Best Bathroom Towel Rack Ideas to Inspire Your Next Renovation

Are you confused about what type of towel rack is perfect for your bathroom? The best bathroom towel rack ideas are here & all types are explained in detail!

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If the time has come to renovate the bathroom, you might be planning to fix up all troubles and inconveniences you are facing for so long. Because your bathroom is a vital place for you, where you want everything to be nifty & tidy. Isn’t it?

If your answer is yes, pay attention to every crucial part of your bathroom during the period of renovation. At this point, we want to give some bathroom towel rack ideas.

A towel rack is an essential bathroom accessory; without it, you will find your towel is kept in a mess. You may consider a towel rack as a simple feature of your bathroom. But this is actually not that simple.

After reading this article, you will get to understand why a towel rack is one of the underlying parts of any bathroom! And why should you pay attention to this?

Firstly, you need to know about the types of towel racks that are commonly used for bathrooms. By having some informational ideas for bathroom towel racks, you will be able to choose the appropriate towel rack for your bathroom.

So, there are a lot of things you need to consider before buying it. Don’t worry! We are going to help you to choose the perfect towel rack for your bathroom. Grasp the following towel rack ideas and then try to choose the best type of towel rack that can be suited perfectly to your bathroom.

Exploring Different Types of Towel Racks for Your Bathroom

Every one of us has different types of bathrooms with different spaces, positions, and environments. The air circulation system and temperature of your bathroom are unlikely to match your neighbor’s.

All the factors like how much space your bathroom does exist and the design idea of your bathroom should be considered when choosing the appropriate towel rack for your bathroom. That is the reason why towel rack manufacturers produce different types of bathroom towel racks for their customers.

Prioritizing that part, as a sequence of our product ideas list, our professional experts have conducted another research on this. We have included the best bathroom towel rack ideas for you to decide on. The topmost five types of towel racks among them are given here for you.

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1. Wall mount towel rack

  • Price range: 49$-515$
  • Best for: Small bathrooms
  • Pros: Big storage, space-saving
  • Cons: Installation hassles
Wall-mounted towel holder rack

The wall-mounted towel rack is one of the common towel racks we see in many bathrooms. Wall-mount towel racks are commonly used in small-spaced bathrooms. If your bathroom doesn’t have enough space and you are facing challenges to make everything fit in your bathroom, a wall-mounted towel rack can be a good option for your bathroom.

A wall-mounted towel rack typically offers a perfect-sized upper shelf where you can easily store a stack of plush towels. So your family members can also store their towels on it. And there is a lower bar that is convenient for hanging towels or washcloths.

You can also use this towel racks shelf for holding many other things like mobile phones, hats, etc. Many people use this towel rack even in their kitchen. But you need to bother with its installation process.

2. Freestanding towel rack

Freestanding bathroom towel rack
  • Price range: 120$-577$
  • Best for: Any type of bathrooms
  • Pros: No hassle of installation, Can be used anywhere
  • Cons: Expensive

This is another popular kind of bathroom towel rack you will find in the market. There is a huge demand for this type of towel rack for its special benefits.

If you are living on rent in any house or apartment and are not allowed to make holes in the wall then a freestanding towel rack would be the best choice for you.

You can easily fix this towel rack in your bathroom, or even anywhere you want. Sometimes you can use it for your guest room too when guests are staying over.

Moreover, a freestanding towel rack is a very good choice for letting towels dry. And You won’t have to bother with its installation process.

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3. Over-the-door towel rack

  • Price range: 19$-27$
  • Best for: Small bathrooms
  • Pros: Space-saving, very affordable price
  • Cons: Low storage
Over the door towel rack

If your bathroom is very small and has limited wall space, you can choose over the door towel rack. Not only towels but also clothes, hats, handbags, and more things you can conveniently hang even over there. So you can easily use this rack for multi-purpose usage.

Typically these towel rack consists of three towel bars and 2 bottom hooks where you will be able to store and hold two or three towels behind the door. You will also find only a single-bar existing door towel rack in the market. In those racks, you can store only a single towel.

And it doesn’t require any painful installation process. You can easily manage it to hang over the door of your bathroom.

4. Countertop towel rack

  • Price range: 63$-375$
  • Best for: Luxurious Bathroom
  • Pros: Multi-purpose usage
  • Cons: Little bit expensive
Countertop towel rack

A Countertop towel rack is an ideal choice for the bathroom or kitchen. If you want a lucrative towel rack that offers enough storage for keeping towels, a countertop towel rack would be a good option for you.

The most interesting part of this towel rack is that it can be set in many ways. It has adjustable feet that you can set up this rack on uneven ground. You will get suction cups to fix up the rack perfectly. And this towel rack can be installed on the wall too.

You can store many towels on this rack. Besides, you may also use it to hold mobile phones, and shower ingredients. Even you can set a mini flower tub on this to make an artistic view in your bathroom.

5. Fixture mounted towel bar

  • Price range: 11$-56$
  • Best for: Small Bathroom
  • Pros: Require no space, affordable
  • Cons: Low storage
Fixed towel bar

Fixture mounted towel bar is a unique type of towel rack which can be installed on any side of your bathroom. Even you can install this with any cabinet door in your bathroom.

There is also some fixture-mounted towel rack in the market that can be used as the handle of a drawer and towel rack both. So it doesn’t require any space, and you can easily use it as a bathroom towel holder.

Overall this very useful type of bathroom towel rack. Suppose your bathroom is already getting congested with cabinets and additional bathroom furniture. In that case, you can buy a one or two-piece fixture-mounted towel rack and fix them in any convenient place.

Fresh and Functional: 10 Creative Bathroom Towel Rack Ideas for 2023

As you get to know the types of bathroom racks eventually, we intend to give you the top 10 bathroom towel ideas to buy the best and most appropriate towel rack for your bathroom in 2023.

Most of these towel racks are the best-selling and most popular racks in 2023. Over and above these bathroom towel racks came up into our best top ten list for their benefits, outlook, and durability.

So we are suggesting these top ten bathroom towel racks. You just need to choose any one of these by making sure that this towel rack is going to suit your bathroom perfectly.

Just have a look.

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1. Contemporary Bathroom Hand Towel Ring

Contemporary Bathroom Hand Towel Ring, Hand towel for bathroom

This type of towel ring is ideal for residential usage. Looks simple and nice! Although it is a wall-mounted towel ring, its installation process is easy and well enough to hold a towel.

2. Wall-Mounted Bathroom Towel Rack

Wall mounted bathroom towel rack

If you are not worried about making a lot of holes in your bathroom and want to save space, a wall-mounted bathroom towel would be the best choice for you.

3. Over The Door Triple Towel Rack

over the door triple towel rack for bathroom

If your bathroom is very small and doesn’t have enough wall space, you may choose it without thinking twice. Easily you will be able to store three towels or other handy things.

4. Freestanding Towel Holder


The freestanding towel holder is another popular type of towel holder. There is no hassle of installation, which is a great part of this bathroom towel holder. You can also use this towel holder anywhere in your house.

5. Double-T Hand Free Standing Towel Holder

Double T hand free standing bathroom towel holder

It easily can be used for multipurpose everywhere in your house, and it requires a low space. You can hang up to 4 towels there easily. Moreover, it doesn’t have any installation hassles.

6. Over-The-Door Towel holder

Over the door towel holder for bathroom

The over-The-Door Towel holder is another popular and conventional towel holder in the market. You will never have to worry about bathroom space or even wall space. And it can easily manage to hang over the door.

7. Mounted Towel Holder

Sasha - Solid teak wall-mounted Towel rack 100 cm

If you are looking for a towel holder to hang a single towel, then a mounted towel holder would be a good option for you. You can also put clothes on it.

8. Wall-Mounted Bathroom Towel Hook Ring

Wall-Mounted Bathroom Towel Hook Ring

Wall-mounted towel hook rings are a very popular and demanding product in the market. You can hold a single towel here and it looks stylish.

9. Over-The-Door Bathroom Towel Hook

Over-The-Door Bathroom Towel Hook

It offers so many hooks to hang towels and clothes. It can be hung over the door of your bathroom easily. It also saves space and doesn’t have any installation hassles.

10. Door Bar Hanging Bathroom Towel Rack

This innovative kind of towel rack is your family’s solution to bathroom and bedroom clutter! This towel bar has four towel bars in one that provides 300% more hanging space than a typical towel bar.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Where to put a towel rack in a small bathroom?

A towel rack should be placed on the wall or door in a small bathroom. So wall-mounted towel racks or door-towel racks are the best options for small bathrooms.

What height should you hang a bathroom towel rack?

You should hang the bathroom towel rack at a convenient height level according to its user’s flexibility. It also depends on what type of towel rack you are using. Standard towel racks should be installed up to a height of 42 to 48 inches above the floor.

Where to put a towel rack in a tiny bathroom?

In a tiny bathroom, it is likely to have less ground space along with unusable wall space. In this case, the towel rack should be affixed to the back of the door. There are a lot of door-mounted towel racks available in the market. Among those, a door bar hanging a bathroom towel rack would be the best for tiny bathrooms.

Do towels dry faster on hooks or bars?

Towels get dry faster in bars than hooks because towels remain to spread out in bars compared to hooks. On the other hand, towels remain slightly compressed. So it can take more time to dry up towels. Nevertheless, it doesn’t make any big difference.

Final Verdict

We endeavored to explain how towel racks can make a strong impact in your bathroom and why you should consider a towel rack as a vital part of a bathroom. We also tried to give you the best bathroom towel rack ideas so that you can choose the best towel rack for you.

Hopefully, you will keep all these things in your mind before buying a towel rack for your bathroom. Only then will you surely have some benefits from your next bathroom towel rack.

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