Moen 1222 vs 1225 Cartridge Comparison – Which Cartridge Should You Buy in 2022

Moen 1222 vs 1225 Cartridge Comparison – Which Cartridge Should You Buy in 2022

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Do you need to replace your faucet cartridge?

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to fix your leaky faucet, then Moen 1222 and 1225 Cartridge is the perfect solution.

Sinks, basins, or showers, anything that comes with a faucet, requires a functional cartridge that will regulate the flow of water correctly without allowing unnecessary dripping.

Cartridges needed to be turned up and down to let water flow right and left to control its temperature. However, this is a thing of the past now.

These have been replaced by modern washerless cartridges, invented by Al Moen. The invention made by this man gave birth to the brand Moen which subsequently launched Moen 1222 and 1225.

Now, the debate of moen cartridge 1222 vs 1225 will be resolved in this article as we explore each item’s pros and cons. Both the cartridges are washerless ones that eliminate the cons of a compression cartridge.

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Moen 1222 vs 1225 Cartridge Comparison – At A Glance

Name Moen 1222 Shower Faucet Cartridge Moen 1225 Shower Faucet Cartridge
Customer's Rating 4.9 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
Editor's Rating 5 out of 5 4.9 out of 5
Price Check price Check price

Moen 1222 Shower Faucet CartridgePlumbers Choice

  • Size : 1 Pack
  • Material: Brass and plastic
  • Style: Replacement Part
  • Design: Compact
  • Versatile : Yes
  • Temperature Control: Yes

How Is Moen 1222 Shower Cartridge?

The Moen 1222 cartridge offers a replacement solution for broken tub showers and showers only faucet configurations.

This Moen 1222 cartridge review will venture into areas like which users will benefit the most from it, when should this cartridge be implemented, where should Moen 1222 cartridge be used, and what features make it a top choice.


This cartridge is meant for anyone who has a Moen PosiTemp tub shower and shower only one-handle faucets. When any of these items in your bathroom breaks down, you can purchase the 1222 cartridge from Moen that will work as the best replacement for it.

Correct Time for Implementation

When your Moen PosiTemp Tub-shower stops working or some problem arises in its existing cartridge, you can quickly replace it with the 1222 cartridge.

Where to Use it

This cartridge is compatible with Moen Tub showers and should be implemented explicitly to this brand’s tub showers only as a replacement cartridge.

Top Features

Now that you know when to get this cartridge, let’s delve into why you should get it. This cartridge serves as a replacement to any leaking Moen shower tub. It is made of brass and plastic, which saves it from rusting and also facilitates easy installation.

Moreover, it is equipped with a particular type of valve that consistently maintains its water pressure and regulates the water’s temperature. And since it is effortless to install this item, you won’t have to spend extra bucks to avail of a plumber’s help.

  • Easy installation process
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Compatible with PosiTemp Valves
  • Also works on shower only one-handle faucets
  • Works as a great replacement part for tub showers
  • Very expensive
  • Only works on showers manufactured by Moen

Moen 1225 Shower Faucet CartridgeBest by User's

  • Size : 1 Pack
  • Material: Brass and plastic
  • Style: Replacement Part
  • Design: Compact
  • Versatile : Yes
  • Temperature Control: Yes

How Is Moen 1225 Shower Cartridge

If the Moen one-handle faucets at your home are leaking or facing any other operational issues, then this Moen 1225 cartridge is the perfect replacement solution for it. However, keep in mind that it does not work with PosiTemp and ExactTemp models.

This Moen 1225 cartridge review will also venture into similar areas as the previous model to give you a brief idea about when to use this product and how you will benefit from it.


This cartridge is meant for anyone who has a Moen one-handle kitchen or bathroom faucet at their home that has broken down and needs a quick replacement.

Correct Time for Implementation

When your Moen one-handle kitchen or bathroom faucet starts leaking water excessively or cannot regulate its flow correctly, then you should replace it with the Moen 1225 cartridge.

Where to Use It

This cartridge, just like the other model, is specifically compatible with Moen manufactured items. You can use it on Moen’s one-handle faucets to get its best performance. But these cartridges cannot be used with the Moen faucets that use the PosiTemp or ExactTemp technology.

Top Features

This item works as a replacement cartridge for Moen Manufactured faucets. It is made with brass that gives it extreme durability. Moreover, its installation process is quite simple, which saves you the additional expenses of getting a plumber’s help. Its package also comes with a twisting cap that facilitates the installation process.

  • Easy to install
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Made of brass, which gives it durability
  • Its package also comes with a twisting cap
  • Can be used on one-handle kitchen and bathroom faucets
  • Only works with Moen faucets
  • Does not work with PosiTemp or ExactTemp valves

What is the difference between moen 1222 and 1225 cartridge

Although, by just looking at their names, these two cartridges might appear to be similar, they are quite different in terms of their features and uses. Their differences have been explained below:

Where It Is Used

The first cartridge, which is the Moen 1222 one, is specifically meant to be used on Moen Tub showers and shower only one-handle faucets as a replacement part. It should not be used on showers of any other brands.

And the second cartridge, which is the Moen 1225, should only be used with Moen manufactured one-handle faucets. It serves as a replacement part for their bathroom and and kitchen faucets.

PosiTemp Valve Technology

The PosiTemp valve system is a special system made by Moen that helps to regulate water flow and deliver an adequate amount of water during showering.

It also helps to control the temperature of the water according to the user’s comfort level when he/she is showering. Not only this, but you also get the flexibility to select its hottest temperature setting before the installation process.

The Moen 1222 cartridge is very much suitable for any tub-shower faucet equipped with the PosiTemp Valve. On the other hand, the Moen 1225 cartridge is not compatible with this valve and should therefore not be used on any faucet which features this particular technology.


This is an important aspect of any product which determines its longevity and performance. If a product is made with cheap quality items, it breaks down quickly and also impacts performance during its run.

To ensure durability, the Moen 1222 cartridge contains both brass and plastic. Some of its parts that come in contact with water are made of brass, while some parts are made with plastic.

On the other hand, the Moen 1225 cartridge is fully made of brass since it constantly comes in contact with water and, therefore, requires protection against rusting.


Every user considers the price before purchasing something. If a product does not meet your budget specifications, then no matter how good it is, getting it becomes difficult.

The price difference between the two Moen cartridges is leaps and bounds. One pack of the Moen 1222 cartridge is very expensive and costs more than 40 dollars, whereas the Moen 1225 cartridge is very cheap.

Surprisingly, the 1225 cartridge comes at a price below 20 dollars, which is much more affordable in comparison to its counterpart’s exaggerating price.

Comparison Table

Name Moen 1222 Moen 1225
Type Cartridge Cartridge
Length (Inches) 5 5
Warranty 1 Year Limited 1 Year Limited
Compatibility All Moen All Moen
Instructions Instructions included Instructions included
Includes Replacement Parts or Service Kit Replacement Parts or Service Kit
Application Tub/Shower Valve Tub/Shower Valve
Material Brass and plastic Brass and plastic
Price Check price Check price


Q: How do I know if my faucet cartridge is bad?

Ans: You’ll know it if there’s water dripping out from the spout, abnormal temperature control and hot water getting into the cold-water line or vice versa.

Q: Why is Moen faucet leaking after replacing cartridge?

Ans: The most common reason behind why some cartridges might leak even after getting replaced might not be the fault of the cartridge itself. Rather, it could due to the age of the faucet, the type of water quality or any other unknown reason. It is best to buff the inside of the cylinder while you check what’s wrong with the cartridge in order to avoid this problem.

Q: How do I find the model number of my Moen faucet?

Ans: Finding the model number of your Moen faucet is quite simple. All you have to do is point its spout aerator towards the 3'o clock position. Then you will notice its serial number at the opposite side of this position, which generally begins with the digit 7 or 8 and contains a total of five characters.

Q: What is the main difference between a Moen 1222 and a Moen 1225 cartridge?

Ans: The main difference between the two items is that the 1222 cartridge is used on Moen tub showers and shower only one-handle faucets, whereas the 1225 cartridge is used on one-handle faucets.

Q: How do you remove a stuck Moen cartridge?

Ans: In order to remove a cartridge that is stuck, you have to turn off the water first and then unscrew the faucet's handle. After this, take out the retaining clip and pull the stuck cartridge's stem with pliers and pull.

Final Words

Before reading this article, you might have been confused about the Moen 1222 and 1225 cartridge and wondering which one to get. To solve your dilemma, we focused on solving the Moen 1222 vs. 1225 debate and presented you with a detailed review of both.

Hopefully, after going through this article, you are now fully clear about when to use which one.

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