Moen vs Delta Kitchen Faucet – Which Kitchen Faucet Brand Best on the Market?

Moen vs Delta faucets has been a contested discussion. And if you’re one of those who can’t decide between the two, this article should come in handy.

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Isn’t it frustrating to choose between all the great options in the faucet market? The matter becomes easier if you narrow the list down to a couple. And here, I’ll be doing exactly that by looking at Moen vs Delta faucets.

Why did I narrow it down to only Moen and Delta? Great question! The short answer is that these two companies are the big boys of the water plumbing fittings industry.

You need to pick a brand that you can rely on for the years to come. Repairing frequently is a worry you shouldn’t have to bear. Let’s go over the short overviews of these two great faucets.

Moen Kitchen Faucet Overview

How Is Moen Kitchen Faucet?

Moen is famous for producing customer-friendly and quality products. Their faucets have many new technologies integrated into them. Its touchless function and controlled water flow coupled with high durability make it one of the most sought-after faucets on the market.

The finishing touch on the faucet is another point to discuss. It has some good colors to choose from, such as stainless steel, chrome, ivory, etc.

But that’s not the best thing about it; it’s the spot-resist finish you’re going to love. Spots of tiny water droplets are something that bugs everyone. And there are more features such as the Power Clean Technology and the Motion Touch Technology.

Why Do You Get Kitchen Faucets from Moen?

Not many brands can create a fusion of beauty and technology in a product like Moen. That being said, there are so many brands out there that deliver similar features to Moen’s faucets. So, why buy from Moen?

That’s a question that will pop up in your mind if it has not already. I think there’s something more important to products than good features and innovative technologies. And that’s trust and quality.

Moen started working in 1937, and to this date, they have been holding the top spots. This is an achievement that customers can appreciate and put their money into it.

Why Do Plumbers Recommend Moen Kitchen Faucet?

The experts have always applauded the build quality and material of Moen faucets. It doesn’t leak or drip easily, even when working with a hard water supply. And it doesn’t get jammed to the point where it just stops functioning.

To be honest, Moen makes the career of plumbers hard, as is evident from the durability of these faucets. Buy for looks and buy for life.

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What Is the Best Kitchen Faucet from Moen?

In total, Moen has over 170+ models of faucets in their inventory. They are included in their different series, but each one is different in terms of price, quality, and features. It’s hard for me to select one or two from them. Here is my selection of top kitchen faucets from Moen. So, here’s a list you can take a look at.






Moen 7594ewc Kitchen Faucet


Moen 5923srs Kitchen Faucet


Moen 87233srs Kitchen Faucet


Moen 7185Orb Kitchen Faucet


Moen 87801srs Kitchen Faucet


Delta Kitchen Faucet Overview

How Is Delta Kitchen Faucet?

You cannot but notice Delta’s faucets when you’re in the market for some. Just like Moen, it has occupied the top spots of the industry, and it is not baseless. But what does it offer that makes it so desirable?

Well, for starters, it’s got features like Touch2O, Spotshield, ShieldSpray, and MagnaTite docking. You can understand from the names that Delta’s faucets work without touch (Disclaimer: not all of them).

It also resists spots, maximizes water pressure to clean fast, and boasts strong magnet docking of the head. We all have experienced bad head docking that flies toward you when you let it go.

Why Do You Get Kitchen Faucets from Delta?

You know the features, and you want to buy from Delta, but why? There are different brands you can buy from, and they have more or less the same features. Then why single out Delta? Well, first of all, maybe because Delta is the pioneer when it comes to faucets?

In 1954, Delta released the first-ever ball joint valve faucet. And after 50 years and more, it has got the same edge in the market. The award-winning streak of Delta faucets is a testament to its quality.

Why Do Plumbers Recommend Delta Kitchen Faucets?

In every faucet purchase, one most important things to notice is the prevention of leaking and dripping water down the road.

It just so happens that whenever you’re working with plumbing, leakage becomes a normal thing unless the product is made to endure long. And Delta is one of those brands that give much importance to this aspect.

The units require less maintenance and last longer than most faucets out there. Every Delta kitchen faucet review from customers out there will attest to it.

What Are the Best Kitchen Faucets from Delta?

Delta has many different series of faucets in their product line, totaling well over 100. Some are known for overall quality, some are most adept in providing basic features at a low price, and some have other specialties. Here is my selection of top kitchen faucets from the delta. As an overall round-up list, the list below might be of help.






Delta Leland Kitchen Faucet


Delta Essa Kitchen Faucet


Delta Kate Kitchen Faucet


Delta Trinsic Kitchen Faucet


Delta Junction Kitchen Faucet


Moen vs Delta Kitchen Faucets – Top Features Comparison

As you can see, there is very little difference between the faucets. Let’s jump into this sharp comparison between their top features.


Moen Faucets

Delta Faucets


Chrome, Matte Black, Stainless steel, Oil-rubbed bronze

Arctic stainless, Chrome, Spotshield stainless, Venetian bronze, and more


Works with Motion, No touch functioning

Touch2O technology needs a bit of touch

Spray Wash

Uses Power Clean technology that uses 50% less water; reduced or no splash

Uses ShieldSpray technology that works the same, but it might use more water and more splash

Spot Resistance

Features Spot Resist Technology

Features Spot Shield Technology


Moen is more expensive, ranging from $80 to $850

Delta is the cheaper option ranging from $50 to $750


Moen has better-looking designs

Delta’s faucets are not as stunning as Moen’s

Odor Resistance

It doesn’t have any odor resistance

Equipped with odor resistance tech

Moen or Delta Kitchen Faucets – Which Is the Best?

Well, folks, there you have it. Everything has been laid bare in front of you. Which do you think deserves the crown?

It’s tough to choose between these giants of the industry. They have similar features in every aspect.

But if I were to choose between them as a homeowner, then Delta would have my vote. It is a bit cheaper compared to Moen’s options. If you’re after affordability, then Delta would be the right choice for you. As for Moen faucets, the premium features surpass Delta’s offerings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Are Moen kitchen faucets guaranteed for life?

No, it’s conditional. To elaborate, the warranty policy of Moen is of two types. If you’re a homeowner, you’ll have the “warranty period for a homeowner,” which is as long as you own the home. As for purchases such as industrial, commercial, or other businesses, the purchaser will have only 5 years of warranty according to their current policy.

Are Delta faucets made in China?

Delta has manufacturing plants in different countries. Some of their best faucets were made in the USA while other products were made in different countries, which include China.

Are Moen faucets made in China?

Yes, partly. Moen’s faucet manufacturing plants are spread around the world. Some of their big plants are in the USA, and some are in China, Malaysia, and India.

Which kitchen faucet is better, Delta or Moen?

There are two answers. Moen and Delta both offer similar features, but Moen is a bit expensive with some edge on the premium side of the product line. So, for affordability, Delta is the winner, but Moen edges past it with better premium features.

What kitchen faucets do plumbers recommend?

Plumbing experts in the industry always keep Moen and Delta faucets on top of their lists. And as the past has shown, it’ll keep the top spots for years to come.

Where can I buy a Moen or Delta kitchen faucet?

The easiest place to buy any Moen or Delta faucet is Amazon. You just click the links and sit. Or you can go to their retail stores to buy.

What is the most reliable kitchen faucet?

For reliability Delta and Moen both has faucets that I recommend. Delta’s Leland 9178T is one of those kitchen faucets that will last as long as you use it in normal circumstances.

What is the best faucet for a kitchen sink?

The best faucet overall considering features and price is the Moen Arbor faucet. It has the latest and most useful features, and durability is the least of your worries with it.

Final Words

There you have it, Moen vs Delta comparison is done, and it seems like we don’t have a clear winner yet. Nothing surprising actually because, after all, your budget and needs will determine what’s best for you. For me, it all came down to the pricing of both brands, and Delta won.

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