Mevotech vs Moog Ball Joint Comparison – Which Ball Joint Is Right for You?

Both Mevotech and Moog offer special features, but how do they compare in a Mevotech vs Moog face-off? Dive into this comparison review and find out who wins!

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It’s normal to be torn between choices. Especially if it’s a Mevotech vs Moog issue. Both of the brands have produced consumer-friendly great products. And when talking about ball joints, their popularity has some serious backing.

But are they the same? Yes and no. Another point is that not everything is for everyone—preferences matter.

As long as you’re here, it means you’re going in the right direction because I’m going to focus on the ball joints from both of these brands and see how they compare against each other.

Then you and I will know where to stand. Keep reading below to get to know more.

Overview of Mevotech Ball Joint

How is the Mevotech Ball Joint?

I’d happily recommend Mevotech ball joints if you’re on the market for sturdy and durable ball joints. The overall quality of the product is robust.

If anyone is looking for a heavy-duty suspension system for their vehicle, this ball joint should be a nice part of that.

You’ll like the metal-to-metal design as it adds more to the joint’s durability under pressure. Corrosion-resistant material on the body works well to prevent rusting.

The rubber boots on the ball joint look and works well. No grease leakage after installation is a blessing. Mevotech is cheaper compared to Moog, and also it’s weaker quality-wise. So, keep a note of this point.

Why Do You Get Ball Joints from Mevotech?

If you’re in a hurry, the short answer would be that Mevotech’s ball joints are not expensive like its competitors while providing similar performance. Another important point most people skip is that buying from a renowned brand is almost like guaranteeing safety.

Mevotech’s build quality and design are very close to the OEM level. Of course, nothing will perform the same as OEM parts.

Why Do Auto Experts Recommend Mevotech Ball Joint?

Auto experts look for one thing and one thing only, and that is how the vehicle’s parts perform in heavy driving conditions. As mentioned before, Mevotech is known for its heavy-duty ball joints. No grease leakage means less maintenance. As we know, nothing is free of maintenance.

What Are the Best Ball Joints from Mevotech?

First, let us know about the focus areas of Mevotech. This brand focuses on producing suspension systems and their parts. Among them are ball joints, tie rod ends, and control arms.

Mevotech, with its price, certainly brings a fight with its competition. The Mevotech TXK and TTX series are two good options for you to look at.






Mevotech TXK8607T Ball Joint

Metal-to-metal design

Mevotech TXK6541 Ball Joint

Metal-to-metal design

Mevotech TXK80149 Ball Joint

Metal-to-metal design

Mevotech GK5208 Ball Joint

Metal-to-metal design

Overview of Moog Ball Joint

How is the Moog Ball Joint?

They’re great in terms of quality and design. In 2016, there was an independent study done on Moog, Mevotech, and 2 other brands and their ball joints. Both Moog and Mevotech scored high in the metallurgical analysis. This is the study if you’re interested in reading a lengthy article.

Does that make you happy? It should! You know what you’re getting with your money – a highly durable ball joint.

The metal gusher bearing and 360-degree movement allow easy and smooth rotation. And to ensure high durability, this ball joint has a metal-to-metal design as the grease can flow through it and reduce friction. The Belleville preload washer is a nice addition. It absorbs sudden impacts quite well.

Furthermore, Moog’s ball joints are a bit more expensive than Mevotech’s while having better quality overall.

Why Do You Get Ball Joint From Moog?

If you have the money to spend, then there are not many brands you can find that produce better ball joints than Moog. That’s it, that’s the answer.

But it seems you want to know more, so know that big brands have a reputation to protect, and they rose to their position due to their commitment to quality. Who’d want to jeopardize that with poor-quality ball joints?

Why Do Auto Experts Recommend Moog Ball Joints?

The experts in the 2016’s independent study loved the overall construction of the joint, material, and rubber used in it. It’s tough enough to withstand high pressure. Moog’s suspension system is famous for this very reason.

Its ball joints are very easy to install, which is a blessing for any amateur vehicle owner. Auto experts love high-performing heavy-duty ball joints.

What Are the Best Ball Joints from Moog?

Moog has many ball joint series on offer. Some are better than others, and their prices can also differ in quality. Moog’s K6, K7, and K8 series ball joints are its top products. They fit snugly in your suspension system; misalignment is out of the options. For first-time replacements, this sounds perfect.






MOOG K80026 Ball Joint

Metal-to-metal design

MOOG K8607T Ball Joint

Metal-to-metal design

MOOG K6541 Ball Joint

Metal-to-metal design

MOOG K7467 Ball Joint

Metal-to-metal design

Moog vs Mevotech Ball Joints – Top Features Comparison

You’ve seen what they offer individuals and their best offerings. If you still haven’t figured out where you stand, then let’s take a look at how they fare against each other in certain features. This will clear everything up, hopefully. It’s going to be close. So keep a keen eye out!




Body Material

Made from steel alloy and coated with anti-corrosion material

Made from a single piece of fine-grain alloy steel

360-degree movement

This feature ensures smooth rotation and an overall better suspension system

It can move freely, thanks to the 360-degree movement


Grease flow is good, and it doesn't leak

Grease leakage prevention is guaranteed

Build Quality

Cracks under high pressure

Sturdier than most ball joints


Lasts less than Moog

Lasts more than Mevotech and other brands



More expensive

Mevotech vs Moog Ball Joints – Which is Best?

Well, you’ve seen the difference and the similarity as well. What do you reckon? My preference is Moog’s ball joints. They have better construction. I’m not saying that Mevotech is bad, it can certainly be an option if you have a budget constraint.

Another interesting fact is that the previously mentioned study showed that Moog is significantly better than Mevotech as its ball joint broke before Moog. That’s a definitive answer in our Mevotech vs Moog comparison.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is a ball joint?

Ball joints are a part of automobile design. These include spherical bearings. Bearings are usually put in between metal rings or metal cavities of vehicle parts to get smoother freedom of movement. All vehicles need it.

What is a ball joint on a car?

Ball joints are a type of mechanism that consists of a metal cavity and bearing. In your car, your suspension system most likely has this inside. This is the part that provides cushioning and smooth rotation of your vehicle’s suspension system.

What does a ball joint do?

The ball joints consisted of bearings, which are mainly responsible for connecting the control arm to your steering wheel. Our bodies have similar joints, such as the shoulder and hip joints. We even have fluids in those sockets, just like grease, to help us move smoothly.

When to replace the ball joint?

The general rule is whenever you see the ball joint at its highest limit of pressure, it’s time for a replacement. Look for signs of a bad ball joint. Signs could be clunking or squeaking noises, uneven tire wear, unstable steering, etc.

How much does it cost to replace a ball joint?

Ball joints are usually cheap. But the money you spend isn’t only on ball joints. The price for labor is high, and that’s the reason behind a bit high price of replacement. The price of ball joints will vary from $20 to $90. In terms of labor, it can cost from another $50 to $80. And it can go up to $200 depending on the type of vehicle you have.

What’s the best ball joint for a car?

It’s hard to pick between ball joint brands like Moog and Mevotech. Both of them are good in their respective features. But Moog just does it better overall, and specifically, their K6, K7, and K8 series have been performing well. The customers have said it.

Final Words

Now you know where I stand in this Mevotech vs Moog battle. I think you’d agree that the comparison between them is highly justified in both the price and performance departments.

So, where do you stand? Pick whichever suits you; nothing can go wrong with either of them.

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