Corner Shower Pan Sizes & Measurements: A Complete Guide in 2023

Tired of not having enough space to move around for a relaxing shower? Dive here to measure the exact corner shower pan sizes to renovate your bathroom in a new way.

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When you think of bathroom renovations, the first thing that should poke you is the installation of a shower pan, a base, and better-fitting plumbing fixtures.

After an exhausting day of work, we head to the restroom to freshen up and rejuvenate our energy by showering. If the shower pan isn’t installed correctly, you might run into hazards from slick floors or bump into a smaller space.

Better to install the corner shower pan to save the bathroom surface and remodel the surroundings beautifully. However, determining the exact size may require deep thought.

But not to fret; you’ll get in-depth knowledge about the corner shower pan and how to determine which size you need and which shape is best for you.

What Is a Corner Shower Pan?

what is a corner shower pan

The corner shower pan is installed in the corner where two walls meet at a 90° angle as a shower floor. This shower pan generally captures the triangular-shaped area.

It is generally made of solid materials, including fiberglass, stone, and ceramic, and is either one piece or sometimes many units. It requires it to be adequately sealed and channels water into the drain.

Corner shower pans are quick and easy to install. However, bear in mind that a poorly installed shower pan destroys the walls and even the structure of the shower base. Thus, you must locate the ideal product’s shape and materials, including waterproof edges, and proper water channels.

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Are Corner Shower Pans Space-Saving?

Definitely Yes!

Corner showers save bathroom space. The toilets, towel storage cabinets, bathroom sink, vanity, and washbasin occupy more space than necessary. Although adding a new bathroom accessory feels intimidating, it is challenging to move around. Even a slippery surface can lead to severe accidents by giving you sore feet, hurting your legs or feet, or other unpleasant side effects.

In terms of installing a corner shower pan, it is permanently installed in an underutilized area. That means it gives you the space you need for a relaxing shower while still allowing you to squeeze into small spaces.

The bathroom corner shower pan is an ideal option for small bathrooms with limited space.

Pros and Cons of a Corner Shower Pan

When a homeowner considers investing in bathroom renovations, it must be a worthwhile investment in the use of available space, budget, and coordination of bathroom layouts.

There, we’ve listed the pros and cons of corner shower pans to help you decide whether your investment was worthwhile.


  • Save your bathroom space: With the corner shower pans accurate size lets more bathroom open space use and cuts down the risk of hazards rushing toward you.
  • Versatile in sizes and shapes: Corner shower pans are a flexible option that tailors to fit particular bathroom designs. They are manufactured in a variety of sizes and shapes.
  • Use water efficiently: The corner shower pans are typically smaller than other types of shower pans. It can help to conserve water usage, which can be environment-friendly and reduce utility bills.
  • Avoid slipping on wet surfaces: A corner shower pan pairs with the shower enclosures, such as sliding doors with a glass panel. That lets you not splash the water outside and make the surface slippery.
  • Easy to clean: Depending on its material, the corner shower pan is easy to maintain and clean. For instance, corner shower pans made of fiberglass or acrylic can easily clean the shower pan surface with a mild cleaner or some soap and water.
  • Streamlined look to the bathroom decor: Corner shower pans can be an attractive addition to a bathroom, with a range of materials and finishes to choose from. They can also be a great way to add a modern, streamlined look to a bathroom’s design.


  • Tricky installation: Installing a corner shower pan can be trickier than installing other shower pans, mainly if the space is unusually shaped or the pan needs to be tailored to fit. Professional help is a must.
  • Somewhat tricky to maintain: Regarding shower pan materials, the corner shower pan requires more maintenance. Stone or tile corner shower pans also require routine sealing or cleaning to stop water damage and mold growth.

Shower Pan Vs Shower Base: Is There Any Difference?

shower pan vs shower base

Of course, a shower pan and a shower base differ in a few ways.

The shower pan and base are two distinct areas where water can be directed and retained in the drain.

Let’s start with the shower base and dive into the shower pan.

The shower base is the structure that sits beneath the shower. It is typically a cement mortar-based substructure. They are installed on a slight incline to let water pass through the drain. Shower bases are customized, and their installation process is tricky, so professional help is required.

While the shower pan is the actual surface where you take a shower, shower pans can be made of acrylic, metal, stone, ceramic, or fiberglass. It is a single unit with an attractive design that makes the shower surface appealing for the bathroom. Shower pans are pre-made products that are installed above the shower base. They can be easily installed, but sometimes they require professional help.

How Do You Know What Size Corner Shower Pan You Need?

The proper measurement of the shower base determines which shower pan size you need. If there are any uncertainties about complex installations, consult a plumbing expert.

As we know, shower pans are available in three sizes (large, medium, and small). For example, large shower pans are typically around 60×42 inches, medium shower pans are around 48×36 inches, and small shower pans are around 32×32 inches. Just keep in mind that shower pan sizes are specified in even-numbered.

While some homeowners prefer to buy pre-made shower pans to save time and hassle, others prefer to create custom shower pans to fit unusual or non-standard spaces.

Last but not least, keep in mind that the efficiency of a shower pan depends on its depth, which should be between 2 and 6 inches. This is due to the possibility that a shallow shower pan will need more drainage and the potential that a deep shower pan will be more challenging to drain water quickly.

Corner Shower Pan Types: Different Corner Shower Pan Styles to Consider

Figuring out the size of the corner shower pan with the numbers can be difficult to measure precisely, but breaking it into pieces of the same shape and style may ease your determination to find standard pan sizing.

Let’s walk you through the corner shower pan style!

Neo angle

Best neo angle shower pan

The neo-angle corner shower pan has a unique shape that combines square and rectangular shapes. Usually, it has a wider front panel and two angled side panels to form a triangle.

It is perfectly designed to fit the corner of a bathroom and make it look more spacious, interesting, and unique to a bathroom design. All things considered, a neo-angle shower pan can be a fantastic option for those looking for a flexible, space-saving, and aesthetically pleasing shower area.


best square shower pan

The most practical shape for small bathrooms is a square corner shower pan with four equal sides. A square corner shower pan allows it to fit with your bathroom layout and interior décor. Your shower is still functional and fashionable despite the limited space you have.

Square corner shower pans are pre-made to save extra time and money during installation. Its design keeps water from flooding onto the floor, making it slick and potentially dangerous.

The importance of a square corner shower pan ultimately lies in its capacity to offer an effective and fashionable solution for your bathroom showering needs.


best rectangular shower pan

Rectangular corner shower pan dimensions easily integrate with most bathroom layouts, whether they are for small or even large bathrooms. It is manufactured with two long sides and two short sides, so there is more room for showering.

Rectangular shower pans offer versatility in shower configurations, including standalone showers, walk-in showers, or even showers with glass enclosures, walls, and even shower heads. Its clean lines and simple design can complement a wide range of bathroom styles and add a visually appealing element to your bathroom.

This makes finding and installing compatible fixtures easier, saving you time and effort in the installation process and adding sleek and modern aesthetics to your shower experience.


best round shower pan

Round corner shower pans typically have two straight sides and a slight curve on the front that fits perfectly into the bathroom corner. A bathroom can feel more extravagant and therapeutic with the help of a round corner shower pan because of its curved shape. It takes up more space and is typically bigger than a square or rectangle.

Round-cornered shower pans have curved edges that help reduce the risk of accidental bumps or injuries, caused mainly by sharp corners. It is beneficial for everyone, including kids, older adults, and those with mobility issues.

It makes possible flexibility in the installation process for any bathroom layout and configuration, including alcove, corner, or freestanding installations. It is unquestionably a practical and stylish choice for many bathrooms.


best custom shower pan

Corner shower pans can be made to order to accommodate special bathroom configurations or aesthetic preferences. They can be made in many different shapes, such as ovals, hexagons, and asymmetrical shapes.

When you think of customizing your shower pans, it allows flexibility in design and usage and even minimizes the risk of water damage. If your bathroom has non-standard layouts or architectural features, you can even install a custom shower pan to fit properly.

It is ultimately intended to fit these distinctive designs, making them an effective solution for challenging bathroom spaces. But here, professional help and guidance are required in installation; don’t forget to follow the local building codes and regulations.

Understanding Corner Shower Pan Size & Dimensions

corner shower pan size & dimensions

When designing and installing a corner shower in a bathroom, it’s crucial to keep the size and dimensions of the shower pan in mind. This is because corner shower pans make the most efficient use of shower space after being installed into a 90-degree-angle corner wall.

So knowing the size and dimensions of a corner shower pan is crucial to ensuring proper space utilization, accessibility, drainage, aesthetics, and installation in your bathroom.

Here we’ve depicted a clearer picture of corner shower pan dimensions and their length, width, and depth.

Approximate shower pan length

The dimensions of the shower enclosure and the bathroom’s layout affect how long a corner shower pan will be. If we turn to the exact corner shower pan length, it measures between 32 and 48 inches, although a larger size is also available.

The approximate length of a corner shower pan can vary depending on the size and design of the shower enclosure, personal preferences and space constraints. However, typical corner shower pan lengths range from 32 to 48 inches.

A 32-inch corner shower pan is considered small and appropriate for bathrooms with limited space. It offers a small shower area that could be useful for single users or smaller bathrooms with limited space.

A standard size and slightly larger showering area than a 32-inch pan is a 36-inch corner shower pan. It suits most standard-sized bathrooms and offers more elbow room for showering.

The showering area is more extensive and is thought to be larger with a 48-inch corner shower pan. It is an ideal size for bathrooms with ample space or for those who prefer a more open and roomy showering experience.

Apart from these corner shower pan sizes, you can get the customized dimension option.

Approximate corner shower pan width

A corner shower pan that is too small could cause water to leak outside the enclosure. That is probably why shower pans length measures perpendicular to the width. The width affects the room inside the shower enclosure for standing or moving around.

This is due to the requirement that the shower head be mounted on either the right or left side, depending on whether you are facing the shower rather than the entrance side. Since the width is wider, there is more space to position yourself and move your elbow away from the shower head.

However, a corner shower pan’s typical width is between 32 and 36 inches on each side, making it possible to fit most bathroom designs while enjoying a comfortable showering experience. Sometimes a corner shower pan that is too large might not fit properly with the width and require additional alterations or adjustments during installation.

Corner shower pan threshold height (in.)

The manufacturer, design, local building codes, and accessibility standards are all factors that can affect the height of a corner shower pan’s threshold. It is the spot where the installed shower door would rest.

The standard range of corner shower pan thresholds lies between 2 and 4 inches. In some exceptional cases, you can find zero thresholds or barrier-free that are designed to meet the ADA requirements for wheelchair mobility.

For those with mobility issues, older adults, or those who prefer a barrier-free design, a threshold height of 1 to 2 inches is recommended. It is frequently considered more accessible and user-friendly because it makes it easier for them to enter and exit.

Contrarily, a higher threshold height, ranges from 3 to 4 inches. It may be preferred for a variety of reasons, including keeping water in the shower pan to prevent leaks, allowing for the installation of a shower door or curtain, or adhering to local building codes or regulations.

Corner shower pan base height (in.)

The corner shower base is the stable and sturdy foundation of the showering surface. Installing a corner shower pan base in the bathroom corner will create a shower area that is waterproof and sloped. It is designed to direct the water towards the drain.

Depending on the particular shower pan and manufacturer, the height of the corner shower pan base may change. However, a standard height for a corner shower pan base is typically around 2-3 inches (5-7.5 cm). To determine the precise height of the base, it is crucial to review the specifications of the particular item you are considering.

What Are the Standard Shower Pan Sizes?

Shower pans come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different bathroom layouts. However, the shower pan is even-numbered in size whether you get the pre-made or customized version.

The square shower pans are the same in length and width, while the rectangular and neo-angle shower pans are wider in width and shorter in length. Corner shower pans typically have one of three drainage options: on-edge drain, off-set drain, or center drain.

Below we will go over the table that illustrates a clearer picture of corner shower pan sizes and dimensions these are-.

Shower Pan Shape Shower Pan Sizes in inches (approx.)

32” x 32” inches
34” x 34” inches
36” x 36” inches
48” x 48” inches

36” x 36” inches
38” x 38” inches
40” x 40” inches
42” x 42” inches

34” x 48” inches
36” x 42” inches
36” x 54” inches
36” x 60” inches
42” x 60” inches
48” x 60” inches

32” inches (diameter)
34” inches (diameter)
36” inches (diameter)
38” inches (diameter)

Ultimately, the specific requirements of your bathroom and shower design determine the appropriate shower pan size. If you’re not sure which size to get, take careful measurements and consult with a professional.

Frequently Asked Questions of Corner Shower Pan

What size is a standard corner shower pan?

A standard corner shower pan size varies with the shape and layout of the pan. However, the most typical corner shower pan sizes range from 32×32 inches to 42×42 inches.

Can a shower drain be in the corner?

Yes, a shower drain can be installed in the corner of a shower pan. The inclusion of a corner drain is a common feature of many corner shower pans.

Is a 32-inch corner shower too small?

A 32 inches corner shower pan is either too small or not, It depends on your personal preference and the person who uses it. If the bathroom space is too small, it is suitable for it.

Is a 36-inch corner shower big enough?

Several bathroom sizes and individuals consider a 36-inch corner shower to be a good size. It offers enough space to shower comfortably while still saving space in the bathroom.

What is the average size of a corner walk-in shower?

Depending on the bathroom’s size and the user’s particular needs, a corner walk-in shower’s average size can change. However, common sizes for corner walk-in showers range from 36 x 36 inches to 48 x 48 inches.

Finding the Right Corner Pan for Your Shower Experience

Bathroom renovation is one of the most overlooked aspects of home décor, and shower pans are among the most. However, it is no longer neglected now! Most homeowners realize the significance and purpose of its usage.

While maintaining your shower experience, try a corner shower pan with our above-mentioned size and dimensions, which saves space, makes your surroundings waterproof, and prevents any hazards from occurring.

That’s all for now; don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments section!

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