Sliding Glass Door Curtain Ideas – Top 15 Best Curtains for Sliding Glass Doors in 2023

Are you looking for sliding glass door curtain ideas? Discover the top 15 best curtains for sliding glass doors in 2023. Find the perfect fit for your home.

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A house with a sliding glass door will appear to be totally incomplete without any curtains, ask me why? This is because anyone who is outside of your house can easily notice you by seeing you at night, especially when the light in your bedroom/living room is turned on!

Considering this fact, I took help from my expert team to find out some top-notch curtains for sliding glass doors. Afterward, I’ve got nothing but the 15 best choices which are well-equipped with high-quality fabric, and eye-catchy designs with a perfect blend of some vivid colors.

Along with some high-end models, you’re getting ideas of how to choose the right one, how to hang it up onto your curtain rods, and where to buy the best one. So are you ready? You’re just a step away!

Along with some high-end models, you’re getting ideas of how to choose the right one, how to hang it up onto your curtain rods, and where to buy the best one. So are you ready? You’re just a step away!

On the list of the best curtains for sliding glass doors, the NICWTOWN Patio Sliding Door Wire Blackout Curtains is the front runner due to its excellent polyester fabric, thermal insulation, noise-reducing ability, and multiple color options.

Types of curtains that are suitable for sliding glass doors

Whether you want curtains for decorating purposes or for privacy, they’re very versatile. Curtains are of different types, from solid colors to sheer variants.

Here, you’ll find plenty of useful tips for selecting the best curtains for sliding glass doors. You may choose from blackout curtains for sliding glass doors that block the light to sheer curtains. They allow natural light to get into the room.

Energy-efficient curtains will insulate the room and keep it warm, whereas layered curtains will give your room a designer look.

A sliding patio door curtain looks appealing both indoors and outdoors. Furthermore, curtains for the sliding patio doors will even help the breeze to blow in.

Sliding and patio doors are nearly entirely constructed of glass, giving them an extra-large surface area. When choosing your curtain color, always ensure that you keep the construction of your patio door in mind.

Vivid colors usually go well with smaller-sized glass doors. Bright colors may seem too much for sliding doors that have a larger size.

Sliding panels, also known as vertical blinds, are great for sliding doors, as they are available in a variety of materials. Sliding door blackout curtains are also a great choice for those who want to make their rooms unique.

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Upgrade Your Home Decor with the Best Curtains for Sliding Glass Doors in 2023!

Without further ado, let’s start reading this comprehensive list of the 15 best curtains for sliding glass doors to see what suits your needs and decorations most.

1. NICETOWN thermal insulated curtain

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The very first choice from NICETOWN comes with everything you’re looking for, from triple-weave polyester fabric to exquisite color choices. Here, you’re getting 17 lovely colors to choose from, but I personally loved the black one the most!

Speaking of the size, it’s wider enough to easily cover up your entire sliding glass door. And surprisingly, it has an excellent capability of balancing your room temperature, making it a great choice for your sliding glass doors, windows, or patio doors.


  • High-quality polyester fabric
  • Balances temperature perfectly
  • Numerous sizes and 17 exquisite color choices
  • Protects furniture from dust and extreme sunlight
  • Compatible with both machine and hand washing


  • Fabric appears to be thinner!
  • May arrive with chemical smells!

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2. Sun Zero extra-wide sliding patio door curtain

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Looking for patio door curtain ideas? Simply rely on my 2nd choice from Sun Zero that comes in an extra pull wand which is detachable too. Thus, it’s suitable for both large windows and glass doors.

Thanks to the unique “room darkening technology” it shows off, it assists in blocking out undesired light while improving privacy. Alongside it, the noise reduction rate is nearly 25% more effective, allowing you to have a night of sound sleep without dealing with outside noises.

And need to mention, thermal properties allow winter chill and the heat of summer out of your home.


  • 14 wonderful color options
  • Unique room darkening feature
  • Over 99.99% polyester material
  • 25% noise reduction rate is appreciable
  • Detachable pull wand with energy-efficient design


  • Thin fabric!
  • May lose its original color with poor maintenance!

3. Deconovo sliding glass door curtains pair

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The Deconobo Blackout Curtains for Sliding Glass Doors seem much longer in size, making it ideal for those who are looking for something bigger. And speaking of the colors, there are 19 options available to meet your choice.

Instead of one, you’re going to get 2 panels to cover up your wide windows at once. Due to the top-notch polyester fabric material, this will appear so stylish to look at. And those wave lines (foil printed) are the icing on the cake!

These curtains are liable to reduce as much noise as possible, so it doesn’t matter even if you’re living near noisy neighbors or busy streets. Nothing can bother you at all!


  • 19 outstanding colors
  • 2 panels to cover a wide area
  • Stylish and pretty long in size
  • Thermal insulated and helps to reduce noise


  • The fabric seems kind of heavy!
  • Not friendly with washing machines!

4. H.VERSAILTEX thermal insulated patio door curtain

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Unlike the previous model, this one right here can be washed easily in any washing machine, allowing you to spend less time and effort in terms of cleaning it. Besides, its exquisite black color along with the dirt-cheap price range make it fantastic and one of my favorite curtains for sliding patio doors.

Despite being cheaper, the maker has made it so 96” longer and 52” wider. To ensure a perfect adjustment with your sliding glass doors, it comes in 8 metal grommets.

Because of its innovative technology, this door curtain plays a significant role in room darkening, thermally insulating, and privacy maintenance. And guess what? It’s able to prevent 100% UV radiation and block 99% of extreme sunlight out of your room.


  • 18+ colors
  • Machine washable
  • Innovative technology
  • Affordable price range


  • Captures dirt!
  • Weights a little higher!

5. Melodieux patio sliding glass goor curtain

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If a colorful staff holds your attention instantly, then I’m pretty sure you’ll fall in love with this one from Melodieux. Polyester blend with a combination of vivid navy and off-white colors makes it just wow!

Although it offers only a single panel, this is going to be wider enough to cover up your wide glass door easily. Unlike the mainstreams, it’s capable of preventing 100% UV rays and over 80% sunlight, the credit goes to its triple-wave construction.

What’s more? It gets a rust-proof design and the rate of noise reduction will be quite higher than the traditional choices out there.


  • Rust-proof design
  • So stylish and colorful
  • Protects against UV rays and sunlight
  • Triple-wave construction for durability


  • Comparatively costly!
  • Frequent washing requires!

6. StangH velvet blackout sliding door curtains

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Having sliding glass door curtains isn’t just about protecting yourself from extreme sunlight and UV rays, it’s also about enhancing the overall look of your living room or bedroom, do you agree?

If yes, then I can guarantee that the StangH Velvet Blackout Slicing Door Curtains can meet your tastes. From the floor-touch design to the high-quality material to the luxury look, it has everything you’re searching for!

Cleaning the sliding door curtains is going to be a cinch! You can either go with a machine or use your own hands to get the work done. But stay away from using bleach and hot water.


  • Luxury look with smooth fabric
  • Fits standard curtain rods easily
  • Highly capable of blocking UV rays
  • 20 jaw-dropping colors to choose from
  • Can be washed off with ease and quick


  • Fabric seemed thinner a bit!
  • Can’t reduce noise that much!

7. Estelar Insulated sliding glass doors curtain

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Estelar Insulated Sliding Glass Doors Curtain is a complete package of thicker material, vivid color, and an elegant design to catch your eyes. As you can see, it additionally gets a silver lining, making it a modern curtain that matches the living room, kids’ room, bedroom, and more.

Wondering about UV rays? Its extra-thick material blocks rays or unwanted sunlight out of your room. Moreover, the soundproofing ability it gets is on the next level!

When you touch the curtain, you’ll find it so softer. Even you can wash it off so easily using either washing machines or your own hands.


  • Easily washable
  • 18 wonderful color choices
  • Prevents UV rays and sunlight
  • Soft and ultra-smooth polyester


  • Chemical odor!
  • Seems a wee bit shorter!

8. MIULEE sliding glass door panel curtain

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This ready-made glass door panel curtain from MIULEE offers a single curtain that might be medium in size, yet much wider (around 100 inches). In this way, it can easily cover your entire glass door or windows to prevent UV rays and sunlight.

Due to the simple design, it comes with, installing the stuff is going to be a snap! Besides that, the triple wave technology makes it quite thicker and at the same time softer enough.

What about colors? Well here, you’re getting 9 different options to choose from, including grey, wine red, royal purple, chocolate, and more.


  • Seems wider enough
  • Excellent light-blocking ability
  • Simple design makes the installation easier
  • Perfect for living room, bedroom, or kids’ room


  • Little shorter!
  • Pricey in this category!

9. Central Park 1 panel sliding patio door curtain

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To add an aesthetic look to your living room, the Central Park 1 Panel Curtain comes in 6 natural colors to choose from. In fact, it gives your décor a completely unique look, making it suitable for living rooms, home offices, and so on.

Speaking of the fabric, Central Park features a linen texture (rayon blend) that’s classy and at the same time durable. Along with that, it gets a width of 100 inches to cover your sliding door entirely from one side to another.

What about washing it? Well, it will be easier than you think as this curtain can be washed off through machines or hands using cold water.


  • Matches every décor
  • Natural colors with linen texture
  • Can be washed easily and quickly
  • Wide enough to cover your entire door


  • Can’t withstand extreme sunlight!
  • Might get discolored with poor maintenance!

10. RHF wide thermal blackout patio door curtain panel

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If budget is what you’re concerned about, then feel free to rely on the Thermal Blackout Patio Door Curtain. Despite being cheap as chips, it gets everything you want from a high-quality curtain, from thermal insulation to innovative fabric!

Apart from those features, it also gets an ideal width that comes in handy when you need to cover your entire window or sliding door at once. And I personally liked its antique grommet that helps you hang this curtain up into any curtain rods.


  • Pretty easy to wash and install
  • Smooth and durable polyester fabric
  • Affordable yet multiple color options
  • Extra-wide and better thermal insulation


  • Loses its real color after a couple of months!
  • Not for those who need a floor-touch curtain!

11. BGment wide thermal blackout sliding door curtain

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Its classic navy blue with a perfect combination of top-quality fabric makes it one of the classiest curtains out there in the current market! Believe it or not, BGment has the ability to transform your living room’s layout instantly, making it a good choice for your sliding doors, or any large-sized windows.

Can you guess why I used the word “large-sized windows?” It’s because of the extra width the curtain has got. This is around 8.3 ft wider that’s more than enough to cover your large doors and windows.

And don’t worry, it’s also easy to clean and included thermal insulation for your convenience.


  • Compatible with any décor or room
  • Top-notch fabric lasts for a long time
  • Extra-wide with eye-catching color choices
  • Thermal insulated curtain is simple to wash off


  • Too softer!
  • Metal grommets get rusty after a certain period!

12. Extra wide sliding door curtain

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The name speaks for itself; this extra-wide sliding door curtain from Turquoize comes in a width of no less than 100 inches. You’ll find it ultra-smooth and smooth compared to the typical choices out there.

Thanks to its high technology confirm that this curtain is eco-friendly and free from vinyl. As for the construction, the polyester has been woven in 3-layers for optimal breathability and durability.

What’s more? The length appears higher making it a floor-touch curtain for your sliding doors.


  • Made of high technology
  • Both longer and wider in size
  • Vinyl-free as well as eco-friendly
  • Breathable, soft, and smooth fabric



  • Single panel costs a bit higher!
  • Not the best choice to withstand UV rays!

13. FMFUNCTEX blue-white sliding door curtain

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On list number 13, I’ve got this one from FMFUNCTEX that’s suitable for those who are looking for some thicker to withstand UV rays and extreme sunlight. To ease the installation, the maker of this model has added 14 silver grommets which are compatible with every standard curtain rod.

Compared to the previous model, it’s a bit shorter yet the width is similar that is about 100 inches. Talking about the design, the natural printing pattern makes it quite good-looking and friendly with any décor, including bedroom, guest room, living room, and so forth!


  • Gets natural printing design
  • Rich linen texture for durability
  • Able to prevent UV rays and sunlight
  • 14 silver grommets are included for installation


  • Costly a bit!
  • Length appears shorter at this price range!

14. Rose Home Fashion sliding door curtains

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This thermal insulated sliding door curtain from Rose Home Fashion gets a white liner instead of a back in terms of reflecting light sources. Besides that, users will find the cloth much thicker and softer, providing you with a dark environment that’s ideal for toddler rooms and night-shift employers.

While washing it off, you can rely on either of your hands or washing machines, just need to confirm that you’re avoiding bleach and warm water. Afterward, you make need to use an iron or steamer to give it a classy look.


  • Gets comparatively thicker fabric
  • Easy-peasy cleaning and installation
  • More capable of reflecting light sources
  • Protects users against UV rays and excess heat


  • The color doesn’t appear vivid!
  • 1 panel might be a little pricey for you!

15. NICETOWN thermal insulated patio door curtains

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I’m going to wrap up the comprehensive list with the NICETOWN Patio Door Curtains. Compared to the regular curtains, this one right here is 2x wider to entirely cover your living room’s sliding doors or windows.

It’s a perfect blend of vivid color and heavy polyester fabric (innovative triple-weave). Blocking out UV rays and noise is another specialty. So you can stay out of those bummers by getting this curtain on your house. As for cleaning it, simply take assistance from your washing machines to get the most out of it.


  • 2x wider than the traditional curtains
  • Doesn’t require so much effort to clean it up
  • Heavy polyester fabric with wonderful colors
  • Works well against noise, sunlight, and UV rays


  • Length is shorter than usual!
  • Silver grommets end up with rust after a certain period!

How to Measure Curtains for Sliding Glass Doors?

If the floor is a dark wooden floor and if the cabinetry is dark as well, draperies or curtains that pull the darkness in should be used. The material of the curtains should have dark and light colors which go well with the dark floor and the light-colored wall.

If the door beneath the curtain is a slider door, then pets or children may have problems getting in and out. There is a chance they’ll be hit by the door. In that case, the function of the curtain comes into play.

A split drapery frames the overall look, but it’s not good for pets or children. A traditional split draw drapery pulls over from one side.

Not only it’ll give space for the children and the pets to move in and out of the sliding door, but it’ll also have functionality. When you want to give it a different look, you may again pull the curtain from both directions.

The rod also plays an important role in holding the weight of the curtain. The rod has to be big enough to support the weight of the curtain around 7 feet across. It must not sag under the weight of the curtains.

The rod for sliding door curtains should have the correct diameter. The rod should not be telescoping because then the rings of the sliding glass door curtains would hit on each other.

What Are the Standard Size Curtains for Sliding Glass Doors?

Many people these days ask “what are the standard-size curtains for sliding glass doors.” Below are the standard width and height of the curtains that you need to know.


Generally, the width of curtains for sliding glass doors has to be around 6 feet to 8 feet wide. For doors that have a greater diameter than 72 inches, 8 to 12 inches extra are there for the width of these curtains.

To measure the proper width of the curtain, the width of the door frame should be measured from the outer edge. Also, measure the width of the rod that holds the curtains over the sliding glass door, to get an idea of the width of the curtains.


To have knowledge about the patio door curtains ideas, you should know the height of the curtains. Ensure to measure from the top of the door frame, then add 4 inches. Usually, panel curtains for sliding glass doors should have a height of 84 inches.

How to Hang Curtains for Sliding Glass Doors?

Hanging curtains over sliding glass doors can be a little challenging if you don’t know how to do it. Check these points below in order to get this work easily done:

  • The curtain rod should be extended. It should have a middle bracket. Next, calculate the width of your sliding doorways. Use a pencil mark to calculate the width of the sliding glass doorways.
  • Mark the places in which the screws ought to go together with a pencil. Mark the middle region of the curtains.
  • Use a drill to drill holes in 3 distinctive places. This ensures that the anchors remain in place and do not budge. With a hammer, cautiously place the anchors into the holes.
  • Using a drill, steady the screws in the region. Before absolutely tightening the screws, use a leveling tool to make sure that the bracket is straight. Do not place the screws in the center bracket and set up the alternative bracket on the side in a similar fashion as the previous ones.
  • Make sure that you do not secure the screws way too much while fitting them. To stage the curtain rod, lightly tap the above part or the back side of the bracket into position. Secure the screws again, if possible.
  • If you use curtains with loops, thread them or securely attach them to the rod.

How Many Curtain Panels for a Sliding Glass Door?

The number of curtain panels you need to cover a sliding glass door is determined by the kind of door. It’ll nearly be two panels, or four if you want a bigger, pleated curtain.

For a sliding glass door, you’ll probably need at least two panels. A typical sliding glass door measures 60 to 78 inches wide. As a result, most curtain rods contain a central post to provide stability. For rods longer than 60 inches, this is usually a must.

If you want to use curtains to cover your sliding glass door, you’ll probably need at least two panels.

How to Choose Curtains for Sliding Glass Doors

When choosing the best curtains for sliding glass doors, there are so many things you need to look for. Chances are you’ll end up with the wrong product if you don’t know the basic tricks of choosing the right one!

So make sure you give this buyer’s guide a read from head to toe where I’m going to show you a number of things that you just need to consider. Let’s see what they are:

Considering the Size

The very first thing you need to look for is the overall size of your curtain. Not only the length, but it’s necessary to consider the width as well in order that you can cover your sliding doors or windows at once.

Fabric Quality

When you look for any sliding glass door curtains, make sure to give the fabric quality a deep look. I’d highly recommend getting something of either polyester or linen since they’re breathable, durable, and long-lasting.

Thickness of Fabric

Thickness matters for so many reasons. For instance, a curtain of thinner material won’t be that much able to withstand excessive heat of sunlight and UV rays. Along with that, it won’t resist noise that may require when you live in noisy areas.

Easy Cleaning

Depending on the type of fabric, ensure you have selected the one that can be washed off with ease. My personal suggestion is to rely on those curtains which can be cleaned using both hands and washing machines.

Simple to Set Up

Although installing curtains isn’t a back-breaking task, it’s mandatory to look for something that already has grommets or something like that. If yes, then adjusting curtains on your sliding glass doors will be quite easier and at the same time, less time-consuming.

Overall Design

Believe it or not, an aesthetically-pleasing curtain can bring noticeable changes to your house. In that case, everyone loves to get the one that is well-equipped with classy designs with a perfect combination of vivid colors. And also need to make sure the curtain you want to get matches the décor of your living room or bedroom.

Where to Buy Curtains for Sliding Glass Doors?

Thankfully, you can buy curtains from a lot of different places. These can be easily found in some home décor stores. They are also available online at Amazon and places like Bed Bath and Beyond, which is a huge marketplace to go.

Besides, you may also find them in the Home Dept, which is the place of several home décor items like the best curtains for sliding glass doors.

Modern curtain ideas for sliding glass doors should help you to find them. You do need an idea about where to find them, and you can do so by reading the information above.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What size curtain rod for the sliding glass door?

Since you’ll need 4 inches on each side, choose a rod that’s 8 inches longer than the door’s width. If the door is 72 inches wide, an 80-inch curtain rod is required. If you have to decide the size of the curtain rod, you need curtain ideas for large sliding glass doors

How long are sliding glass door curtains?

Sliding glass door curtains usually measure from 60 inches to 72 inches. They are usually 6 to 7 feet wide.

Can I use 4 curtain panels on my sliding door?

 Using 4 curtain panels won’t be needed if you get your hands on the one that’s already much wider and longer in size. But if your windows or sliding doors are too bigger than usual, then you may use 4 panels at once.

Do you put blinds or curtains on sliding glass doors?

If you want to let some light into the room, use curtains as they still allow some level of light to pass through. Blinds usually prevent light from entering the room. If you close the blinds, there will be no light. These are some curtain ideas for sliding glass doors bedroom.


To help you get the best curtains for sliding glass doors, I tried my best to include all the essential information in this single article. More importantly, I’ve gathered the 15 trendiest choices, and any of them can make a perfect blend with your windows or sliding glass doors!

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