains, choosing the right one is the most important factor.

You might be thinking about what type of curtain to put above the kitchen sink. You can choose any type of curtain, like a roller shade, farmhouse valance, lower-half curtain, etc.

However, you will need to make sure that your curtain can provide you with certain benefits, such as:

  • The privacy of the kitchen needs to be ensured
  • Curtains should be the perfect size to fit the window
  • Curtains’ contribution to decor kitchen needs to be considered
  • The curtains should be able to filter the daylight and let it enter the kitchen

Consider these before choosing the kitchen window curtains above sink. If any curtain meets all of the aforementioned requirements, you can choose it regardless of its type.

Get Inspired by These Stunning Kitchen Curtain Ideas Above the Sink

You have a lot of options to choose from. But not all those are going to fit your requirements. You need to choose the best over the sink kitchen window treatments, considering the size of the window, your kitchen decoration style, and decorating purposes. There are a lot of improvements you can make to enhance the outlook of your kitchen.

Here is a list of the top 15 trendy kitchen sink window curtains for your window treatment. Check these out-

1. No. 918 Rod Pocket Kitchen Curtain

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No. 918 is one of the best curtain brands that offers a wide range of classic, traditional, and contemporary window curtains. It produces a variety of kitchen curtains & valance that comes in different designs, patterns, colors, and fabrications.

This Semi-Sheer Rod Pocket curtain is a great item by which you can dress up your kitchen window above the sink. By the style and pattern, the curtain is versatile. You can use it in your bathroom too.

It is made from soft microfiber fabric and comes with a valance and 2 tier curtains. Besides providing privacy, it filters light gently and allows a certain amount of natural light into the kitchen.

This kitchen sink curtain also contributes as a decorative item in the kitchen. It is available in seven colors including black, yellow, navy blue, etc.


  • Machine washable
  • Made from soft microfiber
  • Easy hanging on a standard curtain rod
  • Provide a sufficient amount by filtering sunlight


2. PONY DANCE Kitchen Curtain

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Pony Dance is another prominent manufacturer in the curtain market. It offers pocket-top room curtains for small kitchen windows over the sink. So, you can also use them for any small windows in the bathroom and bedroom too.

These curtains are made from high-quality polyester. It comes with 2-tier curtains. It can nicely block sunlight from entering the room and protect the privacy of the room.

Since it covers half of the window you will get sufficient daylight from the uncovered parts.

Tailored blackout curtain valances with 3″ rod pocket and 6 back loops. The elegant appearance also makes it a suitable item for kitchen decoration.

Back loops, rod pockets, and clip-rings- in these 3 ways you can hang these curtains.

These curtains are available in 18 colors and different sizes.


  • Skin-friendly
  • Multiple hanging options
  • Huge collection of colors
  • 100% high-quality polyester


  • Kitchen curtains have limited size options.

3. Achim Home Furnishings Kitchen Curtain

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If you are looking for something extraordinary over the cover of the 24-hour 24-hour kitchen curtains, you should consider Achim Home Curtains as a better option.

The beautiful curtain set is made from polyester. It comes with a pair of tailored tiers, a ruffled topper, attached valance, and a pair of tiebacks. Tiebacks allow you to shift into another form of design and functionality.

The thickness of the fabric is perfect for allowing eye-pleasing sunlight as well as securing privacy. Plus, this kitchen sink window curtain will make your kitchen feel cozy.

It offers only 57×24 and 57×26. However, these curtains easily fit into any kind of kitchen window. The best part about this curtain is that it can dramatically change the overall outlook of your kitchen.


  • Looks great as a decoration item
  • Allow the perfect amount of lighting


  • Different sizes are not available

4. Melodieux Tier Curtains for Kitchen

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Melodieux is another prominent curtain manufacturer that offers a good collection of kitchen curtains. Also, this brand has a reputation for manufacturing great-quality curtains.

The Melodieux tier curtain is made from an innovative triple-weave polyester high-density fabric. So that it can filter the daylight perfectly. Plus, the soft and silky texture of the curtain provides an elegant look.

Your kitchen will be updated with eye-catching vivid Moroccan patterns in the background. Thus, you can make your kitchen trendy. So you can choose this versatile curtain for privacy and decoration.

You will get 2-tier curtains. Each of them measures 29″ W x 24″ L. Colorful Moroccan vibrant patterns pop on the background, adding a modern, stylish and trendy feeling to your kitchen decor.

You will get this curtain in 10 different colors including black, coffee, dusty grey, navy, red, etc.


  • High-density fabric
  • Machine washable
  • Huge collection of different colors


5. Elrene Home Fashions Buffalo-Check Tier Curtain

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If you want to decorate your kitchen with a country-chic style, the Elrene Farmhouse Living Buffalo-Check Tier Curtain Set is for you. Using this curtain set, your kitchen will look simple but elegant.

This rod-pocket curtain set is made from soft and durable 100% cotton. They add the perfect touch of shabby chic with their trendy colors and design.

The curtains have a 2-inch rod pocket with a 1-inch decorative header. The curtains have a delicately hemmed edge. They look amazing and are perfect for modern kitchen window treatments.

Three colors are available, which are: black/white, grey/white, and tan/white.


  • Easy wash by machine
  • 100% soft & durable cotton


  • Limited color options

6. Clean Window Twill Stripe Allergy Curtain

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Another good option for your kitchen sink curtains would be the Clean Window Twill Stripe Allergy Curtain. If you want to keep your kitchen neat and clean and don’t want any outside dust, then you can choose this one.

A clean window curtain will ensure a healthier environment. The curtain is made from 84% polyester, 15% linen, and 1% other ingredients. The curtain is designed to effectively prevent dust, hair, pet dander, allergens, and outdoor irritants.

So, if you have any pet animals or allergic problems, then this curtain will come in handy to keep your kitchen neat and clean.

With its airy semi-sheer linen blend fabric, this curtain offers soft light filtering and ensures privacy. A simple slide-through in the experience installation is possible for rods up to ¾” in diameter when using a rod pocket.

Three colors are available. which are: black/linen, mocha/linen, and white/linen. You will also find different sizes.


  • Prevent dust and outdoor irritants
  • Effective for fighting allergic problems


7. MRTREES Sheer Tier Curtains

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If you love single-colored curtains that express the beauty of elegance, then Mrtrees sheer-tier curtains are probably the perfect option for you.

Two panels of sheer-tier curtains offer a dreamy outlook while blowing in the breeze. These lightweight pairs of sheer curtains cover half of a normal-sized window.

As the curtains are sheer as well as cover half of the window, you will get the maximum amount of natural light. Privacy is a concern. However, you may have to compromise a little for this. In that case, you can use double pairs to strengthen privacy.

The 2″ pole pocket adds an elegant look and perfectly accommodates up to a standard curtain rod.

The sheer curtains offer elegance to the window treatments and contribute a beautiful decorating item for kitchens.

There is a huge collection of different colors. You will find 19 different colors, including Aqua Blue, Beige, Black, Red, Pink, Yolk Yellow, Sky Blue, etc. Plus, three different sizes are available.


  • Lightweights
  • Easy installation
  • Ensures adequate light
  • Huge collection of colors


  • Not ensures enough privacy

8. Clean Window Twill Stripe Anti Dust Sheer Cafe Curtain

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As we are showing the sheer curtains. Here’s one more. If privacy is not a big issue and you like sheer curtains then you can go for a Twill Stripe Allergy/Pet-Friendly Anti-Dust Sheer Cafe Curtain.

This curtain is just the same as the one that we have already discussed and is best for allergic problems. A cafe curtain is only different in terms of fabric thickness.

This curtain comes in sheer form and offers all the facilities like the previous one. The curtain will be a good option if you have pet animals or allergic problems with dust.

It prevents dust, hair, pet dander, and other outdoor irritants. Since it is sheer, you will get more daylight. This is the only difference you will find from that one.


  • Prevent dust and outdoor irritants
  • Effective for fighting allergic problems


  • Privacy issues

9. MYSKY HOME Kitchen Curtains

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If you want to bring a fresh, fashionable, and elegant look to your kitchen, 3 pieces would be good for you.

The curtain is made from 100 percent high-quality imported polyester. It will ensure good privacy as well as allow adequate natural light.

The curtain set includes one valance and two tiers. The valance size is 59 inches W x 14 inches H. And the size of each tier panel is 29 inches W x 24 inches H (58-inch total width).

It will be useful if your window size is a little larger. Otherwise, you should go for other options. There aren’t many sizes available for this curtain. However, three different colors are available. Those are Grey, Brown, and White.

Mysky curtains are designed to be exceptionally artistic and may enhance the beauty of your kitchen as a decor item.


  • Artistic outlook
  • Secure the privacy
  • Allows natural light


  • Size options are limited

10. MIULEE Kitchen Tiers Half Window Curtains

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Miulee kitchen tiers half-window curtain comes in a semi-sheer form. If you want a lightweight sheer curtain that can also offer you privacy, this is a good choice.

The curtain is made of a high-quality polyester blend and is very soft and comfortable to touch.

The set includes 2-panel tier curtains. It comes in a good number of different sizes and colors. It can effectively block harsh sunlight and filter the light before allowing it to enter the room.

Like the other curtains on the list, this curtain is also fashion trendy. The curtains will provide a modern look to your kitchen.

Plus, sheer curtains are a simple way to refresh and brighten your space.

The curtain rod pocket opens to a 3-inch hole to fit most curtain rods with diameters of under 1.8 inches. As a result, you will not encounter any difficulties during the installation process.

It comes in 15 different color options for you, including Beige, Black, Brown, Sky Blue, Orange, etc.


  • Modern design
  • Huge color collection
  • Ensures security despite being a semi-sheer curtain


11. Haperlare Buffalo Plaid Window Kitchen Curtains

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If you want to decorate your kitchen with a unique rustic classic look, Haperlare Buffalo Plaid is an excellent choice.

The classic design adds a sense of elegance to any space, making it appear elegant and chic. This curtain set may work best for farmhouse kitchen window treatments. Moreover, it goes well with the classical European decorating style too.

These curtains are made from thick yarn-dyed polyester fabric. The fabric is skin-friendly and offers a comfortable and healthy environment.

The set comes with a single valance and a pair of curtains. With the 2″ rod pocket, you can easily hang the curtain with either a standard rod or a decorative rod.

Nine different colors are available for these curtains including Black/Red, Black/White, Grey/White, and Navy/White.


  • Machine washable
  • Skin-friendly fabric
  • Availability of different sizes and colors


12. Elrene Home Fashions Window Curtains

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If you need soft and 100% cotton fashionable window curtains, then an Elrene curtain is another good option for you.

This curtain offers exciting designs that enhance the overall decoration of your kitchen.

This classy farmhouse kitchen decor has great looks and is easy to care for. These stylish curtains can easily be kept looking their best with just a machine wash and a quick iron.

The curtain panels hang beautifully from 3-inch tabs and can be hung with rods up to 1″ in diameter.

It comes in four different colors. Those are black, grey, linen, and grey.


  • 100% Cotton
  • Machine wash
  • Modern outlook


13. DWCN 3 Piece Blackout Kitchen Curtain

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If you want the sunlight to heat your kitchen to a comfortable room temperature, DWCN would be a good option for you.

It can smoothly let in enough light and maintain a good temperature in the kitchen. Plus, the curtain is not too thick and can ensure strong privacy.

The valance and tier curtains help block out most of the light and UV rays. They can protect your furniture from harsh sun damage.

The set includes 1 valance and 2 tiers. The valance measures 60W x 18L inches and the 2 tiers each measure 32W x 36L inches. No other sizes are available.

The installation process is also easy. Your drapes will be hung beautifully. Each panel has a 2-inch rod pocket that works well for standard rods on the market.

There are four colors available. Those are Navy Blue, Pink, Turquoise, and Yellow.


  • Secure privacy
  • Protect UV rays
  • Maintain comfortable room temperature


  • No different sizes are available

14. KOUFALL Tier Curtains for Kitchen

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If you want a luxurious window treatment for your kitchen, you can consider the Koufall tier curtain as a good option.

The curtain is designed to focus on creating a super elegant outlook. This curtain will ensure perfect lighting and prevent UV rays like the previous one.

The polyester-made Koufall tier curtain is more durable and remains wrinkle-free compared to any other curtain on the market.

Even though it is a semi-sheer curtain, it is capable of providing privacy.

The set includes 2 curtain panels. Each panel measures 32″ W/24″ L. You will find two other long sizes available. Those are 32″ W x 30″ L and 32″ W x 36″ L.

The curtain set can easily be hung above the sink in your kitchen. A 2-inch pocket will be there for easy sliding.

Ten different colors are available for this curtain, including Navy Blue, Beige, Black, Dark Grey, Tan, Brown, etc.


  • Durable
  • Wrinkle-free

  • Requires easy care


  • Size options are limited

15. YoKii Boho Kitchen Curtains

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If you want to decorate your room and make it fabulous with an exceptional outlook, you can consider the YoKii boho kitchen a good option to purchase.

The curtain is made from smooth, thick, and soft polyester. The package includes a boho tribal-designed single valance and a pair of curtains.

They will provide enough privacy. Plus, you’ll get an adequate amount of natural light through the filtering process.

Different sizes and colors are available, including Ivory, Grey, and Royal Blue.

In addition, the company provides 24-hour service, refunds, and replacements.


  • Enough privacy
  • Exceptional design
  • Easy washing process
  • Great shopping experience


  • Size options are limited

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Why do most of the kitchen sink curtains only cover half the window?

Kitchen sink curtains tend to provide both privacy and natural light in a kitchen. So, usually, they cover the key areas of a window to secure privacy. And the rest of the window remains uncovered so that natural daylight can enter the kitchen.

How should kitchen curtains hang?

The curtains over the kitchen sink window should be the right size and shape to fit easily over its window.

Where should I put my kitchen window?

Traditionally, kitchen windows are set above the sink. The main reason is that most of us spend a lot of time near there. The oven and stove panel are usually kept near the sink. So it is best to put the kitchen window above the sink.

What kind of curtains is good for the kitchen?

You can choose a 3-piece half-curtain, including a valance. You can choose any type of curtain that suits your kitchen decor. Even so, make sure to secure privacy while allowing light into the kitchen.
Final Words

Final Words

We hope that you’ve got kitchen curtain ideas above sink that you needed to buy the right curtains for your kitchen windows over the sinks. Let me remind you one last time to measure the size of your window carefully before selecting your desired size.

Read and carefully follow the directions while washing or ironing the curtain.

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