Where to Buy Farmhouse Sinks – Top Rated Brands & Online Stores 2022

Where to Buy Farmhouse Sinks – Top Rated Brands & Online Stores 2022

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Farmhouse sinks have taken the world by storm thanks to their stylish appearance and ergonomic functionality. But if you’re someone who has never had one before, where do you get it? Where to buy farmhouse sinks in a wide variety of options?

Do not fear because QP reviews are here! We have prepared this comprehensive list of stores from which you can buy farmhouse sinks, along with a quick overview of the top farmhouse sink bands. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Are Farmhouse Sinks Worth It?

Before delving into the main topic, let’s understand the value of farmhouse sinks in our lives.

Before running water had become commonly available, large sinks were used for bathing, washing clothes, and cleaning dishes. Today, the modern farmhouse-style sink embodies the multi-functional concept that it is only used for pots and dishes.

These sinks take up more space than regular sinks. But for the benefits they provide, it’s worth the additional space. Both single bowl sink and double bowl farmhouse sinks typically provide a large and deep area to rinse produce and wash dishes efficiently.

Are farmhouse sinks really worth it? Yes, if you can afford the space and slight cost. If not, regular sinks are good too!

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The Best Places to Buy Farmhouse Sinks Online

The following list contains all the stores through which you can purchase all kinds of Farmhouse sinks, including the brands we mentioned above. Each store has a benefit over the other, which we’ll discuss in the sections below.

  • Amazon – Best for purely online shopping
  • Build – Another great home-improvement site
  • Lowes – Best for purchasing home-improvement tools along with sinks
  • Wayfair – Best for buying additional sink furniture and other home-goods online
  • Homedepot – Best for purchasing sink furniture, decor, home-improvement goods, and more

Now that we know where to buy Farmhouse Sinks, let’s look at what each store has to offer.

Farmhouse Sinks at Amazon

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Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce sites in the entire world. This means that anything you would like to purchase with your farmhouse sink, you can get from Amazon. This could be relevant items like bowls, crockeries, or something completely unrelated like a cell phone!

Why do we recommend buying farmhouse sinks from Amazon

If you purchase farmhouse sinks from Amazon, the benefits you’d get are –

  • Get your sink shipped globally
  • View relevant sinks accessories without having to search for it
  • Earn commission through Amazons’ influencer or associate programs
  • View a high amount of detailed reviews and videos before purchasing

Farmhouse Sinks at Homedepot

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Homedepot excels in home-improvement tools, accessories, and products. It’s the largest home improvement retailer in the USA for a reason. Additionally, the website is filled with DIY projects and ideas, which is a perfect learning resource for sink installation and use.

Why do we recommend buying farmhouse sinks from Homedepot

If you purchase farmhouse sinks from Homedepot, the benefits you’d get are –

  • Purchase in-store to check and feel the product
  • Save a lot of money on special sales and bulk price savings
  • Have the option to purchase installation services of the sinks
  • Purchase any other accessory or tool easily from the largest home improvement collection in the world

Farmhouse Sinks at Wayfair

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Wayfair specializes in a wide variety of home appliances like refrigerators, microwaves, blenders, etc. Though you will find home appliances on other stores in this list, no other store contains a vast appliance collection like Wayfair’s. We all know how important appliances are for the kitchen.

Why do we recommend buying farmhouse sinks from Wayfair

If you purchase farmhouse sinks from Wayfair, the benefits you’d get are –

  • Receive products fast with its 1-2 day shipping service
  • Use the Wayfair websites’ 3D room planner to view how the sinks would appear in your kitchen
  • Leverage its “open box” feature to purchase returned items in brand new condition for nearly half the price.

Farmhouse Sinks at Lowes

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Lowes is the second-largest hardware-chain company in the world, making it undoubtedly a good store for purchasing farmhouse sinks. Lowes has over 300,000 employees working tirelessly to serve their consumers.

Why do we recommend buying farmhouse sinks from Lowes

If you purchase farmhouse sinks from Lowes, the benefits you’d get are –

  • Purchase with both online or in-store options
  • Purchase in-store with over 2000 stores in America
  • Buy home-improvement and hardware tools or products for sink installation

Farmhouse Sinks at Build

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Build does what the company title says. It helps you build. It provides a wide range of products for you to build your home according to your taste.

Why do we recommend buying farmhouse sinks from Build

If you purchase farmhouse sinks from Build, the benefits you’d get are –

  • Get hefty deals on farmhouse sinks and a lot more on clearance sales
  • Learn about putting together kitchen hardware thanks to its learning center
  • Store your project credentials in its project dashboard, fully integrated with the sink purchases you make

What is the Best Farmhouse Sink to Buy? 2022 – Top Rated Brands in the USA

  • Kraus – Most dependable sink brand
  • Bocchi – High-quality kitchen sink
  • American Standard – A premium portfolio of kitchen sink
  • Blanco – Most affordable sink brand
  • Elkay – Best stainless steel kitchen sink brand
  • Kohler – Most durable kitchen sink
  • Ruvati – Stylish and long-lasting kitchen sink
  • Franke – Reliable and highly functional sink
  • Sinkology – Best copper kitchen sink
  • Karran – Provide best quality and durable

If you are interested in knowing only where to buy farmhouse sinks, you can skip this entire section. Otherwise, let’s learn about some brands!


The first brand on our list is a new competitor in the industry. Kraus was established in 2007 “to create the most exceptional kitchen and bath experience possible, for an everyday life that’s beyond the ordinary.”. It was founded and is headquartered in New York, United States, despite having a German company title.

Kraus’s fresh status need not undermine its prowess. In fact, its farmhouse sinks have a combined rating of 4.6 stars! It has already established itself as a premium kitchen and bath manufacturer in a decent price range. Kraus Farmhouse Sinks are available in the $300 to $1000 range, which is a great price considering the meticulous quality.


Though Bocchi isn’t widely known, it excels in embedding variety into farmhouse sinks. It has five models of farmhouse sinks alone, with different variations in each model. That’s a lot of options to choose from – which is great for those who are looking for something highly specific.

Bocchi is a U.S.-based company though it may have mixed roots. Its company bio, mentioning “Italian by birth. Turkish by design. American by demand”, is a statement of its product and company versatility. There are Turkish designers involved with Italian ownership and an American consumer base.

Bocchi’s Farmhouse sinks are within the $300 to $900 range, which is a sweet spot for many consumers.

American Standard

The American Standard encompasses what it has essentially become – a gold standard for Americans. It has been serving not just America but the entire world with its exceptional bathroom and kitchen products for over 140 years! This makes it one of the oldest running companies on this list.

Its farmhouse sinks are the best of the best, and the price point justifies that. The sinks start from $400 all the way up to $1,400 and more! This may not be a cost-effective choice for many.

While its farmhouse kitchen sinks have good structural integrity, it lacks innovation in design. For such premium pricing, aesthetics should’ve been considered. But for anyone who would like a long-running American brand value in their farmhouse sink, American Standard is certainly a good choice.


Blanco, much like other brands in this list, is a globally recognized American sink and faucet manufacturing brand. It is another proponent of diversity in farmhouse sink designs. It has over 6 models in the farmhouse sink repertoire.

However, Blanco is for those who like exquisite sinks. The price range of its farmhouse sinks is in a tight range of $800 to $1100, which is certainly worth the investment if you would like both flairs, quality, and functionality in your kitchen sink.


Elkay farmhouse sinks have a special feat like none other. The aprons can be interchanged for a differently colored apron. If you want to use a blue apron in the morning and a red one at night, with no need for extra installation, now you can!

Elkay tops the age in this list with over 200 years of its existence! For any brand to sustain this long speaks volumes. The price range is quite nifty too, ranging from $350 to $900.


Another oldie on this list, Kohler has been in the bathroom and kitchen industry for over 150 years. It is quite popular globally, especially for its “bold” look in each and every product.

Kohler’s bold look comes with a cost. Its farmhouse sinks range from $700 to $1400 dollars. Considering the amazing reviews that Kohler has all over the world, it’s certainly worth the investment.


Ruvati pays a lot of attention to individuality in farmhouse sinks. It provides options for custom design and material choices. Most other companies don’t offer such customizability, and this is one of the ways Ruvati stands out as a brand.

Since its inception in 2009, it has grown quite a lot thanks to the amount of finishes it offers. It provides copper, black matte, gold, and endless other colors in all its sinks.


Franke farmhouse sinks are toppers in terms of simplicity! Its farmhouse sinks are elegant and functional. It offers Granite, Fireclay, and Stainless Steel sink with a minimalistic yet modern appeal.

Franke is the only Swiss company on this list. They are renowned all through Europe. Due to being a foreign brand, they aren’t readily available in all stores and websites.


The name says it all. Sinkology studies sink and build them! It is relatively new in the farmhouse sink industry, considering that it was founded in 2003.

Yet, it has been a global competitor, especially for a cost: quality ratio. Meaning, it’s incredibly cost-effective!


Karran is another cost-effective option for a lot of consumers. It is an American brand founded in the 1990s. It manufactures sinks in a wide variety of materials, including stainless steel, acrylic, quartz composite, and vitreous china.

Karran’s farmhouse sinks range from $350 to $900. For those who are looking for where to buy cheap kitchen sinks, Karran could be a suitable choice.


How is a farmhouse sink different from other sinks?

Regular sinks don’t feature a front apron and such a deep, wide washing space that farmhouse sinks do. This makes farmhouse sinks more ergonomic.

Are farmhouse sinks for farms?

No! Farmhouse sinks are used in kitchens today. That kitchen could be on a farm, home, or anywhere. The title “farmhouse” originated from the fact that these sinks used to be common inside farmhouses in the distant past.

Where can I install farmhouse sinks?

You can install farmhouse sinks in kitchens with a wide and deep kitchen sink space.

Can I install a farmhouse sink myself?

Unless you have sufficient plumbing experience, it’s best not to. There are a lot of intricate installation procedures involved, which vary from sink to sink. Thus, it’s best to install a farmhouse sink by hiring a professional.

How do I decide on choosing a farmhouse sink?

Farmhouse sinks are typically available in two variations - single bowl or double bowl. Each variation offers different benefits. Double bowls are good for separating the dishes. Single bowls are good for utilizing a large space. As for the materials, fireclay or stainless steel are good options. The granite looks nicer but scratches easily. Choose whichever combination of material and style suits your needs.

Where can I buy kitchen sinks?

You can buy them at all the stores mentioned in this article, including Amazon, Homedepot, Build, Lowes and Wayfair.


No more do you need to worry about where to buy farmhouse sinks. We hope this article answered all your questions, and if they did, don’t forget to share!