Shelf-Discovery: The Top Places to Buy Floating Shelves You Didn’t Know About

This post shows you where to buy floating shelves, their usage, and also their importance in your home decoration. Thus, you can optimize your interior decor.

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There is no heaven in this world; it is just home! Although you may disagree with the statement, these words make me realize the significance of a great home.

In order to live a better life, your home should be the best place in the world, at least for you. Would you like to know what the secrets to making your home heavenly are?

It is simply decoration and storage management! With these two, you can create a soothing and loving environment at home.

This post shows you where to buy floating shelves, their usage, and also their importance in your home decoration. Thus, you can optimize your interior decor and effectively store and display all the belongings you have.

Let’s get started!

What Purposes Floating Shelves Used for?

Regardless of how much space you have in your house, storage management is always crucial.

Floating shelves are probably one of the most versatile home decoration ideas. Their versatility makes them the ideal choice for any room.

There are various cool and useful ways to use floating shelves. Also, they offer a great decorative outlook and fit into any room. This is why you can use floating shelves almost everywhere in your house.

We’re showing you the ten best purposes where floating shelves would be the best option for you. Read all the purposes one by one and see which ones can meet your needs.

Floating Shelves for TV

Wall Mounted TV Stand Floating Shelf TV Cabinet Wall Media Console with Open Storage in Beech Color

Floating shelves are a good option for setting up a television. It functions as wall-mounted support to hold the TV in a convenient place.

Floating shelves can also be extended to hold TV accessories and connected devices. That means you can use floating shelves for the whole TV setup, including the setup box, DVD player, etc.

Your TV should be placed in a place where it can be seen most clearly with full comfort. The best thing about floating shelves is that you can set your TV anywhere in a convenient place in the room. Furthermore, this type of wall-mounted shelf makes TVs look great in a decorative way.

In a small room, it is pretty challenging to place the TV in the perfect spot where everyone can see it clearly. Floating shelves would be the best one to get that benefit besides saving space.

Floating Shelves for Kitchen

Ikea floating shelves for the kitchen

Kitchen shelf ideas have been popular for a long time for their practical purposes and decorative outlook. People get benefits from having shelves in their kitchens in both ways. That’s why it is becoming increasingly popular in kitchens.

Floating shelves make a space feel roomier and can fit any space. If you don’t like clutter on the countertops, you can simply go for floating shelves. They will allow you to store dinner plates, dishes, and any other wider items decoratively. Thus, you can raise the kitchen storage in a decorative manner.

Kitchen shelves come in different sizes and styles. You can choose one from the market depending on the size of your kitchen. Floating shelves offer flexibility in terms of design, affordability, and customizability.

Floating shelves are much more cost-effective than cabinets. Moreover, it is DIY-friendly. You can build your shelves by simply watching one or two tutorial videos.

Floating Shelves for Bathroom

Floating shelves for minimalistic bathroom look

Floating shelves can function as a good source of storage in a bathroom. They are so effective, especially for bathrooms that lack enough space.

If your bathroom doesn’t have enough space for cabinets, then floating shelves could be a great solution for you.

It allows you to store toiletries like soap, shampoo, body lotion, bath lotion, and face wash so easily. You can install floating shelves in unused wall spaces, like above the toilet or near the vanity.

If your bathroom is too small and the wall space is already clumsy with towel racks and cabinets, then you should go for corner floating shelves. It requires less space. Usually, corner wall spaces remain unused. So make use of it.

Floating shelves for Books

5-tier floating shelves for books

Are you a bookworm who has a mountain of books and you find it difficult to handle? If it is, then floating shelves are a good solution. You can use floating shelves as the main storage for books instead of bookcases. It is easy to install and also looks great.

However, floating shelves are great as secondary storage for bookworms. Despite having huge bookcases, they get into trouble managing books. Because it is not possible to read the book in the reading room all the time. As a result, books remain scattered all over.

To get rid of this difficulty, use floating shelves in every room. That will let you keep all the rooms tidy and well-arranged. Plus, you will not run out of space to use the wall space.

Typically, standard-size shelves are sturdy enough to hold up to 15 pounds. So you can keep a lot of books there.

Floating Shelves For Plants

floating shelves for plants

If you want to create a natural environment in your house, houseplants are the best option. Some of the plants require sunlight. For this, you’ll need to place them near a window.

This can be an issue if there is not enough space on the window ledge. Floating shelves are a good solution to this problem. You can hang a few shelves in the window or somewhere that gets plenty of sunlight.

In addition, floating shelves are also a great choice for those plants which do not require direct sunlight. This is why it looks great and is considered one of the best decor plant decor ideas.

Moreover, it saves a lot of space, which is effective for small house decor.

Floating Shelves For Pictures

Best floating shelves for photos

Since long ago, photographs that display memorable moments have been so popular for home decor ideas.

Floating shelves are probably the best option for displaying this kind of picture because of their creative impression. In addition, they will allow you to display tons of pictures without wasting any space.

Plus, you can choose small-depth floating shelves too for this purpose.

Floating shelves for Laundry Room

Floating shelves for laundry room

Laundry rooms are usually small, especially in small houses. That’s why floating shelves are commonly seen in laundry rooms.

If you don’t have enough space for standard cabinet units, floating shelves are going to be the best option for you.

A few floating shelves would come in handy to store laundry items without using any ground space. They are easy to install.

Also, floating shelves make a good addition to the laundry room as a decor item. With a nice wallpaper in the background, they can offer an attractive look.

Floating Shelves For Bar

Floating shelves for bar

A bar would be incomplete without floating shelves! Floating shelves are essential when it comes to building a home bar or minibar. So, the number of bar shelf ideas is endless.

If you plan to store bottles, glasses, or other items on your bar shelves, it is essential that you have an efficient storage system. Then you can then quickly prepare drinks for your guests and show off your collection of bottles.

People love to organize floating shelves with their favorite wines. They also display decorative accessories and artwork that express their personal style. Many exceptional designs of these shelves are available on the market with stylish LED lighting.

Moreover, decorating a bar with floating shelves is also more cost-effective than any other decor idea.

Float Your Way to Better Home Decor: Here’s Where to Buy the Perfect Shelves

Now let’s get an idea of where to buy floating shelves online. You will find a variety of floating shelves on the market. They come in different sizes, materials, designs, and styles. You will need to choose one depending on your purpose.

QP Review is about making your task easy so that you can easily find good-quality shelves. Our team of experts has outlined the best online platforms for floating shelves. In addition, they have outlined the reasons for choosing each platform.

Get yours from one of the following marketplaces without any hesitation.

Floating Shelves At Amazon






SODUKU Floating Shelves


ZGO Floating Shelves


Rustic Wood Floating Shelves


Amazon appears first on the list of experts’ suggestions as usual. We all know that Amazon is the largest & trustworthy online market. You can easily get your floating shelves there.

You will find great floating shelves manufactured by brands such as Love-KANKEI and AMADA. Tons of different sizes, colors, and styles are available there.

You can choose your favorite finish and build material at Amazon. You will find several types of floating shelves. With the great search filter, among all of them, you will easily find the best one that you exactly need.

Different prices range between $25 to $200 or even above $200. On Amazon, you can choose from a wide selection of items that fit your budget.

Why do we recommend buying floating shelves from Amazon?

  • To get full original and authentic product
  • Good collection of top brands for floating shelves
  • Amazon reviews show the real user’s experiences
  • Effective Q&A section; you can ask for any confusion.

Floating Shelves At Bed Bath and Beyond






Danya B Floating laminated Shelves

Danya B.

Kate And Laurel Floating Shelves

Kate And Laurel

Southern Enterprises Floating Shelves

Southern Enterprises

Bed Bath and Beyond is a well-known retailer of kitchen, bath, and home appliances. It offers great-quality home decor items too. A variety of floating shelves are available there.

Danya B. and Kate Lauren Bee & Willow Home have been producing strong and durable floating shelves. These shelves come in different sizes, shapes, and designs.

The prices of the floating shelves significantly differ from one another. It ranges from $30 to $99. Bed Bath and Beyond offer discounts regularly. Currently, you can purchase a single item at a 20% discount. However, these discount offers tend to be up to date over time. You should check to see if there are any discounts available.

Why do we recommend buying floating shelves from Bed Bath and Beyond

  • Standard shipping
  • Endless exclusive offers
  • Its membership program offers a discount
  • Huge collection of floating shelves from popular brands

Floating Shelves At Home Depot

Home Depot is the largest home improvement retailer in the USA. The company specializes in supplying all home improvements, including construction materials.
For purchasing floating shelves, Home Depot is one of the best options you have.

Since a huge collection of different types of floating shelves are available, you can collect great-quality floating shelves from there. The Online Shopping Cart at Home Depot is known for its convenience and flexibility. The site has already established itself as one of the popular shopping sites in the U.S., especially for home decor and improvement products.
There is no shortage of different colors, sizes, and styles. Find one that fits and meets your demands.

Why do we recommend buying floating shelves from Home Depot?

  • Affordable prices
  • Product reviews are so helpful
  • Huge collection of great-quality floating shelves

Floating Shelves At Overstock






Marly Round Floating Shelf

Madeleine Home

Juneau Farmhouse Industrial Shelf

Furniture Pipeline

Farmhouse Floating Shelf


Overstock is one of the most popular e-commerce retailers that offers furniture, home decor, bedding and bath, home improvement, kitchen, and dining items.

You will find tons of brands like Kate and Laurel, Madeleine Home, Porch & Den, Hymen INC, Home Basics, Furniture Pipeline, etc. These brands offer great-quality floating shelves.

All these shelves come in different sizes, colors, and shapes. There are also differences in the materials and finishes used for each shelf.

The prices of these shelves vary and range from $30 to $100. However, overstock randomly provides discount offers. The discount would reduce the price. Be sure to check whether you can take advantage of such a discount.

Why do we recommend buying floating shelves from Overstock?

  • Availability of various types of floating shelves
  • Offer cashback on every purchase (up to date)
  • Get support from a dedicated customer service team
  • Free Club membership for students, teachers, military, police, firefighters, etc.

Floating Shelves At Wayfair






Wickes Floating Shelves

Zipcode Design

Benevides Floating Shelves

Viv + Rae

Abbott Alder Floating Shelves

Three Posts

Wayfair is one of the eCommerce giants that are reputed for selling home decor and furniture items. The company is also one of the most popular in the USA.

You will get a lot of good brands there to buy great quality floating shelves. Gracie Oaks, Erban Designs, Union Rustic, Zipcode Design produce good-quality floating shelves.

You can choose your floating shelves from a wide variety of collections there. Tons of different colors, shapes, and building materials are available to you. You will have a variety of options in consideration of your budget.

Why do we recommend buying floating shelves from Wayfair?

  • Helpful review section
  • Offers affordable prices
  • The quick and easy ordering process
  • Huge collection of a variety of designs and styles
  • Missing or replacement parts are shipped free of charge.

Floating Shelves At IKEA






SIBBHULT Floating Shelves


GRANHULT Floating Shelves


KALLAX Floating Shelves


IKEA is another prominent online marketplace for home improvement products. This worldwide popular company offers a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products, including floating shelves.

If you need small floating shelves and your budget is very low, then you can opt for IKEA. Prices start from only $7 there. And you will find the standard size by spending $19 to $29.

However, you will not get a huge collection and variation there. But IKEA is the best option if you are on a tight budget.

Why do we recommend buying floating shelves from IKEA?

  • Budget-friendly
  • No shipping issue
  • Prices of shelves are pretty much reasonable

Floating Shelves At Lowe’s






Danya B. Floating Shelves

Danya B.

inPlace Wood Floating Shelf


Kate and Laurel Bracket Shelf

Kate and Laurel

The retail giant Lowe’s has always been a great option for customers who are desperate for home improvement. It is now one of the best options for decor appliances, bathrooms, and kitchen items.
You can collect your floating shelves from Lowe’s. Brands like Allen + Roth, Style Selections, AquaTeak, Armen Living, and Benzara are producing elegant-looking shelves.

You will find a huge collection of these prominent brands’ floating shelves. A lot of different colors, sizes, shapes, and dimensions are available there. Several stylish floating shelves will increase the value of decoration.

Lowe’s offers a reasonable price that ranges from $22-$260. Plus, Lowe’s offers an advantage card that offers 20% off when you open a new account. Then you will get 5% off every day on Lowe’s shopping. However, offers like this tend to be up-to-date over time.

Why do we recommend buying floating shelves from Lowe’s?

  • On-time delivery
  • Offer reasonable price
  • Great review and QnA section
  • Huge collection of different-outlook floating shelves

Floating Shelves At Etsy






Hexagon Floating Shelves


Rustic Reclaimed Shelves


Rustic Reclaimed Floating Shelves


Etsy is another popular online marketplace for handmade and vintage items, art, and decor items. To purchase floating shelves there, you will find tons of unique designs that offer a decorative outlook.

Etsy offers a huge collection of floating shelves from brands such as Wood Definition, Urban Legacy Products, and Imperative Decor. All of these brands come in a variety of designs, styles, and sizes.

You will get attractive designs and stylish floating shelves at reasonable prices. Their prices range from $26 to $215. Plus, Etsy offers free shipping on most of the floating shelves.

Why do we recommend buying floating shelves from Etsy?

  • Delivery on time
  • Offer reasonable prices
  • All products are US-made
  • The best platform to get unique designs
  • Customers can customize the product before making an order

Floating Shelves At Walmart






Contemporary Floating Shelves


Rustic Floating Shelves


Cycle Floating Shelves


Walmart is the most prominent giant retailer in the USA. It is also the most trustworthy online marketplace where you will find everything. Tons of good brands that produce floating shelves are available there.

Walmart is another good source of unique-designed floating shelves. You will find an endless number of designs there with different shapes, outlooks, and build materials.

Plus, prices are also attractive. You can purchase strong and long-durable floating shelves there at affordable prices. The price ranges from $9 to $49. Moreover, Walmart is popular for offering occasional discounts.

Why do we recommend buying floating shelves from Walmart?

  • Great shipping
  • Affordable prices
  • Effective review section
  • Huge collections of various designs and creative shapes

Floating Shelves At Target






Rustic Floating Cubby Shelves

Danya B.

Wood Floating Shelf


Wood Ledge Wall Shelf


Target is one of the largest retailers in the USA and has an extensive nationwide presence. Its online marketplace has been so popular since its establishment. Target is probably offering the highest number of different brands of floating shelves, like 3R Studios, A&B Home, Aiden Lane, and ClosetMaid. The design, size, and colors are endlessly huge!

For this, the price ranges differ greatly. It ranges from $15 to $450.

If you are a home decor enthusiast and need a huge collection to choose from, then Target will make you satisfied. However, prices are a little high, but you will get the perfect one to serve your purpose.

Why do we recommend buying floating shelves from Target?

  • Delivery on time
  • Easy & quick order
  • Helpful Q&A section
  • Huge collection of stylish models of floating shelves
  • Offer different prices based on the affordability of people in different states

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is a floating shelf?

A floating shelf refers to a shelf or shelves that do not have any supporting legs. Rather, they are built or attached to the wall with brackets and screws and look like they’re floating.

How Much Weight Can a Floating Shelf Hold?

It depends on where it is going to hang and how big the shelf is. Typically, deeper floating shelves can hold at least 15-20 pounds. However, ensure adequate support with rods and screws. You will be able to support more weight if you use more screws.

Are Floating Shelves Strong?

Yes. Floating shelves are strong if you can install them into the wall with deeper support with screws. Use studs while installing them to make them more strong.

How deep should a floating shelf be?

It depends on which purpose you are going to use the shelf for. For example, 10 inches will be enough for keeping books. Because books are a maximum of 9 inches in depth. But for the kitchen, it should be 12 inches for dinner plates and bowls.


We have explained every necessary detail that you might need to buy floating shelves. Now you are all set to choose the perfect one for you. Visit the aforementioned online marketplaces and look for those that meet your needs and goals. Best wishes

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