Moen 1200 vs 1225 Interchangeable – Which Cartridge is Right for You?

Moen's cartridges are not like modern ceramic alternatives. One Moen cartridge should last you 20 years on average but which Moen cartridges did you choose? Let's compare Moen 1200 vs 1225.

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Stop stressing over which cartridge to buy if it’s Moen you’re considering. It’s a great brand with a great product series. And the good thing about 1200 and 1225 is that they are interchangeable.

But if the question is Moen 1200 vs 1225, then is there a clear winner? Moen’s website wants to show the 1225 one as the better one, but how true is that? We’ll find out in this article.

Both of the cartridge series work well in faucets, and they are pretty easy to install. By seeing how they fare against each other, we’ll also know what features it offers to users.

Moen 1200 vs 1225 Interchangeable – At a Glance


Moen 1200 Cartridge

Moen 1225 Cartridge


Included Components

‎Replacement Parts or Service Kit

‎Replacement Parts or Service Kit


It isn't compatible with Posi-temp valves

It's compatible with Posi-temp valves



Brass & Plastic


Replacement Part

Replacement Part


‎1 Year Limited

‎1 Year Limited


Overview of Moen 1200 Cartridge

Latest Price On

How Is Moen 1200 Cartridge?

The first criterion to select this cartridge is to know who benefits from it. Moen’s 1200 cartridge is one of the longer-lasting products among their cartridge products. That’s due to the full brass construction. And as a result, it’s a bit expensive.

With that being said, there are some drawbacks to it. The brass construction will eventually make working with the faucet hard. You’d have to pull harder to get it to function. So, you’ll need to change it later down the road eventually. And it’s harder to remove when you’re using hard water.

Then, we need to answer the question of its appropriate usage. When and where should you use the Moen 1200 Cartridge? After looking through the market and the experiences of the customers, it’s evident that this cartridge is appropriate for people who need easy installation and durability in their products.

This cartridge has good volume as well as the option to switch from cold water to hot water swiftly. You will not be disappointed with its performance as long as your heater works properly.

Any modern household will love to have this Moen 1200 in their bathrooms and kitchen. Easy fixing and installing of the faucets is what every house owner wants. Why would you spend money on plumbers if you can do it yourself?

And if you have kids and older members of the family, then it’s better to have strong faucets rather than plastics.

Is Moen 1200 Cartridge the best option? We certainly recommend it if the features attract you. Durable, long-lasting, and easy to use are the three main reasons why it’s the best option for you.

But maybe you need different features, and if it is so, then let’s look at Moen’s other cartridge. It’s the newer version of the 1200 model.

Moen 1200 Pros and Cons

There are two sides to every story. And a Moen 1200 review needs to have the pros and cons of the product. So here it is:


  • Full brass construction
  • For modern households
  • Easy to install and easy to fix
  • Good volume and easy switch from hot to cold


  • Can be a bit expensive for some
  • Not compatible with Posi-temp shower valves

Overview of Moen 1225 Cartridge

Latest Price On

How Is Moen 1225 Cartridge?

First things first, is Moen 1225 Cartridge for you? How it satisfies your needs will answer that question. The main feature of a 1225 model cartridge is its lower price and compatibility with most kitchen and bathroom faucets.

And it works very well, even in hard water. Why is that? It’s due to the plastic construction Moen used in their updated version of the 1200 model.

But all’s not well with a plastic construction as the 1225 model doesn’t have the same durability as its predecessor. We think it’s for good measure because down the line, you’ll have to change it. So, this 1225 model is also cost-efficient if you think about it!

What purpose does it fulfill? Well, for starters, if your supply line deals with hard water, that’s when you need a 1225 model because of the plastic construction. It’s a perfect replacement for most households with a Moen shower and kitchen faucets.

Saving water bills is another feature of a 1225 cartridge. Thanks to the 1GPM discharge rate, you’re going to save a lot of water from getting wasted while reducing water bills.

Furthermore, this 1225 Moen cartridge is not made to last long. So, it’s a good fit for people who change their bathroom and kitchen fittings regularly.

Why should you get the Moen 1225 Cartridge? Cost-effectiveness comes to mind when one thinks of this model. With an affordable price point and water-saving ability, this is perfect for people who live on a budget and want to reduce wastage. It works smoother for a longer period compared to the 1200 model.

Moen 1225 Pros and Cons

This has its pluses and minuses also. And to make your Moen 1200 vs 1225 comparison easier, here’s a list of the pros and cons of the 1225 model.


  • Affordable
  • Perfect for all kitchen and bathrooms
  • Works better than most with hard water
  • Saves water usage thanks to 1GPM discharge rate


  • The plastic construction makes it less durable

Moen 1200 vs 1225 Interchangeable – Head to Head Comparison

Product Name

Moen 1200 Cartridge

Moen 1225 Cartridge

Internal Construction

The inner shell is brass

The inner shell is plastic covered by steel

External Construction

The outer shell is also from brass

Stainless steel, Copper, and brass were used on the outer shell


Lasts longer

Lasts less


It isn't compatible with Posi-temp valves

It's compatible with Posi-temp valves



Less costly

Functioning in Hard Water

It becomes hard to remove and function

It works smoother, and it's easier to remove


Water volume can be adjusted

1GPM fixed discharge rate


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How to determine the Moen cartridge I need?

The simplest way to find out your required cartridge for your shower valve repairing task is to see the model number of your Moen faucet. It should be written on the papers you received when you made the purchase.

Are all cartridges have compatibility with Posi-temp valves?

No, not all cartridges will be compatible with Posi-temp valves. Because usually, there are three valves used to manufacture shower valves: Standard, Posi-temp, and Moentrol. You need to buy a cartridge that is compatible with the valve in your shower.

Are the 1200 and 1225 models interchangeable?

Yes, the 1200 and 1225 models from Moen are interchangeable. Both of the models are built on the same design. The only difference is that the 1200 model has full brass construction, and the 1225 model has plastic construction inside.

What are the signs of a bad faucet cartridge?

You’ll know you need to change your faucet cartridge when you see one of these signs: water dripping, hard to adjust the temperature, water leaking from the hot supply line to cold, or other supply lines resulting in unstable water temperatures.

How long will Moen cartridges last?

Moen’s cartridges are not like modern ceramic alternatives. They still use the same technology they used 40 years ago. One Moen cartridge should last you 20 years on average.

Final Words

Now you know where the two models are alike and where they differ. There are some distinct features of both models, and that should have made it easy for you to make a decision.

You know what we recommend, and we’re siding with the 1225 model for its cost-effective price. We hope this Moen 1200 vs 1225 comparison helped!

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