Miseno Kitchen Sink Reviews – Best Miseno Sink to Buy in 2023

Design, easy cleaning, space, durability, and material matter to choose the best sink. With proven operability from users, here goes our Miseno sink review.

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The kitchen is the place that brings busy people together. So, the appliances in the kitchen need to be handpicked according to the users’ choice.

A kitchen sink is one of the most important parts of the kitchen. Hence a well-featured kitchen sink should be the top priority regardless of anything.

Therefore, we have assigned our expert team to conduct thorough research on the sinks available in the market, and Miseno was listed as one of our best picks.

So, here we are with our Miseno kitchen sink review for you. Dig deeper to know why these sinks are the best and how these facilitate the users.

How is Miseno?

Miseno is a famous brand under Ferguson Enterprise, Inc, one of the largest renowned U.S. distributors of plumbing materials, renovation and maintenance materials, waterworks, and so on. The company is working in both the residential and commercial sectors.

Miseno ensures consistent perfection in its product. So the products are constructed under close monitoring.

Their products have unique designs, high quality, and features. The company has been serving people for over 60 years and now has reached 1,400 locations across the world.

Upgrade Your Kitchen with the Best Miseno Kitchen Sinks

Miseno has brought eye-catching, standard, and modern variations to its sinks. So, it was really hard for us to select the best one. We put forth all the gathered information, first-hand experimented with it and then checked customers’ reviews.

So, here are our top 7 Miseno sink reviews. Hope you will find the necessary information here. Let’s go through it.

1. Miseno 16 gauge undermount sink

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Miseno MSS3219SR is the top-rated single-basin kitchen sink on the market. With a length of 32 and a width of 19 inches, the unit has an undermount installation process. The 10 inches extra deep sink weighs 35 pounds.

Miseno MSS3219SR Undermount Kitchen Sink has a contemporary look. Being made of T-304 stainless steel, this sink is not vulnerable to blemishes or cracks. It has a 16-gauge thickness which allows it to have a sturdy fixture.

The corners are slightly rounded. Therefore it lets the user use and clean the inner space conveniently. It comes with a basin rack.

Also, Miseno uses rubber pads and sound-absorbent acrylic undercoating to construct these sinks. That’s why this sink can deplete the noise when the sink is in use.

This sink is finished with a satin luster, which makes the unit look new all the time and the fingerprints or watersports remain invisible. Being extra deep, it allows the largest pots and pans to soak completely. Thus users will have a great work experience.


  • Good looking.
  • The sink is durable.
  • Sound absorbent.
  • Resistant to scratch.
  • Easy to clean.
  • It is of high quality.


  • Unclean, trapped moisture may cause discolor.

2. Miseno double basin fireclay kitchen sink

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Miseno fireclay kitchen sink is 10 inches high, 33 inches long, and 18 inches wide. It is a double-basin kitchen sink with a weight of 97 pounds.

This farmhouse-style kitchen sink is made of fireclay, which is a highly durable and hard material. The material is formulated in such a way that it is resistant to acids, alkaline, etc.

This unit has the versatility of double basins, which are split into 60/40 and perfect for washing on one side and drying on another. The basins being deep enough is perfect for users to soak the dirty dishes and large pans below the counter lines.

The conjoined dual basins have separate centered position drains that drain water fast. It needs to be installed in the farmhouse apron front way.


  • An excellent choice for the modern kitchen.
  • Suitable for quartz countertop


  • It is a heavily weighted sink.
  • Using high temperature in the sink may cause hairline cracks.

3. Miseno single basin bar sink

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This single-basin kitchen sink is made of stainless steel and is of under-mount style. It has a height of 10 inches, a length of 20 inches, and a width of 15 inches. This item weighs 15 pounds.

This sink has been constructed with 16 gauge stainless steel and comes with a basin rank, under-mount clips, and a post-installation cleaning kit.

Having rubber pads along with sound-absorbent acrylic undercoating combined, these sinks provide a noiseless washing experience.

With rounded corners and sound absorbent advantage, it allows users to function without any problem. Having a centered drain ensures faster water flow. So, users have complete access to maintain the sink.

Satin luster finishes make the sink look sparkling all the time and hide any prints or spots. The material is commercially used steel and is resistant to cracks and blemishes.


  • Sound absorbent.
  • Cost-effective solution.

  • Durable and long lasting.


  • Unclean, trapped moisture may cause discolor.

4. Miseno undermount double basin sink

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This undermount-style double basin sink is made of Stainless Steel. This particular one is measured 32 inches in length, 20-¾ inches in width, and 9 inches in height. The item weighs 20 pounds.

Miseno Stainless Steel series kitchen sinks are made of 16-Gauge T-304 Stainless Steel. And so users get certain flexibility like this sink won’t chip or crack.

This unit includes a drain assembly for the drain openings, a basin rack, undermount clips, and a post-installation cleaning kit.

As mentioned earlier, having rubber pads and sound-absorbent acrylic undercoating in the basins helps users have a quiet user experience.

The double basin sink’s drains are located in the rear position. The rear drain location increases storage space as it allows enough room inside the sink to dispose of garbage. Therefore, the water flow will not be blocked.


  • Long lasting.
  • Sound absorbent.

  • Resistant to crack, chip, blemish.


  • Abrasive cleansers may cause scratches.

5. Miseno double basin undermount kitchen sink

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This 20 pounds weight sink is made of Stainless steel. It is 32 inches long, 20.62 inches wide, and has a height of 8.5 inches.

Being made of 16-Gauge Stainless Steel, this unit is extremely durable and long-lasting. And having an undermount installation style will let users have a clean countertop.

The kitchen sink has a double basin of 50/50 split. The corners are round-shaped, so there is no edge, and users can work smoothly. Having centered drains ensures faster water flow. Users get more access to maintain or repair the sink.

It comes with a basin rack, a basket strainer, and a sink cleaner set to ensure maximum advantage. It has a luster satin finish to make it look clean and hide any spots.


  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Sound absorbent.
  • Resistant to crack, chip, stain.


  • Abrasive cleansers may cause scratches.

6. Miseno rectangular shape undermount sink

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The stainless steel product has a length of 23 inches, a width of 18 inches, and a height of 10 inches. This item weighs 27 pounds.

It is constructed of T-304 Stainless Steel, which is used for commercial use for not being chipped or cracked.

This sink is rectangle-shaped, and the corners are radius-shaped. It is extra deep as well. So users get full access to soak their large pans and dirty disease completely below the counter.

Also, this one does not create any annoying ringing sounds while in use as Miseno uses rubber pads and acrylic undercoating to absorb sound. With a finishing satin luster look, the sink has been given a cleaner and dazzling look. So any spots remain invisible.


  • Long-lasting.
  • Standard lookin.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Sound absorbent.
  • Resistant to chip, crack.


  • Abrasive cleansers may cause scratches.

7. Miseno 16-gauge stainless steel kitchen sink

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Miseno MSS3121C is a single-basin stainless steel kitchen sink. This stainless steel sink is 31 inches long, 21 inches wide, and 9 inches high. The overall weight of this is 20 pounds.

16 gauge stainless steel was used for constructing this single-basin kitchen sink. A nearly round-square shape and a rectangle shape have been combined; thus, the design ensures maximum workspace. It has an undermount installation process; therefore, the countertop won’t be messy.

The sound-absorbent elements include acrylic undercoating and rubber pads. Thus it ensures a noiseless working experience. The drain is located on the left side to provide users with enough space under the sink.

Lastly, having a satin finish makes the look clean. Any spot or fingerprints remain invisible for this.


  • Easy to clean.
  • Stylish design
  • Sound absorbent.
  • High-quality material
  • Extremely Durable.


  • Rear sink requires professionals to install.
  • Abrasive cleansers may cause scratches.

What to Look for Before Buying Miseno Sink?

We have analyzed the user’s need for a sink from their perspective and figured that some factors should not be overlooked by any means while buying a sink. And here goes our list of factors. You can call this a buying guide for choosing the best one.

While we are on the topic of the considerations for a sink while buying, you will compare those with Miseno sinks. Hence, you will figure out why you should buy a Miseno sink and what to look for.

Cabinet space

Among the factors our data shows, we find the first one is space- where you are going to install your sink. Measure your countertop well where you are going to install your kitchen sink.


What size of the sink will suit your preference? If you have a farmhouse-style kitchen, you may think of a fireclay sink, or if you have a galley kitchen or an L-shaped kitchen, a stainless steel sink with a single or double basin should serve the purpose just right. What is your kitchen style?

If you don’t know which sink should be good for you, send us an image of your kitchen and our experts will recommend you the best one.


Budget is the next essential factor. If you have a lavish budget and ample space, why not get an excellent and well-featured sink? If the space is limited, go for a comparatively small one. However, you need to calculate the installation cost here.


Considering sink material is another prior factor. Sinks are made of materials like stainless steel, porcelain, fireclay, acrylic, cast iron, granite composite, copper, and natural stone. All of these materials have different types of advantages. Stainless steel is the most common and popular material for kitchen sinks as this material is durable and lasts long.

Depth of sink

The kitchen sink should be around 7 inches deep. If you pick a sink depth of up to 10 inches, you will get more room to wash large dishes without making your countertop or surroundings messy. In our selected Miseno kitchen sink review, we have picked the sink with extra depth. We know how convenient it can be to have a deep bowl sink.


Accessories add a boost to a sink’s functionality. A sink offers a wide range of accessories like- colander, basin rack, water disposal unit, cutting board, and many more. These will make your work easier.


How do you want your work to be done? This is how your sink should serve its purpose. Some people want their dirty dishes to sink in the kitchen; some people will need extra bowls for washing dishes by hand. Depending on your choice, the functionality will vary as well.


Be well informed about the warranty so that you won’t have any hassle once you have installed it; if you find any trouble, how will the dealer help with it? Know about these as well in detail. Miseno sinks offer a lifetime guarantee under the manuals they provide.


Depending on features and designs, the installation process will vary. Some sinks are a bit difficult and require professional plumbers to install. Some sinks can be simply installed without having complexity.


Being an essential kitchen part, a kitchen sink should not let you down. So, take a look at the maintenance of the sink. Will it cost you a lot of time? There are sinks that are smoothened in the corner, and some are not. There are rectangular size or square, oval, or round shape sinks, which will be easier for you to maintain considering your countertop space?


The quality of the sink is another vital factor. There are many sinks built with substandard materials or offering frustrating services. You don’t want to end up having those issues pouring your money down the drain by overlooking quality.


Stainless steel has unbeatable durability when we are comparing the material used for making kitchen sinks. Furthermore, the steel is hygienic, resistant to cracks, and easy to clean as well. All of our selected Miseno sinks are made of stainless steel.


There are style variations in sinks- top mount, under-mount, double basin, single basin, apron front sink, corner sink, etc. Keeping your budget, space, and choice in mind, you have to decide which style of sink performs well for your kitchen.


Does your sink adjust well inside the space you selected? It should be if you don’t want to renovate your kitchen fully. Many professionals suggest taking a sink smaller than the space in it is going to be installed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What material are Miseno sinks made of?

Miseno sinks have variations in their construction materials, such as Stainless Steel, Fireclay, enameled cast iron, Granite, etc.

Do Miseno sinks scratch?

Miseno uses different materials in constructing sinks. Therefore, it will last according to the care and usage. The stainless steel ones do not scratch.

Do Miseno sinks stain?

The stainless steel ones do not stain. For other materials sinks, those won’t be stained much if taken care of.

Where can I buy a Miseno sink?

From different e-commerce sites like Amazon or from their verified pages, you can buy Miseno sinks.

What is the best Miseno sink to buy?

The above-listed 7 have proven customer satisfaction and showed amazing performance according to our research. So, we recommend you pick one of those.


Seeking a good kitchen sink is not a debatable question because we doubt anyone will want to bet on their kitchen appliances. Our selected Miseno kitchens are top-rated, and those are facilitative, durable, and a good bang for your buck. If you haven’t tried this sink yet, do so cause it’s indeed worth giving a shot

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