Bathroom Vanity Light Fixture: What Size Light Fixture Over Bathroom Vanity?

Learn about what size light fixture should be used over a bathroom vanity. This article explains the types of fixtures and the things to consider when buying one.

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Upgrading or renovating your bathroom vanity lighting fixtures can make your mornings brighter and your bathroom ambiance better.

A properly designed and well-lit bathroom relaxes your solitude and illuminates the space, saving you from unexpected accidents.

There are several types of bathroom vanity light fixtures, but the right pick of size may plunge you into your bathroom decor, right?

Don’t worry; we’re on our way to portraying which size is better for which type of bathroom decor.
Let’s get in!

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What are vanity lights?

Vanity lights in the bathroom are a group of lighting fixtures mounted above or around the bathroom mirror. They are considered task lighting, which wouldn’t be expected to light up the entire bathroom but create an aesthetic ambiance.

The vanity light fixtures come in several sizes, styles, and price points. This light adds a minimalistic look to the bathroom in such an inexpensive way. Because it does not just saves money but gives the relaxation of your solitude. When the lights are mounted around the vanity mirror, they serve more decorative purposes than functional ones.

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Importance of proper lighting in the bathroom

It isn’t easy to put the importance of proper bathroom lighting into words. If the bathroom is naturally lit, it may not be necessary during the day, but it may cause serious problems at night.

So considering this thought, there are more reasons why proper lighting is important. There are-

  • Lighting increases the clarity around the perimeter of the bathroom and creates more illumination around the darker areas.
  • When you use bathroom lighting fixtures like dimmers and LEDs, you decrease the use of carbon energy and save the ambiance.
  • The placement of the light not only contributes to a harmonious look for the bathroom’s interior design but also heightens a tranquil and restful mood.
  • Bathrooms without lights are a central hub for accidents. The light placement decreases the chance of unexpected injuries, which may even cause serious things.
  • The energy-efficient LED bathroom lighting saves money on electricity bills and maintenance costs.

Different types of bathroom vanity light fixtures

There are several options when it comes to bathroom vanity lights. Let’s look at them in detail.

1. Fluorescent vanity light

Fluorescent lights are perfect for the incandescent effect we so desire in our bathrooms. They consume less energy and can last as long as possible, 15,000 hours to be precise. In fact, you can save upto $200 a year if you have these lights installed at home.

However, the ultraviolet light from the fluorescent lights exposes you to carcinogenic radiation, which is super harmful. Some people have an intolerance to fluorescent lights as its exposure may cause them eye strain, dizziness, headaches, blurry vision, and lightheadedness.

2. Halogen vanity light

Halogen lights are bright, utilize low wattage, have a very long life, are lightweight, and require no shielding. Energy consumption is low, they are cheaper to buy, and can last upto 2500 hours!

On the downside, these lights can heat up quickly, causing burn hazards. They are extremely sensitive to vibration, and their luminous flux is less powerful than other types of lights.

3. Incandescent vanity light

The initial cost of incandescent lights is low even though the output is very bright. Some people prefer the warmer tones of these types of lights. Switching it off and on is easy, installation is simple, and the applications are controllable.

Although you will save a lot of money on these bulbs, they are unfortunately energy inefficient. The operating cost is high, and can only run for 1000 hours. Its efficacy is also low since it can only produce 5 to 20 lumens per watt.

4. LED vanity light

LED lights also have low energy consumption, contain no harmful ultraviolet effect, and are not intimidated by vibrations. These lights don’t emit heat, are environment-friendly, require low voltage for operation, can withstand frequent switching, and possess a very long lifespan.

To name a few disadvantages, LED lights are pricey, have shorter beams of light, and the scattering range is short. A phenomenon called ‘blue hazard’ in white LED lights is a concern.

5. Xenon vanity light

Xenon lights are known to use 25% to 30% less energy than halogen lights. Although not as durable as fluorescent lights, these ones can last upto 4000 hours.

Luckily, these lights are resistant to vibration and heat. They are also quite bright and beautiful. But they are quite expensive and consume a lot of energy. Sometimes, you may even have to install energy converters to keep it balanced.

How Many Light Fixtures Over the Bathroom Vanity?

One, two, three, or four—those are undecided numbers you can expect to fit over the bathroom vanity. But if we choose, that will be ‘three’; it is the standard light fixture if you want to fix it over the vanities. It’s better to select one depending on the size and layout of your bathroom vanity.

We’ve compiled a list to help you decide which type of vanity light you require and how many lights are enough to cover your grooming tasks. There we go!

Bar vanity light

Bar vanity lights come in a long tube shape, which keeps the bathroom’s ambiance underrated.

The bar light brightens without visual interruption. It is just one rectangular bar mounted horizontally above the mirror and gives us a classic feel.

Best for: Wet locations, modern interiors, and wide vanities.
Average Price: $50 to $200

Pro Tips: For compact spaces, the bar LED vanity lighting fixture is enough to light and cover the whole area.

One Light bathroom vanity lighting

One bathroom vanity light fixture can look good for small vanity spaces.

To have more light spread over the area, make sure it’s long horizontally.

Best for: Small vanity space
Average Price: $20 to $60

Pro Tips: Don’t get anything bulky, or else it will take away all the attention from the vanity.

Two Light bathroom vanity lighting

For a bathroom vanity that is average in size, 2 bathroom sconces over the mirror should be fine.

The lights should cover 75% of the total width of the mirror for the perfect look.

Best for: Double sink vanities and wide countertops
Average Price: $40 to $80

Pro Tips: The placement of vanity lights over the mirror must be proportionately spread. That is, depending on the type of light fixture, either place them close to each other at the center or on two sides of the wall just above the mirror.

Three Light bathroom vanity lighting

Having 3 lights over your vanity mirror will look so incredible! If your mirror is wide enough, get a classic set of fixtures to decorate the space.

Best for: 50-inch mirror, double sink vanities, and wide countertop
Average Price: $60 to $120

Pro Tips: Having three lights above the bathroom vanity may appear crowded, so leave a space of 2 inches or so between the lights and mirror when you install them.

Four Light bathroom vanity lighting

If your bathroom mirror is big, go big with the lights as well.

4 vanity lights above mirror would give off a lot of light, at the same time, make your vanity space look more luxurious.

Best for: Mirrors that are 60-inches, double sink vanities, and wide countertop
Average Price: $80 to $190

Pro Tips: The lights over the mirror vanity pointed upwards are for ambient lighting, whereas the ones pointed downwards are for task lighting.

Five Light bathroom vanity lighting

Your vanity space looks more fabulous the more lights you add. For a large-width mirror, 5 lights are your perfect choice!

Best for: 60-inches and over mirror, and large countertop
Average Price: $90 to $300

Pro Tips: Choose soft white bulbs that are around 3000K for the best makeup application experience and other vanity uses.

Six Light bathroom vanity lighting

I was wondering if it was possible to go more, and here we are! The ultimate bathroom vanity light above mirror has 6 bulb light fixtures!

Best for: 60-inch and above mirror and large countertops
Average Price: $120 to $330

Pro Tips: Since 6 bulbs can produce enough light to brighten up your vanity space, don’t go adding extra bulbs around the mirror. That will be too much!

What Size Light Fixture Over Bathroom Vanity? – A Complete Guide

Light Fixture Over Bathroom Vanity

Although there is no specific rule of thumb to follow when it comes to affixing vanity lights over the bathroom vanity, this guide can help you get an idea.

Light fixture for 24 inch vanity

24 inch vanity size

This size is considered small and is often used in small bathrooms or as a secondary sink in larger bathrooms. A 24-inch vanity typically has a single sink and a small storage space, making it a good choice for those who want to save space in their bathroom.

  • Size of Vanity Light for 24 Inch Vanity: A mirror that is 24-inches in length needs vanity lights that are 3 inches each.
  • How Many Lights Over 24 Inch Vanity?: You can have single or two lights over the vanity.

Light fixture for 30 Inch Vanity

30 inch vanity size

This size is considered medium-sized and is a popular choice for many bathrooms. A 30-inch vanity typically has enough space for a single sink and some storage.

  • Size of Vanity Light for 30 Inch Vanity?: A 30-inch mirror needs vanity lights that are 3 or 4 inches in size.
  • How Many Lights Over 30 Inch Vanity?: For appeal, have 2 to 3 small lights fixed above the 30-inch vanity.

Light fixture for 36 Inch Vanity

36 inch vanity

This size is considered medium-sized and is a popular choice for many bathrooms. A 36-inch vanity typically has enough space for a single sink and some storage, making it a good choice for those who need a little extra space for their bathroom.

  • Size of Vanity Light for 36 Inch Vanity?: A 36-inch mirror can incorporate vanity lights that are 4 inches.
  • How Many Lights Over 36 Inch Vanity?: The vanity will look good with 3 to 4 vanity lights.

Light fixture for 48 Inch Vanity

 48 Inch Vanity

This size is considered large and is often used in master bathrooms or as a main sink in larger bathrooms. A 48-inch vanity typically has enough space for a double sink and plenty of storage, making it a good choice for a mid-size bathroom.

  • Size of Vanity Light for 48 Inch Vanity?: Your vanity light may vary in size depending on its style. Add 4 small scones or similar of 3 or 4 inches over a 48-inch mirror.
  • How Many Lights Over 48 Inch Vanity?: Use about 4 to 5 lights over a 48-inch vanity.

Light fixture for 60 Inch Vanity

60 Inch Vanity

A 60-inch vanity is a type of bathroom vanity that is 60 inches wide. This size is considered extra-large and is often used in master bathrooms or as a main sink in very large bathrooms.

A 60-inch vanity typically has enough space for a double sink and a lot of storage, making it a good choice for those who want plenty of space for their bathroom essentials.

Size of Vanity Light for 60 Inch Vanity? A mirror that measures 60-inches can hold up vanity lights that are 4 to 5 inches in size.

How Many Lights Over 60 Inch Vanity?: You can affix 5 lights over a 60-inch vanity.

Light fixture for 72 Inch Vanity

72 Inch Vanity

This size is considered extra-large and is often used in master bathrooms or as a main sink in very large bathrooms. A 72-inch vanity typically has enough space for a double sink and a lot of storage, making it a good choice for a large bathroom.

Size of Vanity Light for 72 Inch Vanity?: The size of the vanity light can differ between 3 to 5 inches over a 72-inches mirror.

How Many Lights Over 72 Inch Vanity?: Use about 5 to 6 lights over a vanity space of 72 inches.

It is important to measure the space you have available in your bathroom before purchasing a 48-inch vanity to ensure that it will fit properly.

Vanity SizeLight Fixture SizeLight Count
24 inches18 inches1 or 2 lights
30 inches24 inches3 lights
36 inches30 inches4 lights
48 inches36 inches6 lights
60 inches48 inches8 lights
72 inches60 inches10 lights

These recommendations are general guidelines and may vary depending on the specific layout and lighting needs of your bathroom. When selecting light fixtures for your vanity, it’s important to consider the size and shape of your vanity as well as the overall style and design of your bathroom.

Bathroom Vanity Lighting Dos and Don’ts

bathroom vanity light dos and don'ts
Image source:


  • Position fixtures at eye height
  • Use soft white shade to reduce shadows
  • Use nightlights for a safer and more relaxing space
  • Use dimmers, especially to protect your sleep at night
  • Use semi-flush mount light to back-light your hair and shoulder, and to brighten up the bath
  • Place light on both sides of your mirror for even lighting, and in the middle of larger mirrors


  • Do not rely on back-lit mirrors for light on your face
  • Be wary of clear glass shades; the unshaded bulb can create glare
  • Avoid placing downlights that light the floor we;; but leave you in the dark
  • Avoid lights from above, especially with sold shades that keep youir face in the shadows

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Best Placement of Vanity Light Over Mirror

Where to place bathroom vanity lights? When it comes to placement, there are many ways to get it done.

For example, you can use two vanity lights for the bathroom vanity space. The lights can be on either side of the mirror, leaving a space of 24 inches to 40 inches in between.

This placement will ensure no shadow falls below your chin, cheeks, and eyes. Also for even illumination on the face, the fixture should be placed 66 inches above the floor.

If your vanity lights are scones, you can attach them to the two sides of the mirror. If you have two vanity mirrors over the sink, then you can fix two double lights over each mirror for the best effect. Or you can attempt to have one more between the mirrors.

When attaching the vanity on the sides of the mirrors, mount them 64 inches from the floor. Make sure these lights are 36 to 40 inches apart. The third light should sit symmetrically along with the other two.

Lastly, if your light fixtures have 4 to 6 lights on a narrow platform, opt to hang them over the mirror at the center. However, the fixture can’t be longer than the mirror.

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Tips for choosing the bathroom vanity light fixture

Lighting fixture design, style, and proper knowledge of bulb placement are the first things you should consider when choosing the best vanity lighting fixtures. More specifically, knowing those things allows you to select vanity light fixtures for your solitude space easily.

No matter which type of lighting you use for the bathroom, whatever the measurement between the ceiling and the vanity mirror, you can get yours.

So let’s get to know more depth of it!

Coordinate the vanity lighting fixture with the interior decor

When you are going to buy bathroom vanity lighting, you must coordinate the lighting with the interior decor of the rooms. The mismatched coordination disturbs the resilience of the surroundings.

Don’t forget to choose the right vanity bathroom lights to create a trendy yet relaxing atmosphere in your private space.

So select a fixture that complements the style, finishes, and ambiance of your bathroom, whether it is traditional, contemporary, or transitional.

Height of the ceiling

The ceiling height is a considerable part while choosing the bathroom vanity lighting fixtures. When selecting a 36″ deep vanity mirror, consider the 8″ gap between the mirror and the ceiling wall; a 34″ deep vanity mirror requires a 5″ gap.

If you have a low ceiling, it may be difficult to hang the light, so measure the depth of the vanity from the wall and divide the lighting fixtures in half.

Measure the width and height of the vanity

The standard vanity height should begin at 32″ and rise to 36,” with 34″ being the average. So measure the above space correctly.

If you fix the bathroom lighting fixtures for the recessed vanities, measure the distance between two sides of the wall, or if it is for the open vanities, measure the width of the counter where the mirror is. So that means the measurement should be correct at the time of placement.

Consider the placement of the lighting fixture

It’s everyone’s confusion: “Where do I place the lighting fixture?” Bathroom vanity fixtures are typically installed on the top or sides of the vanity mirror.

The bathroom vanity fixtures are mounted above the mirror, so they should be positioned at eye-to-eye level. It would be helpful for grooming tasks, whether for routine morning tasks or applying makeup. While you consider adding the two light placements, don’t forget to place the light, so it is lit evenly.

Number of light bulbs in the fixture

If you think about how many lights I should use for a bathroom vanity, the simple answer is: It depends! The larger the vanity mirror, the more light you need to use. On average, 3 to 4 lights are primarily used for brightening the surroundings of the bathroom so you can access everything easily.

Match your style

When it comes to style, there are numerous options. You have to make sure that the light fixtures look at home with the design of the bathroom vanity, faucets, and other features of the bathroom.

Recessed light overhead can create shadows over the face, so you can stay away from that. People with limited wall space can utilize vanity light fixtures above the mirror.

Cool tones in the vanity space call for cool-toned light fixtures. On the contrary, warm-toned vanity lights look incredible with warmer bathroom designs.

UL Ratings

Only use lightings that are marked as ‘suitable for wet locations’, specially when it comes to your bathroom vanity. A wet location may be described as an interior and exterior location where water may splash, flow, or drip against electrical components.

Steam and condensation may be an issue in the bathroom after shower. So, to know more about UL rating, check out this article.

Common mistakes to avoid when choosing a bathroom vanity light fixture

Some mistakes we make most of the time might ruin the bathroom decor or make the location shadowy and challenging to do grooming; sometimes not getting enough light can even lead to serious injury. It’s better to avoid mistakes earlier before ruining the bath decor or having something serious happen.

Let’s walk through some bathroom vanity lighting fixture mistakes!

  • Choose a lighting fixture that is too small or too large. Try to pick the fixtures based on the correct diameter for ceiling fixtures.
  • Disregard the bathroom’s design. The interior bathroom decor is just as important as the lighting.
  • Ignore the height of the ceiling. It is a big mistake that most people make when mounting lighting fixtures. Determining the ceiling height provides a better idea to create a balanced look in the bathroom.
  • Lack of illumination. One light in a bathroom is outdated thinking; it may be a good source for smaller bathrooms but not for spacious ones. Try adding a layered light for rejuvenation of the ambiance.
  • Take the color temperature for granted. Because a very high or a very low color temperature adds challenges to seeing colors accurately, so gain knowledge about it, and making the room comfortable.

Watch the Video: How to Replace a Vanity Light

Important FAQs’ of Bathroom Vanity Light Fixture

What are some popular styles of light fixtures for bathroom vanities?

Modern, transitional, and traditional are the three styles that gain the most popularity in the product lines of light fixtures for bathroom vanities. Modern bathroom vanity lighting fixtures had minimalistic designs, transitional had a mix of modern and traditional elements, and traditional had ornate and decorative details.

What types of light fixtures are suitable for installation over a bathroom vanity?

Wall sconces, ceiling-mounted, pendant lights, and track lighting are some suitable installations over bathroom vanity.

How many light fixtures do I need over my bathroom vanity?

It depends on the size and layout! The larger the vanity, the more vanity lighting fixtures you’ll need.

What is the ideal height for installing a light fixture over a bathroom vanity?

Most likely, between 75 and 80 inches is the perfect height for installing a light fixture. It ensures the light will be at eye level and offer optimal illumination for grooming tasks.

What types of bulbs should I use in my light fixture over a bathroom vanity?

LED, dimmers, or halogen bulbs are the perfect choice for the bathroom vanity. Those bulbs are bright, clear, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly.

Can I replace the existing light fixture over my bathroom vanity with a new one?

When there are flaws in the fixtures, it can be dangerous and lead to serious injuries. It’s better to install the new one, which ensures the safety and adds a decorative look.

Can I install a dimmer switch for the light fixture over my bathroom vanity?

Yes, you can install a dimmer switch for your light fixture over your bathroom vanity. This allows you to adjust the brightness of the light to your preference and can create a relaxing atmosphere for soaking in the tub or taking a shower.

What is the ideal wattage for bulbs in a light fixture over a bathroom vanity?

It depends on the vanity’s size and the amount of light you need. But if we give an idea in general, 60- 100 wattages are suitable for small to large vanities.

Can I use a chandelier as a light fixture over my bathroom vanity?

You can! Chandeliers are designed for larger or more formal spaces, which may be better for grooming tasks. If you want, you can, but remember to choose the one that can be used in wet or damp surroundings.

How many watts for bathroom vanity light?

The general recommended wattage for bathrooms is 120 watts after combining two 60-watt bulbs. But your vanity is not going to settle for something so less. So, get 60 or less wattage for each bulb for your vanity.

How high should a bathroom vanity light be?

Ideally, the height of a bathroom vanity light should be 75 to 80 inches from the floor. From the top of the mirror, leave a space of 5 inches to affix the vanity lights.

How wide should vanity lights be?

Usually, the experts suggest that the vanity lights should be a third of the width of the full mirror. Moreover, the right vanity light fixture must be three-quarters the width of the whole vanity.


What size light fixture over bathroom vanity? Do you have the answer now?

Apart from knowing the size of the right bathroom light fixture, also consider the brightness of different types of lights, energy efficiency, longevity, the length of the mirror, and the number of lights above the mirror.

Although the guide here is objective, there is no problem if you decide to follow your gut instinct to create a beautiful vanity space. There are no rules in art, I suppose. So, please enjoy!

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