Difference Between Bath Towel and Bath Sheet – A Complete Guide

Are you confused about Bath Sheet vs Bath Towel? Take a look at various differences along with how towels are made, buying guide, FAQ, and many more.

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Another hectic day! Take a shower in warm water. It works like a wonder! Rinse the dirt. Wash your tiredness & anxiety away.

You feel refreshed, but don’t like being drenched. Pick up your bath linen to soak up the extra dripping water. You get a cozy and comfy feeling that helps you relax. That is what a bath sheet or a bath towel makes you feel.

Bath sheet vs bath towel – Difference Between Bath Towel and Bath Sheet

Towels have way more diverse usage. People prefer to use them to dry out hair, hands, and so forth. Towels are more convenient to use for children. These are suitable options to carry around as well.

The case of the bath sheet is slightly different. Wrapping the bath sheet after the shower, you lavishly wait for your hair to dry out, to put some makeup on, and so on. For the giant size, it is not a decent fit for maximum use.

They both have distinctive differences along with visible similarities. Let’s dig into the structural elaboration between the Bath sheet vs. Bath Towel.

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What is a Bath Sheet?

Simply, a bath sheet is a large towel of standard size. A well-made bath sheet is more absorbent to extra water and gives you a homey vibe. Due to the size, many people find it easier to use. It wraps your body well and does its job properly.

Top Selection of the Bath Sheet



Fabric Type



Utopia Bath Sheet

100% Cotton

Pinzon Bath Sheet

100% Cotton

Towel Bazaar Bath Sheets

100% Cotton

BC BARE Bath Sheets

100% Cotton


100% Cotton

What is a Bath Towel?

Bath towels are typical towels that are medium in proportion to bath sheets. Being less pricey and appropriate for different purposes, towels have versatile usage.

Top Selection of Bath Towel



Product Type



American Soft Towel Set

Turkish Genuine Cotton

JML Microfiber Bath Towel

100% Microfiber

White Classic Bath Towels

100% Cotton

Chakir Bath Towels

100% Cotton

Utopia Bath Towels

100% Cotton

Fabrics for Bath Towel vs Bath Sheet

The usage of both bath sheets and towels requires touching skin in most cases. Hence, the best quality fabrics are used while making these to ensure the fact that it performs well. When choosing fabrics, therefore, cotton is the first choice.

However, these kinds of cotton can vary according to use. For instance-

Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton is a prime choice for most cases, as it is not only long-lasting but also too absorbent. Towels of such material are easy to wash and care for and dry fast.

Turkish Cotton

There is Turkish cotton that has a global reputation for being very soft, elegant, and durable. The absorbency power of these towels is really incredible.

Bamboo Fibres or Rayon

A type of organic bath towel, named bamboo towel has gained attention among users.

Bamboo towels are made of rayon, a semi-synthetic fiber derived from bamboo. Then these accumulated rayons are directly used, or a portion of cotton is mixed. Thus these towels become thick, soft, and absorbent.


Many towels are made using high-quality microfiber. Such towels are lightweight and softer than ordinary towels. They take less time to dry.

How Bath Sheets and Bath Towels are Made?

Bath towel vs sheet- in the towel industry, generally their making process is similar. The raw material that is used for these are fabrics like cotton or cotton polyester.

But cotton can not be used as it is. Therefore, a special type of loom named dobby looms is used for making the cotton softer. As a result, the towels or sheets will feel fluffy.

The overall process began with several pieces of cotton yarn. Towel manufacturers accumulate yarns in 2 ways.

1st Way: The towel factories purchase raw materials. Later they spin those materials mingling synthetic. Thus they produce the exact type of yarn they require to make the best quality towels.

2nd Way: 2nd option is for such companies to purchase piles of yarn spools from other wholesalers. Next, they start weaving. First, the cotton yarn is stretched out in the reed. It is comb-like equipment. Various thick and thin yarns are combined here. Such a combination of yarns makes the towel fluffier and ensures quality.

Yarns are waxed afterward. This process ensures that yarns remain long-lasting and robust.

After the weaving process ends, long and large bath sheets are produced. Then these large sheets are dyed. Usually, bath towels or sheets have a single color.

However, towels have variations in tints and design. A designed towel is made of using different ways. It can be embroidered through a computerized method. Many manufacturers use the jacquard pattern for this purpose.

After drying out, those large sheets are cut to standard sizes to make a proper bath sheet. Further cutting is required to make it a towel. The finishing touches are added in the process by sewing both hems.

Finally, those are ready to deliver to users!

Bath Sheet vs Towel Size & Weight

Bath sheets and bath towels do not have any noticeable differences. The only apparent difference is their sizes. Their size difference is highlighted below: 

Bath Sheet: Bath sheets are deemed as luxurious linen. A smaller bath sheet is way larger than the largest bath sheet. Being large in size, it has a distinguished measurement. The size starts around 35” × 60”. 

  • A standard bath sheet measures 40” x 70”.

Bath Towel: Bath towels are appropriate to use for various purposes. The size of a standard bath towel ranges from 27” × 52”. 

  • A standard bath towel measures 30” x 56”.

Weight: Fabrics have their own weight that is measurable. The weight and quality of any standard fabric are measured by a term which is abbreviated as GSM. GSM stands for grams per square meter. 

  • Usually, bath towels weigh between 400 GSM and 600 GSM. 
  • A standard bath sheet weighs between 600 GSM and 900 GSM.

Bath Towel vs Bath Sheet


Bath Sheet

Bath Towel


Large and luxurious

Medium in size

Build Material

Made of cotton or cotton-polyester

Made of cotton


Lasts longer

Prone to torn for random usage


Tends to be softer

Remains soft but becomes rough over time


Sheets are denser

Depending on choice, both thick or thin towels are available

Fade Resistant

Properly resistant to fadenses

Fades after frequent use


More than 600 GSM

Less than 600 GSM


Bit expensive

Has a cheap price range 

What to Look Before choosing Bath Sheet and Bath Towel

A bath sheet or towel is the most hardworking piece among bath linens. These are essential parts of our refreshments. It should not be something that is randomly picked. It is not wise to choose a towel or sheet just based on touch either.

Towels have multipurpose activities to perform. That is why these need to be strong yet soft enough to work actively for a long time. However, after using it for a certain period of time, the strength of these linens declines.

Yet, bath linens of good fabric will start working fine after these are properly washed. Regardless of cleaning towels or sheets, you have to choose your towels or sheets cautiously. Consider the facts noted below when buying bath sheets or towels.

look at the care label and make sure it is 100% cotton.

Edge Stitch

Check the whole towel if it is stitched properly. A well-made sheet or towel will obviously have exterior stitched parts neatly done along with the hems.

Fabric Material

Used material is a significant matter for bath towels and sheets. Every fiber has its own characteristics. Most importantly, low-quality material neither lasts long nor suits your preferences. So, make sure to check the product material.


Generally, bath sheets tend to weigh more, as a fact these are denser and more absorbent to water and plushie type to use. Towels are less heavy.


A good indication of being meticulous is excellence in craftsmanship. Different works will be done tidily before delivery time occurs. However, pick a towel or sheet that is folded well.

So, what are you looking for?

You have your own preferences. Considering the above-mentioned facts, hope you can find the one that matches your necessity.

How to Wash Towels?

Bath towels or sheets should not be washed like regular clothes. They are used directly to the skin, so their washing process is a sensitive matter.

There are some things to consider while washing towels-

Liquid fabric softeners make towels feel soft but it causes significant harm to the absorbency power of the towels or sheets. So, use less amount of softener than suggested.

A dryer sheet is another effective solution. Set the washing machine in a moisture sensor and then wash following normal procedure.

Whenever you wash your towels or sheets, use warm water.

Use vinegar to soften towels or sheets once every 5 weeks. It is harmless and sweeps away the soap residue that remains.

Using colored towels to dry out the face is not a good decision. A chemical named Benzoyl PerOxide is detrimental to color towels and thus creates a bleach spot. So, it is better to use white towels to wash your face.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What are the sizes of bath sheets and towels?

The apparent difference between bath sheets and bath towels is the size alone. The measurement of a standard bath towel is 27″ x 52″. Whereas a bath sheet is 35″ x 60″.

How big is a bath sheet?

A bath sheet is large. It absorbs more water and is more convenient to use.

How big is a bath towel?

Compared with a bath sheet, a bath towel is small in size. They are easier to use for travel.

What are the bath sheets and towels used for?

The main purpose of both bath sheets and towels is to help you dry out water after a shower. Considering the comfy sides, a bath sheet around your body and complete the task in one go. Being medium in size that is not the case for towels, but works similarly.

How much does a bath towel weigh?

The weight of bath towels varies from 400 GSM to 600 GSM.

How much does a bath sheet weigh?

The weight of bath sheets varies from 600 GSM to 900 GSM.

How often should I wash my towels and bath sheet?

As both are used for absorbing water, these remain moisturized. Hence, there is a fair chance germ will start growing there. To prevent germs, clean your bath sheets and towels twice a week.

How to clean smelly towels?

Whether it is your bath sheet or bath towels, towels release some odor over time. To get rid of such odor and your fluffy & soft bath linens back, clean them following this process. It requires to 2 simple ingredients, those are-
1 cup of white vinegar
Half a cup of baking soda
Make a solution with hot water and vinegar. Cleanse your towels or sheets in the washing machine with this solution. Then make another solution with hot water and baking soda. Again clean those bath linens with this solution in the machine. 
You can do it by hand. Make a solution combining hot water, vinegar, and baking soda. Soak your towels or sheets in it for 30 minutes. Scrub it. Soak it for another 30 minutes. 

How often should I change my bath towel?

Bath towels usually last as per use. Replace your bath towels every 2 years. However, if it is ragged, damp, or smelly even after washing, you better change it right that moment.

How often should I change the bath sheet?

As bath sheets are relatively large, they are used for a long time. Change your bath sheets once they are torn, and smelly.


Both bath sheets and bath towels are made of the same material. Therefore the instructions for their washing and caring are similar as well. The obvious difference lies in their size; however, the actual difference is in their usage.

Whatever your preferences are, find the fittest one with our guidelines that actually suits your needs.

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