Bathroom Glow-Up: 15 Modern Lighting Ideas to Brighten Your Bathroom Vanity

When building or remodeling your house, you probably didn’t think too much about how much aesthetic beauty you want the bathroom to have. At least not until Meryl Streep and Taylor Swift gave you a peek at the comfort and…

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When building or remodeling your house, you probably didn’t think too much about how much aesthetic beauty you want the bathroom to have.

At least not until Meryl Streep and Taylor Swift gave you a peek at the comfort and aesthetics their bathrooms have. Now, you can’t wait to join the bandwagon and relieve your bathroom of the curse of looking too basic.

While we’ve got you covered in the bathroom redecorating department, let’s start with bathroom vanity lights. Getting the right one for your desired bathroom design is crucial to the entire bathroom remodeling project.

Sadly, there are too many vanity lights that you’ll easily get confused about which one is perfect for you. Don’t worry; we’ve carefully selected some options along with a comprehensive buying guide so you’ll never walk alone when shopping. Without further due, let’s get into it.

What types of light is best for a bathroom?

Most times, people rarely give attention to the lighting in their bathroom as they do with their kitchen or living room area. The result is a room that’s not well lit.

Here’s a tip to getting the lighting in your bathroom right; deploy a series of layers in different angles of the bathroom. To avail you of appropriately lit your bathroom to your taste, let’s start with exploring the various types of vanity lights for your bathroom.

Task Lighting

From its name, you should already tell what it’s for; it helps you fulfill tasks like brushing your teeth or shaving your beards in the bathroom. There are two types of task lighting.

Vanity Lighting: Since they’re a type of task lighting, they are bright enough to light up the room. Sit them around in areas around the mirror so they can precisely light up your face when you need to do a task like apply makeup or carve your brows. Mounting this lighting type around the mirror gets rid of shadows.

Shower Lighting: This type of lighting is usually perfect for the shower area in the bathroom. If your shower area is not wrapped in a transparent wall and door, shower lighting will come in handy. In essence, if your shower area is transparent, you might not need shower task lighting in the shower area. A glass-length recessed light could work for your shower area.

Ambient Lighting

If your bathroom is constructed in a way that prevents natural light from penetrating, this light is the perfect substitute. This type of lighting is usually fixed in the center of the ceiling and fills the bathroom with enough light that enables you to move freely around the bathroom. There are a few types of ambient lighting.

Ceiling Lighting: When talking about ambient lighting, ceiling lightings is common. There are quite a few types of ceiling lighting. They are the recessed lighting, the flush mount lighting, and the Pendant lighting.

Recessed Lighting: If you’ve got a big bathroom and seeing shadows around some corners of the bathroom irks you out, you need this light to brighten dark corners. When installing recessed lighting, you just need to pay attention to how far apart they are in the wall.

Pendant Lighting: This ceiling lighting type follows the decorative pendant design. To enjoy the effect of this type of light, you have to position it such that there’s a focal point.

Flush Mount Lighting: This ceiling light doesn’t give an impressive result. That’s probably why they are common in newly built apartments, plus they are cheap. Feel free to swap them out when you get tired of them.

Accent Lighting

Clearly, this type of lighting doesn’t exist to light up your room. It adds a certain type of effect to your room. It creates a type of mood in your bathroom, and there are quite a few styles that allow you to play around with it.

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Modern Bathroom Vanity Lighting Ideas Over Mirror – Top 15 Best Vanity Lights for Bathroom

If you are looking for bathroom vanity lighting ideas, you have come to the right place. We have curated a list of 15 modern bathroom vanity lighting ideas that will help you make your bathroom look amazing.

You want to make your bathroom look beautiful and elegant, but it’s hard to find the perfect lights. Take a look at our list of top 15 bathroom vanity lighting ideas!

1. Matt Black Dimmable Vanity Lights

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For starters, this vanity light is a 6000k white light that saves energy. Regardless of its energy-saving feature, you’ll still enjoy brilliant bright light that’ll help you successfully execute any task you want to before your mirror, etc.

If you feel the intensity of the light is too much, you can dim it to fit your preference. You won’t feel the absence of natural light in your bathroom as this light perfectly recreates that level of light/ feeling.


  • Sturdy fixture.
  • It doesn’t consume too much energy.
  • Matte finish and acrylic material make it durable.
  • High color rendering index for high color reproduction.


  • 6000k is too much for a room, but it’s dimmable.

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2. Wall Sconce Lighting with Glass Shades

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Made with glass material, this vanity light gives your bathroom a modern aesthetic, making it ideal for every home, as it adds that relaxing ambiance to any home. For the sake of flexibility, there’s no single way to mount this light.

You can either mount it facing up or down; decide which direction it faces based on the aesthetics you’re trying to give. You can use any bulb type with this light from LED, Halogen, and Incandescent to CFL as long as it’s within 3-100 watts.


  • Flexible mounting design.
  • Works with a variety of bulbs.
  • The installation process is easy.
  • Adds a soothing touch to your bathroom.


  • Mounting screws are a bit too long.

3. Dimmable Vanity Light

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This Alloy Steel vanity light comes equipped with a special feature: the ability to Dim it. However, you have to combine it with a dimmer switch that’s compatible. It accommodates three light bulbs that can be LED or 60 watts medium-sized bulbs.

Of course, there’s the option that comes with 4, 5, and 6 light bulbs. There’s no specific instruction on where this light should face. Hence, you can mount it vertically or horizontally. Frankly, just do what works for you.


  • cUL and UL are listed for maximum quality.
  • It brightens the room enough for you to perform your task.
  • Mount this easily to the wall without visible wires or chains.
  • This vanity light comes with options of either 3,4,5, or 6 light bulbs; choose the one that works best with your mirror and bathroom.


  • It might be a little offset from the wall.

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4. Classic design LED Bathroom Vanity Lights

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The holder for this three-piece lighting is made of metal which means it would hand your light in place for as long as possible without getting rusty. It is simple lighting that adds that classic design touch to your bathroom.

If you’re not a fan of using too many lightbulbs in one location, feel free to split up the trio lighting. Then, fix it in different locations in the house. The trio lighting does not depend on each other to work.

Regardless of how you choose to set up this lighting, you have the liberty to mount it facing up or down. Whatever you do, don’t forget to own the touch that this vanity light brings to your bathroom.


  • Direct, simple, and easy installation.
  • Versatile trio lighting; install it together as a set or split them up around the house.
  • It comes with a 5 piece bathroom set, including a towel ring, toilet paper holder, and a robe hook.


  • It might not be ideal for heavy-duty use.

5. Vanity Wall Lighting Over Mirror

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This modern LED bathroom vanity light shines as though it were natural light. It doesn’t shine in a way that hurts your eyes as it features elements that offer adequate eye protection.

The illumination is quite stable, and it saves energy. If you use this lighting under normal lighting, it can last up to 50,000 hours. If you’re a minimalist, this light design is perfect for you as it adds that minimalistic touch to your home.


  • Energy-saving LED lights.
  • Great minimalistic design.
  • Lasts up to 50,000 hours under normal lighting.
  • It illuminates in a way to protect your eyes from too much brightness.


  • It doesn’t disperse light onward but in one direction, which means there will be shadows of some sort.

6. Vintage Wall Mount Vanity Sconce Lights

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This lighting deploys corded-electric as its power source. It adds a vintage touch to your bathroom with its transparent glass shade and overall design. Thanks to the transparent shade, the warm light beams through with brilliance.

The best part is that, although it doesn’t come with a bulb, you can pair this lighting with various options. For example, this lighting is compatible with energy-saving bulbs, LED light, or incandescent lighting. It follows the US junction box standard, and it is incredibly easy to install.


  • It is sturdy.
  • Installation is a breeze.
  • Compatible with various light bulbs, including LED, incandescent, and energy-saving bulbs.


  • Shades seem a tad bit heavy.

7. Crystal Wall Bathroom Vanity Light Fixtures

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These modern crystal vanity lights for the bathroom don’t only come in a pair of two lights. Depending on the size of your bathroom or mirror, there is the 3-light, 4-light,5-light,6-light, and even 1-light options. Simple shop for the option that best fits into your bathroom and mirror size.

Although this lighting doesn’t come with bulbs, you can successfully pair it with an E 26 base LED light, Energy saving bulbs, Halogen, or Incandescent lights.

The lampshades look quite luxurious and are carved from high-quality material. You can fully dim the light if you use it with a compatible dimmer bulb and switch.


  • It is corrosion-resistant.
  • Adds a luxurious touch to your bathroom.
  • The black metal and brass lamp bodies are not susceptible to rust.


  • It might be too large for regular-sized bathrooms.

8. Dimmable LED Acrylic Bath Wall Vanity Lights

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This lighting is another crowded-electric lighting on our list with the dimmable feature. It follows a simple design and is a great over the bathroom mirror light that, although it uses a 24 watts lightbulb, can shine brighter than a regular 120 watts bulb.

It deploys thick acrylic shades to reduce possible harm to your eyes. The best part about this lighting is that it conserves energy. Also, it beams light both upwards and downwards regardless of your mount style.


  • You can dim the lights.
  • Thick Acrylic shades to protect your eyes.
  • LED light has a great color representation.


  • You might need more than one set to get rid of shadows.

9. Sleek Design Bathroom Vanity Light Fixture

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This vanity light fixture comes with a metal shade touch-up with a black finish. The entire lighting deploys a metal construction for durability and sturdiness.

It is UL-listed lighting which makes it perfect for damp areas. It’s best if you pair this lighting with other sources of light in your bathroom; otherwise, your bathroom would be dimly lit as it only provides over the sink and mirror light. Also, the lighting from this light only beams in one direction; downwards.


  • It is perfect for damp areas.
  • Provides vanity areas with great light.
  • Carved with solid metal construction.


  • Only shines downwards and is better paired with other sources of lighting.

10. Linear Rotatable Vanity Light

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This 6000k white light is connected to an aluminum-constructed body. It is one of the best bathroom mirror lighting if you’re looking to remodel your bathroom.

Whether or not it is a perfect fit for your mirror, it’s enough to help you complete your mirror tasks. One awesome feature of this lighting is that you can swing the lamp head back and forth based on your preference. The matte finishing is suitable for damp areas as it won’t eventually succumb to rust.


  • Lightweight.
  • It is a dimmable light
  • Made with rust-resistant feature
  • Saves energy as much as possible.
  • Illuminate your vanity areas easily.


  • The material feels cheap.

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11. Wall Mount ‎Cool White Vanity Light

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It’s simple and elegant design makes it a perfect choice for minimalists and those with small bathrooms. It was carved from stainless steel, which is automatically rust-resistant and sturdy.

The light is quite soft but beams up vanity areas well enough. You don’t need to worry about glare from this light fixture as it’s got none. Aside from that, this light saves energy.


  • You can install it easily.
  • Rust-resistant and sturdy
  • It saves as much energy as possible
  • Brightens up vanity areas well enough



  • The wiring looks cheap.

12. Milky Glass Black Gold Bathroom Vanity Light

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This lighting grants you the dream of exploring mid-century modern bathroom vanity lighting ideas. It features a milky white and bright golden glass ball connected to a black metal holder.

You can pair it with an LED G9 light bulb and a compatible dimmable switch to enjoy the dimming features. If the factory bulb ever stops working, switching bulbs is easy, uncomplicating.

Feel free to mount this lighting around damp areas as UL rated. Installation is easy as it’s hardwired, and the fixture doesn’t come with a switch or plug on it.


  • Easy installation.
  • Dimmable with the right bulb and switch.
  • Gives your bathroom a mid-century modern design.


  • The bulb choice for this lighting is limited.

13. Rustic Style Matte Black Bathroom Light Fixtures

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This lighting is a unique vanity light with a functional design. For starters, the light bulb itself is fixed inside a white indie-like plate that’s not just for aesthetics. Thanks to the indie plate, the light won’t look glaring but would appear softer white, still bright.

Although it features two lightings, it still lights up your vanity area. To install this lighting, you’ll need all the available mounting hardware.

You can pair this lighting with CFL, LED, or other bulbs that are not more than 60 watts. It is dimmable, but you can only activate this feature when using a dimmable bulb and switch.


  • It is compatible with some bulb options.
  • Indie plate softens the light while retaining brightness.


  • Installation is not easy.

14. Wall Mount Dimmable LED Vanity Light Fixtures

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This vanity light follows a unique and irregular design that would add aesthetics to your home. It uses an energy-saving build, and it is so easy to install. All you have to do is connect it directly to a reserved wire, and you’re good to go.

It is impressively ETL/UL rated and is also waterproof. So, it’s safe around water areas like in the shower. It is also dustproof so, if you don’t dust it for a while, it won’t have accumulated a lot of dust.


  • Easy to install.
  • ETL and UL ratings.
  • Waterproof and Dustproof.
  • Come with perfect color rendering.


  • It might not be very bright for you.

15. Glass Globe Shade Wall Sconce Bath Vanity Lights

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This lighting comes with three round light fixtures. Of course, it could come with 4 (the highest) or 1 light fixture (the lowest. Just choose what’s compatible with your bathroom.

The best part about this lighting is its corrosion-resistant, durable and fade-resistant features. Also, it’s very easy to clean and is fashionable.


  • Rust and fade resistant.
  • It’s not susceptible to corrosion.
  • Compatible with G9 bulb; dimmable and non-dimmable.


  • Doesn’t have too many bulb options.

How to Choose Bathroom Vanity Lighting?

Depending on the design, vanity lights can be very beautiful and enticing. But before you get swayed by the beauty of any vanity light, you have to start with learning certain factors about the various lights that exist so you can choose the right one for you. Let’s dive in.

Type of bathroom vanity light

Start by deciding the type of bathroom vanity light you need. The reason is, there are different types of vanity lights in the market. Going into the market without clarity of what you want can move you to select any type of vanity light that might end up being a terrible pick for your bathroom.

The three major vanity lights types are Ambient light, Task Light, and Accent Light. These lights, except accent light, have sub-lighting under them. But, you should only familiarize yourself with the use case of these lights. Task lighting and its sub are specifically for performing certain tasks in the bathroom.

For instance, if you need to brush your teeth, apply makeup on your face, or do other tasks, task lighting is dedicated to such tasks.

If you need to use the mirror, you could position vanity lights around the mirror to fade out shadow and properly brighten your face, so you see what you’re doing.

The Ambien light is to kill shadows in certain corners of your bathroom, especially if your bathroom is huge. There’s also the accent light. One way to get the best out of all these lights would be to layer the lights.

Location or Area to Light

Aside from determining which light is perfect for your bathroom, you also have to decide which part of the bathroom could use a little illumination. It determines which part of the ceiling or wall the light you buy would hang onto.

For Vanity lights, you have to mount them around or right on top of your mirror so that when you’re using the vanity part of your bathroom, you’ll see what you’re doing without the intrusion of shadows.

The ceiling light is also the best place to mount general lights, including ambient and accents. While this ambient light shines from the ceiling downwards, it tries to blend in with your overall bathroom design.

For ceiling lights, you might want to consider mounting them in the center of the room. Their impacts tend to be felt that way. The bathroom wall is another place to mount certain lights. The bathroom wall is great for soft lights that add a subtle touch to the major lights in the won.


The size of your bathroom determines the size of bathroom light you should buy, and that’s the general rule of thumb. It’s not ideal to buy large lights for your bathroom, especially if your bathroom space is small and narrow. The light would take up too much space and start to look out of place.

So, here’s an easy way to select the perfect light size for your bathroom. If you’re looking to buy lights for your mirror, opt for lights that are 18 inches wide or less if your bathroom is average in size. Opt for lesser size width if you’ve got a narrow space. But if your bathroom is spacious, buy flanking mirror lighting that’s 19-inches wide or higher.

For bathroom lights mounted above the mirror, 19-inches in width or more is perfect for it. If you’re considering buying flush mount or semi-flush mount lighting for your bathroom, you don’t need to consider its width since you’ll fix it in the ceiling. Rather, think more about the wattage, number of lights you’ll get, and the lumens output.

For wall lights, lights that are 75-80 inches tall off the ground are the standard height installation. If you’re installing more than two wall lights, create a 28-inches space between them so that the light is evenly diffused throughout the room.

Brightness or Lumens

Ensure your vanity lights are as bright as possible to eliminate shadows when you’re working on something before your mirror. The recommended level of brightness or lumens is 1600 lumens.


Of course, you need to look out for this feature for quite a few reasons. For starters, if you’re going to mount the light in an area that would be exposed to moisture, you want to be sure that the light is strong enough to withstand the impact.

When it comes to ratings, bathroom lights are either damp or wet rated. If you intend to mount your light in an area that is not exposed to water but is exposed to condensation or moisture, the light you buy should either be UL or ETL rated for damp locations like your sink, etc.

On the flip side, if you intend to mount the light in an area that’s directly exposed to water, like the bathtub or shower area, ensure the light is rated for wet locations. That way, every light you purchase would last long rather than cave under the power of dampness, moisture, or water, based on its rating.

Frequently Asked Questions about Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas

What size vanity light for a 24-inch mirror?

Generally, people prefer to mount vanity lights that are 75% the width of their mirror. Hence, for a 24″ mirror, you might want to get a vanity light that’s 18″ wide and mount it in the center.

Where to place lighting over the bathroom mirror?

The standard placement of a vanity light above the bathroom mirror is usually 75”- 80” from the floor.

What is the best light fixture size over a bathroom vanity?

Opt for a fixture size roughly three-quarters of your vanity’s width.

What is the best lighting for a small bathroom?

Because the bathroom is small, opt for flush mount ceiling lights. They’ll make your bathroom look spacious, unlike huge lighting.

What is the best wattage for bathroom lighting?

The best bulb wattage for your bathroom light is 60-watts.but you can opt for a 75-watts bulb if you’d love your bathroom to look brighter or if you’ve got a spacious bathroom.

What type of bulb is best for bathroom lighting?

You can either opt for “daylight” bulbs with a 5000k to 6500k color temperature or “cool white”/ “bright white” bulbs with 3500k to 4100k color temperature.


Based on your city, certain regulations and local codes should be observed when mounting bathroom lights. If you have no idea what those codes are, you might want to reach out to a professional to help with mounting the light.

Aside from the regulations, you might want to try layering different lights in your bathroom to give it a different touch based on your mood. There’s no rule of thumb when combining different vanity lights designs. Just do what feels best for you.

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