Moen 2520 vs 2570 Comparison – Which Shower Valve Should You Buy in 2022

Moen 2520 vs 2570 Comparison – Which Shower Valve Should You Buy in 2022

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Are you stuck between two outstanding Moen shower valves and cannot decide yet? You have landed on the right spot. 

We suggest you sit tight and get ready for an honest discussion of Moen 2520 vs 2570.

Before we get to the point, you should understand why this accessory is so crucial.

Since you are looking for the component, it means you must have had the terrible experience of irregular water flow or sudden change in water temperature.

We have all been there! So let us find out which one of these models will win you over with its charming features. Stepping into the shower, after all, is the best feeling for everyone in the world.

Moen Shower Valve

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Moen 2520 vs 2570 Comparison – At a Glance

Name Moen 2520 Shower Valve Moen 2570 Shower Valve
Compatibility M-PACT common valve system M-PACT common valve system
Construction Brass construction Brass construction
Price Check Price Check Price

Moen 2520 Shower ValvePlumbers Choice

  • Size: 0.5
  • Ports: Four
  • Material: Metal
  • Construction: Brass construction
  • Connection: 1/2-inch CC connection
  • Dimensions: 7 x 7 x 6 inches

How Is Moen 2520 Shower Valve?

Equipped with PosiTemp technology, this model allows a straightforward control of water flow and temperature. The pressure system, therefore, provides you the best of results in regards to the convenient shower experience. 

Many have remarked with a positive Moen 2520 review that has benefitted people subjected to sudden cold or scalding water bursts while in the shower. 

This is why you can prevent any accident from occurring, especially to children and the elderly, in the near future. The model uses a 1222 cartridge that offers back-to-back installation.

It has the CC valve of ½ inches, making it an accessory that requires no change along with the plumbing system. Even if the house goes through renovation, nothing needs to be altered thanks to the suitable trim style.  

This also means the user will not need to gather extra equipment either. The 4-port shower valve helps deliver the perfect hot as well as cold water flow with a single handle. You will only have to rotate the lever for the desired temperature level. 

Having obtaining smooth water pressure will give you the pleasure of enjoying the shower or bath in an entirely relaxing way. This goes without saying that the 2520 model is most fitted for the tub and shower combo and you can also consider moen 2510 model. Before going to moen shower valve you should check our moen 2510 vs 2520 shower valve comparison

No more looking out for scorching hot water spray or thousands of icy prickles in a surge. The unconditional flow and temperature that you have been waiting for are within your reach with this unit. 

Moen 2520 Pros & Cons

If you are in a hurry, take a quick look at the pros and cons of the selected unit for a better verdict.

  • Prevents hot and cold shocks
  • Excellent for bathroom remodeling projects
  • ASSE performance requirements can be achieved
  • Brass construction for heavy-duty performance and back-to-back installation benefit
  • Has generous water flow, consistent water temperature, and ability to adjust water temperature
  • The black plastic guide is not accurate

Moen 2570 Shower Valve User's Choice

  • Size: 0.5
  • Ports: Four
  • Material: Metal
  • Construction: Brass construction
  • Connection: 1/2-inch CC connection
  • Dimensions: 7 x 7 x 6 inches

How is Moen 2570 Shower Valve

Before you head for the Moen 2570 review, know that the rough-in cycling shower valve here is expensive. However, this exclusive unit is worth every penny once installed. 

It is trustworthy, brass engineered, and completely operational without any manipulation. As a result, this well-made unit is what everybody looks up to for a long-lasting shower valve in the household. 

Most importantly, it works best if attuned with components from the same brand. It utilizes the 1222 cartridge for the back-to-back installations. 

2570 unit of the M-PACT series is also one of the easiest ways to install as long as you have some plumbing knowledge. Its PosiTemp technology will ensure proper balancing of water flow and temperature. 

Respectively, it is a 4-port valve that comes with ½-inch CC connections, meaning you will require a soldering kit to install it. The unit also comprises quarter-turn stops for reliable control. 

Moen 2570 is constructed from brass for strength and endurance against heat. The user can rest assured without fearing the accidental hot or cold water rush anymore. 

It is more efficient in performance when conjoined with Moen standard parts. The unit can be installed in the kitchen or bathroom. And if you want, you can always fit it to a shower-only set up by plugging up the shower faucet outlet. 

Besides, it will not matter how many times the bathroom gets refurbished; this superb shower valve does not require any plumbing modification at all. 

Moen 2570 Pros & Cons

Let us see what the advantages and disadvantages are for this product in order to figure out what is most suitable for your shower head and faucet. 

  • Eliminates thermal shocks
  • Comes with quarter-turn stops
  • Full brass construction for robust performance
  • Meets the requirements of ASSE performance and easy to install/update
  • Excellent water temperature consistency with substantial water flow availability
  • Water volume adjustment not included

What is the Difference Between Moen 2520 and 2570 Shower Valve

Let us give you a precise Moen 2570 vs 2520 comparison account for you to assess what to opt for your shower and tub.


This may sound a bit surprising, but when it comes to Moen 2570, the valve does not work well with different company parts, like faucet or showerhead. 

Even if you try, it might necessitate plenty of alteration and inconvenience. So, it is better to stick to the standard Moen components. Let us just hope that your current bathroom shower components are of this brand. 

Unit 2510, on the other hand, is well-suited to any combination. Thanks to its versatility, the design is compatible with practically any shower component from different makes.

Both models, in likeness, are quite the amazing options for kitchen utilization.

Stop Valves

Neither of the models comprises IPS (threaded) connections, which leaves us with CC (copper connection). Some may need the assistance of a professional plumber to work this out. 

What sets apart 2570 from 2520 is the shutoff valve system. Moen 2520 offers a rotational lever that modifies water temperature upon turning counterclockwise. 

But the latter unit, Moen 2570, comes with quarter-turn stops. This kind of valve orients a hollowed-out ball inside to block or permit a full flow of the water path at a turn of 90-degree. 

Due to this simple valve design, Moen 2570 tends to resist wearing out much longer than Moen 2520. 

The 2570 valve also enables rapid closing off of the water flow, something a multi-turn valve is unable to process. It means Moen 2520 cycling valve cannot help but shut off slower than the comparable product. 

Nonetheless, this is why 2570 costs a few bucks more than 2520. But this easy-reading quarter stop valve is most beneficial to elderlies with conditions. It reduces the effort and space needed to operate the valve.  

In the end, it all depends on what you are most comfortable with. If you are going for ease of use and build quality, then Moen 2570 is the answer. 

On the contrary, we suggest aiming for Moen 2520 if you do not wish to shift to a different design out of familiarity and trust.

Valve Handle

You will notice this difference during installation. The valve handle of 2520 is slightly longer than that of 2570. 

To be exact, there is a possibility of the handle sticking out farther than the black plastic guide has intended. We advise you to test the distance measurement accordingly before installing a 2520 shower valve.

Comparison Table

Name Moen 2520 Shower Valve Moen 2570 Shower Valve
Size 0.5 0.5
Number of Ports Four Four
Connection 1/2-inch CC connection 1/2-inch CC connection
Construction Brass construction Brass construction
Included Components Valve Valve
Compatibility M-PACT common valve system M-PACT common valve system
Material Metal Metal
Price Check Price Check Price


Q: Do water shutoff valves go bad?

Ans: Yes, however, it will take time. Multi-turn valves usually take 8 to 10 years before showing signs of wear. Quarter-turn resists wearing out much longer than 10 years in terms of durability.

Q: Can I install Moen shower valves to old copper pipes?

Ans: Of course you can! Both Moen 2520 and 2570 units can be utilized with any ½-inch copper piping. Keep in mind to evaluate where your piping is located, though.

Q: Is it possible to control water volume with these units?

Ans: Unfortunately, no; both units convey a single handle to manipulate water temperature. If you need a water volume adjustment option, then we suggest looking for other Moen shower valve selections

Q: Can I set either of the models to a maximum temperature setting?

Ans: Yes, both applicable units will be able to deliver the highest temperature setting before installation. This is to verify the maximum hot water limit access to the user. Therefore, this setting should be predetermined.

Q: Is it possible to use 2520 or 2570 for shower only?

Ans: Technically, yes. You will have to sweat in the plug or adapters to the unwanted port. As a result, you could utilize the units for shower or tub only, or both. We recommend an expert’s assistance if necessary.


Have you made up your mind? Whichever you choose, make sure it fits the current setup in your home. The piece should be according to your personal taste too! 

We hope you found this article about Moen 2520 vs 2570 a helpful piece of reading to understand what you should go for; good luck!

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Moen 2520 Shower Valve - Plumbers Choice